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He shrieking, as beneath the horse's feet
He fell, forgot his late-learnt creed, and called
On Mary's name.

The dreadful Goth past on,
Still plunging through the thickest war, and still
Scattering, where'er he turn'd, the affrighted ranks.

Oh who could tell what deeds were wrought that day;
Or who endure to hear the tale of rage,
Hatred, and madness, and despair, and fear,
Horror, and wounds, and agony, and death,
The cries, the blasphemies, the shrieks, and groans,
And prayers, which mingled with the din of arms
In one wild


of terrific sounds ; While over all predominant was heard Reiterate from the conquerors o'er the field, Roderick the Goth! Roderick and Victory ! Roderick and Vengeance!... Woe for Africa ! Woe for the circumcised! Woe for the faith Of the lying Ishmaelite that hour! The Chiefs Have fallen; the Moors, confused and captainless, And panic-stricken, vainly seek to escape The inevitable fate. Turn where they will, Strong in his cause, rejoicing in success,

Insatiate at the banquet of revenge,
The enemy is there; look where they will,
Death hath environed their devoted ranks ;
Fly where they will, the avenger and the sword
Await them, .. wretches ! whom the righteous arm
Hath overtaken !...Joined in bonds of faith
Accurst, the most flagitious of mankind
From all parts met are here; the apostate Greek,
The vicious Syrian, and the sullen Copt,
The Persian cruel and corrupt of soul,
The Arabian robber, and the prowling sons
Of Africa, who from their thirsty sands
Pray that the locusts on the peopled plain
May settle and prepare their way. Conjoined
Beneath an impious faith, which sanctifies
To them all deeds of wickedness and blood, ..
Yea and halloos them on, .. here are they met
To be conjoined in punishment this hour,
For plunder, violation, massacre,
All hideous, all unutterable things,
The righteous, the immitigable sword
Exacts due vengeance now! the cry of blood
Is heard : the measure of their crimes is full :

Such mercy as the Moor at Auria gave,

hath he found this dreadful hour!

The evening darkened, but the avenging sword
Turned not away its edge till night had closed
Upon the field of blood. The Chieftains then
Blew the recall, and from their perfect work
Returned rejoicing, all but he for whom
All looked with most expectance.

He full sure
Had thought upon that field to find his end
Desired, and with Florinda in the grave
Rest, in indissoluble union joined.
But still where through the press of war he went
Half-armed, and like a lover seeking death,
The arrows past him by to right and left,
The spear-point pierced him not, the scymitar
Glanced from his helmet: he, when he beheld
The rout complete, saw that the shield of Heaven
Had been extended over him once more,
And bowed before its will. Upon the banks
Of Sella was Orelio found, his legs
And flanks incarnadined, his poitral smeared
With froth and foam and gore, his silver mane

Sprinkled with blood, which hung on every hair,
Aspersed like dew-drops; trembling there he stood
From the toil of battle, and at times sent forth
His tremulous voice far echoing loud and shrill,
A frequent, anxious cry, with which he seemed
To call the master whom he loved so well,
And who had thus again forsaken him.
Siverian's helm and cuirass on the

Lay near; and Julian's sword, its hilt and chain
Clotted with blood ; but where was he whose hand
Had wielded it so well that glorious day?...

Days, months, and years, and generations past,
And centuries held their course, before, far off
Within a hermitage near Viseu's walls
A humble tomb was found, which bore inscribed
In ancient characters King Roderick's name.



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