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evident that tea must still be made in the teapot. Generally speaking, we may waive our claim to have mastered the difficulty with respect to soups, although I have made beef tea with excellent results."

Then follows a short list of eleven articles, including an omelette, which are not adapted to the paper bag system.

Only five directions are given as to the method of handling the bags, but these are important although very simple when once you know how. For example, says M. Soyer's Book:

"Occasionally a bag may leak in which event, it is not necessary that the food should be emptied and transferred to another bag. Simply put the bag within another."

Simple and easily followed, as these directions are, their necessity is apparent, for:

"Some people have failed to obtain the right result and when inquiries have been made, it has been found that food has been placed in a dish and the dish placed in the bag and the bag placed on the broiler!"

An important detail to be considered is the distance the bag should be from the oven floor or solid shelf in the case of a gas stove. This also is fully explained. Each article has its special shelf in the oven: roasts and entrees on one, fish on another, pastry on another, and so on. If one does not follow these directions, results cannot be obtained, but the directions are exceedingly simple.

A nice question arises as to what to do when the heat declines, as it sometimes does in any oven, and the housewife would like to know how the food is getting on. How can she find this out with regard to food hidden in an opaque paper bag; and isn't there danger of overcooking? I will not spoil the reader's interest in the story by giving the answer.

Another curious and important fact


How The Bag Is Sealed.

The mouth of the bap is folded two or three times over

and should be fastened with a clip.

about paper bag cooking is that it is not necessary to open the oven door every now and then to "See how the roast is getting on."

Not only does M. Soyer's book give full directions for the use of paper bags in connection with all the various lines of cookery to which it applies, but there is a very full list of recipes which have hitherto been the secret of the chef. These recipes cover fish, entrees, poultry, roasts, vegetables, savories, sweets, cold meat cookery, breakfast dishes and invalid dishes. The book also contains articles by G. R. Sims, Dr. Charles Reinhardt, ("Paper Bag Cooking from a Health Point of View") and Mrs. Alfred Prago, who in England is famous not only as a writer on cookery, but as an expert in cooking, whose reputation bears favorable comparison with that of our own Mrs. Rohrer.

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An Old Species

the name of that species

I just

"what is shot?" inquired the amateur hunter.

"Says his name is Smith, sir," answered the guide, who had been investigating.—Washington Herald.


"kicking is bad policy. Behold the mule. Kicking never gets him anywhere."

"That is exactly why the mule kicks."


"He doesn't want to get anywhere."—Birmingham Age-Herald.


Rastus—"What yo' t'ink is de mattah wif me, doctah?"

• «

Doctor—"Oh, nothing but the chicken pox, I guess."

Rastus (getting nervous)—"I 'clare on mah honah, doctah, I ain't been nowhar I could ketch dat!"—Medical Times.

Bona Fide Americanism

A Somewhat unpatriotic little son of Italy, twelve years old, came to his teacher in the public school and asked if he could not have his name changed.

"Why do you wish to change your name? the teacher asked.

"I want to be an American. I live in America now. I no longer want to be a Dago."

"What American name would you like to have?"

"I have it here," he said, handing the teacher a dirty scrap of paper on which was written— Patrick Dennis McCarty — Everybody's.

So Provokintf

Clara—"While I was playing whist with Mrs. Singleton last evening, she asked me what was the trump at least six times." Maude—"Weren't you provoked?" Clara—"I should say so! As if I knew! — Puck.

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THE OPENING OF PEARL HARBOR AND CHANNEL. HONOLULU. TO WARSHIPS BY THE ENTERING OF THE U. S. CRUISER CALIFORNIA. FLAGSHIP OF THE PACIFIC FLEET. On December 14, 1911. after ten years'dredging. Pearl Harbor, one of the greatest strategic points in the world, midway between Occident and Orient, was formally opened by the entering of and departure from the harbor of the California, with Rear-Admiral C. Thomas in command, thus realizing the dreams of early navigators, who nearly a century ago recognized the worth of Pearl Harbor as a naval base. There was a general celebration in Honolulu, including a banquet attended by ex-Queen Liliuokalani. This photograph shows the California returning the salute from Camp Cowles, and coming to anchor just opposite the dry dock.




It has replaced seven vertical engines which were in use up to the time of putting this huge plant in



"THE city of New *• York makes boast of possessing the largest power generator of its kind in the world. It has, replaced seven vertical engines which were in use up to the time of putting this huge plant in operation.

This great generator has a capacity of 30,000 horsepower, sufficient to supply all the current for cities of about 250,000 population. Alone it would sup

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ply the cities of Albany, Syracuse, andUtica. Its power is equal to that of the largest ocean liner, thirty of the largest express locomotives or a line of horses six abreast and ten miles long.

A few years ago the vertical engines were the largest ever put up, and now comes a single machine, compared with which they look like toys.

The several generators now in use in New York have a capacity of 500,000 horsepower. At the present time

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