Rehabilitation of the wounded

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American academy of political and social science, 1918 - 164 pages

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Page 141 - Congress assembled to provide for the promotion of Vocational Rehabilitation of persons disabled in industry or otherwise and their return to Civil Employment, Approved June 2, 1920.
Page 119 - Education, made up, ex-officiis, of the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce and Labor and the Commissioner of Education...
Page 109 - In dealing with the disabled man, the Board expects to treat him throughout as a civilian needing advice and assistance, to approve his choice of occupation, unless, after careful investigation, sound opinion shows it to be in the end not advisable...
Page 113 - This will begin at the point when, in the opinion of the Board, the probationer has adjusted himself to the requirements of the occupation or pursuit as a workman. The shifting from probationary to permanent employment may be made in either the same or another establishment, and the disabled man will have the same freedom of choice and action as any other workman "on his own.
Page 113 - As a probationer he will be perfecting himself in processes, adjusting himself to the demands of commercial production and gradually fitting himself to become a permanent employee at the prevailing wage, either in the place where he is serving his probationary period or elsewhere. During this period the Federal Board will regard him as in training and subject to its inspection and supervision; but any wages he may receive as a probationer will be over and above the amount paid to him by the Government...
Page 113 - ... are no such facilities, the adjustment is to be made by conference between the man, his employer, and a representative of the Federal Board. It should be fully understood that the disabled man himself, as a free contracting agent, may in every case accept or reject any terms or scale proposed. The disabled man should, however, receive equal pay for equal work, and under no circumstances will a wage for a disabled man be approved by the Federal Board where it appears that decreases have, been...
Page 63 - Royer, Acting Commissioner of Health, Lew R. Palmer, Acting Commissioner of Labor and Industry and Dr. J. George Becht, Executive Secretary of the State Board of Education, was appointed by Governor Brumbaugh, March 19, 1918, to study, in all its phases, the entire problem of rehabilitating crippled soldiers and sailors ^Pennsylvania.
Page 119 - Health at any time either the whole or any part, as to him may seem best, of any bureau, division, or other branch of the Government engaged in work pertaining to the public health, except the Medical Department of the Army and the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery of the Navy.
Page 110 - Every effort is being made to assist the disabled man toward that occupation in which he is most interested and for which, because of his aptitude and experience on the one hand and his handicap on the other, he is best suited. In order to utilize previous knowledge and skill, the disabled man is advised — other things being equal — to elect training, should he need it, for the industry', business, or pursuit in which he was engaged before the war, or for one akin to it.
Page 109 - ... approve his choice of occupation, unless, after careful investigation, sound opinion shows it to be in the end not advisable, to train him to meet the needs of the occupation he has elected, to urge him to make the most of his opportunity to overcome his handicap by taking thorough-going...

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