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The discourses contained in the present volume were, with one exception, delivered while the author was President of Dartmouth College. His Inaugural Oration and the Baccalaureate Sermons of fifteen years deal chiefly with topics of permanent interest. They are published, with only minor corrections, just as they were heard by the respective classes, except so far as they were abridged in the delivery. The topics and modes of discussion and illustration, it is scarcely necessary to say, were adopted with special regard to the occasion and the audience.

From his other public discourses of the same period the author has selected three, partly by request and partly by reason of the prominence of the occasions. To these he has added one other, the sermon before the American Board, delivered under the shadow of Yale College, and discussing a theme of sufficient magnitude to complete the series of Anniversary Discourses.

S. C. B. HANOVER, N. H., June, 1894


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