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located at Thiells, Rockland county, N. Y.); Court and Trust Fund Examiner, $5 to $15 a day when employed; Examiner of Municipal Accounts, $5 to $15 a day when employed; Assistant Actuary, Insurance Department, $3,000; First Assistant to Chief of Liquidation Bureau, Insurance Department, $3,000; Bank Examiner, $8 to $10 a day when employed; Chief of Examinations Division, Education Department, $4,000; Satisfaction Clerk, Register's Office, New York county, $3,400; Inspector of Farms, Department of Agriculture, $1,800 to $3,000; Chief Veterinarian, Department of Agriculture, $3,000; Mechanical Engineer, Public Service Commission, First District, $2,401 to $3,000; Superintendent, Iola Sanitorium, $3,000 (this institution is the county tuberculosis hospital of Monroe county); Examiner, Board of Alienists, State Commission in Lunacy, $5,000.

Examination for County Sealer of Weights and Measures.

As provided by chapter 187 of the Laws of 1910, this official in each county “ shall be appointed by the board of supervisors and hold office during the pleasure of such board. He shall be paid a salary determined by the board of supervisors, and shall be provided by them with the necessary working equipment of standard weights and measures.” The Commission classified this position in the competitive class and examinations have been held for thirty-five counties. While it has been difficult in some sections of the State to secure satisfactory competition, yet it is believed on the whole that the competitive classification of this position was wise, and that satisfactory results have been obtained.

More Room Needed. The Chief Examiner desires to call the Commission's attention to the limited amount of space assigned to the office force; fourteen persons now work in a room in which not more than half that number should be placed. More room is needed in order to leave sufficient space for free movement, accommodation of furniture such as desks, tables, files, etc., and for additional free space needed in order to perform with accuracy and speed the work necessary in assorting and neostyle printing and especially in the packing of examination papers for shipment, work which must necessarily

be done in one afternoon and which requires the greatest care and attention. The floor space assigned to the use of the Commission should be increased by at least 50 per cent.

Examination Manual. Although the last Legislature gave the Commission an appropriation for printing a manual of examinations it has been found impossible to undertake its preparation owing to lack of opportunity. The time of every employee of the examinations division has been engrossed with routine work so as to leave no opportunity for the preparation of the manual.

Needs of the Examinations Division. At the suggestion of the Chief Examiner the Commission has included in its estimates for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 1911, provision for another examiner. It is to be hoped that the Legislature will grant the added appropriation necessary for this appointment, as the constant growth of the work of the examinations division renders absolutely necessary the employment of an additional high grade employee. There is room for improvement in the system of promotion examinations, but no more useful scheme can be devised, no system more satisfactory or helpful to heads of departments can be put into effect without a more intimate and careful study of department needs and a thorough investigation into individual and general departmental efficiency. This cannot be undertaken by the Chief Examiner with the limited force and appropriations now at his command; more men are needed and more money must be spent in order to introduce methods in keeping with the advance of ideas and ideals in civil service administration.

With rare exceptions, civil service rules are regarded by appointing officers as a hindrance, not a help; as a limitation and restriction upon their legitimate powers of appointment and removal, and undoubtedly they are such in a sense, but after twenty-seven years of the administration of such rules appointing officers and the public at large are demanding that more emphasis be placed upon the helpful phase of civil service reform; the administration of a civil service system along the lines of twenty-five years ago cannot now be justified; a system which seems to succeed mainly in interposing barriers to prompt and efficient administration will and ought to be repudiated. When civil service rules exert a pressure upon the front end by restricting appointment and upon the rear end by limiting removal, it is no wonder that the service “buckles” in the middle. There seems to be no doubt that the great problem now before the Commission as well as others concerns the service proper — the middle — the problems of reclassification, retirement, promotion, efficiency and economy are most vital at present. Without a retirement system the service stagnates; a promotion system which does not absolutely exclude all considerations except merit and fitness discourages individual effort; unequal pay for equal work breeds discontent, while economy and efficiency are the watchwords of municipal reform fostered by various associations and increasingly demanded by the public at large.

It should be repeated that advance along new lines requires increased appropriations.

The usual tables of statistics are in preparation, and will be included in the appendices of the report.

Respectfully submitted,


Chief Examiner.



The Commission.
Charles F. Milliken, President.
John E. Kraft.
Roscoe C. E. Brown.

Administration Division.
John C. Birdseye, Secretary.
George R. Hitchcock, Assistant Secretary.
Julia M. Ryan, Chief Clerk.
Elizabeth S. Van Vranken, Stenographer.
Bertha M. Burbank, Stenographer.
Elizabeth M. Gorham, Stenographer.
Mary J. Fee, Stenographer.
Martin J. Flynn, Page.

Examinations Division.
Harold N. Saxton, Chief Examiner.
Philip H. Parthesius, Examiner.
John W. Root, Examiner.
Luenda Gregory, Examiner.
Herbert E. Hayes, Examiner.
Wm. L. Chase, Examiner.
Edna Henry, Stenographer.
Mabel P. Vanderpoel, Stenographer.
John E. Carpenter, Junior Clerk.
Raymond T. Jones, Page.
Local, special and expert examiners and institution boards of


LOCAL MEDICAL EXAMINERS. Albany – J. M. Mosher, M. D., 170 Washington avenue. Amsterdam — Arthur V. H. Smyth, M. D. Auburn —— A. F. Hodgman, M. D., 26 South street. Batavia – H. A. Morse, M. D. Binghamton — Charles R. Seymour, M. D., 207 Court street. Buffalo — Thew Wright, M. D., 152 Allen street. Canandaigua — J. H. Jewett, M. D.


Elmira — R. B. Howland, M. D., 306 Lake street.
Hornell — J. D. Mitchell, M. D., 21 Church street.
Jamestown — Morris N. Bemus, M. D., 210 Prendergast avenue.
Kingston — E. H. Loughran, M. D., 25 Main street.
Lockport — Allan N. Moore, M. D., 70 Niagara avenue.
Malone John A. Grant, M. D., 92 West Main street.
Newburg William J. Carr, M. D., 139 Third street.
New York — Thomas C. Chalmers, M. D., 29 West 9th street.
Ogdensburg W. Grant Cooper, M. D., 62 Caroline street.
Olean — D. V. M. Hibbard, M. D., 128 South Union street.
Oneonta — Marshall Latcher, M. D.
Plattsburg T. J. Cummings, M. D.
Poughkeepsie — Frederick J. Mann, M. D., 262 Main street.
Rochester John J. Evans, M. D., 1812 Birch Crescent.
Saratoga Springs — Arthur J. Leonard, M. D.
Syracuse — George C. Feigel, M. D., 516 Prospect avenue.
Utica — David H. Roberts, M. D., 226 Genesee street.
Watertown — F. R. Calkins, M. D., 4 Cleveland Building,

Arcade street.
White Plains — Chas. E. Birch, M. D.


Auburn — Eldrich J. Willis.
Batavia — James L. Kelly.
Binghamton Geo. R. Winslow, 514 Chenango street.
Buffalo — Wm. B. Dickinson, 116–117 Erie County Bank Bldg.
Elmira A. B. Sliter, 150 Lake street.
Hornell. — Chas. H. Armsted.
Ithaca John D. Collins, 143 East State street.
Jamestown — Ernest Cawcroft, Fenton Bldg.
Kingston — E. W. Matheson, 310 Wall street.
Lockport Geo. C. Lewis.
Malone Arthur E. McClary, People's Bank Bldg.
Newburg — Snyder J. Gage, 1312 Overlook place.
New York — Geo. C. Franciscus, 165 Broadway.
Ogdensburg Myron E. Gray, Gilbert Block.
Olean — E. D. Westbrook.
Oneonta — George L. Gibbs.

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