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My doctrine is " That God hath made of one blood, all Nations of men, for to dwell on all the face of the earth,"_That the Negro is a man, and that which is the inalienable right of one man, is also the right of all men,- -That Freedom and Slavery are antagonistical principles; both cannot be right—that Freedom is right and Slavery wrong, therefore Slavery ought not to exist,

As we were passing through your city we saw the above sign, and a man came out and accosted us, “ Have you slaves to sell? or do you wish to buy?"

Ardent. Neither; we abhor all such business.

Man. There is no need to speak reproachfully of it. It is a legal business, carried on under the sanction of the public authorities. I claim to have just as much right to buy men, women and children, as my neighbor has to buy horses and cattle.

Thoughtful. The laws of the land may protect you in so doing; but they do not make it right, unless it is authorized by the laws of God, which we suppose you will scarcely claim.

Man. I believe that slaveholding is authorized by the Bible; and that, consequently, the buying and selling of slaves is authorized also. Was not Abraham a slaveholder?

Ard. I think not. But, perhaps we shall need to define our terms. What is a slave?

Man. He is a chattel personal.” He is not regarded as a person, but a thing. He has no rights and can have no property. Whatever he has in his possession belongs to his master.

Th. I believe that is a correct definition of modern slavery, and nearly so of the ancient Roman slavery. The fundamental idea is, that slaves are not persons but things, (thereby all the rights of property attach, even to the selling of men, women, children, and even babies by the pound, as is said to have been done.) In this case ! deny that slavery was authorized in the Old Testament or the New.

Man. You take bold ground. Had not Abraham bondmen and bondwomen, born in his house, and bought with his moncy?

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