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Brooks—"Woman's Kingdom "-State Society Formed, January 19, 1881,
Mrs. Brooks President-Mrs. Dinsmoor, Mrs. Colby, Mrs. Brooks, before the
Legislature-Amendment again Submitted -- Active Canvass of the State, 1882
-First Convention of the State Association-Charles F. Manderson-Unreli-
able Politicians-An Unfair Count of Votes for Woman Suffrage-Amendment
Defeated-Conventions in Omaha-Notable Women in the State-Conven.
tions— Woman's Tribune Established in 1883

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Effect of the Popular Vote on Woman Suffrage-Anna C. Wait-Hannah Wilson

-Miss Kate Stephens, Professor of Greek in State University-Lincoln
Centre Society, 1879—The Press—The Lincoln Beacon-Election, 1880–
Sarah A. Brown, Democratic Candidate-Fourth of July Celebration-Women
Voting on the School Question-State Society, 1884–Helen M. Gougar-
Clara Bewick Colby-Bertha H. Ellsworth-Radical Reform Association-
Mrs. A. G. Lord-Prudence Crandall-Clarina Howard Nichols-Laws-
Women in the Professions-Schools, Political Parties--Petitions to the Legis-
lature-Col. F. G. Adams' Letter

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Great American Desert-Organized as a Territory, February 28, 1860-Gov.

McCook's Message Recommending Woman Suffrage, 1870-Adverse Legisla-
tion-Hon. Amos Steck-Admitted to the Union, 1876—Constitutional Con-
vention-Efforts to Strike Out the Word "Male"-Convention to Discuss
Woman Suffrage-School Suffrage Accorded—State Association Formed,
Alida C. Avery, President-Proposition for Full Suffrage Submitted to the
Popular Vote- A Vigorous Campaign-Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Patterson of
Denver-Opposition by the Clergy– Their Arguments Ably Answered-D. M.
Richards~ The Amendment Lost- The Rocky Mountain News .




The Dawn of the New Day, December, 1869—The Goal Reached in England

and America—Territory Organized, May, 1869—Legislative Action-Bill for
Woman Suffrage-William H. Bright-Gov. Campbell Signs the Bill-Ap-
points Esther Morris, Justice of the Peace, March, 1870–Women on the Jury,
Chief-Justice Howe, Presiding-J. W. Kingman, Associate-Justice, Addresses
the Jury-Women Promptly Take Their Places-Sunday Laws Enforced-
Comments of the Press—Judge Howe's Letter-Laramie Sentinel-J. H.
Hayford—Women Voting, 1870–Grandma Swain the First to Cast her Ballot
-Effort to Repeal the Law, 1871—Gov. Campbell's Veto-Mr. Corlett-
Rapid Growth of Public Opinion in Favor of Woman Suffrage





Liberal Provisions in the Constitution, Elizabeth T. Schenck-Eliza W. Farnhamn

- Mrs. Mills' Seminary, now a State Institution, Jeannie Carr, State Super.

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intendent of Schools–First Awakening--The Revolution-Anna Dickinson-
Mrs. Gordon Addresses the Legislature, 1868—Mrs. Pitts Stevens Edits The
Pioneer-First Suffrage Society on the Pacific Coast, 1869—State Convention,
January 26, 1870, Mrs. Wallis, President-State Association Formed, Mrs.
Haskell of Petaluma, President- Mrs. Gordon Nominated for Senator-In
1871, Mrs. Stanton and Miss Anthony Visit California-Hon. A. A. Sargent
Speaks in Favor of Suffrage for Women-Ellen Clark Sargent Active in the
Movement-Legislation Making Women Eligible to Hold School Offices, 1873
- July 10, 1873, State Society Incorporated, Sarah Wallis, President-Mrs.
Clara Foltz-A Bill Giving Women the Right to Practice Law- The Bill
Passed and Signed by the Governor-Contest Over Admitting Women into
the Law Department of the University-Supreme Court Decision Favorable-
Hon. A. A. Sargent on the Constitution and Laws-Journalists and Printers
Silk Culture—Legislative Appropriation-Mrs. Knox Goodrich Celebrates
July 4, 1876-Imposing Demonstration-Ladies in the Procession




The Long Marches Westward-Abigail Scott Duniway-Mary Olney Brown-

The First Steps in Oregon-Col. C. A. Reed— Judge G. W. Lawson-1870–
The New Northwest, 1871—Campaign, Mrs. Duniway and Miss Anthony-
They Address the Legislature in Washington Territory–Hon. Elwood Evans
-Suffrage Societies Organized at Olympia and Portland—Before the Oregon
Legislature-Donation Land Act-Hon. Samuel Corwin's Suffrage Bill-Mar-
ried Woman's Sole Traders' Bill—Temperance Alliance-Women Rejected-
Major Williams Fights Their Battles and Triumphs—Mrs. H. A. Loughary-
Progressive Legislation, 1874–Mob-Law in Jacksonville, 1879—Dr. Mary A.
Thompson-Constitutional Convention, 1878—Woman Suffrage Bill, 1880–
Hon. W. C. Fulton-Women Enfranchised in Washington Territory, Nov.
15, 1883–Great Rejoicing, Bonfires, Ratification Meetings—Constitutional
Amendment Submitted in Oregon and Lost, June, 1884-Suffrage by Legis-
lative Enactment Lost-Fourth of July Celebrated at Vancouvers-Benjamin
and Mary Olney Brown—Washington Territory—Legislation in 1867-68 Fav-
orable to Women-Mrs. Brown Attempts to Vote and is Refused-Charlotte
Olney French-Women Vote at Grand Mound and Black River Precincts,
1870—Retrogressive Legislation, 1871–Abby H. Stuart in Land-Office-
Hon. William II. White-Idaho and Montana




St. Anna's Asylum, Managed by Women-Constitutional Convention, 1879—

Women Petition-Clara Merrick Guthrie-Petition Referred to Committee on
Suffrage-A Hearing Granted— Mrs. Keating—Mrs. Saxon-Mrs. Merrick,
Col. John M. Sandige-Efforts of the Women all in Vain-Action in 1885–
Gov. McEnery—The Daily Picayuni-Women as Members of the School
Board-Physiology in the Schools-Miss Eliza Rudolph-Mrs. E. J. Nicholson
-- Judge Merrick's Digest of Laws-- Texas-Arkansas-Mississippi-Sarah A.





Secretary Chase-Women in the Government Departments—Myrtilla Miner-

Mrs. O'Connor's Tribute-District of Columbia Suffrage Bill—The Universal
Franchise Association, 1867—Bill for a Prohibitory Law Presented by Hon.
S. C. Pomeroy, 1869-A Bill for Equal Wages for the Women in the Depart-
ments, Introduced by Ilon. S. M. Arnell, 1870—In 1871 Congress Passed the
Organic Act for the District Confining the Right of Suffrage to Males—In
1875 it Withdrew all Legislative Power from the People-Women in Law,
Medicine, Journalism and the Charities--Dental College Opened to Women-
Mary A. Stewart- The Clay Sisters—The School of Pharmacy-Elizabeth
Avery Meriwether- Judge Underwood- Mary Bayard Clarke-Dr. Susan
Dimock—Governor Chamberlain-Coffee-Growing—Priscilla Holmes Drake,
Alexander H. Stephens




Miss Phelps of St. Catharines—The Revolt of the Thirteen Colonies–First Par-

liament-Property Rights of Married Women-School Suffrage Thirty Years
-Municipal Suffrage, 1882, 1884–Women Voting in Toronto, 1886—Mrs.
Curzon-Dr. Emily H. Stone-Woman's Literary Club of Toronto-Nova
Scotia-New Brunswick-Miss Harriet Stewart




Women Send Members 1o Parliament-Sidney Smith, Sir Robert Peel, Richard

Cobden—The Ladies of Oldham, Jeremy Bentham-Anne Knight-Northern
Reform Society, 1858—Mrs. Matilda Biggs-Unmarried Women and Widows
Petition Parliament Associations Formed in London, Manchester, Edin-
burgh, 1867—John Stuart Mill in Parliament-Seventy-three Votes for his Bill
-John Bright's Vote-Women Register and Vote-Lord-Chief- Justice of
England Declares their Constitutional Right—The Courts Give Adverse De-
cisions-Jacob Bright Secures the Municipal Franchise--First Public Meeting
-Division on Jacob Bright's Bill to Remove Political Disabilities–Mr. Glad-
stone's Speech-Work of 1871-72-Fourth Vote on the Suffrage Bill-Jacob
Bright Fails of Reëlection-Efforts of Mr. Forsyth--Memorial of the National
Society-Some Account of the Workers-Vote of the New Parliament, 1875–
Organized Opposition-Diminished Adverse Vote of 1878—Mr. Courtney's
Resolution-Letters-Great Demonstrations at Manchester-London-Bristol
-Nottingham-Birmingham-Sheffield-Glasgow—Victory in the Isle of Man
-Passage of thc Municipal Franchise Bill for Scotland-Mr. Mason's Resolu-
tion-Reduction of Adverse Majority to 16—Liberal Conference at Leeds-
Mr. Woodall's Amendment to Reform Bill of 1884—Meeting at Edinburgh-
Other Meetings—Estimated Number of Women Householders—Circulars to
Members of Parliament-Debate on the Amendment-Resolutions of the
Society-Further Debate-Defeat of the Amendment-Meeting at St. James

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The Woman Question in the Back-ground-In France the Agitation Dates from

the Upheaval of 1789—International Women's Rights Convention in Paris,
1878—-Mlle. Hubertine Auclert Leads the Demand for Suffrage-Agitation
Began in Italy with the Kingdom--Concepcion Arenal in Spain-Coëducation
in Portugal-Germany: Leipsic and Berlin-Austria in Advance of Germany
Caroline Svetlá of Bohemia-Austria Unsurpassed in Contradictions—Marriage
Emancipaics from Tutelage in Hungary-Dr. Henrietta Jacobs of Holland-
Dr. Isala Van Diest of Belgium-In Switzerland the Catholic Cantons Lag
Behind-Marie Gogg, the Lcader--Sweden Stands First--Universities Open
to Women in Norway-Associations in Denmark --Liberality of Russia toward
Women— Poland–The Orient-Turkey-Jewish Wives—The Greek Woman
in Turkey, The Greek Woman in Greece-An Unique Episode--Woman's
Rights in the American Sense not Known


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