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Water Motors Give Free Power



UR faucet water motors bring a hydraulic water plant into every home and workshop-cheapest power in the world. Our faucet water motors can be attached instantly to any threaded faucet. Quickly attached to any smooth faucet by our universal coupling. Faucet water motors are used for buffing, polishing and grinding. Sharpens scissors or other edged tools. Cleans silverware, cut glass, kitchen utensils and all metal surfaces. Runs all kinds of light machines like lathe, saw, fan, printing press, dynamo, washing machine, sewing machine, etc. Washes milk bottles, glasses, etc. We are dealers in water motors which give from one-sixteenth to ten horse power. We have large water motors for the purpose of running dental lathes, ice cream freezers, organ bellows, ceiling fan, etc. Our motors and accessories are fully described and illustrated in Morton's Water Motor Book. This book will be sent absolutely free to any one upon request. It is fully illustrated and contains seventy pages-largest water motor book in the world. Morton's Little Marvel Faucet Water Motor outfit is now being sold for $3.00 complete, consisting of water motor with strong, iron case, superior emery wheel, polishing and buffing wheels, seasoned wood pulley, polishing material, leather belting, wrench, oil can, screw driver, belt hook, and complete printed instructions. This outfit is worth $6.00 at retail price, but a remittance of $3.00 buys it. The Divine Faucet motor and complete outfit which we list at $6.00 we sell for $4.00. The Demon Hydraulic Engine, with substantial iron case, 6 inch water wheel, for power purposes, is now being sold by us for $6.00 We will guarantee this motor to run any make washing machine or will return the money. This motor lists at $10.00. Our price is $6.00, with leather belting and pulley for either flat or round belting. Call and see the motors in operation, or write for free Water Motor Book. Send us $3.00 for Morton's Little Marvel Water Motor. If it is not in every way satisfactory it may be returned at our expense and your money will be immediately refunded. Agents Wanted.

MORTON MFG. COMPANY, Dept. 0, 130 Fulton Street, NEW YORK


The Dollar Watch

Is Now Stem-Wind and Stem-Set

We announce the production of the Dollar Watch in regular stem-wind and stem-set model for 1906. This improvement, applied to the lowest priced watch of worthy quality, is one of the achievements in all the annals of watchmaking.

At the expense of watch-quality, "features" are easy, but with Ingersoll standard they mean something. By 14 years of faithful time-keeping Ingersoll watches have grown to a daily sales of more than 8000-several times the largest in the world. Without the tremendous output, the invaluable patents, the factory equipment and experience a watch like the Ingersoll would not be possible. No other at five times its price approaches it in practical utility.

Sold by dealers everywhere or postpaid for $1.00


Demand a watch with the name INGERSOLL on the dial.

Ingersoll Chains have more gold than any $2.00 chain.

12 patterns. Circular free. Sold everywhere or postpaid for $1.00

ROBT. H. INGERSOLL & BRO., 72 Jewelers Court, New York

Merchandise From Sheriffs' and Receivers' Sales

Including Material From the

$50,000,000 St. Louis World's Fair

The Chicago House Wrecking Co. occupies a very important position in the mercantile world. Our methods are not only a revelation but a revolu tion. We are the only concern on earth that makes a business of purchasing entire exposi tions and other large institutions. We are now engaged in removing and placing upon the market the millions of dollars worth of material from the St. Louis World's Fair. Therefore we are in a position to furnish material for the construction of public buildings, private residences, factories or hotels. We can supply all kinds of machinery, mill supplies, electrical apparatus, plumbing material, etc., etc., at prices that will strongly appeal to the economi

cal buyer. In addition to purchasing expositions we are constantly buying at SHERIFFS',

RECEIVERS' AND ASSIGNEES' SALES, where we obtain large stocks of brand new merchandise. This page of tempting offerings is an accurate index to thousands of inducements that remain unpublished, and the price is lower than you ever paid for such exceptional qualities. Space does not permit mentioning a thousandth part of these wonderful values, but we have selected some of those representative of the remarkable character of our stock. Through the entinr display, however, the richness of qualities is i-e variable. It is the greatest aggregation of bargains ever placed before the American public. It has stirred the country from one end to the other.

We guarantee every statement -money refunded to any one not satisfied with their purchases.

Electrical Material

A million dollars worth of high-grade apparatus of every kind for sale. Rubber covered Copper Wire, sizes No. 14 to 500,000 C. M. Waterproof and Slow Burning Wire, sizes No. 14 to 650,000 C. M. Lead Covered Cable, all sizes from No. 14 to 500 000 C. M. Lamp Cord. 200,000 new and used Incandescent Lamps, ranging from 5 to 13 cts. 100,000-No. 9171 Receptacles-at 3 cents each. Tubes, Cleats and all other kinds of electrical apparatus. 50 Electric Motors from 1 to 40 H. P. 25 Generators from 5 to 200 K. W. Telephones, Telephone Wire, Brackets, etc.

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Modern Plumbing Material

A 20 to 50 per cent saving on anything in this line. Some sam. ples of our prices Handsome com

plete brand new Bath Room Outfits,
$25.00 to $150.00

Cast Iron Enamel Bath Tubs, at $12.00 to $45.00


100 million feet well seasoned Lumber from
the St. Louis World's Fair. The very best
grades of lumber were used in the construction
of these magnificent buildings.

Send us your Lumber bill for
our estimate

Save 30 to 50 per cent if you buy at once.

We are offering this lumber for sale at prices far below the original cost. You should take advantage of this rare opportunity at once, as prices on lumber are advancing. Quick delivery to those who purchase now. Full description, information and prices in special World's Fair Catalogue.

Factory Enclosures

1,000,000 square feet of %-inch ribbed factory glass set in sash, and ranging in sizes from 2 ft. x 2 ft. 8 in. to 8 ft. x 18 ft., practically any size you may require. Here is an opportunity to enclose your factory at very low cost. We are quoting this material in large lots at 7% cents per square foot. We can load it in car lots from either our Chicago or St. Louis headquarters.

Roofing Glass

250,000 square feet of % and -inch thick ribbed Roofing Glass, 18 inches wide, lengths up to 10 feet.

Special low prices in carload lots.

ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CATALOGUE No. 586. It lists all the various articles we have for sale. Kindly fill in the coupon in the lower left hand corner. Cross the items in the advertisement that Interest you most, and we will send you full descriptions and mail you our 360 page catalogue.

Chicago House Wrecking Company 35th and Iron Streets, Chicago

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Steel Roofing

$1.75 per 100 square feet.

Painted both sides, durable, economical, for houses, sheds, barns, etc. This is our No. 15 grade, sheets 2 ft. x 2 ft. Price is for flat. Cor. rugated or "V" crimped costs $1.85. Sheets 6 and 8 feet long, cost 25c per square additional. We prepay freight in full to all points east of Colorado, except Oklahoma, Texas and Indian Territory. We have other grades. Ask for our special Roofing Circulars.




Mention Technical World Magazine

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THE TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE is a monthly magazine, published the fifteenth

of each month, preceding date, devoted to the problems of the technical and industrial world, and a

treatment of all matters of interest in Applied Science.

PRICE: The subscription price is $1.00 per year, payable in advance; single copies, 10 cents.
HOW TO REMIT: Subscriptions should be sent by draft on Chicago, express order, or Post-
Office money order.

THE EDITORS invite the submission of photographs and articles on subjects of modern en-
gineering, scientific, and popular interest. All contributions will be carefully considered, and prompt
decision rendered. Payment will be made on acceptance. Unaccepted material will be returned if
accompanied with stamps for return postage.

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"Gold! Gold! Gold!

Hard to get and heavy to hold!

The Human Interest Editor was humming the words to himself as he ostentatiously jingled a couple of ten dollar gold pieces in his hand. "Oh, I don't know," interrupted the Technical Editor, rudely, "it may be easier to get in a few years than any

body dreams of." "Turning alchemist in your old age, eh?" jibed back the H. I. E. "Got a new scheme for turning lead into gold, I suppose. Why don't you get it patented?"

"If you haven't any respect for me," the Technical Editor answered peevishly, "perhaps you will have for Prof. Robert A. Millikan, of the University of Chicago. I suppose even you know that he is one of the leading physicists in the country? Well, here's


other elements. Then why not iron or lead into gold? A dozen great scientists are studying and working along these lines. With Prof. Millikan's article come photographs of a number of these great men. And he tells what each of them is doing. Let's make it the leader in the July magazine?"

"What will we do then with Prof. Pickering's startling article on 'The Possibility of Living Beings on Mars'?" asked the Editorial Doctor of Philosophy. "It's illustrated with some wonderful photographs of the planet, and raises a question which science is almost ready to answer in the affirmative."

"Who is Prof. Pickering," asked the Human Interest Editor.

The Editorial Ph. D. looked at him with a smile of pitying contempt for his ignorance.

"This particular Prof. Pickering," he explained, "happens to be Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University, and

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