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This magnificent reference work-costing $750,000 to produce-is a Dictionary combined with many features of the Encyclopedia. In fullness of definitions, number of words defined, and accuracy, it is superior to reference works selling for five times its price. It has been recently revised and enlarged by a staff of American editors. There are five big volumes (11x91⁄2 inches in size), containing 5,000 pages, 3,000 illustrations (many of them in colors), and 250,000 words-more than any other dictionary. We have obtained a limited edition, which we will close out on the easy monthly-payment plan. Our bargain offer takes off twoVOL. I thirds of the price, giving you the opportunity to secure a set at less than half the price of any other first-class reference work. If your order A-CLIO reaches us in time, we will send an Atlas of the World with the set free.

As a Dictionary it defines 25,000 more words than any

other dictionary, and every definition is

so clear that a schoolboy can understand it. Dr. Parkhurst, the famous
divine, writes: "This Dictionary is a library condensed into a few
volumes; a ton of diffusiveness reduced to fifty pounds of quintessence,
and withal, as delicate in detail as it is comprehensive in contents."

As an Encyclopedia it treats 50,000 subjects in an

encyclopedic manner and this

vast array of articles covers the whole field of human knowledge. With a set in your home, it means a liberal education for your boy or girl, and a constant source of reference for the older members of the family.

FREE A $5.00 World Atlas

To bring a quick response to this offer we will give, absolutely without cost, to the first 250 persons who order a set of the AMERICAN ENCYCLOPEDIC DICTIONARY, a splendid bound copy of the Modern Atlas of the World. The Atlas is 10 x 13 inches in size (bound in fine red cloth) and contains 100 maps in six to twelve colors, and gives separate maps of all states and territories and all countries of the world. It is a thoroughly up-to-date reference Atlas, and is a valuable addition to the Dictionary. The price of the Atlas is $5.00-but if you order it among the first 250 we send it to you free.

Sets Sent On Approval

There are three styles of binding-full sheep, half morocco, and library cloth. We recommend the half morocco binding for ordinary use.

Read the coupon carefully. It gives the regular prices and our bargain prices. Upon receipt of the coupon we will send you a complete set at our expense for seven days' examination, to be returned if not satisfactory. If your order is one of the first 250, you will receive the Atlas free. Note that you may pay 50 cents or $1.00 upon acceptance of the books and as low as $1.50 a month thereafter.

J. A. Hill & Company, 44-60 Twenty-Third St.


J. A. HILL & COMPANY, New York:

You may send me for inspection one set of the AMERICAN ENCYCLOPEDIC DICTIONARY, bound in the style indicated by having the "X" beside it.

Full Sheep Binding. Regular price $64.00 for the set. I will pay for the same, if I decide to keep the books, as follows: 81.00 after I examine them, and 82.00 a month for twelve months. ($25.00)

Half Morocco Binding. Regular price $56.00 for the set. I will pay for the same, if I decide to keep the books, as follows: 50 cents after I examine them, and 81.50 a month until your special price of $20.50 is paid.

Library Cloth Binding. Regular price 842.00 for the set. I will pay for the same, if I decide to keep the books, as follows: 50 cents after I examine them, and 81.50 a month until your special price of $16.50 is paid.

It is understood that if this is one of the first 250 orders received, you will send me with the set, free, an Atlas of the World. You prepay delivery charges. If I decide not to keep the books, I am to return them to you, charges collect, together with the Atlas.


T. W. 3-06.

Mention Technical World Magazine

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From Chicago

daily until April
7th, to San Francisco, Los
Angeles, Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver and other
Pacific Coast points.

Correspondingly low rates from other points.

Tickets good in tourist sleeping cars on



Electric-lighted through fast train Chicago to Southern
California every day in the year, via the Chicago, Union
Pacific & North-Western Line and the newly opened

Arriving Los Angeles afternoon of the third day.
All meals in dining cars a la carte.


Daily through train to San Francisco, Los Angeles and
Portland without change. All meals in dining cars a la carte.


Daily and personally conducted from Chicago to San Fran-
cisco, Los Angeles and Portland without change. Double
berth in these cars (accommodating two people) only
$7.00. Choice of routes. All Agents Sell Tickets via the

Illustrated booklets about California, Washington and Oregon,
their climate and resources, with maps, train schedules
and full information sent for 4 cents in stamps.

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Unparalleled Introductory Offer
The New Imperial


40 Volumes.

28,000 Pages.

7,000 Illus.

Complete Sets Now Ready for Delivery

MADE FOR USE! The distinguishing feature of the Imperial Encyclopedia is its usefulness.

ENCYCLOPEDIA It is the result of the closest study of the entire Encyclopedia field to ascer



tain what should constitute a work that would be at once the most useful and usable, as well as the most complete and authoritative, reference library possible to make in a single publication. Covering as it does completely the large field occupied by all other Encyclopedias, it introduces many new features not found in any other.

It is the only encyclopedia issued in convenient-sized volumes. Ninety per cent. of the encyclopedias in the homes to-day are rarely used; the great weight and cumbersome size of the volumes are responsible for their lack of use.

"Although possessing three other encyclopedias of great merit, THE IMPERIAL is referred to oftener than any other. To me it is a necessity."-Rev. JOHN MILLER, Roselle, N. J. It is the only one that includes all dictionary words, with their definitions, pronunciations, derivations, and synonyms, all under a single alphabetical arrangement. It pronounces every title, historical, biographical, geographical and scientific. It is the only pronouncing encyclopedia.

"I possess five others, but it is to THE IMPERIAL that I oftener refer than to all the rest."-I. T. COTTON, M. D., Charleston, W. Va.

It covers a wider range of topics by hundreds than does the largest of all other encyclopedias. It has had the most careful editorial supervision. Incomparable for information about any word, thing, person, place or event.

"Meets more fully my idea of a perfect encyclopedia than any other."-FERRIS S. FITCH, Ex-Supt. Public Instruction, Michigan.

It is the most recent of all encyclopedias. Having been just completed, it contains much information not found elsewhere.

"In all respects answers my expectations comprehensive, accurate. and compact."Professor DAY, of Yale.

These features belong to THE IMPERIAL exclusively; they distinguish it from all others; they mark it as an exceptional production.

You Save Half by Ordering at Once!

WE propose to send you this magnificent New Reference Library en-
tirely at our own expense for inspection. We ask you to give it
the most searching examination, and compare it with any similar work
published at any price. We believe you will prefer it to the best of
them; that is why we propose to place it on trial in your home.
The Volumes are handsomely and durably bound in heavy
English cloth; also in beautiful hali morocco at a small advance
over the cloth price. The print is large and clear.

NO PAYMENT REQUIRED until you have ex-
amined the work in your home.

[blocks in formation]

To-day or Write for Full Particulars



& CO. 131 W. 31st St., New York

Send me, prepaid, one set Imperial Encyclopedia in heavy Eng. lish cloth binding with bookcase. If satisfied, I will send you 83.00 within 10 days after receipt and 83.00 per month thereafter for 12 months, title to remain with you until paid in full. If not satisfied, I will notify you within 10 days and hold subject to your order. (If halfmorocco is wanted, change above to 15 months.)





We have a limited number of three-shelf, solid
oak, highly polished bookcases, made to hold
this set. We propose to offer them as a pre-
mium to prompt purchasers. All orders sent
this month will include one of these hand-

some cases.



131 W. 31st St., NEW YORK

Mention Technical World Magazine


The Way to be a Thinker

is to get in touch with thinkers. All the world's prizes are captured by those who have seasoned their energy with the spice of originality-and originality means the habit of clear and fresh thinking. Even the best of us have a tendency to fall into mental ruts, to go plodding on year after year, in the same track, to do things without knowing precisely why. The way to keep alive, the way to be original, the way to be a success, is to talk with brainy people and to read books that make you think. That's the reason

The New Science Library

is a cure for mental paralysis.

It contains the best work of Darwin, Huxley, Spencer, Tyndall and great leaders of modern thought. It will tell you what the famous Darwinian theory is; how the planets are weighed and their motions charted; what radium is; how liquid air is made and usedand ten thousand other interesting things. It is a work to be read and enjoyed, for it is written in a clear and interesting style-not abstruse or technical. The work consists of sixteer superb volumes, handsomely printed and bound.

FREE-84-page Book

If you mail us the coupon below at once, we will send full information about the New Science Library, and how you may get it at half price and on the Individual Payment Plan, by means of which you can arrange the payments to suit yourself. At the same time we will send you a copy of our handsome 84 page book, "Some Wonders of Science." This book containing articles by Huxley, Tylor, Proctor and Ray Stannard Baker, is so bright and interesting that you will read it from cover to cover, and when you have read it you will wonder how you ever could have thought science dry and uninteresting. Each copy is beautifully illustrated and printed. Write today, sending the exchange coupon,

Public Opinion Book Club

44-60 East 23d Street, New York

[blocks in formation]


Some our 25c Books

"Hints for Painters and Decorators."
"Scaffolding, How to Erect."

"Hints on Building and Estimating."
"Plumbing and Tinsmithing."
"Practical Hints on Joint Wiping."
"Slating and Tiling for Roofs."

"The Pistol as a Weapon of Defense."
"What to do in case of Accident."
"Useful and Precious Minerals."

"A Book about Books."

"Hints on Lightning Calculating."
"How to Become a Good Mechanic."

"Drawing Instruments, How to Use them."

"Slide Rule, and How to Use it."

"Home Handicrafts."

"Concrete, How to Mix and Use."
"Artificial Stone, Terra Cotta, Etc."

"Bricklaying." "Carpentry."

"Practical Joinery."

"The Steel Square."
"Rafter and Brace Tables."
"Wood Turning."

"Cements and Glue."

"How to Make Woodwork Joints."
"How to Make Dry Batteries."
"Modern Primary Batteries."
"The Study of Electricity."
"Small Accumulators."

"Small Dynamos and Motors."
"Electrical Circuits and Diagrams."
"Electric Bells and Alarms."
"Electric Gas Lighting."
"Model Steam Turbines."
"Slide Valves Simply Explained."
"Steam Boiler Construction and Care."
"Operating a Steam Plant."

"Care and Management of Injectors." "Refrigeration and Ice Making." "Destruction of Steam Boilers." "Drafting of Cams." "Rhymes of Science." "Turning and Boring Tapers." "Threads and Thread Cutting." "Glazing and Glass Cutting." "German Self Taught." "French Self Taught." "Spanish Self Taught." "Italian Self Taught."

[blocks in formation]


Do not confuse these with cheap pictures. They sell at Art Stores for 50 cents each.




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O every reader of this magazine who loves nature and animals and outdoor life, we will send without charge these beautiful pictures, printed in colors on heavy plate paper, without lettering. Beautiful and appropriate decorations for library or den, they are wonderful examples of the art of color printing. The subjects represented will appeal to nature lovers generally. Framed at moderate cost, these pictures will add much to the beauty of your home, or they can be used just as they are in any room of the house. Size of picture, 102x71⁄2 inches; retail price 50 cents each.

Why We Make This Offer

The object of this offer is to acquaint you with our new "Library of Natural History" which has recently been published, after years of labor and at an enormous expense. It is the only work of its kind in existence illustrated from actual photographs, of which it contains over 2,000, besides many fullpage plates showing birds and animals in their natural colors. Every living creature on the earth-animal and man-is described and pictured in this Library. In many cases special expeditions armed with cameras and dry plates had to be sent to foreign lands to secure the photographs from which these illustrations were made. The work is not technical or dry, but teems with the most interesting and instructive stories of animal life, told by famous naturalists and explorers. Over 2,000,000 copies have already been sold in Germany and England.

No Obligation


Your application for the pictures imposes no ob-
ligation to purchase the Library. We will forward
the pictures, together with a description of
books, by mail, postpaid. You will not be
bothered by agents or canvassers; this Soci-
ety transacts all its business by cor-

As an evidence of good faith, en-
close 10 cents (stamps or silver) for
postage and wrapping.
will be refunded if you re-
quest it after examining the

pictures. Mail the accompanying coupon promptly, as the
supply of pictures is limited, and this advertisement will
not appear again.



Ave., New York

Please send me, postpaid, the four pictures you offer. together with a description
of the "Library of Natural History." I enclose ro cents for postage and
wrapping, which you agree to refund if I am not perfectly satisfied.
It is understood that the sending of this coupon does not in any
way bind me to buy anything.


Tech. W. 3-06

Mention Technical World Magazine

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