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London, Oct. 1st, 1895. Russias. We have, therefore, the advantage of all Last month closed with an ominous the popular strength given by Democracy with all Storm Clouds overclouding of the Eastern sky. From the concentration of purpose in an untram melled in the East.

the further East came news of Lord executive that is possessed by an absolute Salisbury's ultimatum to the Chinese Government : despot. Lord Salisbury for practical purposes in -“ Degrade the Viceroy responsible for the mas- foreign affairs is Tzar. His will there is none to sacre of Ku-cheng in fourteen days, or the British dispute. If he chooses to blow the Sultan's palace admiral will act.” And the British admiral, with about his ears, no one will say him nay. If he all his ships, moved menacingly towards Nankin. occupies Nankin, and therefore invades and occupies The same day came news of the mustering of a Chinese territory, his political opponents will be the great British fleet of seventeen vessels at the island first to vote him whatever supplies he needs. Conof Lemnos, at the mouth of the Dardanelles-not sidering what has been written of the bitterness of without cause. For the Sultan had intimated parties and the growth of faction, such a spectacle that he had no intention of permitting any of an united nation standing silent in serried real limitation upon his right divine to govern wrong phalanx, waiting with loyal obedience the command in Armenia, fresh atrocities were reported from of its chief, is encouraging indeed. these harried uplands, and it was time to give the ... At the same time we need all the en

Eggshelly Commander of the Faithful a hint that even England's


Y couragement that this can give us, for a

Coutagomenu patience was not quite inexhaustible. So when Mon

more risky business than this on hand at day's papers were unfolded at yesterday's breakfast either end of Asia it is difficult, almost impossible, to table an astonished public found itself - next door to conceive. To begin with China first. The great war with the Ottoman Empire at one end of Asia and Mongol Empire is very much like a rotten egg. So the Chinese Empire at the other. A thrilling, perhaps long as its shell remained intact, it did not smell ever an awe-inspiring spectacle, and one which in its so bad. But the Japanese victories smashed in one way is quite the most alarming witnessed for many end of it, and the smell is fearful.' The Central years.

. .. Government, either from inability or want of will, no It is well to know that we have a longer keeps in check the fanatical and disaffected Brave Days Government in power, which is strong element in the provinces, and the missionaries bave

of Old. enough to feel absolutely free from all been rabbled in every district save one. Twenty-two calculations of majorities or minorities.' It is better Catholic missions are reported to have been attacked. still to know that there is no opposition, even of the American, German and British mission stations most formal description, to hamper the Ministers shared the same fate. It is obvious that unless of the Queen in defending the interests and indis- something is done, and that promptly, the interior of charging the duties of the nation. John Bull for China will be too hot to hold a European Yet once speaks with a single voice and acts with a will what can be done? We can occupy Nankin, no as unfettered as if he were the Autocrat of all the doubt. But with what result? If there is sufficient

Like the

authority left in Pekin to maintain order and enforce class throughout China. That depends. It is not the law even under menace of our guns, well and well to look a gift horse in the mouth, and we cannot good. But if not--and there is always the danger be blind to the possibility that the suspiciously that we may by our own action bring down with a sudden compliance of the Chinese Government to run the decaying and moribund government which the British ultimatum may be a mere blind. Or alone stands between four hundred millions of men even if it is genuine, it is possible the Viceroy may and anarchy--what then? We shall only have decide to place himself at the head of a popular movepoached on the other end of the egg which Japan has ment directed against the Government in Pekin. chipped, and the stench will be worse than erer. Everything depends, in short-to revert to our first China is in a very eggshelly condition, and no one simile--whether the Chinese administrative system dare prophesy what will

is eggshell or gutta-percha. happen, Bobinsyado

If it is eggshell, we are For the mo- u stomob/

1599) 9710

only at the beginning of The Chinese mer


b 189 Surrender. inden ment the policy ib 10799modo

our troubles, and

แรนส์ 2 กัน ใน24

the of the ultima- rw. Leng ono

menace intended to extum seems to have been blou 7 SERIENCE

tract us from an impossible justified by success. In It 7 / 90

situation would merely the morning we read the ju brat


have transferred us from ultimatum in the evening Trees

the frying-pan into the we heard the Chinese

fire. Still, Lord Salisbury Government had capitu

is entitled to the credit of lated. The Governor of Vad

a first and sensational suc the province of Szechuen


cess. has been degraded by an 5080


The Potency No such good Imperialedict, and declared Jubas

of news has come to be ineligible for office

Impotence. to us from elsewhere. Szechuen is

Constantinople. The the most western province

officials responsible for the of China, and a corre

massacres in Armenia are spondent of mine in Chung

not yet degraded by King says that that city

Imperial edict, nor have is the only large town in

any of the demands of the the province in which has

Powers for guarantees foreigners have not been

against a repetition of the attacked. The Roman

massacres been agreed to Catholics in that province . U

by the Porte. Our diffialone have had forty mis

culty in dealing with LI HUNG CHANG IN HIS SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR. sion stations looted by the

Turkey is not lack of Taken at Tientsin, July 18th, 1895, afler his return from Japan. mob. Repeated represenThe bullet mark is seen under the left eye.

strength, but the possitations at Pekin have pro

bility of demolishing the duced nothing more than mockery of compliance Grand Turk altogether if he forces us to hit him. with the demands of the Powers, and it seemned, even The British feet that now lies mustered off the down to the last moment, that the Viceroy, who is island of Lemnos could, possibly. without even officially and probably personally responsible for the the loss of a gunboat, force the Dardanelles, sink outbreak of violence, would defy all the diplomats of every ship in the Turkish navy, and compel the all the Powers. No sooner, however, did the British immediate evacuation of Constantinople by the ultimatum arrive than the Chinese Government, Sultan and his Ministers. But after we had done all apparently believing that England means business this, where should we be ? In naval, if not military when she puts her fleet in motion, suddenly complied occupation of Constantinople, with a probability that —and more than complied with everything that we should have to occupy Stamboul just as we was asked of her. The degradation of the Viceroy, Occupied Alexandria, in order to prevent the entire it is hoped, will teach a lesson to all the mandarin destruction of the city. But in the present state of



and mopets her fieet'intEngland


Europe, it would be about as safe to insert a red-hot Russia is seriously going to digest China, she will poker in a barrel of gunpowder, as it would be for have no appetite for any of the rest of the world Great Britain to occupy and administer the city of for, twenty years to come. Instinct, however, and Constantine. The Sultan knows this as well as the inbred conservatism of the Russian Foreign any one, and hence, secure in his very impotence, Office, will lead the Tzar and his advisers to preserve he baffles all the efforts of all the Governments to the Chinese Empire intact, rather than to face the induce him to govern decently in Armenia.

fearful overturn that would result if any attempt The Future Apart from our own immediate affairs were made to inaugurate a scramble for Chinese

• of in China and in the Levant, the sky provinces. In , Japan looks stormy enough in the direction of

As long as the whole Chinese Empire Japan. Both the Japanese and the Russians appear

True Policy. Obeys orders

y obeys orders from Pekin, Russia can to have taken for granted that the recent war but

dominate 400,000,000 Yellow Men by cleared the stage for the real antagonists to take putting their Emperor diplomatically into her pocket; the field. Russia is said to be straining every nerve but if once the signal were given for a general divito reinforce her arıny in Vladivostock ; artillery sion, Russia at most could not hope to come out with and munitions of war are being hurried eastward ; more than one-half of the spoil. Not annexation, and, when the time comes for trying conclusions with but ascendency, is the true policy for the ambitious the Japanese, the Russians hope to have an army of Muscovite. The stars in their course seem to be 90,000 men on the spot.' The Japanese, on the other fighting so hard for Russia that the Russians hand, are intensely indignant at the intervention do not need to fight for themselves. Their only of Russia, whom they'recognise as the principal in policy needs to be “ Hands Off," for by the nature this matter. They are preparing to spend the in- of things Pekin and Constantinople will every demnity they have extorted from China in strength- year tend to become more and more the seats ening their fleet. The electorate will, it is said, en- of mediatised sovereigns who, in time, 'will have thusiastically support the proposal for increasing the no more foreign policy of their own than have standing army, and, in short, for going into training Holkar or Scindia, or any other of our great native for the impending conflict. They have as yet shown' feudatories. All this, however, might be spoiled if no indication of any disposition to evacuate the any impatient philanthropic English Ministry were Liaotung peninsula, and Russia and France are said to precipitate the general overturn by too urgent to be taking steps for the purpose of expediting their insistence on an immediate reform. The policy of movements. The action of Germany is not yet "Russia must therefore, of necessity, be intensely certain." Affairs in Korea are the reverse of re- conservative. It is a case of the poacher turned assuring. The Koreans are likely to give the Japan- gamekeeper. ese much more trouble than did the Chinese, and

The French The French continue to struggle forevery day it seems more certain that here also we i n ward in Madagascar. The Republic sent are but at the beginning of a new epoch ; nor can Feverland. 15,000 men in a perfectly equipped any one foresee what the end will be.

expedition to chastise the Hovas, and to assert Russia What the policy of Russia will be we the majesty of France in their capital. The expediin the have to judge from hints supplied by tion was equipped to fight the Hovas; it was not

" Basto her actions rather than from declara prepared to contend against the only effective ally tions furnished by her rulers. A rumour has been upon whose help their enemies confidently relied. circulated to the effect that, in return for her ser- The fever of the lowlandi, through which the vices in guaranteeing the two loans that China has expedition had to force its way, has cost France in raised in France, Russia is to have Port Arthur. invalided soldiers one-half of her expedition. Every This has been promptly denied. By her two loans, letter from the front tells a ghastly story of human Russia has reduced China to the position of a tributary suffering. No work could be got out of the native She has no missionaries as hostages in the interior tribes. Coolies were imported and worked to death, of the Chinese Empire, and she will probably work while the wretched soldiers, toiling hard under a steadily and continuously, without haste and without tropical sun in making roads through marshes heavy rest, to convert the northern portion of the Chinese with malaria, went down like rotten sheep. Many Empire into a Russian dependency. This ought of them went mad, and wandered about the camp to be good news for our Russophobes, for if pleased with the happy delusion that they were the

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most fortunate of men, laughing and talking to every own pet schemes than to promote the safety of the one of their immense good fortune. Although seven expedition, or to secure the triumph of the Republic. thousand Frenchmen were placed hors de combat by The stories told of the extent to which this rivalry fever, it is doubtful whether seven have been killed has gone would be almost incredible, were it not that or wounded by the weapons of the Hovas. The the results are only too patent, and the excuses of whole of the summer has been consumed in road the inculpated departments, the worst confirmation making ; but, at last, the General telegraphs that he of their guilt. The Germans must chuckle as is about to make a forward rush upon the capital. they witness this administrative chaos. The Hitherto they have encountered no serious resist. French may have created a great army, but if their ance ; but when they get to Antananarivo, the Ministers cannot pull together, the vaster the

machine the more easily it will be wrecked. The fact of the inatter is that the initial blunder of the French was in not accepting the offer of Cecil Rhodes. They went to Madagascar out of mad jealousy of Cecil Rhodes, and they could not bear to accept the offer which he pressed upon them to provide a sanatorium for their invalided soldiers at the Cape. The unfortunate fever-stricken patients who die like flies in the fiery furnace of the Red Sea have bitter reason to regret the rejection of Mr. Rhodes's offer. . .

Spain's Spain makes no progress in reducing the trouble in rebellion in Cuba.'. To all appeals for

· Cuba. the' 'adoption of a more conciliatory policy the Spanish Government replies by calling out, “ More and yet more troops!” It is quite possible that they may have an army of 100,000' men employed in terrorising the Cubans. Meantime Cuban sympathisers, are busy at work in the United States and in the neighbouring republics. The Government of Mexico propose to recognise them as belligerents, and yesterday a great

mass meeting was held in Chicago, with the sympathy Suva:

and support of the Mayor, Mr. Swift, the Governor of the State of Illinois, and other representative men,

which passed enthusiastic resolutions in favour of From Kladderad atsch.]

(Sept. 29th, 1895. GLORY IN MADAGASCAR.

recognising the Cuban insurgents as belligerents, A German View.

and did their best to compel the Government of

Washington to do what it could, consistent French will be very much like what we were when with neutrality, on behalf of Cuban independence. we got to Cabul. They will have a wolf by the ears, This is only another straw showing how ready a and will not know what to do with it.

large section of Anierican citizens are to faunt the Anarchy at All the squalid horrors of the fever- flag when any European Power is endeavouring

Head- stricken French cami) pale, however, into to even hold its own in the western hemiquarters. insignificance beside the picture which sphere. the expedition affords of the chaos prevailing in The Irish Another meeting that was held last the high places of the French Government. It is convention month at Chicago, under the presidency frankly admitted by the Parisian press that the three at Chicago. of Mr. Finerty, was directed against this Government departments—that of the Ministry of country. Chicago has always been the centre of the War, the Ministry of Marine, and the Ministry of advanced Irish revolutionists. It was from that city Colonies--have been all at sixes and sevens, each' that most of the dynamitards came over to England more anxious to push its own men and carry out its on their mission of vengeance. It was the appropriate


at Chicago.

the Pope

place for the Irish Americans to proclaim a policy some connection between the horoscope of Lord of revolution, and to demand that the Irish race Wolseley and the Ashantee kingdom. Lord Wolseley throughout the world should prepare for action against won his first distinguished success by leading the the British Empire. It is the fashion to belittle and expedition which captured and burnt Coomasšie in deride the Irish convention in Chicago, but it is 1873 ; and now, almost on the very day when he left significant as a formal notification of the fact that Dublin to assume the duties of Commander-in-Chief, the result of last general election has been accepted comes the news that another war with Ashantee is by Irish patriots outside Ireland, where they are considered almost inevitable. This is a matter much more numerous and more influential., than which will lie within Mr. Chanıberlain's province, those who are left in their native land, that for the and as the probability is that “ Joe” will stand no present the policy of constitutional agitation is nonsense, we may be committed to another little played out, and the day of the dagger and of war before we know where we are, dynamite has returned. Nothing was said of either

All these things, however, are but fleaof those weapons at Chicago, but as there is no

Russia and bites compared with the possibility of a

France, chance of meeting England in 'the open field, the

sudden breach with France. Last month policy recoinmended by the convention means either the French held their autumn manœuvres upon assassination and outrage, or it is a mere stroke in a gigantic scale, almost within gunshot of the the water. i ri i r oto ini ,' ;' in German frontier. But the military operations were

Selling' At present, however, the threats of the insignificant compared with the political demonstraIreland to Irish revolutionists have hardly received tions for which they afforded the excuse. General

e pope. the attention of a hearing. The imme- Dragomiroff, representing the Russian army, was the diate difficulty in Ireland is much more serious. hero of the day, while the arrival of Prince Lobanoff, Ministers are committed to a Land Bill, but they who is virtually vice-Tzar, seemed to supply the can take over Mr Morley's, patch it up a bit, crowning demonstration of the reality of the Russoand pass it off as their own. The real crux comes French alliance Prince Lobanoff has been some when they have, to decide: how far they have to time in France, and has been closeted with the sell the Irish nation into the hands of the priests. French Minister for Foreign Affairs. What business The Catholic vote, helped to put the Unionists they discussed is not known. It is not believed they in power, and Rome will require , to be paid for simply met as historians, but rather 'as the makers of her services. It is understood that Ministers history yet to come, will establish, and endow, a Catholic University

INC University De Witte Prince Lobanoff is a gentleman and a in Ireland, and will practically re-model the educa and statesman who, despite his age, seems tional system of the country in accordance with Chamberlain, to hold the reins of power with a the wishes of the priests. Poor Orange Ulster pretty firm grip. De Witte, his colleague, is will have to grin and bear it. In the south and the Minister of Finance, and a much more dangerous west, the whole of the schools will pass into the and much less reputable politician. .. What the two hands of the Catholic Church. Such, at least, is the between them will make of Russian policy in the by no means improbable result of the policy to which next twelve months, it is difficult to say, but it is Ministers are committed by their devotion to deno. improbable that they will wantonly precipitate war ; minational education and their obligations to the on the contrary, there is every reason to believe that . hierarchy. Thus we are going to have Rome Rule they will utilise the rapprochement with France to the as the alternative to Home Rule. It may be neces- uttermost for the purpose of emptying the French sary, but it is not surprising that some stalwart stocking. The Alliance, so long as it is confined to Protestants, who have seen how Rome Rule works the diplomatic field as financial, is as good as a gold in Belgium and Quebec, have many searchings of mine to Russia. The rumour has been started that, heart when they think of the price that has to be strong in the strength of his access to the French paid in Ireland for the defeat of Home Rule. stocking, De Witte has conceived the daring scheme

pestenes As if we had not sufficient to .occupy of making Russia guarantor-general of all the debts A Threatened Ashantee ourselves with at home, there is an ugly of all her feudatories. The success of the Chinese

War. report from the West Coast of Africa Loan is said to have encouraged him to believe that we may have to prepare for another Ashantee that by undersigning the Servian, Montenegrin, expedition. It would seem almost as if there were and Bulgarian Bonds, he can practically establish;

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