Water-supply and Irrigation Papers of the United States Geological Survey, Issues 1-8

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1896

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Page 35 - Whenever, by priority of possession, rights to the use of water for mining, agricultural, manufacturing, or other purposes, have vested and accrued, and the same are recognized and acknowledged by the local customs, laws, and the decisions of Courts, the possessors and owners of such vested rights shall be maintained and protected in the same; and the right of way for the construction of ditches and canals for the purposes herein specified is acknowledged and confirmed ; but whenever any person,...
Page 36 - ... all surplus water over and above such actual appropriation and use, together with the water of all lakes, rivers, and other sources of water supply upon the public lands, and not navigable, shall remain and be held free for the appropriation arid use of the public for irrigation, mining, and manufacturing purposes subject to existing rights.
Page 31 - Filtration means the concentration of sewage at short intervals, on an area of specially chosen porous ground, as small as will absorb and cleanse it ; not excluding vegetation, but making the produce of secondary importance. The intermittency of application is a sine qua non even in suitably constituted soils, wherever complete success is aimed at.
Page 43 - Price 15 cents. 140. Report of Progress of the Division of Hydrography for the Calendar Year 1895, by Frederick Haynes Newell, Hydrographer in Charge. 1896. 8. 356 pp. Price 25 cents. 141. The Eocene Deposits of the Middle Atlantic Slope in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, by William Bullock Clark. 1896. 8.
Page 36 - Provided however, that the right to the use of water by the person so conducting the same, on or to any tract of desert land of six hundred and forty acres shall depend upon bona fide prior appropriation: and such right shall not exceed the amount of water actually appropriated, and necessarily used for the purpose of irrigation and reclamation...
Page 44 - Provided, That hereafter the reports of the Geological Survey in relation to the gauging of streams and to the methods of utilizing the water resources may be printed...
Page 35 - All patents granted, or pre-emption or homesteads allowed, shall be subject to any vested and accrued water rights, or rights to ditches and reservoirs used in connection with such water rights, as may have been acquired under or recognized by the preceding section.
Page 35 - The regulation of acequias, which have been worked according to the laws and customs of Sonora and the usages of the people of Arizona, shall remain as they were made and used up to this day," and the chapter is to be enforced from the day of publication.
Page 31 - All streams, lakes, and ponds of water capable of being used for the purposes of navigation or irrigation are hereby declared to be public property, and no individual or corporation shall have the right to appropriate them exclusively to their own private use, except under such equitable regulations and restrictions as the legislature shall provide for that purpose.
Page 47 - That land-irrigation is not practicable in all cases, and, therefore, other modes of dealing with sewage must be allowed. 9. That towns, situate on the sea-coast, or on tidal estuaries, may be allowed to turn sewage into the sea or estuary, below the line of low water, provided no nuisance is caused ; and that such mode of getting rid of sewage may be allowed and justified on the score of economy.

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