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An Up-to-Date Parson “We have called the Rev. Dr. Blank to our church next year."

"You don't mean it! I never heard of him. What church has he ever had? Is he a famous preacher?"

"Famous preacher! Should say he was. He has been indicted by a grand jury twice, and was three times suspended from the ministry in four years. I expect we shall have to build an addition to our church in six months."-Puck.


Flags Displayed MR. MORIARITY, who kept a saloon, met Mr. Driscoll, who was a railway conductor.

Says Mr. Moriarity: “What does it mean when you have a green flag flying at the tail end of your train, Mr. Driscoll?"

Knew His Place A REVIVAL meeting was in progress and Sister Jones was called upon for testimony. Being meek and humble, she said: "I do not feel as though I should stand here and give testimony. I have been a transgressor for a good many years and have only recently seen the light. I believe that my place is in a dark corner behind the door."

Brother Smith was next called upon for his testimony and, following the example set by Sister Jones, said: “I, too, have been a sinner for more than forty years, and I do not think it would be fitting for me to stand before this assembly as a model. I think my place is behind the door, in a dark corner with Sister Jones."-Cleveland Leader.

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A Changed Girl I thought you loved a light-haired girl last year."

"I did, but she dyed.”Chicago Tribune.

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WIRELESS IN AUSTRALIA through delightful country, orange

groves and cherry and plum orchards apTHE Australian Commonwealth gov- pearing on either hand. The sta

ernment has taken hold of the wire- tion is on elevated land, and the less telegraphy business and made a na- huge mast, which runs up tional matter of it. There are numerous some four hundred feet is outfits in the several States, of course, visible for miles around. but the big thing is being done by the Viewed from a disCommonwealth government. In suitable tance the great collocations stations are being constructed to umn appears as a link the extreme east with the extreme piece of towering west, and great masts raise their heads lattice work. into what was silent space till the secret Close inspecof air word carriage was discovered. tion reOne of these installations has just been veals the made on the brow of a hill a few miles immenback from the sea front. The district is sity known as Pennant Hills, and lies a short distance to the north of Sydney, New South Wales. It is orchard land, and the journey to the wireless station is made


AN OPERATIC PERFORMANCE IN THE SHADOW OF THE SPHINX. The photo shows the performance of Verdi's Aida, which took place recently under the shadow of the Sphinx, near Gizeh, a few miles from Cairo. A large number of people were present at this unusual performance,

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frame work. The height varies

PAY-AS-YOU-ENTER on account of the rise and fall of

PARK BENCHES the ground. When in position four of them will be 150 feet,

IN order to assure those persons and the remainder one

having the necessary nickel hundred feet high, each.

a bench in parks and public From the summit of

resorts, a coin controlled the great main mast to

settee has been devised to the smaller masts an

be occupied by dropping a immense aerial will

nickel in the slot. As the spread like the frame

first illustration shows, work of an open um

the bench is adjusted brella, with a span of near

at such an angle that one cannot ly 2,000 feet from the base

sit on it until a lock is released of the main mast.

WAITING FOR A NICKEL by the coin. Then it can be
IN THE SLOT. pushed into an upright position,

forming a comfortable rocking seat for SILO UNDER GROUND

two persons. When the occupants leave THE silo which is all above ground is a it, the settee automatically resumes its

1 very familiar sight to those living on first position and locks until released by Middle West farms, but a silo that is another nickel. A canopy is provided wholly within the ground is unusual. A for those benches that are set in the sunny farmer living in southwestern Nebraska parts of the park or on the beaches. finding that he would be short on feed It is not the intention of the inventor through the cold season decided to dig to replace the free seats but to place his a silo.

device in operation along with the reguThe excavation was

lar allowance of benchsixteen feet in diame

es, as even on days ter and twenty feet

when the parks are not deep. This hole was

crowded, there are filled with corn stalks

many people who prefrom twenty-five acres

fer to have a comfortof poor corn.

able, shaded bench for When the farmer be

“just two" at the slight gan to feed ensilage

cost of five cents. to his stock he found

The first of these it had spoiled to a

odd benches have been depth of but six inches,

placed in the San Jose, although there had

Cal., parks, where their been no covering over

novelty has attracted the plant. Instead of

much favorable comthe fodder, while in

ment. a dry form, lasting but two months, he now

THE NICKEL PAID. found that his feed

BODY MARVELS would stretch over seven months and keep the stock in bet- SOMEONE has taken the trouble to ter condition than they had been in sev- ~ compile figures concerning the reeral years past.

spiratory and circulatory systems. The Falling rain has little effect upon the full capacity of the lungs is about 320 ensilage but water that runs in spells ruin. cubic inches. About two-thirds of a pint Horses, cattle, hogs and chickens thrive of air is inhaled and exhaled at each upon this green feed.

breath. The weight of the heart is from This underground silo cost seventy 8 to 12 ounces. It beats 100,000 times in dollars to dig, cement up and fill—less 24 hours. A man breathes 18 times a than a third the cost of an above ground minute and 3,000 cubic feet or about 375


A PORTION OF THE ORIZABA BIRD GROUP. The Rio Blanca is shown pouring its waters down through the tropical forests of Vera Cruz.

WONDERFUL MEXICAN BIRD Mexico, is on exhibition at the Museum GROUP

of Natural History, New York. From

the real foreground made of actual accesTHE Orizaba group, depicting some sories brought back from the forest sur

thirty different birds assembled on roundings, stretch miles of similar forest the edge of a tropical forest and ravine in far below the observer and beyond to

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