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The annual meeting of the League shall be held at such time and place, in each year, as the Council may determine.

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§ 2. At least three meetings of the Council shall be held in each year, one of which shall be as soon after the annual meeting of the League as may be practicable, and the others at such times and places as may be fixed by its Chairman. Special meetings may be called at any time by its Chairman or by the President of the League, and shall be called by the Secretary upon the written request of any five members.

§ 3. The Council shall elect its Chairman and the Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Secretary of the League, at its meeting next succeeding each annual meeting of the League.

At each meeting of the Council it shall be the duty of the Treasurer to make a statement of the amount of money in the treasury, and of the place of its deposit, and at the annual meeting of the League he shall state the sources of all moneys received, and set forth in detail all expenditures made, during the year.

§ 5. The order of business at each meeting of the Council shall be: 1. The reading and correction of the minutes of the last

meeting. And thereafter, unless otherwise ordered, as follows: 2. The admission of new Associations. 3. Statement of the Treasurer. 4. Report from the office of the Secretary. 5. Reports of Standing Committees.

6. Reports of Special Committees. 7. Miscellaneous business.

§ 6. There shall be the following Standing Committees to be annually appointed as the Council shall direct :

(1) A Committee on Finance, to consist of not less than nine members;

(2) A Committee on Publication, to consist of at least three members; and, ex-officio, the Secretary and the President of the League; and

(3) A Committee on Law, to consist of at least four members, and, ex-officio, the Chairman of the Council.

These Committees shall discharge the duties appropriate to their respective titles; vacancies occuring in any one of them may be filled by the Chairman of the Council.

§ 7. The following Special Committees shall be appointed as the Council shall direct, and discharged at the conclusion of the annual meeting of the League, next following:

(1) A Committee on Nominations, to consist of six members and, ex-officio, the Chairman of the Council.

(2) A Committee on Resolutions, to consist of six members, and, ex-officio, the President of the League.

These two Committees shall submit their reports at a meet. ing of the Council immediately preceding the annual meeting of the League.

(3) A Committee on Report and Programme, to consist of two members, and, ex-officio, the President of the League, the Chairman of the Council and the Secretary; a part of whose duty shall be to prepare, for consideration by the Council, the draft of the annual report required by Article VI of the Constitution.

§ 8. These By-Laws may be amended at any meeting of the Council by a unanimous vote of the members present, or by the vote of a majority of such members, provided that, in the latter event, notice of the contemplated amendment shall have been given in the call of the meeting.



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GOOD GOVERNMENT Oficial Journal of the National Civil Service Reform League. PUBLISHED MONTHLY AT 79 WALL STREET, NEW YORK,


Orders for the publications will be filled by ELLIOT H. GOODWIN, Secretary, 79 Wall St., New York.

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