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PEED mania, an exaggerated other words that this great vessel, nearly idea of luxury, reckless careless- nine hundred feet long, capable of easily ness, sea lanes too far to the accommodating over three thousand peonorth,—in the path of icebergs ple, and supposedly very nearly unsink

-in the desire to sho en the ole, had less of a chance for survival route between America and Europe, an after collision with the unseen and sunken imperfect and inadequate wireless equip- spur of the iceberg than an old time sailment, and a type of life-boat that inven- ing vessel would have had. The stokers tion should long ago have superseded - and other ship workers below at the all these are factors in perhaps the most time of the yielding of the bulkheads, terrible drama in the annals of ocean dis who were later picked up in the sea, aster, the loss of the Titanic. False narrate that the vertical bulkheads were theory in the construction of safety bulk unable to resist the force of the inrushing heads may be very properly added to the waters. list. The human equation need not be Ship builders have immediately become considered in this connection. The men fertile in expedients, to obviate so terri-officers, crew and passengers—did the ble a result, in their plans for future best that human beings could do under ship construction. For the vertical bulkthe circumstances. No one can question head it has been suggested that the horitheir actions in their last moments. They zontal be substituted, and that thereby gave an account of themselves that re each deck of the vessel be sealed as quires neither defence nor praise. Their tightly in case of need as the bottom, behavior was above commendation. itself, of the liner. Thus even should a

Never, according to ship captains, have vessel be split along the bottom from icebergs so huge and fields so vast in bow to stern, as was the Titanic, these extent been sighted in the North Atlantic deck bulkheads could be closed and the as they have during the past spring. steamer could remain afloat till assistUnder the circumstances the charge of ance were summoned by wireless or speed mania is well founded. Passen- otherwise, even though she were subgers' lives should count for more than merged to her middle deck. trans-atlantic records. Likewise, pala Captain George A. Chaddock, an Engtial ball rooms, luxurious swimming lish naval expert, says: “Ships must be tanks and roomy tennis courts are all made absolutely or relatively unsinkable. well enough in their way; cramped quar- The decks are the true line of defense. ters with plenty of life-boats are prefer- Their hatches should be water-tight and able.

immovable. Between decks water-tight But nothing can change the past. The divisions collision bulkheads, of question now is, What can human in course, should be retained. Had the genuity, engineering skill and invention first deck above the injured bottom of accomplish to safeguard the future? the Titanic been seaworthy the vessel

Discussion after the event shows that would have floated without assuming any the Titanic, with its double bottom and dangerous angle until the rescuers arits system of vertical bulkheads, was but rived. In no circumstances can a ship little safer than a vessel without these

built, with useless wooden protective devices against accident, in hatches, survive anything but compara





tively trifling injuries from a collision in quiet waters.''

Life-boats as now constructed, and as freely with the action of the waves. The lowered into the water, do not seem to ends of this cylinder contain bulkheads. be adequate to the demands placed upon The inner shell is suspended from these. them. In the first place they are fragile, The outer cylinder is twenty-four feet in easily capsized, hard to lower, and in length, six feet in diameter. Air is drawn danger, if the sea be at all rough, of into the inner shell or cradle by means being dashed to pieces against the sides of a pump, through a hollow tube, which of the vessel. There are other difficul- curves up on the outside, well above the ties, too. It is an extremely hard water. A system of valves expels the thing to lower such a boat containing impure air. A number of these valves some fifty people for a distance of sev- are always above the water line. This enty feet. In fact, it seemed impossible boat is not lowered awkwardly from the to do this on the Titanic and as a conse- deck of the vessel, but slides head on into quence many of the boats were but little the sea. A special launching device has more than half-filled. Also, if the sink- been constructed for this purpose. Pasing ship should list to one side, as gener- sengers were aboard when this new lifeally happens, the line of boats on one boat was first tried out. They reported side of the vessel is likely to be sub- that they experienced but little discommerged, the other to be raised high in the fort. air, rendering all useless.

This looks like a feasible solution of Recently a life-boat, cylindrical in the life-boat problem. Only the unpreceshape like a dirigible torpedo, and de- dentedly calm ocean saved the lives of signed to be launched in much the same the Titanic's survivors whom the Carway, was exhibited at Toronto, Canada. pathia picked up. If the seas had been The inventor claims that it can neither be rough the greater part of these illcapsized nor sunk. It is designed to manned craft would undoubtedly have bear forty persons to safety. The ap- gone quickly to the bottom, if indeed conparatus consists of a double cylinder. ditions had been such that they could The outer cylinder is permitted to roll have been launched at all.



The question of the regulation of wire- Page, at the meeting of the London less is one that the wreck of the Titanic Chamber of Commerce, spoke with some has also brought direct attention to. For heat in reference to this matter. “The some time authorized wireless operators United States," he said, "is the only on both land and sea have complained country in the world where the telethat the hosts of irresponsible amateurs graphs do not belong to the government, who experiment along the Atlantic coast and unfortunately, it has become the have seriously hampered their work. A fashion in that country to permit amawireless station of this sort can very teur wireless operators. When we read easily pick up a message that is sent that Marconigrams can be tapped we from a vessel in distress and thus pre must remember that the United States is vent its being received by some other the only country in which that can be ship that would at once set its course in done." the direction indicated by the C. Q. D. Congressional action doubtless will put signal. In connection with the disaster a stop to this pernicious activity of amato the Titanic there seems to have been teurs. All wireless should be directly a veritable wireless chaos. Major Floyd under government control.

Philosophy of La Rochefoucauld

q Our virtues are most frequently but vices disguised.

I Neither the sun nor death can be looked at with a

steady eye.

q A man who is ungrateful is often less to blame than

his benefactor.

q The true way to be deceived is to think oneself

more knowing than others.

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His Limit

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"I LOVE you!” he cried, throwing all restraint to the winds.

"Do you really and truly love me?" she answered, still unyielding.

"I swear I do!" "How much?”

"How do I know how much? With all my heart and soul and strength and mind and

"Wait. Couldn't you love me any more?"

"Dearest, if I loved you any more I don't think I could stand it."

“Why not?" “I might want to marry you."-Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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