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This is an invitation that no thin man! But you say you want proof! Well or woman can afford to ignore. We in here you are. Here is the statement vite you to try a new treatment called of those who have tried-been convinced “Sargol" that helps digest the food you -and will swear to the virtues of this eat—that puts good, solid Aesh on preparation. people that are thin and under weight.


I have made a faithful trial of the Sargol treatment and How can “Sargol" do this? We will must say it has brought to me new life and vigor. I have

gained twenty pounds and now weigh 170 pounds, and, what tell you. This new treatment is a scien is better, I have gained the days of my boyhood. It has been

the turning point in my life.' tific, assimilative agent. It increases

MRS. A. I. RODENHEISER writes: cell growth, the very substance of which

"I have gained immensely since I took Sargol, for I only

weighed about 106 pounds when I began using it and now I weigh our bodies are made-puts red corpuscles 130 pounds, so really this makes twenty-four pounds. I feel

stronger and am looking better than ever before and now I in the blood which every thin person so

carry rosy cheeks, which is something I could never say before."

CLAY JOHNSON says: sadly needs, strengthens the nerves and "Please send me another ten-day treatment. I am well

pleased with Sargol. It has been the light of my life. I am puts the digestive tract in such shape

getting back to my proper weight again. When I began to take

Sargol I only weighed 138 pounds, and now, four weeks later, I that every ounce of food gives out its am weighing 153 pounds and feeling fine." full amount of nourishment to the blood

F. GAGNON writes:

"Here is my report since taking the Sargol treatment. I am instead of passing through the system 8 man 67 years of age, and was all run down to the very bottom.

I had to quit work, as I was so weak. Now, thanks to Sargol. I undigested and unassimilated.

look like a new man. I gained 22 pounds with 2 days' treat

ment. I cannot tell you how happy I feel.' Women who never appeared stylish

MRS. VERNIE ROUSE wys: in anything they wore because of their

"Sargol is certaintly the grandest treatment I ever used. I took only two boxes of Sargol. My weight was 120 pounds and

now I weigh 140 and feel better than I have for 5 years. I am thinness, men under weight or lacking

now as fleshy as I want to be and shall certainly recommend in nerve force or energy have been made

Sargol, for it does just exactly what you say it will do." to enjoy the pleasures of life-been Full address of any of these people if fitted to fight life's battles, as never for you wish. years, through the use of “Sargol.” Probably you are now thinking

If you want a beautiful and well whether all this can be true. Stop it! rounded figure of which you can be "Sargol” does make thin people add justly proud-a body full of throbbing Alesh, but we don't ask you to take our life and energy, write the Sargol Com word for it. Write us today and we will pany, 120-V, Herald Bldg., Binghamton, send you absolutely free a 50c. package N.Y., today, for 50c. box “Sargol,” ab for trial. solutley free, and use with every meal. 1Cut off coupon below and pin to your lotter.

COME, EAT WITH US AT OUR EXPENSE This coupon entitles any thin person to one 50c package of Sargol, the concentrated Flesh Builder (provided you have never tried it), and that ten cents is enclosed to cover postage, packing, etc. Read our advertisement printed above, and then put 10c in stamps in letter today. with coupon, and the full 50c package will be sent to you by return of post. Address: The Sargol Company. 120-V Herald Bldg., Binghamton, N. Y. Write your name and address plainly, and, PIN THIS COUPON TO YOUR LETTER.

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Contents for August, 1912
Fighting a Great Flood

M. A. Rose 640
To Save Ships from Icebergs

C. Lintern Sibley 648 Head Hunters and the Scientist

H. M. Hyde 652 Canal to Follow Gulf Coast

W. D. Hornaday 663 Telephoning Under Water .

J. G. Donaldson 675 Housewife Need Drudge No Longer Bailey Millard 681 Wealth Dissolved in Brine..

Robert Franklin 685 Making Weights and Measures Fair Richard Benton 690 Submarines Up-to-date

Charles Frederick Carter 697 Farm Management Made an Exact Science Carlyle Ellis 706 Imported Weevil Destroys Alfalfa .

R. E. Bachelor 715 Transplanting Wild Elk

I. Newton Greene 729 State Protects its Aliens

Constance D. Leupp 733 Rag Babies to Increase the Corn Crop . Robert H. Moulton 740 Where Electricity Competes with Coal. Randall R. Howard 754 The Get-Rich-Steadily Catalpa

Harlan D. Smith 756


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Technical World Magazine should be on the news-stands on the 17th of the month preceding the date of issue. Patrons unable to get the magazine on the 17th will confer a favor by notifying the Circulation Manager. News-stand patrons should instruct their News-dealer to reserve their copy of Technical World, otherwise they are likely to find the magazine "sold out."

TERMS: $1.50 a year; 75 cents for six months; 15 cents a copy. Foreign postage, $1.00 additional; Canadian postage, 50 cents additional. Notice of change of address should be given thirty days in advance to avoid missing a number.

Home Office: 58th St. and Drexel Avenue, Chicago

Eastern Office: 1702 Flatiron Building. New York

Copyright, 1912, by Technical World Company

Entered at the Postoffice, Chicago, III., as second-class mail matter



That's the substance of the leading article in the September Technical World, with reference to handling the Mexican peon on the fruit ranches of California. The owner found that the enterprise did not seem to go as it should. Contrary to all precedent, he permitted a new policy to be established—that of treating the peon just as if he were the self-respecting, independent individual that every man ought to be. What the result was the reader will find out for himself by reading this thoroughly absorbing article. Walter V. Woehlke is the author.

AVIATORS' ECSTASY A startling new theory has been advanced as to the cause of so many aeronautic disasters. We all have heard of persons who, when on a high building, feel an almost irresistible impulse to leap out. Aviators, it is alleged, sometimes become so intoxicated by the ecstacy of the feeling that they are suspended in space that, for a moment, they forget all sense of danger, and, losing control of the machine, come to their senses only to find they are plunging helplessly earthward.

TENANTS THAT BUILD The average farm tenant has been declared by some a curse to the land. Now a new sort of tenant has appeared, who, leasing land for a fairly prolonged period, at the expiration of his lease leaves the land in such excellent condition that he could not induce the landlord to renew the tenure scarcely under any circumstances. This unique condition of affairs is entertainingly discussed by Forrest Crissey.


MILLIONS It was recently stated, on excellent engineering authority, that such cities as Chicago, New York and Philadelphia waste from forty to seventy per cent of the total water supply actually pumped. This means that such gigantic enterprises as the Ashokan dam recently constructed to enable New York to replenish its waning water supply would probably be unnecessary if care were taken in properly conserving the supply already at hand.

These are but four of the twenty big articles that will appear in the September number of the Technical World Magazine. In addition, it will be chock full of the briefer illustrated items that have proved so popular. This will be one of the strongest and best numbers ever issued.

Out August 17th-on all news-stands—15 cents

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