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Published weekly at $2.00 a year. Four months' trial 50 cents. At the news stands 5 cents a copy. Send a postal for a sample copy and a list of special combination offers.



WANTED An Engineer


HIS is the call from large manufacturers everywhere. Never before has there been such a demand for competent, educated men in all branches of the engineering profession and never before such a lack of men capable of filling the positions.

Improved machinery-up-to-date methods, require educated, up-to-date men, competent to look after growing interests.

Are you fitted to do the work, or are you one of the large army of men who would be competent if they had the proper education? If so, you should not allow a day to pass before you start on the road to improve your knowledge.

The American School of Correspondence offers you a ready means whereby you can secure the desired technical education which will lift you out of the rut. You do not have to waste a moment's time away from your present employment. You can be trained by expert instructors, and you will receive as great personal attention as if you attended a resident Engineering School.

Better think the matter over. We can help you to better pay, better hours, and a chance to rise to a position of influence if you will let us.

Fill out the coupon to-day. It doesn't cost anything and will bring our 200-page Bulletin describing over 60 different courses in different branches of engineering and full information about any course you mark with an "X."

Tuition fees are moderate - from $10.00 up-and may be paid in small payments.

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ID IT ever occur to you when called upon to perform some mechanical work to be confronted by almost insurmountable difficulties because you did not have handy the right kind of a tool to take measurements? Is it practical for any man to carry a cumbersome tool chest to take measurements? Suppose you could carry in

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and many other combinations too numerous to mention, but understood and appreciated at once by all having to deal with any kind of measurements. We now present a tool which will enable you to fill all these requirements and take all measurements, within its scope, accurately and quickly. It is made of superior steel, carefully and thoroughly tested as to its accuracy. It will be found to be a novel and valuable addition to the tool chest of any mechanic. The practical men will find constant and novel uses for it under any and all circumstances. It will enable one to solve all the different and difficult problems which arise in the shop or elsewhere. It is so portable and convenient; being small enough for the pocket--that it can always be at hand. The Gauge is made by first class mechanics and no expense is spared to insure accuracy. We commend it as a finished and perfect tool for the various uses to which it can be put. The Combination Gauge is enclosed in a neat leatherette case with metal trimmings, so as to be conveniently carried in the pocket. You can get one of these invaluable Gauges free if you accept the proposition outlined below. AGENTS WANTED



We want to increase the Subscription List to our Monthly Journal, MODERN MACHINERY. The foundation of civilization rests on inventions of new machinery. To keep abreast of mechanical progress should be the aim of every intelligent man. Our publication keeps you informed, and it is written so all can understand it and the best Illustrated of its class. MODERN MACHINERY costs 81 00 a year We want to get you started reading thi paper regularly, and therefore make you this offer. Send us your subscription at once, enclosing 81.00 and we will mail you Modern Machinery every month for ONE YEAR and a Wiet-Goethe Combination Gauge FREE at once. If not just as represented, send the Gauge right back and we will refund your money. Don't delay accepting this proposition; write to-day. Remember, money back to-morrow if dissatisfied. Subscribe now and be sure to tell all your friends about this liberal offer.

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Modern Machinery Publishing Co. 1308 Security Bldg.




Success Magazine

The Great Home Magazine of America

Makes this Unequaled Offer for a Limited Time Only

NEVER before in all our wide experience have we been in a position to make a book offer of such exceptional value. The Continental Encyclopedia has been edited, illustrated, printed and


bound with the view of filling a long-felt want in the
home and office. It is comprehensive in scope, complete
in topics, systematic in arrangement, and exceedingly
convenient for use. The set weighs nearly eight pounds,
is seven and one-half inches high, and occupies a shelf
space of eight inches. Encyclopedias have become
almost a neces-
sary adjunct to
business and
most essential to
home study.
Questions are
constantly com-
ing up which re-
quire definite
and authoritative

You Must

Act Quickly

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Continental Encyclopedia For Both

Express Prepaid

Eight Vols., Strongly and Richly Bound in Red Vellum de Luxe Cloth Edited by CHARLES LEONARD-STEWART, B. A.


Of the Staff of the Encyclopædia Americana, International Encyclopædia, Biographical Dictionary, etc, Hon. Grover Cleveland; Wu Ting Fang; Hon. W. J. Bryan; Dr. Cyrus Edson; Gen. F. D. Grant; Hon. B. B. Odell, Jr.; Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge; Hon. Geo. B. Cortelyou; Maj. E. C. Dutton, U S. Geological Survey; Prof. A. P. Brown, University of Pennsylvania; Alexander Winchell, University of Michigan; Prof. A. C. Coolidge, Harvard University; Simon Newcomb, Director U. S. Naval Observatory; Prof. G. T. Purves, D. D., LL. D., Princeton University; Prof. H. S. Williams, Cornell University; Prof. S. H. Douglas, University of Michigan; Pres. Charles W. Eliot, Harvard University; Edward Everett Hale, Dean, United States Senate.

Over sixty-five thousand important subjects are treated at length. The latest occurrences of international interest, such as the Russo-Japanese Dispute and War-Panama's Independence-Radium-Wireless Telegraphy, and the Alaskan Boundary Decision-all have their places in this most modern work. In short, there is much later and better information in this set than in many a much more pretentious work. The business man, the teacher, the farmer, the professional man, the student, will all find it the ideal reference work of modern times, where concise, accurate, up-to-date information can be had on every subject without wasting words on non-essentials. It is simple truth to say that this Encyclopedia, if offered by subscription on the installment plan, would be priced at not less than $1.00 per volume or $8.00 per set. By dealing direct with us and paying cash in advance, you make an immense saving on agent's commission, cost of collecting installments, and other managing expenses incident to the subscription book business.


We will send the eight volumes to you, neatly packed, express charges prepaid, upon receipt of your remittance of $2.95, and if you are not thoroughly pleased, send them back at our expense and we will refund the amount paid by you. Fill out this coupon This offer is made for a short time only. and send in TO-DAY

You must act quickly.

THE SUCCESS COMPANY Washington Square NEW YORK Herewith find $2.95, for which send me, express charges prepaid, The Continental Encyclopedia, 8 vols., and Success Magazine for one year, with the understanding that if I am not satisfied I may return them without cost to me.



Technical E.

Mention Technical World Magazine

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