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way, from Donora, Pa., to Youngstown, Ohio, paying out in that time upward of $2,000,000, nearly all in gold coin. A well-known authority at Homestead, who is in close touch with the mill hands, says of present conditions as compared with former years: "The boys never made so much money, nor have they been so prosperous as now. The increased tonnage and new machinery have made it possible for them to make more money than ever before. Everybody is happy and all is well."

ing that seems to be very popular, is a chain attachment to the shovel handle near the blade. One coolie raises the shovel and drops it into the gravel or dirt while another at the end of the chain pulls forward the shovel blade, usually only partially filled with earth, to the desired place. This device for lazy workmen appears to be a recognized feature of the prevailing method of railroad construction. It constituted, in fact, a toy hand-scraper.

SCIENTIFIC training in agriculture will hereafter be a branch of instruction at Farm for the University of Chicago. College The most modern methBoys ods in growing food products will be illustrated on the university farm near Wheeling, Ill., where 500 acres have been leased by the authorities of the university with an option of purchase. Here practical ideas in farming will be given each summer to a colony composed of students, professors, children of the latter, and pupils of Chicago high schools.

THE most extraordinary of all British lighthouses is to be found on Arnish


Mirror Rock, Stornoway Bay-a Serves as rock which is separated. Lighthouse from the island of Lewis by a channel over 500 feet wide. this rock a conical beacon is erected, and on its summit a lantern is fixed, from which, night after night, shines a light which is seen by the fishermen far and wide. The way in which this lighthouse is illuminated is this: On the island of Lewis is a lighthouse, and from a window in the tower a stream of light is projected onto a mirror in the lantern on the summit of Arnish Rock.

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Two ingenious Frenchmen have recently perfected several mechanical devices which are used in Teaching Pronuncia- teaching French pronuntion by ciation to foreigners. One Machinery of them is a small instrument called a "larnyx-signal," which is held to the side of the throat when the diphthong "ou" is being pronounced. If the pupil is successful in getting the correct French pronunciation, a small bell attached to the larnyx-signal will notify him of his success by ringing. If the bell is silent, he may know that he has not given the word the correct pronunciation. Other machines are used for getting the correct pronunciation of various vowel sounds.

THE little town of Mount Carroll, Ill., boasts of a jail which is a terror to evil doers on account of its location. The town authorities took advantage

A SelfGuarded

Prison of a high bluff on the edge of a stream which flows through Mount Carroll, to Carroll, to erect the building on its very edge. One-half of the structure the part on the side toward town-is used by a fire company, but is entirely separated from the prison portion by a thick wall. The prisoners are confined in the part which overlooks the river. This section is supported on high wooden posts set into the side of

the bluff, and the cells are over 100 feet above the water course. In fact they are so situated that to attempt to escape would undoubtedly mean certain death. Thus the jail is so protected by its natural location that there is no necessity of maintaining a guard, and the prisoners are unattended except at meal time and at other hours when the presence of some official is necessary.

ARMOUR & COMPANY of Chicago have arranged with the inventors of a liquidTo Cool Re- air producing process to frigerator erect a small experimental Cars with plant in Chicago for the Liquid Air purpose of testing the value of liquid air for the refrigerating of perishable goods in refrigerator cars. It is claimed by the inventors that liquid air can be made in quantities at a cost of about one cent per gallon, and that it can be kept in refrigerator cars for a period of approximately thirty days, with an evaporation of not over three per cent per day unless it is forced. The result of these experiments is looked forward to with great interest.

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sense of what it hears, and it is only by machine-like repetition of the sentence that Polly can be made to talk. Mrs. Hope has done away with the necessity for this drudgery by placing a phonograph close to Polly's perch, and, by keeping the talking-machine repeating for hours at a time the sentence which the parrot is to learn, she accomplishes the best and quickest results. In this way the parrot will learn a sentence in a week, while to become proficient in a number of sentences requires about six months. Those who have attempted the almost insurmountable obstacle of teaching Polly a number of sentences, will at once recognize the practical efficiency of the talking machine as a teacher.


A $20 Watch for $5.45

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These figures tell exactly what we are doing-selling a $20.00 watchi for $5.45. We don't claim that this is a 840.00 watch or a 850.00 watch, but it is a $20.00 watch. A leading watch manufacturer, being hard pressed for ready cash, recently sold us 100,000 watches-watches actually built to retail at 820.00. There is no doubt that we could wholesale them to dealers for 812.00 or 813.00, but this would involve a great amount of labor, time and expense. In the end our profit would be little more than it is at selling the watch direct to the consumer at 85.45. The Evington Watch, which we offer at $5.45 is an im. 21 jeweled, finely balanced and perfectly adjusted movement. It has specially selected jewels, dust band, patent regulator, enameled dial, jeweled compensation balance, double hunting case, genuine goldlaid and handsomely engraved. Each watch is thoroughly timed, tested and regulated, before leaving the factory and both the case and movement are guaranteed for 25 years.

Clip out this advertisement and mail it to us to-day with your name, postoffice address and nearest express office. Tell us whether you want a lady's or gent's watch and we will send the watch to your express office at once. If it satisfies you, after a careful examination, pay the express agent 85.45 and express charges and the watch is yours, but if it doesn't please you return it to us at our expense.

A 25-Year Guarantee will be placed in the front case of the watch we send you and to the first 10,000 customers we will send a beautiful gold-laid watch chain, Free. We refer to the First National Bank of Chicago, Capital $10,000,000.

Dept. 337,CHICAGO

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-Pays for Itself

Men of limited income are prone to fancy they cannot afford to investigate the merits of the Peck-Williamson Underfeed Furnace. Bless your hearts! You are just the ones who should be most interested. Be sure the bankers, lawyers, leading merchants, etc., are fast learning its merits and are not slow in recognizing them. Besides gaining freedom from ordinary furnace troubles and nuisances, they have found that the

Underfeed Furnace

Effects a Saving of
1-2 to 2-3 on Coal Bills

Isn't that an important item to the thrifty bookkeeper, clerk, mechanic or other man of limited income? Foot up the bills for the kind of coal you have been using. Then find out what the same number of tons of the very cheapest grade coal obtainable in your neighborhood would have cost you, and the difference is what you would have saved by using a Peck-Williamson Underfeed Furnace. It's a simple calculation-a child could make it. Try it for yourself and decide whether it would not pay you to investigate further. You will find it pays for itself, besides possessing many points of superiority over the ordinary furnace.

We are not content to make claims in the ordinary way for the Peck-Williamson Underfeed Furnace. We let enthusiastic users do that. Here's a sample:

Mr. Howard Shordon, of Ft. Wayne, Ind., wrote us during the coldest weather of last winter as follows:"

"Your Underfeed Furnace is certainly a wonder. I am heating my eight-room house at a cost of ten cents per day, and Mr. Volmer is doing the same with his. No dust, smoke or dirt, and no trouble to operate."

We've literally hundreds of such strong letters. Let us mail you free fac-simile copies of these letters, together with our interesting, fully descriptive booklet. Heating plans and services of our Engineering Department absolutely free. Don't delay-write today and please give name of local dealer with whom you prefer to deal.

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WANTED-Position with a Switchboard and Telephone Manufacturing Company. Experienced in telephone repair work. References. Address The Technical World Magazine, No. 462.

WANTED-Position in Power Plant, Electric Wiring, or Electric Construction work, where experience may be gained. Experienced in firing and steam engines. References. Address The Technical World Magazine, No. 463.

TAKE a course in CONCRETE-STEEL CONSTRUCTION. New field in engineering work. Address Am. Technical School, Drawer O, CLEVELAND, O.

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