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geance against the House of Lords, and abolish the veto of the House of Lords." determined to carry out his threat. He Asquith admitted that to be the case. encouraged them by saying the House of "Very well, if you give up now, it will Lords was unpopular with the country, be the Tory Party that will deal with and on this question the third election the Lords, to their own satisfaction. You was fought. . Asquith announced that stand by your guns till the Parliament unless he got a suitable majority, leaving bill is passed. I'll see that you have a him free and independent, he would not majority. Obtain from the King a promtake office. He not only failed to get ise that the necessary number of peers such a majority, but the Tories as a will be created to overcome the Tory maparty elected the most members, and the jority in the Lords.” Liberals as a party were in a minority. Asquith demurred at this attempted The moment the elections were over, coercion of the King, but Lloyd-George, Asquith bolted. No one knew where he not Asquith, knew the Lords. had gone, but as all English ministers, "You will never need to go so far as when they are tired out, make for the to use the King's prerogative,” he said, Riviera, Lloyd-George started in pursuit, confidently. “The Lords will back missing his shot by a hundred miles. down," which, sure enough, they did.

The Welshman arrived at Genoa, and “When the Parliament bill is on the statlearned he was on the wrong trail. Then ute book you will have accomplished the came the celebrated motor ride along the task you set out to do, and to show you coast; a breathless journey, for time was have no ill-feeling against their lordships, of the utmost value. He must see the you can resign and join that honorable Premier before the latter could make his body. I'll take the premiership, and carry intention public. He ran down the dis home rule through. couraged Asquith at Cannes.

So the chances are that the next PreOf all men on earth that Asquith did mier of England will be the Right Honornot want to see at that moment, Lloyd- able David Lloyd-George, the most reGeorge was the person. Asquith, with markable man in Great Britain. No the most magnificent majority a Premier sooner had he nullified the Lords than he ever possessed, bequeathed to him by the set out to show the House of Commons departed Campbell-Bannerman, had been how little it really amounted to. The dragged down by the impetuous Lloyd- closure, popularly known as the guilGeorge, until he now stood the head of a lotine, a deadly implement not possessed minority party. Of course, a compact, even by the enlightened legislature of rearly-made majority was at his disposal, Canada, invented by the Tories, is now a if he made terms with the Irish National potent weapon in the hands of Lloydists, but the price of that majority was George, and with it, he forced through home rule, and Asquith had been all his the Insurance bill. The House of Comlife an anti-home ruler. Besides, his mons has been silenced as effectively as word was now pledged to the English the House of Lords. electorate that he would not accept office Can he hold on? I do not think so. in the humiliating circumstances.

He has made the mistake that nearly all Of course, I was not present at this Liberals make when power is in their momentous meeting, which one man had hands, of getting too far ahead of slowtried to avoid, and the other, with his moving popular opinion. Prince Rupert amazing energy, had chased across Eu was the best general that Charles I posrope to accomplish, therefore what I state sessed, but he ruined the cause of the now is heresay, from those supposed to King by his headlong impetuosity, chasbe "in the know."

ing the enemy too far afield, gaining vic"I cannot stultify myself,” said As- tory always in front of him, but leaving quith. “I cannot be the English Premier defeat in his rear. to force a home rule bill through the The historian Froude said: “There House of Commons."

is no such despot as a Liberal when "No need for that," answered Lloyd- raised to authority." George. "Take things in their order. The career of Lloyd-George proves You talk of pledges. You are pledged to the wisdom of this saying,

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the civilization of the tem-

They dress in caribou, wolf, fox, and bird skins.


LILLIAN E. ZEH NEW race of people of the came in contact with several tribes in the North, who have never before neighborhood of Cape Bexley, and in the seen a white man, are now in middle of Dolphin and Union Straits troduced for the first time to they met a charming and courteous race.

One of their guides started the greetings perate zone by the American Museum of wrong by approaching the party with his Natural History, New York.

hands at his side and was nearly knifed For the first time in their lives the new for so doing. The Eskimos in that region peoples have faced the camera, and it extend their hands in front of them as a may be for the last, as far as these indi peace signal and carrying one hand at the viduals are concerned who are seen side is interpreted as a gesture of dethrough negatives developed on board fiance. They proved to be the A-ku-li-athe schooner Teddy Bear far North in kat-tag-mi-uts. the regions where stretch endless wastes Neither they nor any of their foreof snow and ice.

fathers as far as they knew had ever seen The expedition is in charge of Dr. R. a white man, an Indian or an Eskimo M. Anderson and Mr. ·V. Stefansson, from the west. They believed by traboth experienced

dition, however, explorers, who

that the Indians have studied the

were very bad ; that habits of strange

the Eskimos of the tribes and peoples

west were none too in latitudes where

estimable, and that chill winds blow

the white men, the and ice packson

Kablunat, as they the wind-swept

called them, were tides.

good and could be The explorers ESKIMOS "SKIPPING THE ROPE."


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REENHOUSE flowers, give them the name of "electric chrys

forced by growing in an anthemums.”
electric field, yield double ; This Chicago florist had read of the
their quality is greatly im experiments of Sir Oliver Lodge and

proved, their stamina in other scientists in the growing of field creased, disease is checked, at a cost for plants with the aid of electricity. He current for three months' experiment on reasoned that, as the greenhouse man has two eighty-foot benches, of eight dollars. the same difficulties as the field crop This in a few words is what has been culturist, and many additional ones beaccomplished by a Chicago greenhouse sides, due to temperature, crowding, disspecialist, Richard Gloede.

ease, etc., the same idea could well be "Electric chrysanthemums," so the applied to his benches. greenhouse man called them—sturdy His first complete experiment under stemmed, with great round yellow blos practical commercial conditions was with soms, that fairly beamed on you, clus two benches of chrysanthemums, made tered gracefully high above a big crock up as follows: from one big lot of shoots, on the packing room floor.

half of the plants—all the best onesThe stems were so long and the tops were set out in one bed, while the balso big that visitors to the florists could ance, culls and inferior stock, were set lift them up without stooping. And yet out in another parallel bed. Both of these these chrysanthemums were average received the same amount of light and samples of a great long bench of culls. heat and were prepared exactly alike At least they were culls before he could except for the electrical equipment.



The maturing was hastened by their believed a greater economy will be posgrowing in this electrical field obtained sible. by high-tension currents. The conductors Early in the experiment it was found consist of a single heavy galvanized that the electrically treated bed was soon ground wire embedded in the center of rid of all fungus growth, that the stalks the dirt, parallel to the sides of the bed. were unusually strong and heavy. Ordi

About three and a half feet above the narily, with greenhouse fowers of this bench are six parallel wires, hung length- type, having long stems and grown close wise from the insulators on wooden cross- together in the bed to save space, the arms. Cross-wires every twelve inches stems are weak and breakage resulting form a network covering the bed. From in harvesting and marketing is quite an these wires, light chains hang at inter- expense item. vals, reaching down half way to the soil. The "electric chrysanthemums” showed

The overhead and ground wires are a rapid growth from the start. The tops connected to a transformer which steps had to be "pinched back," as greenhouse up the voltage to about 250,000 volts. men say, several times to prevent too This apparatus is connected to the local high a growth. Another feature of the light and power company's lines, whose electrically treated flowers was that the power is 110 volts, 60 cycles. The current maturing was as vigorous and rapid on from the line first passes a frequency the shady side of the bed as with those changer which raises the frequency to plants most exposed to sunlight. about 600 cycles. The plants, being In the propagating benches, also, the directly under the influence of the elec- results were startling. In an ordinary trical field, are acted upon by the high planting, often but one-third of the seed tension current.

germinates, constant watering and attenThe two benches of chrysanthemums tion being needed. In these same benches were, in all other respects, started and wired, the seeds germinated uniformly, cared for in exactly the same way as

and with no fungus growth, less watering many other beds in the greenhouses sup- and loss. plying the Chicago markets.

This first harvest showed twice the The bed of culls which had the electric average number of blossoms. None of equipment was the first to mature, blos- these plants in this greenhouse are som, and be cut.

"forced” in the popular sense of the term, The power is turned on for at least six as the temperature is kept down to 55 hours a day during the growing period. Fahrenheit, the idea being that much The expense of the current for three sturdier and hardier plants result. months is given as eight dollars, although As soon as possible the wiring will be in the perfecting of the equipment, it is placed over all benches and the plan is



to experiment with each flower and plant Experiments in England and elsewhere as it comes in season. Already tests have along these lines prove wonderful possibeen made with carnations and roses bilities in agricultural electricity. Not where the yield was increased to nearly only is the growing period invariably four times the usual crop for the same shortened and the quality improved, but number of plants and bench space. the yield is increased. In specific instances

A truck garden grown in connection the increase in electrically forced strawwith the greenhouse work was also elec berries was 36 per cent, beets 30 per cent, trically equipped with important results. tomatoes 20 per cent, cucumbers 17 per In spite of a dry season, melons, tomat cent. oes, radishes, corn and other farm pro While, as indicated above, varied exduce showed

periments have remarkable

been successgrowth. For

fully made with instance, musk

large field melons planted

crops, such as June eighth

corn, wheat ripened in less

and barley, the th an nine

increased weeks, grew

expense in evenly and all

some cases has were ready to

made further pick within six

experimenting or seven days.

necessary, beThese melons


ticability of apfrom seed in a ELECTRICITY INCREASED THE YIELD.

plying electric plot twenty

current to the feet square from which 362 good melons stimulating of plant growth can be finally were picked. This garden patch alto- passed upon. The results so far, however, gether was fifty feet square and was elec indicate a splendid future for this com. trically equipped similar to the green- bined science. The Chicago man who has houses, the wires being suspended from worked out the greenhouse tests not only posts eight feet from the ground. asserts he has bigger yield, better quality, Radishes as well as tomatoes and corn decreased loss, with a shorter period for not only grew to a uniformly large size growing, but he says he can accomplish but were of delicious flavor.

these things well within the profit limit.


Man's Work

Go to your work and be strong.

halting not in your ways,
Baulking the goal half-won for an

instant dole of praise;
Stand to your work and be wise,

certain of sword and pen,
Who are neither children nor gods,
but men in a world of men.

- Rudyard Kipling

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