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Gynecology and Metallic Electrolysis.-G. BETTON MASSEY, M. D., Philadelphia.
Constitutional Diseases.-FRANCIS B. Bishop, M. D., Washington.
High-Frequency Currents.-WALTER H. WHITE, M, D., Boston. .
Radiotherapy.-J. D. Gibson, M. D., Denver.
Phototherapy.-MARGARET A. CLEAVES, M. D., New York.
Radiography.-HERMAN GRAD, M, D., New York,
Thermotherapy.-CLARENCE EDWARD SKINNER, M. D., LL, D., New Haven, Conn.
Hydrotherapy.-CURRAN POPE, M, D., Louisville,
Dietetics.-SIGISMUND Cohn, M. D., New York,
Therapeutic Exercise.—WATSON LEWIS SAVAGE, M. D., New York.
Psycho-Therapy.-LESLIE MEACHAM, M. D., New York.
Mechanical Vibration-Therapy.-FREDERICK H. Morse, M. D., Melrose, Mass.
Review of French Current Literature.-AMÉDÉE GRANGER, M. D., New Orleans.
Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryngology.-W. SCHEPPEGRELL, M. D., New Orleans.



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Symposium on X-Ray Burns,

349 Brockbank, Thomas W.-Symposium on X-Ray Burns, 349 The Treatment of Lumbago

and Other Painful Conditions of the Muscles of the

Back, 24 Burns and Skin Grafting. Hal

dor Sneve, 44

Abdominal Palpation in the

Warm Bath, 107 Absorption of Inflammatory Exu

dates. Charles William Stro

bell, 138 Acne and Chronic Eczema, Treat

ment of, 600 Action of Pituitary Extracts upon the Kidney, 209 of the Extract of the Supra

renal Gland and the Method and Indication for Its

Use, 382 Am Ende, C.-Fluid Extract of

Sheep's Thyroids an Aid in the

Treatment of Cancer, 187 American Electro-Therapeutic As

sociation, 602 Anti-Bacterial Sera, 325 Antitoxin, Oral Administration of, 326 Treatment of Tertian Mala

rial Infections, 110 Antitubercular Lymph Compound:

A Contribution to the Organotherapeutic Treatment of Tu

berculosis, 326 Artificial Nauheim Baths in Heart

Disease, 374 Barrett, F.-Concentrated White Light, 182 Symposium on X-Ray Burns,

349 Bassford, Samuel J.-Infantile

Paralysis, 355 Bath Treatment of Typhoid in

Private Practice, 314 Bearing of Philosophy on Psy

chiatry, 209 Bishop, Francis B.-Electricity

as a Factor in the Treatment of Diseases of the Nervous System, 514

Locomotor Ataxia, 217 Black, Robert A.-Clinical Obser

vations in the Treatment of

Prostatitis, 576 Brinkmann, Morris W.-The In

Call, Mr. Harry. On the Use of

the Less Radio-Active Sub

stances in Medicine, 271 Cancer and Its Treatment by Ca

taphoric Sterilization. G. Benton Massey, 389, 445, 523, 586,

631 Cardiac Dilation in Pulmonary

Tuberculosis by means of Artifi

ter-Relationship of General Reactions and Local Conditions as Causes of Disease and of Cure, 501

cial Nauheim Baths, 207 Cataphoric Treatment of Cancer

of the Face. Samuel McClary,

177 Catching Cold, 540 Changes Produced in the Kidneys

by Roentgen Rays, 492 Cheap and Efficient X-Ray Coil.

Marcus F. Wheatland, 244 Chloride and Water Excretion in

Typhoid Fever with Copious

Diuresis, 495
Choice of Methods Between the

Use of the Roentgen Ray and
the High-Frequency Currents in
Therapeutics. Albert C. Gey-
ser, 281
Chronic Constipation. Herbert F.

Diseases of the Heart and

Their Treatment, 310 Urticaria and Hypothyroid

ism, 544 Pitcher, 46 Clinical Observations in the Treat

ment of Prostatitis. Robert A.
Black, 576

Psychology, 160
Cold to the Precordium in Ty-

phoid Fever, 640
Concentrated White Light. F.

Barrett, 182
Copious Water Drinking and Pol-

yuria in Typhoid Fever, 495

Copper Ions in the Treatment of

Suppurating Sinuses and In

fected Wounds, 421 Condict, Alice B.-Enlarged

Spleens Treated by Static Electricity, 461 Report of Cases Treated with

Static Electricity, 90 Combined Use of Mechanical Vi.

bration and Light in Therapeu

tics, 163 Cosmetic Advantages of Treating

Malignant Growths of the Eye

lids with Radium, 104 Crothers, T. D.—The Action of

the Radiant-Light Bath in Ner

vous Diseases, 613 Cutaneous Perspiration, 597, 640

Developers, 654
Diabetic Foods, 437
Dietetic Treatment of Disease, 156
Direction of Maximum Intensity

for Radiations by a Focus-tube,

154 Dominance of Rhythm in Organic

Nature and as a Therapeutic

Factor. Samuel S. Wallian, 83
Dosage of X-Rays, 610
Early Local Reaction to Tuber-

culin a Sign of Tuberculosis,
Radiographic Diagnosis of

Pulmonary Tuberculosis,

658 Eczema, Treatment of, 600 Effect on the Rabbit's Aorta of

Intravenous Injection of Supra

renal Extract, 166 Effects of Baths on Metabolism and Blood Pressure, 541

of X-Rays upon Ague, 103 Einthoven Galvanometer, 646 Electrical Sleep, 318

Treatment of Prostatitis and

Enlargement of the Prostate Gland. Herbert F.

Pitcher, 557 Electric Baths in Heart Disease.

G. Zimmermann, 44 Electricity in Joint Affections. Henry W. Frauenthal, 9 as a Factor in the Treatment

of Certain Chronic Diseases of the Stomach. Otto

Juettner, 73 as a Factor in the Treatment

of Diseases of the Nervous System. Francis B. Bish

op, 514 in Ocular Therapeutics. S.

Lewis Ziegler, 228

in the Treatment of Disease,

302 Electro-Chemical Sterilization as

Applied to Malignant Diseases of the Orbital and Nasal Re

gions. G. Oram Ring, 179 Electro-ionic Medication, 608 Employment of Physical Thera

peutics by the General Practitioner. William Benham Snow,

401 Enlarged Spleens Treated by

Static Electricity. Alice B.

Condict, 461 Errors in the Treatment of Cu

taneous Cancer, 104 Evolution of the Static Machine,

379 Exophthalmic Goiter Treated by

the Roentgen Rays, 103 Experiences with Electric Light

in the Treatment of Various

Diseases. H. Finkelpearl, 129 Experimental Studies in Eclamp

sia, 109 Favorable Influence of X-Rays in

Chronic Bronchial Affections,

433 Finkelpearl, H.-Experiences with

Electric Light in the Treatment

of Various Diseases, 129 Fluid Extract of Sheep's Thy

roids an Aid in the Treatment

of Cancer. C. Am Ende, 187 Fox, L. Webster.-High-Fre

quency Current in Ophthalmic

Practice, 169 Frauenthal. Henry W.-Electricity in Joint Affections, 9 Symposium on X-Ray Burns,


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High Blood-Pressure in the In-

sane, 315
High-Frequency Current in Oph-

thalmic Practice. L. Webster
Fox, 169
Currents in Chronic Rheuma-

toid Arthritis. G. E. Pfah-

ler, 198
Spark in the Treatment of
Premature Alopecia Geo.

M. McKee, 41
"Hot and Cold” Applications in

Medicine, 496
Hydro-Electric Treatment of

Functional Heart Disease, 640
Hydrotherapeutic Measures, 373

Prescriptions, 596, 639
Treatment of Chronic Rheu-

matism, 314, 435
Treatment of Membranous

Croup, 374
Hydrotherapy in Acute Lepto-
meningitis, 161

in Rheumatism, 106
Improved Technique for Tuber-

culo-Opsonic Preparations, 208
Induction of Auto-Vaccination in

Tuberculosis by the X-Rays,

Infantile Paralysis. Samuel J.

Bassford, 355
Influence of Diet in the Treat-

ment of Eczema, 311
Inter-Relationship of General Re-

actions and Local Conditions as
Causes of Disease and of Cure.
Morris W. Brinkmann, 501

Cases-- Prostatic Senile Hyper-
trophy and One of Double Cat-

aract. Holford Walker, 279
Liquid Air in Dermatology; Its

Indications and Limitations, 497
Local Treatment by Electric Med-

ication, 256
Locomotor Ataxia. Francis B.

Bishop, 217
Lumbago and Other Painful Con-

ditions of the Muscles of the
Back. Thomas W. Brockbank,

Lupus, Ulcer, and Paget's Dis-

Treatment of by the
X-Rays, 652
Massey, G. Betton.-Cancer and

Its Treatment by Cataphoric
Sterilization, 389, 445, 523, 586,

McClary, Samuel. — Cataphoric

Treatment of Cancer of the

Face, 177
Measuring X-Ray Dosage, A Ré-

sumé of Methods of. Mihran
K. Kassabian, 333
Measurement of the Brim of the

Female Pelvis by Means of the
X-Rays, 650
of the Intensity of the Roent-

gen Ray-An Element of
Safety in Radiography and
of Uniformity in Therapeu-
tic Results. Sinclair Tou-

sey, 63


Medicine.-On the Use of the

Less Radio-Active Substances
in. Robert Wilson and Mr.

Harry Call, 271
Meter for Estimating the Dose of

X-Rays, 645
Mind Cure: Its Service to the

Judson. Adoniram B.—The Pre-

vention Deformity after
Infantile Paralysis by Recum-
bency during the Stage of Re-

cession, 414
Juettner, Otto.—Electricity as

Factor in the Treatment of Cer-
tain Chronic Diseases of the

Stomach, 73
Kassabian, Mihran K.-A Ré-

sumé of Methods of Measuring
X-Ray Dosage, 333
Symposium on X-Ray Burns,

Koch's Emulsion of Tubercle

Bacilli in the Diagnosis of In-
cipient Thoracic Tuberculosis,


Leucemia, Treatment of by the

Roentgen Ray, 305
Light and Vibration versus Op-

Community, 159
Neel, Wm. D.-Under-Oxidation

of the Blood, and What it

Stands For, 93
New and Improved Apparatus,

115, 332, 442, 444, 555, 625
Non-Tuberculous Arthritis, 658

Opsonic Index in Typhoid Fever,

Theory, The, 52
Treatment of Certain Dis-

eases of the Skin, 545
Opsonins and Their Utility in
Practical Medicine, 208
and the Use of Therapeutic

Vaccines in Treating Gen-
eral Paralysis of the In-
sane, 438

eration in Two Interesting

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