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Governor Higgins



THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK By The Grace Of God Free And Independent

To all to whom these Presents shall come Greeting:

Know Ye That we have nominated constituted and appointed and by these presents do nominate constitute and appoint

Frank E. Perley

Secretary To The Governor

hereby giving and granting unto him all and singular the powers and authorities to the said office by law belonging or appertaining.

To Have And To Hold the said office together with the fees profits and advantages to the same belonging for and during the time limited by the Constitution and Laws of our said State.

In Testimony Whereof We have caused these our letters to be made patent and the great seal of our said State to be hereunto affixed. [l S] Witness Frank W. Higgins Governor of our said State at our City of Albany the second day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and five.

(Signed) FRANK W. HIGGINS Attest:

(Signed) John F. O'brien

Secretary of State


Executive Chamber

Albany, January 4, i905

To The Legislature:

Pursuant to the mandate of the Constitution I have the honor herewith to communicate to you by message the condition of the State, together with such recommendations as seem to me expedient at this time.

State Debt. On September 30, i904, the close of the fiscal year, the total debt of the State amounted to $9,4i0,660.00, classified as follows:

Adirondack Park $5i0,000 00

National Guard Public Defenses 400,000 00

Canals 8,500,660 00

Total , $9,4i0,66000

The sinking fund created by the annual tax of i3-i00 of a mill per dollar of assessed valuation of real and personal property, provided by Chapter 79 of the Laws of i895, amounted on the 30th of September, i904, to $3,696,493.55, which, in effect, reduces the amount of the canal debt to the sum of $4,804,i66.45 yet to be provided for. The debt maturing during the next fiscal year consists of $55,000.00 Adirondack Park bonds issued pursuant to Chapter 56i of the Laws of i895, maturing January 30, i905, and $200,000.00 National Guard Public Defense bonds issued pursuant to Chapter 672 of the Laws of i898, $i00,000.00 of which mature on the first days of May and November respectively, and for the payment of which provision must be made by the Legislature.

Receipts And Expenditures

The total receipts of the State Treasury from all sources for the year ending September 30, i904, were $25,548,962.98; the total payments were $25,900,796.73, showing an excess of payments over receipts for the year amounting to $3.5i,833.75. The actual available surplus on October i, i904, was $8,762,236.62. The total appropriations in force October i, i904, amount to $26,735,457.70, which is $2,3i9,228.07 more than the income of the last fiscal year which was applicable to the payment of appropriations, so that with the same revenue as last year there would be this excess of expenditures over receipts which must be met from the surplus. But the Comptroller estimates that the revenues for the present fiscal year applicable to the expenses of government will show a decided falling off as compared with the receipts for the fiscal year last past, unless provision be made by law for increased revenue from present sources or for new sources of revenue.

The satisfactory condition of affairs whereby the tax laws produced sufficient revenue for the requirements of the State

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