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The Characteristics of a

Good Engine

First of all, it should be simple, both in design and construction; so simple that anybody can understand it, and so simple that it is almost impossible for it to get out of order.

Again, it must be safe, economical in fuel consumption, absolutely dependable under all conditions, and certain of supplying abundant



I.H.C. Gasoline Engines

have all these characteristics, besides another
very important one. which most engines do
not possess, that is, they are


No matter how excellent a power may be, if it is not adapted to your particular requirements, you do not want it. The designers of I. H. C. engines kept uppermost the purposes to which such an engine could be adapted, and constructed the engine with a view of meeting every requirement.

The line is extensive, and an I. H. C. agent will always recommend the engine which is best adapted to your requirements.

Made in the following styles and sizes:

Vertical in 2 and 3-horse power.

Horizontal (Stationary and Portable) in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 20-horse power.
1-horse air-cooled. Also, sawing, spraying and pumping outfits.

Apply to the International local agent for catalog and particulars, or write





If the Technical World Magazine is mentioned we guarantee the reliability of our advertisers.

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If the Technical World Magazine is mentioned we guarantee the reliability of our advertisers.

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with SELL YOUR SERVICES to the Highest Bidder


other fur


Simple, fas

We need high class solicitors and salesmen to represent a
high class magazine.

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Technical World Magazine, Chicago

cinating and Will You Spend a Penny




and success

ful business men find pleasure in beautifying their homes according to the complete instructions in our new 48-page color book, sent FREE. Use coupon below.

to Increase Your

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You can finish new or refinish old furniOne hundred and twelve of the world's master ture, woodwork and floors in Weathered, business men have written ten books-2193 pages In them is the best Mission, Forest Green, Flemish, Ma--1497 vital business secrets. hogany or any desired shade with John- of all that they know about son's Electric Solvo, Johnson's Wood Dye and Johnson's Prepared Wax.

First remove all old finish with Johnson's Electric Solvo. Then apply our Dye (14 shades), and when perfectly dry apply our Wax with a cloth and rub to a polish with a dry cloth. A beautiful wax finish in any of the above named shades will be immediately produced.

Johnson's Wood Dye for the artistic coloring of wood (14 shades), 2-pint cans, 30c; pint cans, 50c. Johnson's Electric Solvo (for removing paint, varnish, shellac, etc.), pt. cans, 40c; 2-pt. cans, 25c. Johnson's Prepared Wax, a complete finish and polish for all wood-10c and 25c packages and large size cans. Sold by all dealers in paint. Sent FREE "The Proper Treatment for Floors,

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-Accounting -Advertising

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If the Technical World Magazine is mentioned we guarantee the reliability of our advertisers.


If the Technical World Magazine is mentioned we guarantee the reliability of our advertisers.

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Technical World Magazine


If the Technical World Magazine is mentioned we guarantee the reliability of our advertisers.

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