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/~\NE of the new and valuable vege^"^ tables just beginning to appear in the markets of this country is called "udo," and comes from Japan, having been fetched from thence not long ago by one of our agricultural explorers.

This "udo" is not distantly related to our own lettuce. It is exceedingly good to eat, in salads or otherwise prepared, and will doubtless prove a very acceptable addition to our list of good things to eat.

This kind of lettuce is bleached by growing it under tile cylinders such as the stooping man holds in his hands.

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"udo." The New Lettuce Introduced From Japan.

Minimum Price For This Coat. $25.
A genuine buffalo robe.

coats that remain in the country in any large quantities. There are 4,300 of these coats, which were formerly worn by soldiers in their campaigns during blizzard weather, when Indians were troublesome and had to be followed


CONCRETE RESERVOIR THAT HOLDS FIVE MILLION GALLONS. Tt was built to insure an auxiliary or emergency supply for the water system at Ashville. N. C. It measures ISO feet

in diameter and is 40 feet deep.

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The Latest Fashion In Paris.

This is a fan of violets, lilacs and carnations folded to

resemble a bouquet.

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HTHERE is now on exhibition at the * museum in New York, a skeleton of a large carnivorous dinosaur. Following the policy of the museum, Prof. Henry F. Osborn, who directed the work of this reconstruction, departed from the traditional of mounting, for the flesh-eating animal is here poised as feeding upon the vertebrae of his victim, a huge brontosaurus, a herbivorous contemporary considerably larger than his carnivorous foe. These bulky, slow-moving brontosaurus, seventy to eighty feet long, without any armor or apparent means of defense, were hopelessly outclassed and probably easily overcome in battle by the fierce dinosaurs. Additional interest surrounds this specimen, as large carnivorous dinosaurs are exceedingly rare. Though three or more distinct types of dinosaurs lived at the same time and in the same region, the remains of the herbivorous ones have been the most frequently discovered, while the flesh-eating dinosaurs have been found only in a few instances. In this mount, Prof. Osborn has scored a two-fold paleontological triumph in the innovation of representing a fossil skeleton in action.


"l^EEP the baby

**• out of doors! Let it sleep in the open air!" This is an order many mothers are getting, but how to do it and at the same time attend to their work in the house is a problem that is rather hard to solve.

But when a parent is told that she must do something for "baby's sake" she usually finds a way and consequently a great many ideas have originated in the last few years for keeping the baby safely outside while the mother is not near by to watch it while it is at play.

An enclosure of light wood is built and screwed down upon a low table, which can be moved from one part of the yard to another, the screws allowing


The Author-porter. Otto Popper, a porter and brass polisher by trade in a Berlin department store, takes to writing after his work. He has astonished Berlin with his first play production "The Salesgirl." Strangely enough he still sticks to his porter job.




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THE SMALLEST RAILROAD IN THE WORLD. It has been built by the English in the Himalayas for strategic purposes. The road runs from Siligun up to Darjeeling.

The road is 57 miles long, the ascent 7.000 feet.

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