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iel and Alexander P. Corbit, both with nudge each other and say to each other large holdings, offer to donate a 200- significantly: foot right-of-way strip through their ter- “Well, it looks as if that road was goritory, and that means the giving away ing through.” of a lot of land. Middletown is eager Going through! Nothing can stop itfor the road and is protesting because it that is, for long. An army of men is in is left out, and Townsend is in a similar the field and they have been working case. But near New Castle, where it is north and south. As I saw it in April, merely proposed to widen the old forty- it was Homeric work. Following the foot State road, the farmers will not straight line of tack-centered stakes came give up the narrow strips on each side the axmen and the dynamiters. Great of it to make up the two hundred feet of trees fell with a roar and a crash and boulevard. They object strenuously to were speedily sawed up and jerked to one condemnation and are placing the matter side while their stumps were upheaved by in the hands of their lawyers. In Brandy- explosives. Then followed the graders, wine Hundred there is also a big howl with their mules straining at the scrapers. against condemnation, and from Smyrna The rock crushers rattled and roared and there comes another great protest. The the 'traction trains came steaming in, farmers declare that they cannot afford dumping their loads of rock, which were to have their land cut up by the boule- mixed with cement by the busy shovelers vard, and if it were built through their and grout-pourers, and over the concrete farms they would be shut off from their foundation and up and down and back own land, as the road could be fenced up and forth trundled the steam rollers, against them.

packing the great pavement smooth and All this blowing hot and blowing cold hard to make easy the path of future does not seem to dash the spirits of motor-truckmen and the automobilists Du Pont. He is known as a good fighter who shall go forth bent upon marketing and he declares that he is going to build enterprises or pleasure and chicken-killthat boulevard if the whole State rises ing. Straight up to the Pennsylvania up against him, which it won't. For un- border, in the north, the road will go, der their skins the people know that he is there to be joined by the Quaker bouledoing a big thing for them and that they vard at some future day; and straight to will greatly benefit by it.

the south and the Maryland linemas "If this Du Pont offer was made out straight as the lay of the land and the West,” said a traveling man to me in the objections of the farmer, who is being Hotel Wilmington, "the people would benefited in spite of himself and his hugrab at it. But this isn't out West-it's man nature, will permit. Delaware, and that explains a lot to So that possibly within a year, and those who know this State as I know it.” surely within two, the great Du Pont

But fancy the position of a man trying boulevard, upon which envious eyes of to give his State the best road in the other less favored States are being cast, country and having virtually to force the will be an established fact. people to accept it! Most men would It was inspiring to watch the workmen throw up their hands in disgust and call bringing into actual being this great their workmen from the field. But good-road object lesson to Delaware and Du Pont isn't going to recede one inch the whole country. The delvers and from his original intention to give the pavers were nearly all of that grand army State this grand boulevard. In fact, he from the ancient Roman Empire whose is beating the anvil and drowning out slaves built the great Appian Way. But the voices of the opposition wherever though fallen from their high estate, the they are heard. Village folk stare as they Du Pont road-builders, are not slaves. see his great traction engines and trains These hardy men, living on sour bread pass through the street loaded with ma- and macaroni, are doing the heavy labor cadam for the new road, and as they gaze for a nation that tends toward luxury as after the big Du Pont motorwagon, flying did the people of ancient Rome. In down the way, they not only wonder how themselves these workers are an object many chickens it is going to kill, but they lesson in that thrift and industry which

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subdues the earth, and it is a thrilling roadway to Wilmington, there will be a sight to see them fell the trees and level bigger profit in strawberries. And the the ground on the great highway. When Delaware apple-growers, who are excesthe work was halted by Mr. Du Pont tem- sively proud of those first prizes won at porarily a few weeks ago, it was said national exhibitions, will find a bigger. that he would be forced to reduce his profit in apples. So also with peaches. right-of-way to one hundred feet, and it To complete the symmetry of his benemay be that this will be ordered by the faction Mr. Du Pont now has agriculcourts as a compromise between the tural experts at work down in Sussex farmers and Du Pont.

County, showing the small farmers what At the next session of the assembly the they can raise on their land. They are boulevard act will be amended so that demonstrating that what has been reMr. Farmer whose land is cut in two will garded as untillable soil will grow big be granted the privilege of crossing the watermelons and luscious red tomatoes. right-of-way at frequent intervals, and Waste lands are going to be cultivated other points overlooked in the bill as it and soon the sandy flats of Sussex passed the legislature will be adjusted. County will blossom like the oft-quoted

Mr. Du Pont laughs at the idea of the rose. right-of-way being turned over to a railroad company. Under the terms of the act this would be impossible, but if the people want to have a trolley line built upon it at any future time this can be done by suitable amendment.

The good-roads people of Wilmington are mightily pleased at the prospect.

“We are awfully tired of banging over the ruts and through the sand in our machines,” said Charles Guyer, Secretary of the Delaware Automobile Association, to me. “And those oyster-shell roads in the southern part of the State cut the life out of a tire in no time. It will be a great day for the autoists when the Du Pont road is opened for travel.”

As for the big fruit growers, they are, as a rule, in favor of the boulevard. And why not? No long hauling is now done on the Delaware roads. Selbyville, in the south, where land is cheap and much of it is lying untilled, has a record of one hundred carloads of strawberries shipped in a single day. Its market is Wilmington, and the freights are high. When the motortrucks


The engineers can be housed comfortably for the night, anywhere, at a begin to hum up that smooth

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V OU can hear my sharp staccato as I play an obligato

On the girders of a structure that is forty stories high,
While the crowd below is gawking at the iron workers walking

On a slender swaying “I” beam sort of tethered to the sky;
They're the song and I'm the chorus, and we have our job before us

As we tie the steel together with the rivets red and hot,
And the sparks they hiss and spatter as I clatter, clatter, clatter!

For I like to have it noticed that I'm Johnny on the the Spot !

Then I'm numbered with the toilers who are turning out the boilers

And you'll find my masterpieces on the land and on the sea,
Keeping railroad trains in motion, driving liners on the ocean,

Or supplying the compressors with the force they give to ME!
Set a task, I sure attack it with the maximum of racket,

I'm no shy retiring worker, I am talkative and loud,
And I batter and I chatter as the sparks go spatter, spatter

And I love the busy city and the noises and the crowd !

Where they build the ships for battle you can hear my airy prattle

As I hammer on the framework of the warriors of the deep, And where bridges span the river I can keep your nerves a-quiver

With my everlasting clamor which would never let you sleep.
I'm the young tradition shaker, I'm the blatant empire maker

I'm the prophet of tomorrow and the builder of today,
Sloth and ancient doubt I shatter as I clatter, clatter, clatter
In a song of hope and progress and a yell of “clear the way!”

-Berton Braley


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