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Drowning the Storm Mrs. A.-“What did your husband say when he saw the bill for your new gown?"

Mrs. B.-"I didn't hear. I started to play on the piano.”Boston Transcript.

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Getting It All THE DOCTOR told him he needed carbohydrates, proteids, and above all

, something nitrogenous. The doctor mentioned a long list of foods for him to eat. He staggered out and wabbled into a Penn Avenue restaurant.

“How about beefsteak?” he asked the waiter. "Is that nitrogenous?"

The waiter didn't know.

"Are fried potatoes rich in carbohydrates or not?"

The waiter couldn't say.

"Well, I'll fix it,” declared the poor man in despair. “Bring me a large plate of hash.” -Pittsburg Post.


“I am not surprised; he never did have good table manners.”—New Orleans Times-Democrat.


Unimportant Marion (just from the telephone)—“He wanted to know if we would go to the theater with him, and I said we would.”

MADELEINE-"Who was speaking ?" MARION—"Oh, gracious! I forgot to ask.” - Judge.

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A Natural Question A FOUR-YEAR-OLD listened attentively while his mother sang :

“They have fitted a slab of granite so gray, “And sweet Alice lies under the stone."

"Was she mashed, mama?" he asked. Everybody's.

Revenge LANDLADY_“You believe in mustard plasters, doctor?'

M. D.—“Rather! I always order them for patients who call me out in the middle of the night when there's nothing the matter with 'em.”—The Scalpel.



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T is being demonstrated by the Fed- ready cooked. The electrical transmiseral Government on the Minidoka sion system has not yet been extended to Government Reclamation project in all parts of the project, but where it is Idaho that electricity can compete extended, even the most humble shacks

with coal for heating and cooking and tents may be lighted and heated with purposes.

electricity. Ordinarily, electrical appliOf course, conditions are especially ances for heating and cooking are confavorable, for this project has what is sidered extreme luxuries, since the first stated to be the largest water pumping cost of such household furnishings is plant in the world. A total of ten thou- usually very high. But on the Minidoka sand electrical horsepower is available project this condition has been met by deduring the summer months for lifting veloping working models for the manuwater for the irrigation of forty-eight facture of cheap stoves for heating and thousand acres of land. But this great cooking: quantity of electrical energy is not needed With the aid of these models a handy during the remaining eight months of man about the farm may make his own the year. Hence it is being sold by the electric stove. If he does not have the Reclamation Service to the settlers on materials, or is not handy, the village tinthe project, for light, for heat, and for smith can do the job cheaply. True, other domestic uses.

these stoves betray that they are homeThe Government does not purpose to made, but they are efficient and can be make a profit from the sale of this sur made attractive enough even for a fasplus electricity, and the winter heating tidious town or country housewife. rate is extremely low—one dollar per When the transmission lines shall have kilowatt month. This amounts to about been extended to all parts of the project, thirteen-hundredths of one cent per kilo this cheap electrical energy will have watt hour—while an ordinary rate for many other uses than for heating and electricity from private companies in cooking. A certain amount of cheap cities is a maximum charge of fifteen power will be available even during the cents and a minimum charge of five cents summer months, and electrical fans will per kilowatt hour.

The winters are not be a luxury in the farm houses—to rather severe in this part of the West, say nothing about churns, feed choppers, but the Government rate enables the set and wood saws. tler to heat an ordinary room for a total This unique electrical power plant that annual cost of between ten and fifteen is competing with coal has a most stratdollars.

egic location. A considerable part of The settlers are encouraged to allow the regular water flow from the Snake their electric heaters to burn all night River had already been appropriated to since the loads on the generators at the use when the engineers of the Reclamabig power plant will be more equalized. tion Service located the dam site for the Thus, the householder will have the lux- large Minidoka project. This water was ury of a warm room when he arises on being taken from the river at a lower a cold winter morning. He also will find point, hence must be allowed to escape hot water for coffee, and his oatmeal the Government dam which raises the

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surface of the river thirty-five feet. But there was nothing to prevent Uncle Sam from stripping this appropriated water of its power, as it passed through his Minidoka dam.

Accordingly, the largest power plant of the Reclamation Service was constructed, developing five units of two thousand horsepower each. The engineers did not stop here, planning to play the game for all it was worth.


The water pumping system on the Minidoka project is already the largest on the continent. It is stated that the second

largest pumping plant is a part of the city drainage system of New Or

leans. But the Minidoka giant pumping HOUSE of plant does not suffer in comparison, for

the city pumps at the other corner of the

continent are said to lift only about onehalf the amount of water raised by a single one of the three different pumping stations on the Minidoka project.

Each of these three pumping stations lift the water approximately thirty feet. The sight is indeed most strange—to see wide canals of water flowing abruptly into the side of a ridge. The water disappears at the edge of low cement buildings, where the continuous whirr of machinery

may be heard. But several hundred feet away, and ONE OF THE PUMPING STATIONS. farther up the ridge, streams again boil up like

great springs, and are carried off in concrete-lined The power plant was so constructed that canals. The first pumping station is its capacity may be doubled, should the thirteen miles from the Minidoka dam; need arise. A great deal of water goes and the second and the third are respectto waste during the spring flood flow of ively a mile and a quarter, and a mile and the Snake River, and it was gambled that a half from the first station. Some of the the time will come when a part of this rural residents of Idaho are said to have water will be stored and conserved for been highly skeptical that the slight copirrigation. When that time does come, per wires would be able to lift the stream the Minidoka dam will strip more water of water from the canal, when the giant of its power, and more electrical energy pumping plants were dedicated, and they will be available for summer irrigation came for miles to see such a remarkable and to compete with coal during the wonder as this. Their doubts were winter.

speedily quashed, however.

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HAT C. D. Robinson of high water. Count only those acres lyPawnee City, Nebraska, ing close to river and creek banks—those did with catalpas was very uncertain areas that are excellent nothing unusual but it is farm land one day and a river bed the

a good instance to cite be- next—and you'll have a good many milcause it shows what any farmer can do lions in your estimate. on a small piece of land. This is accord- Yet on this very waste land a new and ing to C. A. Scott, State Forester of Kan profitable industry will start some of sas. Mr. Robinson harvested a small these days. It will be catalpa growing. crop of twenty acres not long ago. His The ever-increasing demand for catalpa profit was $152.17 an acre, or $3,043.40 posts and poles will bring it about. for the entire crop. This was above in Catalpa growing is not a get-richterest on his investment for sixteen years quick scheme. Requiring eight to sixat five per cent.

teen years for a crop to mature, it isn't In establishing, maintaining, and har a quick investment. But there is mighty vesting his grove, Mr. Robinson hired good money in catalpa growing and everything done and paid good wages. where the soil is good it is practically an He could easily have done most of the absolutely safe investment. work himself at odd times and saved Some Kansas catalpa plantations are one-half the expense.

being harvested now with promises of Nobody knows how many millions of large profits. Charles Delker, of Hudrich acres in the Missouri Valley remain son, who has one hundred thousand trees, idle year after year because of spasmodic is cutting posts which he says will bring

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