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If the Technical World Magazine is mentioned we guarantee the reliability of our advertisers.

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Just write for our free catalog "31," fully describing the Angle Lamp and listing 32 varieties from $2.00 up, and we'll send you our 32-page book free, together with the trial proposition. Lighting is an important matter, Reader. In this case the best is by far the cheapest: we suggest you "do it now."

THE ANGLE MFG. COMPANY, Angle Building, 159-161 West 24th St., New York

If the Technical World Magazine is mentioned we guarantee the reliability of our advertisers.



to reach the Architect, the Contractor and Builder, and the Owner and Manager of all kinds of buildings.

The Inland Architect, ten dollars per year.
The National Builder, two dollars per year.
Building Management, two dollars per year.

This trio opens the entire field for building material, repairs, improvements, appliances, tools and supplies. You appeal to the architect to specify your goods, you go to the contractor to sell them, and you should acquaint the owner and manager with their merits.


Copies and rates will be furnished prospective advertisers on application. Address on business stationery.

PORTER TAYLOR & CO. (Inc.), 362 Dearborn St., CHICAGO


BOOKS I buy more bankrupt stocks, job lots and publishers

overstock of new books and sell more books direct to the people than any other man in America. Why? Because I sell them cheaper. 1 buy books at bargain prices and close out quickly at a small advance over cost to me, many books at less than cost of paper and printing.

Played with

keys like a piano

and having a similar action.

All Books Sent On Approval

Look them over in your home five days-then pay for them or return them at my expense. Millions of Books-thousands of titles. Every known subject at from 10 to 50 cents on the dollar. In justice to yourself you should not buy a book until you have seen my illustrated free Bargain List of this big bargain stock. Send for list to-day. A postal will bring it. Clarkson, The Book Broker,

204 Bosch Bldg., Chicago

A Miniature Grand Piano


The DOLCEOLA is the only musical instrument ever invented that has been demanded and sold in nearly every country upon the globe, the first year it was on the market.

It is endorsed by leading musicians everywhere, as well as by the nobility of Europe.

FROM A MUSICAL AUTHORITY OF NEW YORK:-"I consider it an instrument of great merit. It will be of great assistance in preparing beginners for the piano."-Albert Gerard Thiers.

Chas. K. Harris, author of "After the Ball," says: "My children are learning it without an instructor."

For Rapid Accurate Work

use "Tec" and "Rex" brand drawing instruments. They are unrivaled for the work of modern draftsmen for two reasons-they combine in their construction the highest grade material and skilled workmanship and in addition possess patented improvements which greatly increase the rapidity of work, at the same time insuring absolute accuracy. During February and March we will ship, subject to approval, to all answering this ad a choice of two sets of instruments for $15. (One set shown above.)

The Princess of Isenberg, Darmstadt, Germany, says: "I have received the Dolceola, and am delighted with it."

The Dolceola with its four full octaves, embodies the exquisite tone value of two guitars and two mandolins. Its action, while similar to that of the piano, is quicker and more simple, permitting effects impossible with the larger instrument. Any class of music can be played. Music lovers are delighted with it. You must have one. Agents make from $100 to $500 monthly. Write for Proof. HANDSOME ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE FREE. THE TOLEDO SYMPHONY CO., 205 BERLIN BLOCK, TOLEDO, OHIO

If the Technical World Magazine is mentioned we guarantee the reliability of our advertisers.


50 E. 14th St.



Must the architect continually stand over you and explain every important move-as he does with the other carpenters, builders, and draftsmen? Or can you act for yourself? Have you the ability to meet the extraordinary propositions which confront you?

Advance-learn something which the other men do not know. You can learn to design mantels, interior and exterior finish, porch columns, etc. Capitals, entablatures, friezes, entices, pedestals, pediments, colonnades and arcades no longer need be unfamiliar terms. can thoroughly understand Tuscan, Doric, lonic and Corinthian styles of architecture. All this knowledge can be obtained without losing any time from your regular work.


Five Orders of Architecture

A simple treatise describing in a concise, interesting form the Greek and Roman orders. Illustrated with over 300 sections drawn to scale.

Two volumes, comprising one 522 page text book -page size 7 x 10 inches, and a handsome portfolio containing fifty-eight 11 x 15 inch detail plates of columns, cornices, mouldings, capitals, etc., drawn to scale, with measurements. In addition, there is a large number of full page photographs of the best examples of Greek and Roman Architecture, and a comprehensive list of definitions and pronunciations of architectural terms, and a list of all good books on the subject.

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If the Technical World Magazine is mentioned we guarantee the reliability of our advertisers.


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You Can Build Your Own Boat by
and Build Your Own Furniture the Brooks System

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and Save two-thirds to three-fourths


CAN sell you a boat for one-fourth of what a factory would charge. I can sell you furniture for one-third of what a dealer would charge.


I will sell you 100 cents' worth of actual value and results for 25 to 35 cents. Is it worth considering?

I cannot tell you my whole story here, but if you will send for my catalogues, they will prove what I claim. Give me a chance-right now, today. Read my guarantee-it means you take no risk.

I have revolutionized the boatbuilding business. I have spent the last twenty-two years in building or sailing boats, and a m a practical boat man.

Boat Patterns

Anyone can build a boat by using my exact size printed
paper patterns and illustrated instruction sheets, telling how

to do every little detail.
You cannot fail to build
as good a boat as the
professional boat builder.

Seven years ago I originated the Pattern System of Boatbuilding. To-day my customers are found in every civilized country on earth.

Over 50,000 boats (more than the combined output of all boat factories) have been built from my System, mostly by inexperienced men and boys.

Over half of these have built several boats-a large number have established themselves in the boat-building business.

My boat catalogue shows all kinds of boats, tells why the patterns cannot fail to be right and why anyone can build a boat from them. The price of patterns are $1.50 and up.

(Originators of Pattern System of Boat Building)

A Semi-Speed Model

Knock-Down Boat Frames

Many people prefer to buy my knock-down frames (all ready to put together) for their boats, instead of working up the rough lumber.

Owing to my immense factory facilities, I can, in many cases, supply knock-down frames at a lower price than you would pay for suitable raw material.

Every piece of the knock-down frame is accurately shaped and machined ready to put together.

I also send free the patterns and complete illustrated
instructions needed to finish the boat.

I can save you (1) boat-builder's profit, (2) labor expense,
(3) big selling expense, (4) seven-eighths freight.
You can
figure this out yourself.

If engine is desired, I make a special combination price
with knock-down frame.

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6202 Ship Street BROOKS MFG. CO. Saginaw, Mich., U. S. A. (Originators of Knock-Down System of Home Furnishing)

If the Technical World Magazine is mentioned we guarantee the reliability of our advertisers.

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