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CAMPAIGNING BY MOVING PICTURE. Speaker Champ Clark is shown posing for the moving picture operators on the floor of the House of Representatives. This is the first time that anything of this kind has been done. The Speaker went through his paces for nearly a ball hour while the picture men turned the crank and recorded his various poses. These pictures will be supplied to hundreds of motion picture houses throughout the country and will be used with phonograph speeches by Mr. Clark.


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MOTOR FIRE ENGINE. each, the distance,

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places and have message can be flashed, the wave-lengths the ranges, in nautical miles, indicated by in meters, and the character of stations, the figures: Eastport, Maine, 400 to whether commercial, private, or the prop- 1,000; Quincy, Mass., 400 to 1,000; Aterty of some government. All merchant lantic City, N. J., 300 to 600 ; Cape Hatvessels and government craft equipped teras, N. C., 400 to 1,000; Tampa, Fla., with wireless outfits are similarly listed. 500 to 1,000; Grand Island, La., 450 to It appears from the compilation that the 1,000; New Orleans, La., 300 to 500. United States is far in advance of any One of the most powerful stations in other country in the number of stations. existence is a private one located at Already it is possible to send a wireless Nauen, Germany, it having a range of message between almost any two points, 2,000 nautical miles.




THE LAST OF THE FIRE HORSES, This shows the last run of the last of New York City's fire horses. It was a still alarm. The horses were decorated

with ribbons. The illustration above shows what has superseded them,

weighing twenty-eight pounds is with the champion to keep him company. These two deep sea marvels have just been mounted in a large glass case, at the Museum of Natural History, New York. They were caught by fishermen off Sandy Hook. For several months during the regular lobster season, the pots, according to custom, would be hauled up every other day for the precious cargo destined to delight the palate of the diners in the palatial cafes. To the great disappointment and amazement however, of the fishermen on each haul up of the pot it would be empty, besides there would be a great hole in the side and all the bait gone. This was attributed at first to the ravages of the storms, tide and the various


Two of the Largest LOBSTERS IN THE World. The one at the right is three feet long and weighs thirtyone pounds: at the left, twenty-eight pounds. These

giants were caught off Sandy Hook,

WORLD'S LARGEST LOBSTER THE largest lobster of the world of

which there is a record has just been brought to the surface and doomed to a dry-land existence hereafter. This undisputed giant and king of all Lobsterdom measures three feet long and weighs thirty-one pounds. The average lobster of the day is nine to ten inches long and weighs two or three pounds. Another cousin of the big one, nearly as long an:1


DESERT The mistress and daughters of the ranch in the Southwest are not to be deprived of the gratification of their gardening instincts because they can not make a choice of plants. Hence, occasionally, these cacti gardens are created

damages incidental to the bottom. After the loss of several dozen of traps, having holes the size of a man's head, gnawed through, the alert fishermen suspecting this to be the work of a possible shark or some other large denizen of the deep, sunk a huge trap the size of a Saratoga trunk having an opening a foot in diameter. Inside was placed an extra amount of tempting bait. After leaving this on the bottom for two days it was hauled up, requiring two men to handle the line. Clinging to the pot, the half frightened fishermen saw the body of a lobster with enormous proportions, the like of which they had never seen before in all of their twenty-five years of lobstering. The huge lobster had only half of his immense frame inside the pot. He could not extract or withdraw his entangled form.

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less liked than the helpless drunkard. He

is usually powerless to help himself, he is REGINNING with the postulate that no more likely than not a muddy scarecrow

one loves a helpless inebriate and that and frequently he is more fit for a bed his sole hope when he falls by the way in the hospital than a cell at the police side is the policeman on the beat, the station. There is no glory at all in ar

resting him. He is simply an all-around nuisance to the police and they will gladly shift the responsibility for his care to other shoulders. So that the rescuing brigade will have the active and enthusiastic co-operation of the police in their work.




Salvation Army inaugurated as a part of the Lenten campaign the rescuing of the inebriate.

The Salvation Army Drunkards' Brigade is under the leadership of Major W. W. Winchell and its starting point was Jersey City. From here the members of this peculiar corps will extend the field of their operations until every large town in the United States has its own corps for rescuing inebriates who may be in need of assistance.

The workers will have as their aids the police of the district in which they work. No one will welcome the advent of these rescuers more warmly than the police. Of all the fish that fall into the net of the guardians of the peace none is


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