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THE Editor, having completed the first Volume of a New Series of Ecclesiastical Reports, takes this opportunity of stating his intention of continuing to publish them, upon the present planwhich differs but little from that adopted by the late Editor ; and perfectly accords with the system recommended by Lord Bacon, in the aphorisms selected to adorn the title-page. This he is fully satisfied is the best, not to say the only mode, of reporting cases of ordinary occurrence in the ecclesiastical courts, with any degree of uniformity and consistency--although he is sensible that, in one respect, it may be, and is, prudently departed from, by those who record the proceedings of other courts of judicature.

The decisions of the “ Court of Delegates" being only conveyed to the public in the terms of their decrees," it is necessary, in reporting the proceedings of that court, to accompany the “ case,' with the “argument and decree," instead of the

judgment,which follows the “ case,” (and, generally speaking, at once) in other instances. This is stated, to explain what might seem anomalous,


in the conduct of these Reports, to the reader, unacquainted with the practice of the “ Court of Delegates” in this particular.

It only remains, that the Editor should acknowledge the liberal assistance which he has received from the gentlemen of his own Bar, (especially from his kind friend, the Editor of the former Series) in the compilation of these Reports—and the encouragement which has been extended to him by the learned Judge, who determined by far the greater, and the very principal, part of the follow, ing Cases.


October, 1823,





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Page ADAMS, Lavender and Blyth, Soden v. 312 Churchill v.

406 Bonsall, Le Mann v. 389 Antrobus and Booth v. Bowle, Seager v. - 541 Nepean

· 399 Bridgwater v. Crutchley 473 Armstrong, Bell v. 365 Brown o. Coates

345 Atkinson and Westcott, Brown, Coates v. • 345 Saph v.

162 Burrows and Pinfold, Austen v. Dugger . 307 Warburton v. - 383

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C. Baldwin, falsely called

Chase v. Yonge

386 Stanhope, Stanhopev. 93 Chichester v. the MarBarlee o. Barlee 301 quess and Marchioness Beaty v. Beaty 154 of Donegal

• 5 Beauchamp, Hudson v. 332 Clark and Clark, Dewo. 279 Beggia, deceased, Re - 340 | Clifford o. Mabey 124 Bell 0. Armstrong 365 Clinton o. Hatchard 96 Best v. Best

411 Coates v. Brown 345 Blackburn and Black- Coates, Brown v. 345

burn, Hobson o. - 274 Cock, Northey v. 326 Bloomfield and Slade, Cousens and Others, Miller o. • 499 Filewood v.

286 b 2

, 219




Page Cox, Trower and Smed- In the goods of his late ley v.

Majesty King Geo. 3. 255 Crutchley, Bridgwater Green v. Dalton

289 473

H. Cunison, Popple v. - : 377 Cunningham, Smith and Hatchard, Clinton v. 96 Blake v.


Hobson v. Blackburn
and Blackburn

274 D.

Hodgson, Schultes v. - 105 Dalton, Green v. - 289 Hodgson, Schultes v.

318 Dalton, Wilkinson v. - 339

Hudson v. Beauchamp 352 Davies, Saunder o. 291

Denner, Locke v. 353
Dewv. Clark and Clark 279 Knight and Moore,

Evans v.

138 Dickenson v. White 490 Donegal, Marquess and

Knight and Moore,

229 Marchioness of, Chichester v.


Dugger, Austen v. - - 307 Lavender and Churchill
Durant v. Durant - 114

V. Adams

406 Lawrence (Attorney of E.

Thomas)o.Maud and Evans v. Knight and


331 Moore


Lawrence (Attorney of Evans v, Knight and

Thomas) v. Maud and
229 Pickwell

Le Mann o. Bonsall 389
Locke v. Denner

353 Filewood v. Cousens and Others


M. Fordham, Scruby and Mabey, Clifford v. - 124 Finch v.

74 | Maud and Pickwell, Foster v. Foster 462 Lawrence v.


Evans v.

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