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Statement of the Condition of the Trust Companies of the State


NEW YORK COUNTY - (Continued).
Knickerbocker Trust Company, New York..
Lawyers' Title Insurance and Trust Company. New York.
Lincoln Trust Company, New York...
Manhattan Trust Company, New York.
Mercantil. Trust Company. The New York.
Metropolitan Trust Company of the City of New York.
Morton Trust Company, New York,
Mutual Alliance Trust Company of New York,
New York life Insurance and Trust Company, New York..
New York Trust Company, New York.
Rral I-state Trust Company New York,
Standard Trust Company, The, New York.
Title Giunranter and Trust Company, New York,
Trust Company of America, The New York..
L'nion Trust Company of New York.
United States Mortgage and Trust Company, New York,
L'nited States Trust Company of New York,
Van Norden Trust Company, New York.
Washington Trust Company, New York,
Windsor Trust Company, New York..


$253.839 292,345

21,352 138.044 4,567.054

802,830 2,683.490 2,242.838 321,702 149.539

44.044 766.808

542.690 3.075,633

182.666 5,541 826


8,953 $35,573.943

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of New York at the Close of Business June 7, 1905.- (Continued).

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Statement of the Condition of the Trust Companies of the State

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SUMMARY--Showing the aggregate of Resources and Liabilities of the Trust Companies of the State of New York of Bonks.

RESOURCES Bonds and mortgages..

883.956,364 Amount of stock and bond investments.

341.661.738 Amount loaned on collaterals...

762, 798 786 Other loans, including bills purchased.

82,885,807 Overdrafts...

144 873 Due from banks, bankers and brokers..

6 295 985 Real estate, banking house and other real estate

17,125,940 Cash on deposit in banks or other moneyed institutions..

149,737.979 Specie...,

25.908,100 Legal tender notes and notes of national banks.

4,059 231 Cash items, viz. Bills and checks for the next day's exchanges, other items carried as cash

1,014.155 Amount of assets not included under any of the above heads.

11,835,427 Add for cents.

35 Total...

$1.487, 424, 480

of New York at the Close of Business June 7, 1905—(Concluded).

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u lhe close of business on Wednesday, the 7th day of June, 1905, os exhibited by their Reports to the Superintendent


$62,850,000 Surplus on book value of stocks and bonds.

115,822,231 Undivided profits on book value of stocks and bonds.

40,066,956 Deposits of trust moneys (not preferred)...

88,379,793 Individual deposits subject to check (not preferred)..

821,039,334 Certificates of deposit on time and demand (not preferred) and not included in deposits of trust moneys.

123,941,023 Amount due trust companies.

55,189,237 Amount due hanks and bankers..

54,181,894 Amount due Treasurer of the State of New York.

1.623,930 Preferred deposits-Amount due savings banks..

43,589,652 Amount due savings and loan associations..

566,582 Due as executor, administrator, guardian, receiver, trustee, committee or depositary....

41.683,521 Deposits otherwise preferred..

*3,466.239 Other liabilities...

35,023,053 Add for cents..

35 Total...

$1,487,424, 480 Includes $41 "added for cents.'

Statement of the Condition of the Trust Companies of the State


NEW YORK COUNTY. Bankers' Trust Company. New York, Bowling Green Trust Company, New York. Broadway Trust Company, New York, Central Trust Company of New York New York, Colonial Trust Company, New York, .. Commonwealth Trust Company, New York, Empire Trust Company, New York Equitable Trust Company of New York, Farmers' Loan and Trust Company, The New York, Fifth Avenue Trust Company, New York. Guaranty Trust Company of New York Guardian Trust Company of New York. Holland Trust Company, New York

*Deficit $133, 145.43; company in liquidation.

$6.832,700 $17.022.852 $87.000 6,756,579 14.701.835 508.930 963.860 1,039,247 116.822 17,681.741 55.661.055 83,200 2, 403,807 24.050,975

742,435 452.500 631,342 1.567.891 2.680, 400 4.719,883 37,004,537 1,468.700 23.539.663 61.299.43 730,507 8.967.274 11.840,057

20,049,724 29.344.241 263, 400 481 610 2,899, 301

178,400 98,594

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