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Odd Auto Score Board. Reports by phone carte from every halt mile on the course and car numbers ; shifted accordingly.

Standpipe That Collapsed. It was 140 feet high. 20 feet in diameter, and was built of steel plate X inch thick. It belonged to the the Sheboygan. Wis.. Water Works Company.

T recent California auto road races, a specially designed score board was erected, facing the grand stand, which enabled the spectators to follow the movements of each racing car about the eight mile course. Telephone stations had been set up at half mile intervals around the course where an operator reported as each car passed. These telephones were connected with the judge's stand, where a man was stationed behind the board to receive the reports and to move the numbers representing the cars moving to the black and white spaces that were marked for each half mile. This device added


AFTER THE STANDPIPE. KILLED WITH WATER. SUDDENLY CRASHED TO THE EARTH. No satisfactory solution of the cause of the disaster has been given.


WHERE DEMOCRACY WILL NOMINATE ITS LEADER. The Fifth Regiment Armory. Baltimore. Here the National Democratic Convention will nominate the candidates

for the presidency and vice-presidency.

greatly to the interest of the contest, for the crowd was able to tell just what cars were due to pass, and whether they were coming singly or in a bunch. As one car would pass another on the opposite side of the course, the fact would be recorded by means of the shifting numbers, so that even when no car was in sight, the interest and excite ment were main tained. The photograph shows how it works: car number 34 is shown passing the grand stand, and its number on the board is entering the last mile, while other cars are recorded at various parts of the course.

Tooth Of A Giant Shark—A Species Long Extinct.

This was found in the mines of the West, No shark today

has teeth more than a sixth this length.

This system is valuable in case of accidents, as the telephones were connected with the field hospital, where a motor ambulance stood in readiness. It is, in the manner in which the results appear, based upon the electric sign-boards used in the leading cities of the country to give the baseball "fans" a genuine reproduction of a game when the home team is playing in some other city. The same sort of device has been used, though more crudely, to illustrate the progress and status of football games. If its use spreads it should prove to be very popular.

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'"THIS stack, which was
* thrown, stood ten feet
square at the base, and one
hundred feet high, was built
of common brick, lined with
fire brick and was topped out
with a cast iron cap.

It will be seen that the method of throwing this stack was quite similar to that of cutting down a large tree. Brick work on one side was cut out, extreme care being taken to make the cutting symmetrical on each side of the center line of the stack. This method of cutting was continued until the weight of the stack began to crush the brickwork at the edge of the cutting, and as soon as this occurred the great hill of bricks of course fell to that side.

So accurately was the work done that the fallen stack lay exactly parallel with the sidewalk, as was intended. The outer shell depressed crushed downward, while the inner lining his sheet maintained its original shape until the under the


Cutting Away The BrickWork As Lumbermen Would The Bask Of A Tree.

falling stack struck the ground when it, in its turn, also collapsed.

This stack stood at Cleveland, Ohio. It was removed in order to make room for a large new incandescent lamp factory.

This method of felling a brick stack, of course, has to be very carefully understood and thought out by the man in charge. If this be not the case a serious disaster may be the result, as a falling stack surrounded by houses is very different from a falling tree in a forest, many miles away from a habitation.


A MONG the curiosities of *■ American journalism is a newspaper published in a sink of the Colorado Desert in California, at the little town of Thermal. By reason of the place of issue, the editor calls "the Submarine," and prints title the descriptive line, "most



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Those little figures are the work of a clever Los Angeles woman. They are made from seaweed.

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GAS MOTOR TO DISPLACE HORSES FOR DRAWING FIRE APPARATUS. This hook and ladder truck was built in 1861. being the oldest that could he found for the purpose of demonstrating the safety with which old apparatus could be handled by the tractor. The test was made at Springfield. Mass.

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A CALIFORNIAN ** has invented a mechanical attachment whereby an ordinary motor - cycle may be made into a rapid and practical craft for rivers, etc. It is composed of two canoe - shaped, metal floats, 14 feet long and 16 inches wide, which fasten on a light, steel tube frame and contain three air-tight compartments. These floats are carried one on each side of the bicycle and are balanced even ly. The front of the frame is attached behind the handlebars, without interfering with the steering of the machine. The back frame is attached to the axle of the rear wheel, by a common tandem nut. Four hinges fasten these floats to the frame, in such a manner as to permit them to settle in the water or reverse on the part of the frame within six inches ground.

To turn the hydro motor - cycle into a water craft, the floats are reversed on their hinges and clamped down by two steel tubes, which are carried alongside of the floats. The propeller drive contains a clutch, which operates backward or forward, with a three foot shaft of three-quarter inch steel. At the end of this is a propeller with three twelve-inch blades. This is carried behind the seat, when not in use. It is


An Elephant Shrew At The London Zoo. • It is a South African importation. As the name implies, it has a curious and mobile elephant-hke trunk or snout. The hind legs, very long, suggest those of a kangaroo. It hops along on these with great speed. It is about the size of a dormouse.



For Land And Water Traffic.


A Reindeer Drawn Sled.

This curious spectacle may be wit

nessed in the private park of an

English country gentleman,

who is noted for his

trained pets.

attached by means of one bolt, to the rear frame and is fastened, directly in front of the engine with one nut. It protrudes down, from the engine, when on the water, at an angle of twenty degrees. The top blade is just covered by water. The steering is accomplished by two small rudders, on the back of each float. They are connected with and steered by the handle bars. These working simultaneously, are fastened to the front wheel by two flexible wire cords. Two small rubber-tired wheels, at the rear of the frame, help to carry the weight of the floats, on land. They also keep the machine from tipping sidewise.

The necessity that the inventor met with, at least once, possibly many times, in his lifetime, to suddenly change from land to water travel no doubt actuated him in going about and setting to work to construct such a contrivance as he has produced. It can be seen to be a very ingenious affair, if a proper and careful study of the apparatus be made. So many factors had to be taken into consideration— i g h t n e s s, simplicity of parts, quick adjustability from one form and one use to another—that the inventor, it will be noted, had his problems to deal with.

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