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THIRTY-EIGHT years ago a frail mon shrubs and plants about Macon

looking Negro lad, an ex-slave, en County, Alabama, where Tuskegee Intered Ames College, Iowa, to specialize stitute is located, and with the soil and in agricultural science. The excite

its various uses. ment awakened by a Negro listed

It was hardly a decade ago that in the cause of scientific agricul

the cow pea in Alabama, inture was greatly heightened

deed in the whole South, was when it was learned that the

regarded as a little less than a young man was a painter and de

contemptible weed. It was fed signer with a career already well as

to the cows or left to rot on sured.

the land for fertilizer. "Why not push your studies

That man was poor inalong this line to some extent?”

deed, a poor "red remonstrated James Wilson, Sec

neck" or "hill-side retary of Agriculture, then a

darkey” who served teacher at Ames.

this vegetable as a “Because," was the reply, “I

food for man. This can be of no service to my

despised product race with this.”

was a subject of These words marked the

Professor Carver's farewell to the brush as a call

early experiments. ing for Prof. George W. Car

Applying his chemver, Director of the Agri

istry to the growing cultural Research and Ex

of the cow pea, he periment Station, of Tus

soon turned it into a kegee Institute, Alabama.

delectable food. Professor Carver's ex

Perhaps the experiperiments and instruction

ment which will come at Tuskegee Institute have

nearest to a direct nabeen invariably with com

tional benefit is that mon things—with just

which Professor Carver is such things as the

now making on various farmers, housewives

kinds of clay. This clayand school teach

white, yellow, and blueers in Alabama

takes the place of lime and have to deal with

the various washes comevery day — with

pounded by plasterers. the cow pea, the

Mixed with water it will wild plum, the

wash a rough surface as sweet potato, cot

successfully as will lime. ton, with the com

Mixed with turpentine it becomes a rich stain for furniture.

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IF you should hunt the country over you First, the farm to bring them up on-

would hardly find a more remarkable only eighty-eight acres. Second, their family than the six Price brothers and one father, Thomas David Price. If he had of the remarkable things about them is had a big plantation of a thousand acres on that they were brought up on a little which the boys needed only to scratch eighty-eight acre farm in Ohio.

and not to dig and help their father make Here are the six: Ira M. Price,

a living for the family, thereby Ph. D., LL. D., the oldest, Profes

making a living for themselves, they sor of Semitic languages in

might not have achieved the University of Chicago;

such success. S. Eber Price, President of

The proximity of DeniOttawa University at Ot

son University enabled Mr. tawa, Kansas; Enoch J.

Price to keep up the habit Price, practicing law in Chi

of work, in his boys, as well cago; Milo B. Price, Ph.D.,

as to gratify his desire to Principal of Pillsbury Acad

give them an education. Go emy, Owatonna, Minn.;

off to college and spend Rev. Orlo J. Price, Ph.

their patrimony ? Not D., pastor of the First

exactly. When Ira, the Baptist Church, Lan

oldest, started, he sing, Michigan; Homer

walked, the first year, C. Price, Dean of the Ag

back and forth each ricultural department,

day. The second year, Ohio State University.

he rode horseback. The These are the six living

third year, having kept brothers. Mark E., a

his constitution up to farmer, died three years


standard, he boarded at ago, and Asa E. died in

the school and got down his freshman year at Denison University. to business in a still more thorough way. Eight boys in all, no girls; all the boys The rest of the eight boys followed the college trained, five of them graduates same schedule, walked one year, rode one of Denison University, two of them from year, boarded the remaining years. Ira the state University, three of them with the is now fifty-five years old, Homer thirtydoctor's degree from Leipsig University six. That shows how long the Price in Germany—such is the record.

procession was in passing through That eighty-eight

college. acre farm will be

It is quite possifound to have had

ble, that those no little to do with

Saturdays on the the success of these

farm heightened men. When you

the respect of those dig down and

young men for the search for reasons,

professional life you will find those

and tightened their reasons growing in

grip on the ambition
two branches.

for that life.

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THE great strike of the

English coal mine workers, which has aroused worldwide interest as being one of the most formidable upheavals of labor ever known, seems in a fair way to be settled. The average weekly wage the operators have paid these colliers has been but twenty-eight shillings, eight and a half pence, or less than seven dollars a week. On an average, four miners lose their lives daily.

The measure for a mini


mum wage that David LloydGeorge, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has succeeded in forcing upon a somewhat reluctant Parliament is bringing

the strike to



mum wage A MINIMUM

will vary WAGE LAW TO some what SETTLE THE

according to GREAT ENGLISH


to be put into IN PARLIAMENT.


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ageable of American streams. Nowhere Sandbars have formed in the deepest is it more erratic than in the vicinity of portion of the channel, and have thrown the Williston and Buford-Trenton pro- the full force of the stream against some jects. From the high bluffs that line the unprotected bank, and thousands of cubic river, the Indians in early days used to yards of the bluff have been gnawed watch the struggles of the keel boatmen, away by the remorseless and erratic “Big who poled many adventurers up the Muddy.” watery highway of romance in the days To harness such a stream by ordinary of the fur hunters. Many a keelboat was methods was clearly impossible. On the caught in a treacherous eddy, or

Sacramento river, steamboats, struck by a giant log

equipped with pumps do shooting down

effective work


the stream as though driven by a cata- in watering adjacent lands in time of pult, and countless expeditions were drought, and in unwatering the land back halted while vain search was made for of the protecting levees in time of flood drowned voyageurs and lost goods. —but the Sacramento is gentleness itself Many a successful trapper, floating his compared with the Missouri. Operating bales of furs to St. Louis, after a season pumping steamers in a current that avor two of hazard on the beaver

erages eight or nine miles an streams at the Missouri

hour, would be clearly imheadwaters, was caught

possible. Anchors would by a snag in the boiling,

be ripped out of the muddy river, or

muddy bottom, if not thrown against a

by the force of the sandbar in mid

current itself, then stream, and was

by the impact of the heard of no more.

great trees that The small steam

come hurtling down boats that navi

stream when the gated the Missouri

June freshet is on. in later days had to.

To establish an orcombat a swifter cur

dinary concrete pump

ONE OF THE rent and a more uncer

ing plant was equally tain channel than the big


out of the question, as boats that plied the Mis

A siphon was putin

the engineers at such an sissippi.

to carry over the wa institution would be likely to

ter for the Williston In seasons of heavy floods and pumping project. wake up some morning and find succeeding droughts, there has

their pumps empty, with the been a variation of nineteen feet in the Missouri gurgling mockingly half a mile Missouri river level at Williston. The away. main channel has been known to shift H. A. Storrs, the government engineer half a mile, for no apparent reason. in charge of the work, finally decided to

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