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smoke measuring 2 inches long traces are obtained. During the transformation into curves the wax cylinder, moved either by hand or by motor, turns much more slowly than at the time of the impression. The result is that the inertia of the lever makes no error in the reproduction.


THE SAMUELA OF TEXAS ONE of the oddities of the vegetable

kingdom is the Samuela, or Sierra Blanca yucca of Southwestern Texas. In addition to the oddity of its appearance, it is peculiar in the extreme narrowness of its geographical distribution.

Botanically, the Sierra Blanca yucca is related to the arborescent yucca or Joshua tree, of the Mojave desert, and to the Spanish bayonet that thrives throughout the semi-arid region of the Southwest. However, in appearance it resembles neither. It grows to a height of from 10 to 20 feet, usually in straight, columnar form, without branches. At the top are a great number of smooth, tapering, pointed, dark-green leaves. As new leaves develop, the old ones die, shrivel, become brown, and turn back along the trunk, which is thus sheathed in a thatch-like covering of recurved leaves.




BRIDGE OF WIRE FENCING, This unique bridge was constructed by a farmer in Calboun County. Michigan. for the purpose of transporting the milk from his farm to the interurban railroad. By crossing this bridge he reaches the trolley line by walking a few rods, while before it was built it was necessary for him to drive three miles to accomplish the same purpose. The bridge is suspended ten rods across the river and is ten feet above the river in the middle. It is built of woven wire fencing. A

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POWDERED ALUM ON GLASS THE frosting of glass may be easily

done and very remarkable effects may be secured by viewing these artificial forms under a microscope by the aid of a polariscope. It was a favorite "Oh my” slide of the old time amateur microscopist and many a collection is now adorned by these beautiful specimens of the microscopical art. The microscopists in their magazines vied with one another in their efforts to add to the published list something very good that they had discovered. Each user of the microscope had some favorite crystal for the excellence of which he was ever ready to argue.

But not all of these are beautiful in themselves. Many need the aid of the polariscope to bring out the beauty of color but some crystals are pleasing even when viewed with artificial light by the unaided eye. Among those that have been found the most satisfactory are Epsom salts, tartaric acid and alum. Un

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GERMANY. The vessel is being listed in a trough from the upper to


No leaves grew with this cluster. This tree stands on the

land of a farmer near Genoa.

the lower canal locks.



One car mounted another and completely swept away
all the upper works.

ating a motor both for propelling the

car and operating the crane. A one ton doubtedly it is Epsom salts that have the hoist is used and the truck has a pulling greatest popularity. It is the crystals of power of two tons so that a train of this salt that are frequently seen, espe- small cars loaded with material may be cially on bar-room windows. Some men taken in tow and unloaded by the crane make a specialty of going from saloon to at any desired point. saloon to decorate the windows in mid- Rapid operation is the crane's chief summer with beautiful frost-like forms advantage. In recent tests 300 castings that make the saloon especially attractive aggregating 65,000 pounds were unin the sweltering days of July and loaded from a car in five hours, an averAugust. The common custom is to mix age of 1 2/10 lifts per minute. Epsom salts with stale beer. It is sup- On another occasion sixty-four 800 posed the action of the beer forces the barrels of plumbago were loaded by the crystals to adhere closely to the glass. crane in 25 minutes.

In the stock room where

heavy material must be BATTERY TRUCK

handled the crane is found CRANE

very useful. In a test made

recently a number of boxes FOR the quick handling of

of bar iron weighing 100 material about a shop or

pounds each were to be in unloading cars the small

piled. The crane piled 40 electric truck crane as

of these boxes in one hour. shown in the illustration

The car is equipped with has been designed by a well

wheels 24 inches in diameknown electrical manufac

ter and having a 5-inch turing concern, and fills the

face. The crane arm is adplace that the great shop

justable to various heights cranes can not fill because

and can be supplied in of the comparatively slow

lengths best suited for the operation.

work in hand. The car upon which the

The battery can be crane is mounted is short

charged by the addition of and easily turned in small BABY RAFFLE IN PARIS.

inexpensive apparatus to space making the truck especially useful in running

nary power house and the about the floor of the shop where material and ma

to at night by the watchchines are crowded to

man. gether.

This device is one of the be recommended to all-simi... The storage battery lar hospitals. The government most convenient and exmounted upon the rear

is released of the burden to pedient which - has ever of the car furnishes the

been invented for such a electric current for oper different charity organizations. purpose.


The management of a foundling hospital with the consent of the respective authorities decided to play out all the babies, whose parents they were unable to trace. The income of this raffle was divided among the different charity institutions.

This idea is such a good one that its observance could strongly

take care of the little babies and the income of such raffles pro. vides a substantial help to the

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THE MECHANICAL NEWSBOY within a short time. In the photograph, THE raucous cry of the train boy will a cu

a customer is shown receiving a paper, soon be a thing of the past, when the

to secure which he had dropped a nickel automatic newspaper venders come into

in the slot, and had pressed down the general use. They are now in operation

lever. The invention should prove on the great interurban electric trolley Popular system centering in Los Angeles, California, and are a recognized success. As the photograph shows, the automatic

LEAVES LIKE SEEDS newsboy has a large stock, five local papers and one weekly being carried, and THESE leaves are on earth in a pan although the price of these varies from and, as is readily seen, the edges are one to five cents, each is delivered accu- sprouting. From this characteristic this rately for its own price.

plant—the Byrophyllum A couple of hundred of

calcynum-derives the these machines have al

name of “live forever.” ready been installed,

The leaves are dropped and a national exten

on the ground by the sion of the system is

parent plant as seeds planned. Not only

with most plants would trains but hotels, apart

be, and each leaf takes ment houses and news

root and grows. stands, drug stores

One of the leaves has etc. will be supplied

been purposely turned with the new device,

up in order that the which should pay for

rootlets might be itself in clerk hire EACH LEAF OF This PLANT IS




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HEATED SMOKE FLOATS BALLOON. This big canvas bag is filled by burning under it kerosene soaked wood. When it has ascended about one thousand feet, the aeronaut, sitting in a trapeze attached to a parachute, cuts loose from the balloon. The parachute opening up lets the aeronaut down easily, Released from his weight the balloon soon topples over. letting out its cloud of hot smoke, and drops to the ground,


MARK THIS night view of a city street repre

sents an apparently deserted thoroughfare with a tangle of wheel tracks on one side. In reality it is the picture of a very busy street, with constantly passing automobiles and street cars. The latter left the broad streak of light across the picture, while the network of wheel marks—so they seem—is a record of motor cars with their lights in pairs. Once in a while a car stopped, leaving two little dots of light, and then proceeded, forming the continuous track. Cars going around the first corner are also shown. One of them carried a high headlight, such as the police patrol car uses. Of course the pedestrians made no impression on the film, and the vehicles

REPUBLICAN SIMPLICITY ABROAD. Embassador Richard Kerens of St. Louis, standing in the vestibule of the United States Embassy at Vienna, surrounded by his military attache, and a dozen or two assorted footmen and other lackeys in silk stockings and Dowdered wigs. The photo is an extremely touching example of the Jeffersonian simplicity which seems to prevail in the diplomatic service of these United States,

faint record of the tail lights.

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