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This is the Pierce Great Arrow Victoria Tonneau, 40-45 H.P., with semi-
enclosed top. Price without top, $5,000. Semi-enclosed top, $350 extra

HE Pierce Arrow is a car whose final destination is neither the scrap heap
nor the machine shop. There are probably more Pierce Arrows of old
models now in satisfactory use than any other make of car. A Pierce Car
of several years back is a better investment than many 1906 cars.
The greatest
obstacle to the ownership of an auto to many people is the cost of maintaining-
not the ordinary garage charges, but the far greater expense of repairs, adjustments
and the like. Even if you do not mind the cost of these, the annoyance and
delay when a car breaks down takes away from the pleasure of operating it.
In the famous Glidden Trophy run the Pierce Arrow went one thousand
miles without a single adjustment.
adjustment. More than that, it did not require an expert
chauffeur or mechanic to do this. The performance can be duplicated by any
American gentleman with a Pierce car.

If you are interested, we will send booklets and technical descriptions.


Baltimore, Md.
Boston, Mass.
Buffalo, N. Y.


Chicago, Ill.
Denver, Colo.
Detroit, Mich.
Geneva, N. Y.
Hartford, Conn.
Houston, Tex.
Kansas City, Mo.
Los Angeles, Cal.
Louisville, Ky.
Milwaukee, Wis.
Montreal and Ottawa
New York, N. Y.
Oakland, Cal.

Philadelphia, Pa.



Members Association Licensed Automobile Manufacturers


Southern Auto. Co., 2021 Maryland Ave.
J. W. Maguire Co., 745 Boylston St.
The Geo. N. Pierce Co., 752 Main St.

H. Paulman & Co., 1321 Michigan Ave.
The Geo. N. Pierce Co., 1643 Calif. St.
J. P. Schneider, 189 Jefferson Ave.
J. A. Place.

The Miner Garage Co., 120 Allyn St.
Hawkins Auto. & Gas Engine Co.
E. P. Moriarty Co., 1612 Grand Ave.
Bush & Burge, Cor. 7th and Main Sts.
The Zorn-Strauss Co. Inc.
Hibbard Automobile Co.
Wilson & Co. 142 Bank St.

Harrolds Motor Car Co., B'wy, 58-59 Sts.
The George N. Pierce Co., 1013 Clay
St. (wholesale).

Foss-Hughes Motor Car Co., 201 N.
Broad St.

Pittsburg, Pa.
Portland, Me.
Portland, Ore.
Providence, R. I.
Rochester, N. Y.
St. Louis, Mo.
St. Paul, Minn.
San Francisco, Cal.

Saratoga Spr'gs, N.Y.
Scranton, Pa.
Seattle, Wash.
Sheffield, Pa.
Springfield, Mass.
Syracuse, N. Y.
Titusville, Pa.
Toronto, Ont.

Troy, N. Y.

Utica, N. Y.

Banker Bros. Co., Baum and Beatty Sts,
J. A. Dowling.

Covey & Cook Motor Car Co.
The Shepard Company.

U. S. Automobile Co., 21 Plymouth Av.
Western Auto Co., 4701 Washingt'n B'd
C. P. Joy Auto. Co., 368 Minnesota St.
Mobile Carriage Co., Golden Gate Ave.
and Gough St.

W. L. Hodges, 16 Woodlawn Ave.
Standard Motor Car Co.
Broadway Auto. Co.

C. H. Smith Co., Ltd.

E. H. Clark Auto Co., 117 Lyman St.
Amos-Pierce Auto. Co., 109 S. State St.
A. E. Lambert.

Auto. & Supply Co., Ltd., 24 Temper-
ance St.

Troy Auto. Exchange, 22 Fourth St.
Utica Motor Car Co.

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$50,000,000 ST. LOUIS WORLD'S FAIR

Bought by the Chicago House Wrecking Co.


are not only a revelation but a revolution in the commercial world. It is the only concern on earth that makes a business of purchasing entire expositions and other large institutions. We are now engaged in removing and placing upon the market the millions of dollars worth of material from the St. Louis World's Fair. Therefore we are in a position to furnish material for the construction of public buildings, private residences, factories, or hotels. We can supply all kinds of machinery, mill supplies, electrical apparatus, plumbing material, etc., etc., at prices that will strongly appeal to the economical buyer. In addition to purchasing expositions we are constantly buying at sherriffs', receivers' and assignees' sales, where we obtain large stocks of brand new merchandise. page of tempting offerings is an accurate index to thousands of inducements that remain unpublished, and the price is lower than you ever paid for such exceptional qualities. Space does not permit mentioning a thousandth part of these wonderful val

Electrical Material


TA Million Dollars worth of High-Grade Apparatus of every kind for sale. Rubber Covered Copper Wire, sizes No. 14 to 500,000 C. M. Weatherproof and Slow Burning Wire, sizes No. 14 to 650,000 C. M. Lead Covered Cable, all sizes from No. 14 to 500,000 C. M. Lamp Cord. 200,000 New and Used Incandescent Lamps, ranging from 5 to 13 cents. 100,000-No. 9171 Peceptacles at 3 cents each. Tubes, Cleats and all other kinds of Electrical Apparatus. 150-Electric Motors from 1 to 40 H. P. 25--Gener ators from 5 to 200 K. W. Telephones, Telephone Wire, Brackets, etc.

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Modern Plumbing Material
A 20 to 50 per
cent saving on
anything in this
line. Some
samples of our

Handsome Complete Brand New Bath
Room Outfits, at.. $25.00 to $150.00
Cast Iron Enamel Bath Tubs,

..$12.00 to $45.00


100 Million Feet well seasoned Lumber from the St. Louis World's Fair. The very best grades of lumber were used in the construction of these magnificent buildings. Send Us Your Lumber Bill For Our Estimate.

Save 30 to 50 per cent if you buy at once. We are offering this lumber for sale at prices far below the original cost. You should take advantage of this rare opportunity at once, as prices on lumber are advancing. Quick delivery to those who purchase now. Full description,information and prices in special World's Fair Catalogue.

Furniture of Every Description
ROCKING CHAIRS-Fifty beautiful golden
oak finished parlor rockers, have solid and
turned spindles
shapely saddle wood seat, with nicely
and large, mas-
sive top rail,
nicely carved
arms, well con-

structed and braced with three heavy
spindles. Very comfortable to sit in. All in
perfect condition. While they last...$1.35
CARPETS AND RUGS We have an extraor-
dinary fine display of carpets and rugs. We
make the claim that this is the finest and
the large t collection of carpets and rugs
ever displayed in Chicago. The richness,
beauty and practical utility, the artistic
designs and colors, will strongly appeal to
anyone furnishing a home or office.
2,000 Floor Rugs, size 6x9, beautifully col-
2,000 Floor Rugs, size 6x9, especially woven,
ored patterns, each......
beautifully colored, all imaginable pat-
terns, each, $1.75. 9x12 sizes, each, $3.75
Special Union Ingrain Carpet, of extra
heavy quality. Three patterns, one with
a red body, one with a green body, and
one with a tan body. Assorted floral de-
signs in harmonious blending colors. 36
in. widths, all new, clean goods. Per
Fine Quality Granite Ingrain Carpet, 36 in.
widths, of fresh, clean material, many
patterns. Per yard....
LINOLEUMS-Fine and Well Grounded Lin-
oleum, many assorted patterns; two yard
widths. Per square yard...
Others at.....

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.35e, 40e, and up New and used carpets of all kinds.

ues, but we have selected some of those representative of the remarkable character of our stock. Through the entire display, however, the richness of qualities is invariable. It is the greatest aggregation of bargains ever placed before the American public. It has stirred the country from one end to the other, We say this without fear of contradiction and we will refund your money if you find our statements exaggerated.

ALL KINDS OF MACHINERY Before you purchase any machinery it will pay you to get our list. We can fit out the factory or business plant with all proper machinery, electrical apparatus, engines, boilers, etc., even to the minutest screw or bolt. Air compresswood working machinery, laundry maors, pumps, heaters, planers, lathes, chinery, and refrigerating machines. And most attractive offer of all, you would save the profit and rake-off of a half-dozen or more middle-men.

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Wire of All Kinds
B. B. Telephone Wire, Barb
Wire, Poultry Netting, An-
nealed wire, all at very low
bargain prices. Write for
complete list of low prices
on all kinds of wire fencing
and fence posts.

Belting and Fire Hose

We carry an enormous stock of leather, rubber and canvas belting, which we can supply in any grade desired. 50,000 feet of double jacketed, cotton, rubber lined fire hose from the World's Fair. Most of it has never seen service.

Steel Roofing
$1.50 per 100 square feet
Painted both sides, durable,
economical, for houses, sheds,
barnes, etc. This is our No.
15 grade, sheets 2 ft. x 2 ft.
Price is for flat. Corrugated
points east of Colorado. ex-
or "y" Crimped costs $1.60
We prepay freight in full to all
cept Oklahoma, Texas and
Indian Territory. We have
other grades. Ask for our
Special Roofing Circulars.

Ask for Our Special Catalogue

It lists all the various articles we have for sale. Kindly fill in the coupon in lower left hand corner. Cross the items in the advertisement that interest you most, and we will send you full descriptions and mail you our 360 page catalogue.

Chicago House Wrecking Co. 35th and Iron Sts., Chicago

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