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History (see also English History): “ The Meeting Place of Geology and History," by Sir J. W'. Dawson,

Rev. D. Gath Whitley on, Crit R, July. Hoar, Judge.--How Judge Hoar Cease 1 to be American Attorney-General, by

J. D. Cox, A M, Aug.
Holidays :

The Autumn Holiday, by H. D. Traill, Nat R. Aug.
The Happiest Holiday of My Life, by Miss Adeline Sergeant and Others

YW, Aug.
Holland: England in Holland, Dr. P. H. Davis on, Lud M, Aug.
Holmes, Dr. Oliver Wendell, Brander Matthews on, St. N, Aug.
Hope, Anthony, Interviewed by R. H. Sherard, I, Aug.
Houses of Celebrated People, by R. S. V. Bell, W M, Juls.
Ilull as a Centre of Religious Activity, Q, Aug.
Huxley, Professor, T. H,

Brodrick, Hon. G. C., and Others on, FR, Aug.
Lankester, Prof. E. Ray, on, N SC, Aug.
Macalister, Prof. A.,on, Bkman, Aug.

Mitchell, P. Chalmers, on, New R, Aug.
Hymns and Hymu-writers, F. A. Jones on, Str, July.
Hypnotism, Dr. G. M. Aylsworth on, Can M, July.

India (see also Contents of the Asiatic Quarterly, Calcutta Review, India,

Indian Magazine and Review):
Anuradhapura, C, Aug.
Individualism : Who Owns the Individual? by Hon. Auberon Herbert, H,

Iuns of the Middle Ages, Dr. A. H. Japp on, Ata, Aug.
insanity: see Lunacy.
Insurance, Accident, H. W. Wolff on, Econ R, July.
Insurance, National,-Old Age Pensions :

J. W. Williams on, WR, Aug.

Unsigned Article on, Q R. July.
Ireland :

Banking in Ireland, CJ, Aug.
A Royal Residence in Ireland, St. Loe Strachey on, Nat R, Aug.

Early Christian Buildings in Ireland, G. H. Orpen ou, LH, Aug.
Islam, Q R, July.
Italy :

The Crispi Dictatorship, Ouida on, CR, Aug.
Rome Re-visited, by C. R. W. Biggar, Can M, July.
Caserta ; the Italian Versailles, A. Howard Cady on, Fr L, Aug.
The Lilies of Nola, by Mary Scott-Uda, C M, Aug.

Mahomet and Malome danism : Islam, Q R, July.
Majorcan Village, Florence Freeman on, Ata, Aug.
Mallock, W. H., Theological Pessimism of, by Frederic Harrison, NC, Aug.
Mallorca, A. Walters on, C J, Aug.
Marriage :

Marriage and Divorce, Canon Knox Little on, CR, Aug.
Should the Church Sanction the Marriage of Iunocent Divorcés? by Rev.

T. W. Belcber, RC, July.
Mars, see under Astronomy.
Marseilles, see under France.
Mary Tudor and the Reformers, by Rev. J. D. Breen, DR, July.
Medicine, see Contents of Medical Magazine, Provincial Medical Journal.
Melville, Sir Andrew, J. G. Alger on, Scot R, July.
Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street, Rev. W.J. Woods on, Sun M, Aug.
Mexico as the Cradle of Man's Primitive Traditions, RRA, July.
Mill (John Stuart), Comte, and Spencer, by Prof. Watson, Prof. J. Iverach on,

Crit R, July.
Missions, see Contents of Church Missionary Intelligencer,
Moleschott, Jacob, Scientist, Karl Blind on, TC, Juue.
Monasteries :

St. Swithun's, Winchester, Mac, Aug.

The Passing of the Monk, Q R, July.
Moorland Idylls, by Grant Allen, EI, Aug.
Morocco: Tangier, by Rev. J. Read, G W, Aug.
Nadaud, Martin, French “Maçon," J. M. Ludlow on, A M, Aug.
Napoleon I. :

Davis, John, on, A, July.
Sloane, W. M.,on, CM, Aug.

The Revival of Napoleon-Worship, by J. W. Russell, Can M, July.' Natural History, (see also Birds, Fishes; and Contents of knowledge, Natural

Science, Science Gossip): Heaths, Mosses, and Meres, by “A Son of the Marshes," Black, Aug.

Human Expression in Animals, Fred Miller ou, WM, July Navies, (see also Contents of Journal of the Royal United Service Institution

and United Service Magazines):
Naval Experts, Capt. C. N. Robinson ou, New R, Aug.

Torpedoes, Lieut. J. B. Briggs on, Fr L, Ang.
New England, see Contents of New England Magazine.
New South Wales, see under Australia.
New Zealand :

Hon. Sir Robert Stout on, A Q, July.

In the New Zealand Alps, by E. A. Fitzgerald, CR, Aug. Newfoundland : Judge Prowse's “ History of Newfoundland," W R. Aug. Nordau, Dr. Max, and “ Degeneration":

His Replies to His Critics, C M, Aug. ; F, July ; N AR, July.
Norway, see under Scandinavia.
Norwich Palace, Precentor Venables on, Sun M, Aug.

Japan (see also Orient):

Japan and China in Korea, see Korea.
Problems of the Far East, E R. July.

Rambles in Japan, by Canon H. B. Tristram, LH, Aug.
Tapan, Emperor of, T. Yamagata on, Fr L, Aug.
Jaws, see Contents of Jewish Quarterly Review.

The New Journalism, Miss E. March Phillips on, New R, Aug.
The Romance of Our News Supply, by W. G. Fitzgerald, Str, July.
The Humours of Newspaper Enterprise, CJ, Aug.
The Illustrated London News, D. Williamson on, Min, Aug.

Old Age Homes in Austria, Miss Edith Sellers on, NC. Aug.
Old Age Pensions, see under Insurance (Vational).
Oratory, Herbert Spencer on, CR, Aug.

The Most Noble Orders, Mary Howarth on, Ata, July.

Foreign Orders and Decorations, E. Denloh ou, Cos, July. Orient (see also Korea, etc.):

Some Phases of the Eastern Question, LQ, July.

Open Furrows in the Orient, by J. Cook, OD, July.
Owen, Sir Richard, Ch Q, July.
Oxford (see also Universities):

Hubert Grayle on, Lud M, Aug.
Impressions of Oxford, by Wm. Wharton, Free R, Aug.

Kindergarten (see also Contents of Hand and Eye):

Child Life and the Kindergarten, by Frank B. V rooman, A, July.
Kingsley, Charles,His Place in Literature, by Frederic Harrison, F,

Kipling, Rudyard, E. Mercer on, Man Q, July.
Korea :
The Battle of the Yalu :

McGiffed, P. N., on, CM, Aug.

Mahan, A. T., on, CM, Aug.
Kovalevsky, Sonya, Isabel F. Hapgood on, C M, Aug.

Labour :
The Effect of an Eight Hours Day on Wages and the Unemployed, by C.

Beardsley, jun., Q J Econ, July.
Some Thoughts of a workman concerning the Plea for a Living Wa ge, by

R. Halstead, Econ R, July. The Factory Children, Econ R, July. Labra lor, LQ, July. Lakes: Bathymetrical Survey of the English Lakes, by Dr. Hugh R. Mill,

GJ, Aug.
Land: Is the Single Tax Enough? by Sarah M. Gay and Frances E. Russell,

A, July.
Lang, Andrew, as a Poet, W. Canton on, Bkman, Ang.
Lapier, Sidney, C. Lanier on, Chaut, July.
Laud, Archbishop, Ch Q, July.
Laveleve, Emile de, H.G. Keene on, TC, June.
"Law: The Wrongs of the Juryman, by H. V. Shepard, A M, Aug.
Liberal Party, see under Parliamentary, Electoral.
Literature (see also Poetry, etc.):

“The Decay of Literary Taste," E. Gosse on, NA R. July.
The Literature of the Twentieth Century; a Forecast, by St. J. E. C.

Hankin, TC, June.
Confessions of a Literary Hack, F, July.
Loudon (see also Camberwell):

Londoners at Home, Q R, July,
Lowell, James Russell, Yorksbire Haunts of, Eugenia Skelding on, A M, Ang.
Lunacy: “Acquitte l o'i Grounds of Insanity," by Dr. L. S. Forbes Winslow,

TC. June.

Palestine (see also Contents of Palestine Exploration Finl):

Tbe Fountain of Capernaum, by Rev. Hugh Macmillan, Sun H, Aug.
Palmer, George, and Reading, by F. Dolmau, EI, Aug.
Parini, Giuseppe, Mac, Aug.
Paris, see under France.
Parliamentary, (see also Electoral):

Timely Truths for the Ins and the Outs, by Kosmo Wilkinson, FR, Aug.
Ministerial Responsibility, by Sidney Low, FR, Aug.
The Making of Ministries, Nat R, Aug.
Lord Rosebery and the Liberal Party, by W. L. Stobart, FR, Aug.
The Parliamentary Débâcle--and After, by H. W. Massingbam, CR, Aug.
The Coalition :
Burroughs, Alfred, on, New R, Aug.

" Z." on, New R, Aug.
A Political Retrospect, ER, July.
The House of Lords, Lord Ribblesdale on, NC. Aug.
A Strong Second Chamber, by Prof. E. S. Beesly. F R. Aug.
Au Indictment of Parliameuts, by Helen Zimmern, Black, Aug.

Curious Acts of Parliament, A. J. Gordon ou, GM, Aug.
Parodies, Q R, July.
Pater, Walter, QR, July.
Pauperism and the Poor Law: The Stigma of Pauperism, E. Cannan va,

Econ R, July. Pe llars, Mac, Aug. Pestalozzi, Henry, M. Eastwood on, G T, Aug. Petty, Sir William, ER, July; LQ, July. Phillips, Wendell, Richard J. Hinton on, A, Jaly. Philo Concerning the Contemplative Life, by F. C. Cony beare, Jew Q, July. Philosophy, see Contents of Mind, Monist, Philosophical Review. l'hotography (see also Contents of Photogram, Wilson's Photographic

Magazine): We Three and the Camera in Switzerland, by Miss Hulda Friederichs,

YW, Aug.

amit gontents of Padminton Martin ang

sport, see Fishing and Contents of Badminton Magazine.
Stephen, Sir James Fitzjames, Sir F. Pollock on, Nat R, Ang.
Stevenson, Robert Louis,

Portrait and Autograph of, Cos, July.
The Works of Stevenson, ER, July.

R. L. Stevenson at Vailima, Samoa, Fr L, Aug.
Stewart, Mother, Miss F. Balgarnie on, G T, Aug.
Su lermann's Play, “Sodom's Ende," H. Schütz Wilson on, TC, June.
Sunday in St. George's in the East and the London Docks, Sun H, Aug
Superstitious: The Evil Eye, Q R, July.
Swe len, see under Scandinavia.
Switzerland (see also Mountaineering):

In Chalet Laud, C, Aug. Symonds, J. A., Q R, July.

Taka koji, CJ, Aug.
Tangier, see uuder Morocco.
Tarpon-Fishing, see under Fishing.
Theatres and the Drama (see also Contents of Theatre):

Actors and Dramatists, Herbert Spencer on, CR, Aug.

A Dialogue on the Drama, by H. A. Kennely, N C, Aug.
Theosophy, see Contents of Borderland, Lucifer.
Tibet as a New British Market, by C. E. D. Black, NC, Aug.
Tischendorf's Greek Testament, Q R, July.
Torpedoes, see under Navies.
Transvaal, see under Africa.
Tun lale, Vision of, by W. A. Craigie, Scot R, July.
Turkey :

Armenian Question, see Armenia.
Sancta Sophia, Constantinople, Robert Weir Schultz on, Scot R, July.
Constantinople, Prof. J. P. Mahaffy on, Chaut, July,

United States (see also Race Problems, Bible in Schools, Education : Berkshire,

Boston, Chicago, Colorado, California, etc.): Sound Currency the Dominant Political Issue in America, by W Salomun.

F, July. Wall Street and the Cre lit of the Government, by A. C. Steveus, RRA,


Ping, Lee, Guy Boothby ou, CJ, Aug.
Poetry :

Poets, Herbert Spencer on, CR, Aug.
Occasional Poets, by T. Newbigging, Man Q, July.
The Early History of English Poetry, Ch Q, July.
Some Aspects of Recent Poetry, by Wm. Wallace, Scot R, July.
Poetic Pride, H. M. Sanders on, G M. Aug.

Poema del Cid, W. Butterworth on, Man Q, July.
Political Economy, see Contents of Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of

Politics, (see also Electoral, Parliamentary):

Empiricism in Politics, T. Mackay ou, Nat R, Aug.
Polk's (President) Diary in the Lenox Library, New York, J. Schouler on,

A M, Aug. Positivism, see Contents of Positivist Review. Poultry-Farming : Reminiscences of a Poultry-Yard, Black, Aug. Prayer : A Defence of Prayer, by Dr. W. Barry, NC, Aug. Prison Committee Report, Sir E. Du Cane on, N C, Aug. Psychical Research, see Ghosts; and Contents of Borderland, Proceelings of

the Society for Psychical Research. Psychology, (see also Contents of Mind, Monist, Psychological Review):

T. J. Hudson's Duality of Mind Disproved, by Rev. T. E, Allen, A, July.
Queen Victoria, Childhood of, WH, Aug.
Queensland, see under Australia.
Race Problems of America : A Negro on the Negro Question, by Prof. W. S.

Scarborough, Free R, Aug.
Railways (see also Contents of Engineering Magazine):

The Dawn of the Railway Era, by W. B. Paley, TC, June. !
Great Mountain Railways, by J. H. Means and J. C. Branner, Chaut,

The Proposed New Route from British North America, Duncan Macarthur

on, WR, Aug.
Railway Batteries and Armoured Trains, Col. Boxall on, FR, Aug.
Rhodes : The Fall of Rhodes, H. H. Crellin on, GM, Aug.
Rogers, Dr. J. Guinness, Personal Reminiscences by, Sun M, Aug.
Rome, see under Italy.
Rose-Growers, Q R, July.
Rosebery, Lord, (see also Electoral, Parliamentary):

Lord Rosebery and the Liberal Party, by W. L. Stobart, F R, Aug.
Rosse, Earl of, Sir Robert Ball on, G W, Aug.
Rural Banks, see Savings Banks.
Ruskin, John, Henriette Corkran on, TB, Aug.
Russia : The Censorship of the Press, R. G. Burton on, W R, Aug.
St. Bernard's, Susan Gavan Duffy on, Ir M, Aug.
Samoa, (see also Stevenson (Robt. L.)):

Samoan Life on the Copra Plantations, F. M. Turner on, Fr L, Aug.
Sanitation, (see also Contents of Public Health):

The Disposal of a City's Waste, Col. G. E. Waring, jun., on, NAR, July. Sans-Gêne, Madame, -The Real Madame Saus-Gêne, by C. Johnston, Cal R,

Savings Banks: Rural Banks, Mrs. E. M. Lynch on, G M, Aug.
Scandinavia :

The Case for Norwegian Liberalism, by Prof. Sars, FR, Aug.

A King's Scheme of Scandinavian Unification, by Carl Siewers,'F R, Aug. Scieoce, (see also Contents of Science Progress):

Scieuce in Fetters, by Prof. St. George Mivart, DR, July. Scotland (see also Contents of Scottish Review)

The Men of the Hills, Mac, Aug.

On Western Islay, by J. Baker, CFM, Aug. Scott, Sir Walter,Some Characteristics of Scott's Poetry, by Principal A. M.

Williams, Scots, Aug. Seeley, Sir John Robert, J. R. Tanner on, EH, July. Shakespeare's Clowns, A. W. Fox on, Man Q, July. Sheep : Wild Traits in the Sheep, by Dr. L. Robinson, NA R. July. Shipping: The Proposed New Route from British North America, Duncan

Macarthur on, WR, Aug. Single Tax, see under Laud. Siráf, Ancient Trading Centre of the Persian Gulf, by Capt. A. W. Stiffe, G J,

Aug. Smith, Adam, and His Friends, ER, July. “Social Evolution," by Benjamin Kidd, T. Roosevelt on, NARJuly. Social Purity : Opposing Views by Legislators on Age of Consent Legislation,

Symposium on, A, July
Socialism :

Social Anarchy, by Grant Allen, H, Aug.
Socialism and the Christian Social Union, Ch Q, July.
“ Social England," LQ, July.
Social Anatomy, LQ, July.

The March of Socialism in France, by A. Hamon, Free R, Aug.
Soudan, see Egypt and the Soudan.
Sound, Mystery of, by W. M. Clemens, Lipp, Aug.

The Spanish Peninsula, by B. 0. Flower, A. July.
Spanish Pictures, by Gleeson White, I. Aug.

The Romance of Spain, by C. W. Wood, Arg. Aug.
Spain, Philip II. of, Passing of, A. Harcourt on, TB. Aug.
Spencer, Herbert,
"Comte, Mill, and Spencer," by Prof. Watson, Prof. J. Iverach on, Crit R,

Spencer versus Balfour, by Prof. St. George Mivart, N C, Aug.

How Free Silver would Affect the Unite ! States, br E.O. Leech, NAR, July. The Minimum Principle in the Tariff of 1823 and Its Recent Revival in the

Unite i States, by S. B. Harding, A APS, July, Salutary Results of the Income Tax Decision in America, by G. F. Edmund,

F, July. Political Dangers of the Income Tax Decision in America, by E. B. Whitner.

F, July. Position of the American Representative in Congress, by C. H. Lincola,

A APS, July. A Previous Era of Popular Madness in America and Its Lessons, by E. G.

Ross, F, July. Six Years of Civil Service Reform in the Unite 1 States, 1889-1895, T.

Roosevelt on, Scrib, Aug. Political Heredity in the Unite 1 States, by H. King, Chaut, July. The American Social Problem as affected by Immigration, Dr. B. F. Kidder

on, Hom R, July. Bathing at the American Sea-Shore Resorts, J. Howe Adams on, Cos, July. Universities :

Modern Oxford, W. Channing Arnold on, TC, June.
Oxford University, Auna M. Clarke on, CW, July.
Oxford Degrees for Women, see under Women.
Three Years under the New Ordinances :
A Graduation Address to the Scottish Universities, by Prof. A. Seth,

Scot R, July.
Utopias, Ancient and Modern, by H. C. Shuttleworth, MP, Aug.
Wales : A Plea for the Welsh Llyns, by H. 0. Newland, TC, Junc.
Warwickshire, George Eliot's Neighbourhood, by George Morley, T C, June.
The Transporting Power of Water and the Making of Land, by Ir. H.

Wheeler, Long, Aug.
Notes on London Bridge Waterworks, by E. W. Hulme and R. Jenkins,

Ant, Aug.
Wedding-Cakes, F. Steelcroft on, Str, July.
Weimar, see under Germany.
Wesley Ghost, Andrew Lang on, CR, Aug.
Whyte, Dr. Alexander, Interviewed by Mrs. Tooley, YW, Aug.
Wolseley, Lord, Colonel Maurice on, USM, Aug.
Women (see also Contents of English woman's Revieto):

Woman, Past or Present? by Lady Violet Greville, T C, June.
Oxford Degrees for Women :

Case, Professor T., ou, FR, Aug.
Grose, Rev. T. H., on, FR, Aug.

Wells, H. G., on, Bkman, Ang.
The Shop Girl, Miss M. A. Belloc on, I. Aug.
The Position of Dutch Women, by M. E. Aleida Schanze, H. Aug.
How a Girl lived in Ancient Athens, by S. E. Hall, Ata, Aug.
Yachting : The Britannia, Min, Aug.


FOR SALE.-THE ARMENIAN JAGAZINE, Vols. 1 to 46, with the exception of Vol. 39. From 1777 to 1823First published by Rev. John Wesley. Cloth. Good condition.-Mrs. LOWTHER, 60, Queen's Road, Bayswater.







The New


LONDON, Sept. 2, 1895. as to the dangers which menace the tranquillity we The appointment of Field-Marshal Lord have so long enjoyed. I don't think there will be Commander- Wolseley to the command-in-chief- of war. But I do feel that it will depend upon the

in-chief. the British army, in place of the Duke courage and resolution and resource of Lord Salisbury of Cambridge, has been hailed with general satis- and his colleagues, whether we reach the New Year faction. The Duke lingers reluctant at the wings, in peace. In Armenia, China, Siam, and Central being loath to quit the stage on which he has been so Africa there are plenty of questions which may at long a conspicuous figure. But although he delayed any moment explode like a bomb, and it will need his departure, feeling, as he says, he has the spirit of all the firmness of a Ministry with a inajority of a young man of twenty-five under the hair silvered 150 at its back to prevent the local explosion firing by the snow of seventy-six winters, he has gone at the general powder magazine. last, and Lord Wolseley reigns in his stead. With The Chief The peril, the only serious peril, to peace the passing of the Duke disappears the last link Hope of is now as always in Paris. And our which connected the army of to-day with the army eace. chief security, that the innumerable questhat fought in the Crimea. Lord Wolseley, who tions which are at issue between England and France fought as a youngster before Sebastopol, is a man of all round the world will not be allowed to culminate the new school, the worthy head of an army which in war, lies in the strength and the efficiency of regards soldiering as a profession and a science rather the British fleet. Those French journalists who than as an amusement. If any one can give us are perpetually writing as if they desired nothing so twenty shillings for one pound in the shape of much as war with England, although they may inflame efficient soldiers, Lord Wolseley is that man. Let the relations between the nations, are not after all us hope that the uniform good luck which has the real rulers of France. When the French Ministers followed him through all his career will not desert and Deputies' look seriously into the question of him now that he has achieved the summit of his peace or war, they will find themselves confronted ambition.

by a series of considerations which will almost The change has not been made a moment certainly lead them to avoid pushing matters to Chances too soon. I hope that the year will pass extremities. A war with England would be of

of War. without any outbreak of war, but the necessity a naval war, and in a naval war France barometer seems to be falling rapidly, and in the without allies, or with an ally whose fleet could not time of storm and stress Britain does well to have effect a junction with her squadrons, could not keep her most capable captain in the saddle. There is a the sea. She would either have to face battle in feel of cannon thunder in the air. I am not an the open against superior numbers, in which it is alarmist. I think I may fairly claim to have been almost a mathematical certainty that the victory always one of the optimists as to the prospects of would remain with the stronger fleet, or she would peace. But not for many years have I felt so uneasy have to confine herself to furtive expeditions from


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