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This chute rests on a framework inside DEVICE

the car while it is being loaded. In or

der to empty it into the wagon, it is NEW car chute, which is a great easily raised by a winch on the frame

saver of time and labor in unloading and then tipped to such a position that gondola cars, has recently been invented. its contents slide into the wagon.

The frame is entirely separated from the chute, acting merely as a supporting device to hold it, first, while it is being loaded, and later as a dumping device. This framework merely rests on the car across both sides.

When sufficient material has been taken from the car, the frame is tipped and the rear end is allowed to rest on the bottom of the car. This permits the

chute being brought down inside and ELM TREE TIED INTO

does away with all shoveling over the fect knots tied in it

edge of the car to the wagon. In either

of these two positions the dumping action atou: six inches in di is the same and the amount that the chute ameter at the base and

is tipped is always easily controlled by the

operator. be in good condition.

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from the main limbs of the trunk. The tree is

is nearly twenty feet tall. It is about fifteen years old, and appears to

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The post auger is an implement of recent invention and is coming into general use. It digs a post hole expeditiously.



According to the connections of the aerial and the complete set it will be noted that, when sending out the electrical waves, the alternating currents will radiate in every direction and will travel in proportion to the strength and capability of the set in regard to transmission. The system, if adopted by air-men, will give better results high in the air where there is little of atmospheric disturbance and therefore greater and better results can be accomplished. The distance in the air will be three to four times as great with the same set than if used on land.


THE LEAF OF THE SUNDEW. Here is an interesting example of a device used by a plant to catch its insect food. There is a little sweetness in the center of the leaf and when a fly alights it is caught by the quick turning in of the tentacles. These hold the fly in position until it is digested, that is until actually eaten by the plant.


There is a man in Skowhegan, Maine, who has invented a traction threshing machine. The power is a gasoline engine and it is moved about by its own power with the separator which is built on a jigger of the four-wheeled delivery cart style. In moving the threshing machine from place to place it travels at the rate of about four miles per hour. It threshes grain faster than it can possibly be threshed with the old fashioned threshing machine with horses.

the aid of the rubber tires, which prevent the escape of the high tension oscillating currents through the frame and wheels, thereby insuring a perfect ground insulation, the experimenters were enabled to communicate for the distance of about 372 miles without a ground connection. The experiment took place along the banks of the Charles River with Jonescick Brothers at the foot of the Cambridge Bridge and Mr. I. Wolff at the foot of the North Harvard Street Bridge.

TEETH OF AQUATIC ANIMALS HERE is an assemblage of the teeth of

some aquatic animals—interesting if only for the reason that they are so different.

For instance, the two outside ones are the tusks of a walrus. They are the upper incisor teeth of the beast, and are not intended for chewing, but for defense.

All through creation is found the most astonishing adaptation of teeth to necessity. Thus the mighty ivory lance of the narwhal, ten or twelve feet long and strong and sharp enough to be driven through the side of a ship, is simply the left upper incisor of the creature. Once in a while, by a freak, both upper incisors will be developed in the narwhal, so that it is equipped with two spears instead of one. The female has no lance.

Likewise, the tremendous ivory spear of the swordfish is merely a gigantic tooth developed for fighting purposes.

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drawn in by the

gree to the true suction stroke of

centipedes. the piston, while

Secondly, they the gasoline is

are not only harmsprayed within the

less, but very benecylinder where it is

ficial, inasmuch as mixed with the

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roaches, bedbugs, fore compression.

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extremely fragile, of the cylinder, it

so that hardly more can be made amoly A SCHEME That Makes DelivERY OF MAIL RAPID. than a touch will large to insure a

break them to full charge and a free exhaust.

pieces. If cornered, they are capable of In order to relieve the cam controlling inflicting poisonous bites, but this is a the action of all five valves from the thing that almost never happens. heavy load of opening a large valve There is an old wives' notion to the against the high pressure at the time effect that these queer bugs get into exhaust takes place, the cylinders are people's ears and make trouble. It has provided with auxiliary exhaust ports, just about as much basis in fact as the which are uncovered by the piston on its idea that bats are liable to become endownward stroke. No check valves are tangled in women's hair. required over these auxiliary ports, as on the suction stroke, pure air and not a mixture of gas is drawn in, so what air is drawn in through the auxiliary ports

QUICK WAY OF DELIVERING on the suction stroke becomes a part of

MAIL the explosive mixture in the cylinder, and

THIS photograph shows a very useful being a constant quantity does not affect

and simple device and a great conthe operation of the motor.

venience to the rural mail carrier. The idea was taken from a dining room

“dumb waiter” by the handy man, who MYRIAPOD THE HOUSEWIFE'S FRIEND

wheel. The top of the stump was cut

away leaving only a small “spire” to THE average housewife has a particu- project up through the hub of the wheel

lar horror of "centipedes," as she and forming a pivot for the same. Mail calls the many-legged insects which now boxes were mounted on the wheel by and then make their appearance in odd fastening them to the felloe and spokes. corners of her ménage. They certainly The contrivance revolves, so that the cardo have a weird and unpleasant appear- rier never needs to leave his wagon makance.

ing but one stop to serve 14 patrons. In some respects, however, she is mis. The photograph was made in New Martaken about them. To begin with, they ket, Clark county, Indiana, a small vilare not centi

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began. Oscar “myriapods,”

Harmon, of and they are

Marysville, not even

Ind., is the related in the

mail clerk "on This HORRIBLE LOOKING CREATURE Is, IN REALITY. TH: FRIEND OF Thish » slightest de

the job.”



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Upper part: lineal representation of words; lower part, lineal representation of the vowels (as pronounced

in French) a, e, i, o, ou.

MAKING SOUNDS VISIBLE frame at a fixed distance by means of a

micrometric screw; the displacement of ACHINES which have been em the vibrating plate are therefore inde

ployed up to the present time for the pendent of the vibrations of the frame graphic reproduction of the registrations and depend exclusively on the voice. of the phonograph, require a great deal Besides, contrary to the usual method, of time and care in

the support of the order to make them

vibrating plate reperfectly correct.

mains fixed, and it The task of the op

is the cylinder erators, who study

which moves. the analysis and

When transformsynthesis of the

ing the phonograms vowels, has been

into curves the simplified by the

frame is replaced invention of an in

by a metal cork strument which

lever of which the rapidly transforms

relation of the into amplified

small to the large curves the impres

branch may be sions traced on

varied. This lever photographic cylinWIRELESS STATION OF 100.000 Volts.

remains vertical, Marconi telegraphy has become an efficient aid for ders. both commercial and military purposes. The plant

while the sapphire In a new French

shown in the illustration is one of the most powerful

in the world and was installed by the French army method there is at a cost of several hundred thousands of dollars at

the summit of the Eiffel Tower, about 1,000 feet above placed beside the the ground. Its great power allows communication

on it tracing the cutting sapphire a with the Marconi Station at Glace Bay in Canada,

grooves. On a about 7,500 miles away. blunt sapphire The illustration shows the most important parts of band of paper covwhich

this plant, by means of which the Old and New World holds the can be connected in a few seconds.

ered with black

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