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Ossining — Major Willis Physioc.
Peekskill — Alexander D. Dunbar.
Poughkeepsie John Hinkley.
Rochester — R. O. Cook, Rochester Business Institute.
Syracuse — Louis L. Waters, 201 Sedgwick, Andrews and Ken-

nedy Building. Utica E. L. Hockridge, City National Bank Bldg. Watertown — Abner B. Brown, 23 Jefferson County Savings

Bank Building.
White Plains — Prof. C. A. Butler, High School.


Emilie C. Adams, Troy, drawing.
Nathan Beckwith, New York, insurance.
Prof. Theodore J. Bradley, Albany, chemistry.
Prof. Chas. L. Crandall, Ithaca, civil engineering.
Samuel Deutschberger, New York, insurance.
Walter E. Fernald, M. D., Waverly, Mass., medicine.
Mrs. F. L. Fitch, Albany, stenography.
Chas. W. Fletcher, Boston, insurance.
Lee Galloway, New York city, accounting.
Joseph Harmon, Troy, law.
H. C. Hasbrouck, Troy, accounting and statistics.
Frank A. Hermans, Troy, civil engineering.
A. W. Hudson, Albany, banking.
Gordon Ireland, New York city, law.
Dr. Wm. H. Kelly, Albany, veterinary medicine.
Prof. Thos. R. Lawson, Troy, civil engineering.
Louis Lubin, New York, accounting.
G. W. McElroy, Albany law.
Joseph H. Middleton, Albany, statistics.
Roy W. Miner, New York city, zoology.
J. M. Mosher, M. D., Albany, medicine.
A. G. Newell, Albany, stenography.
Dr. Rush Rhees, Rochester, education.
Clara E. Root, Albany, stenography.
Henry L. Schnur, Albany, factory inspection.
Fred W. Schwartz, Albany, chemistry.
Dr. E. G. Seibert, Washington, D. C., chemistry.

Mrs. Kate Skinner, Albany, modern languages.
Prof. J. L. Stone, Ithaca, agriculture.
Elmer G. Story, New York, law.
Geo. E. Talmadge, New York, insurance.
Geo. C. Watson, Clyde, agriculture.
Paul J. White, Ithaca, agriculture.
C. S. Wilson, Ithaca, agriculture.


Albion, Western house of refuge for women — Etta Elsner Falker, Sarah J. Allen, T. A. Kirby.

Auburn prison — F. H. Mills, Geo. W. Jones, P. M. Helfer.

Batavia, State school for the blind Minnie J. Gould, W. Collins Casey, Julia S. Loomis.

Bath, State soldiers and sailors' home — C. K. Haskell, M. D., C. C. Cornwell, S. M. Morgan.

Bedford, State reformatory for women — Mary R. Moore, Mary A. Farley, Ira M. Fish.

Binghamton State hospital — Robert J. Powers, Henry L. Weber, Margaret M. Bloxham.

Brooklyn, Long Island State hospital Ira 0. Tracey, M. D., D. E. Warren, M. D., M. H. Smith, M. D.

Buffalo State hospital Wm. W. Wright, M. D., Henry P. Frost, M. D., Edward G. Aldrich, M. D.

Central Islip State hospital M. B. Heyman, M. D., William F. McDonnell, Horatio G. Gibson, M. D.

Dannemora, Clinton prison —.J. B. Ransom, M. D., J. R. Crowley, William Lundell.

Dannemora State hospital - James H. Kurtz, Raymond F. C. Kieb.

Elmira State reformatory -- P. J. McDonnell, J. R. Robinson.

Gowanda State homeopathic hospital E. R. Quackenbush, Clarence A. Potter, M. D., Frederick C. Robbins, M. D.

II offman Island hospital — E. S. Rimer, M. D., John M. Hall, M. D., Winifred Noon.

Hudson, New York training school for girls — Kathryn I. Hewitt, Grace W. Sullivan.

Industry, State agricultural and industrial school - James D. Edwards, Miss C. L. Collson, Miss H. N. Shattuck.

Iroquois, Thomas Indian school - Halla Wells, John C. Brennan, Alta J. Alden.

Kings Park State hospital John R. Ross, M. D., Harry A. Hecox, Harry I. Partridge, M. D.

Manhattan State hospital D. S. Spellman, M. D., J. R. Knapp, M. D, Philip Smith, M. D., John L. Washburn, M. D.

Matteawan State hospital W. A. Thomas, Raymond T. C. Kieb, M. D., Kieth Sears, M. D.

Middletown State Homeopathic hospital R. C. Woodman, M. D., George F. Brewster, J. D., Julia F. Fish, M. D.

Napanoch, Eastern New York reformatory -- George Deyo, F. B. Hoornbeck, De Vere E. Smith.

Newark, State custodial asylum for feeble-minded women Anna Warnecke, M. D., Gertrude M. Palmer, Mrs. V. A. Gilmartin.

Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence state hospital Roy L. Leak, M. D., Elbert M. Somers, Jr., M. D., Lewis Webb.

Ossining, Sing Sing prison — D. J. Hickey, John P. Powers.

Oxford, Woman's Relief Corps home — Grace L. Tollett, Harriette Carmichael, Douw L. Vanderzee, M. D.

Poughkeepsie, Hudson River State II ospital - Frederick W. Parsons, M. D., John H. Heilman, Emma Putnam, M. D., Barbara Curtis, M. D.

Raybrook, State hospital for incipient · tuberculosis — H A. Bray, M. D., J. J. Farrington, Miss L. Clelland.

Rochester State hospital — W. S. Remington, C. T. LaMoure, M. D., Thomas F. Brown.

Rome, State custodial asylum — F. S. Smith, Miss L. A. Ward.

Sonyea, Craig Colony for epileptics G. Kirby Collier, M. D., J. F. Munson, M. D., Wm. N. Trader, H. D.

Syracuse, State institution for feeble-minded children Willard B. Farrington, Julia É. Church, Louise C. Richards.

Utica State hospital George H. Torney, Jr., M. D., Charles A. Moshier, Clara Smith, M. D.

West Haverstraw, State hospital for crippled and deformed children — P. Henry Fitzhugh, M. D., John J. McNutt, M. D., Gertrude E. Hoxie.

Willard State hospital John W Russell, M. D., Thomas J. Currie, M. D.



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Date of appointment

Date of retirement

Commissioners Andrew D. White.... August Schoonmaker.... Henry A. Richmond... John Jay*... Daniel É. Sickleg*: George H. Treadwell.. James H. Manning...... John A. Sleicher...... William A. Poste..... Alexander C. Eustace*.. E. Prentiss Bailey*.... Willard D. McKinstry... De Forest Van Vleet.... Willard A. Cobb*. Silas W. Burt*..... George P. Lord... Wm. Miller Collier*. . Cuthbert W. Pound John E. Kraft....... Charles F. Milliken*.. Roscoe C. E. Brown.

Ithacs...: Kingston....... Buffalo........ New York.. New York.. Albany..... Albany.... Albany.... Canton.... Elmira.... Utica......... Watertown.. Ithaca .... Lockport..... New York.... Dundee.... Auburn... Ithaca .... Kingston... Canandaigua. New York....

May 4, 1883 Declined appointment.
May 4, 1883 | Resigned June 1, 1887
May 4, 1883 | Removed Dec. 28, 1887
May 23, 1883 Removed Dec. 28, 1887
Dec. 28, 1887 Resigned Dec. 20, 1889
Dec. 28, 1887 Resigned Dec. 16, 1889
Dec. 28, 1887 Resigned Dec. 20, 1889
Dec. 16, 1889 Resigned Nov. 17, 1892
Dec. 20, 1889 Resigned Nov. 17, 1892
Dec. 30, 1889 Resigned Feb. 14, 1893
Nov. 17, 1892 Resigned Jan, 2, 1895
Nov, 17, 1892 Resigned Jan. 8, 1896
Feb. 14, 1893 Resigned Jan. 31, 1895
Jan. 22, 1895 Deceased May 29, 1900
Mar. 6, 1895 Removed Jan. 11, 1901
Jan, 20, 1896 Resigned Jan. 26, 1899
Feb. 2, 1899 Resigned June 1, 1903
June 12, 1900 Resigned Jan, 2, 1905
Jan. 23, 1901
June 1, 1903
Jan. 19, 1905

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