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From the New Budget.]. . THE GAME OF GRAB. .! [August 29, 1895, in the House At the meet

of Commons. ing of the Trades Union Congress, at Cardiff, it was It is a thousand pities, when nothing divides the definitely decided to make that body more strictly Irish parties except personal questions, they should representative than it has been hitherto. At all not agree to act together in opposition. Sweet previous Congresses, many of the Unions were repre- are the uses of adversity, and a couple of years of sented twice over—first, by their delegates, and then

Tory government will probably do more to unite by the delegates of the local trade councils of which

the Irish ranks than the eloquence of all the they form a part. It has been decided that hence

Liberals. forth the trade councils are not to be entitled to direct representation, and it was further determined

'Mr Price The Archbishop of Canterbury has sum

Hughes' false moned a private conference of the friends that no man, who was not working at his own trade,

start. of denominational education, in order to should be eligible as delegate. Mr, Burns, among

concert for 'common action in the assault that is to be others, will no longer figure in the Trades Union

delivered on the Treasury. It was unfortunate that, Congress. John Burns is in Parliament, but as

while the denominationalists are rallying their forces, for the others who failed to secure their election to

Mr. Price Hughes should have deemed it expedient Parliament, they are left out in the cold, and are

to throw a bone of contention into the opposing camp. wandering around in a somewhat disconsolate

Speaking at Grindelwald, Mr. Hughes put forward fashion. The proceedings of the Congress do not

the astonishing suggestion that the Church party call for much remark, and it is to be feared that,

should merge all their schools in a national although the new regulations are logical, they may

system, managed, it is to be presumed, by the have the effect of diminishing the popular interest in that Parliament of Labour. The meeting at Cardiff

School Boards, and that, in return for this surwas attended by Mr. Gompers, who was representing

render on their part, the Nonconformists should the American Unionists. Mr. Keir Hardie was not.

assent to the Apostles' Creed being taught in all resent, as he was at the time engaged on tour in public elementary schools. A more fatuous proposal America. He spoke several times at Chicago, where was seldom launched with such an air of confident the Trade and Labour Congress, after his departure. simplicity by a clever man. To begin with, there passed what was in effect a resolution of censure, is not the slightest intention on the part of the although Mr. Hardie had been very careful to avoid Church party to surrender their schools, and, even if saying anything uncomplimentary to Chicago and its there had been, their opponents would never consent citizens.

to what would be equivalent to the State establishIn Ireland there is no sign of any ment and endowment of the Apostles' Creed. The in healing of the breach. The Parnellites only effect of airing such an extraordinary proposal

have been discussing somewhat bitterly was to create a sore feeling in the Liberal camp, and the account of the conduct of the Irish hierarchy which to encourage the denominationalists in their demands I published in a Character Sketch of Archbishop on the public treasury.


The Split



Sept. 1. Parcel Pest Convention between France 3

and Great Britain ga zettel.
Memorial Church of the Emperor Williani I.

consecrated in Berlin. 2. Trade l'nion Congress opened at Cardiff. Anniversary of Sedan commemorated in Ger!

many. Conference of the Institute of Journalists opene l.

Strike in the Duudee Jute Trade ended. 3. The Shabzada left London for the Coatineat

en route to Afghanistan. Serious riet between Hindus and Mohammelang

at Dhulia.
4. 'Sir Arthur Havelock appointed Governor of

Committee appointed to supervise the constru'-

tion of the Uganda Railway.
Tasmanian Legislative Council rejectel the

Universal Suffrage Bill.
Quinquennial International Metric ('ongress

opened in Paris.
6. Khama, the Bechuanaland Chief, arrive i et

Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress left London for

United States Government derided to make an

independent inquiry into the Cheng-tu Mis

sionary massacre. 7. Trades I'niou Congress closed. Antwerp Communal Council “ petitioned the

King to withholil the Royal Assent from the new Education Bill until after the Electious, Defender beat Valkyrie III, in tbe first race for

the America Cup.
9. Princess Alexandra of Saxe-Coburg betrothed
to the Hereditary Prince of Hohenlohe-

Sir West Ridgeway appointed Governor of

British Ambassador to Berlin.

(Photograph by Elliott and fry.) Annual Roman Catholic Conference opene i at

Bristol. St. Mary's 'anal, the new Canadian water-way 11. Sir Frank Lascelles appointed British Ambassaconnecting Lakes Superior and Huron, was

dor at Berlin. opened.

Mr. Stoddart's Australian" team defeated the 0. Annual Conference of the Library Association.

All England Eleven at Hastings by 218 runs. The second race for the America Cup was

12. Sir W. O'Connor appointed British Ambassador awarded to the Defender on a foul, although

at St. Petersburg. Talkyrie III. beat Defender on her time

South African Government appointed a Comallowance.

mission for the thorough exploration of Cape 11. Annual Meeting of the British Association opened.


Lord Dunraven gave the third race for the The Bechuana Chiefs received by Mr. Chamber

America Cup to Defender, and declined again lain at the Colonial Office.

to race in American waters.
13. Knighthoods conferred on Mr. R. B. Finlay,

Q.C., M.P., and Mr. H. B. Poland, Q.C..
Transvaal Volksraad decided to extend the Pre-

toria Railway to Pietersburg.
14. Election riots between Parnellite and Anti-

Parnellite mobs in Limerick.
International Press Congress opened at Bor-

Count Badeni was instructed by the Austrian

Emperor to form a new Ministry
16. Fatal fire broke out on board the London and

Edinburgh Shipping Company's steaner Iona,

off Clacton; seven lives lost.
Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoresy returned to

London from France.
Envoys sent by Gungubana to Cape Town

were stopped at Durban.
Consular Commission of Inquiry at ku-cheng

stated to be obstru ted by Chinese Officials.
Lord Beaumont, whilst out sbooting alone, was

killed by tbe accidental discharge of bis gun.
17. Monument of Bishop Harvey Goodwin unveile i

in ('arlisle Cathedral
Legislative Assembly, at Sydney, passel the

Land and Income Tax Assessment Bill.
Royal Assent was given to the Belgian new

Education Bill.
Sir James Stansfeld presented with the Houo-

rary Freedom of Halifax.
18. Pamir Delimitation Commission completed its


Spanish forces in Cuba gained a victory over President of the Tra les Union Cougress.

the Iusurgent leader Gie.

Seven Chinese leaders concerned in the ku-cheng (Photograph by London Studio, Cardiff.)

Massacres were executed.

19. Vetherland Company's Atlantic liver Edam run

down in a fog in the English (hannel by a

British steamer ; passengers and crew saved.
French troops reviewed by Presideut Faure at

Dutch Budget Statement submitted.
Belgian Government re alled Capt. Lothaire to

give information concerning the execution of

Mr. Stokes.
20. Denouncement of Treaty (1854) between Great

Britain and Chili gazetted.
Celebration of the Anniversary of the entry of

Italians into Rome.
Austrian Emperor pardoned Hungarian Rou-

manians sentence i for Political Agitation. Senhor de Soveral appointed Portuguese Foreign

21. Moorish Government officially recognised, the

British Vice-Consul at Fez.
Lieut. Peary, the Arctic explorer, arrived at

St. Johu's, Newfoundland, his Expe lition

having failed. International Athletic Contest at New York

between representatives of the London and New York Athletic Clubs, resulting in the

American team winning every event. 23. II.M.S. Minerva launched at Chatham.

French troops gained victories over the Hova

forces on the road to Antananarivo. London Missionary Society continued its Cen

tenary Convention.
24. Col. Gerard Smith appointed Governor of

Western Australia, aud Sir H. 11. Murray
Governor of Newfoundland.
Placards denouncing foreigners and Christians

posted up throughout the Province of Che-
Irish-American “Physical Force" Convention

at Chicago opened, French Council of Ministers Ciscussed the

campaign against the Hovas. 25. Conference of the Irish Agricultural Organiza

tion Society.
Annual Meeting of the Highland Land League
Brazilian Chamber of Deputies rejectel tbe

Amnesty Bisl.
Landslip in the Province of Yemer, Arabia :

100 lives lost.
26. Chitral Campaign brought to a final conclusion :

15,000 troops were withdrawn.
Legislative Council, at Sydney, shelset the

Bill for its reform.
News to hand of the death of Magato, the

Transvaal Chief.
27. Centenary Convention of the London Missions

Society closel.

[graphic][merged small]

BRITISH ASSOCIATION AT Expiring Laws Continuance Bill passe 1 through

Cept. 11. Presidential Address by Sir

West Highland Failway Guarantee Bill was

Douglas Dalton.
12. Prof. R. Meldoa on Startling Dis-

Purchase of Land (Ireland) Amendment Bill

read second time. coveries in Chemistry, Sir Henry Roscoe on the Genesis of 3. Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) Bill read John Dalton's Atomic Theory.

second time. Mr. Vernon Harcourt on the Re.

Public Offices (Acquisition of Site) Bill read

third time. lation of Engineering to Science.

Debate on Indian affairs.

Major-Gen. Webber on Light Rail-

Expiring Laws Continuance Bill read third time.
ways as an Assistance to Science.
Vir. L. 1. Price on Economics as

Purchase of Land (Ireland) Bill read third time. Affecting Some Questions of the

4. Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) Bill passed

through Committee, Day.

Lord George Hamilton made a statement as to Mr. A. L. Bowey on Wages in

the financial condition of India.
the United States and Great 5. Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) Bill read

third time.
Prof. Flinders Petrie on Anthro-

Dr. Herdman on DeepSea Dredging. Sept. 2. Mr. Fiplay, M.P., at Inverness, on the
Capt. Hinde on Cannibals and their

Foreign Policy of England...

9. Cardinal Vaughan, at Bristol, ou Reunion.
13. Mr. W. Smart on the Normal 16. Mr. W. S. Caine, at Memorial Hall, on the
Course of Prices.

Temperance Party.
Mr. Geo. Peel on the Gold Standard.

Mr. John Burns, at Battersea, on the Trade
Lord Rayleigh on the Refraction

Union Congress.

W and Viscosity of Argon and 17. Duke of Devonshire, at Kingston Fields, on Helium.

Agriculture.' Mr. W. A. Herman on "Oysters 18. Duke of Devonshire, at Derby, on the Poor Law. and Typhoid."

19. Sir . B. Forwood on Technical Elucation. Mr. C. E. Porchgrevnik on a voyage 25. Mr. F. C. Gould, at Birkbeek Institution, on to the Antarctic Ocean.

"Sketches in Parliament." Prof. W. J. Sollas on Glaciers.

16. Prof. R. Warrington on "How TOTO LIEUTENANT PEARY.

sball Agriculture best obtain help

OBITUARY.mate from Science?

Sept. 5. Mr. John White 27. Tasmania agreed to co-operate with New South Capt. Hinde on Three Years' Travelling and War 6. Archduke Ladi lans, 20. Wales in eqnipping an Antarctic Esploring

in the Congo Free State.

16. Lord Beaumont, 45. Expedition

Mr. Montefiore on the Jackson-Harmsworth 19. Princess Dowager

19. Princess Dowager of Battenberg.

Datenberg British Columbian Sealers asked for Arbitration

Arctic Expedition.

24. Professor Bardeleben, 7 P re their claim against the United States on ac Prof. Frankland on the work of Pasteur an 1 its 28. M. Pasteur, 72. count of the seizures of veksels in Bebring Sea.

Developments. 28. Lord Lamington appointed Governor of Queens- 17. Dr. Flinders Petrie land.

and others on InSir Walter Wilkin elected new Lord Mayor of

terference with the London for 1895-96.

Civilisation of other Great Britain sent an nltimatum to China

Races." demanding the degradation of the Viceroy of Mr. P. V. Luke' on Szn-chuan within fourteen days.

“The Field TeleJapanese Police arrested man who had planned graph in Chitral." to assassinate Marquis Ito.

Mr. E. Cannanon 30. Autumnal Meeting of Congregational Union.

"The Probability British Ultimatum accepted by China-the Vice

of a Cessation of roy of Szu-chuan to be degraded for ever,

the Growth of the and subordinate Officials to be arraigued.

Population in EngNational Temperance Congress opened at land and Wales beChester.

fore 1951." Lower House of the Hungarian Diet passed the Mrs. Bedford Fenwick

remaining Ecclesiastico-Political Bills; and. on". National Value the Budget Statement was submitted.

of Organised Labour 99 and Co-operation

amongst Women." BY-ELECTIONS.

18. Dr. R: Munro on the Aug. 31. Inverness Burghs :

Neolithic Station of Mr. R. B. Finlay, Q.C., on his appointment as

Solicitor-General, was returned unopposed.
Sept. 2.1 Dublin (St. Stephen's Green :-

On the appointment of Mr. Kendy as Solicitor-
General for: Ireland, & by-election was held

TARY. with the following result :


... 3,325

Sept. 4. Expiring Laws Mr. Pierce Mahody (P

Continuance Bill,

l'ublic Offices (ACMajority'. 432

quisition of Site) . At the General Election :-(DL) 3,661, (P)

Bill, Public Works 3,205-majority, 456.

Loan Bill, and Pur6. South Kerry :

chase of Land (IreA by-election was hell Lere with the following

land) Bill passed all result:

their stages. Mr. T. G. Farrell (N) .. . 1,209

5. Appropriation Bill Mr. W. Murphy (Healyite) . 474

passed all its stages.

Parliament was pro-
Nat, majority , 735

rogued until Nos. At the General Election Mr. D. Kilbride (N) was

18th. . returned unopposed. 12. Limerick:

HOUSE OF COMMONS, Mr. John Daly being declared .00 fit to sit as, a Sept. 3. Report of Way's Member of Parliament, a by-election was held

and Meaņs (Aug. with the following result :

31st agreed to. F. A. O'Keefe (AP).. .. .. 1,851

Appropriation Bill J. Nolan (P) .. ..

.. 1,764

red first time.
Canadian Speaker

A majority . 87
(Appointment of

President of the British Association, 1895.
At the General Election Mr. Daly (1) was

Deputy) Bill read returned unopposed.

third time.

(Photograph by Elliott and Fry.)

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(From a photograph taken by Russell and Sons, for the Illustratei London News.")


I fear Lo Bengula less than I fear brandy. I fought Lo Bengula when he had his father's great warriors from Natal, and drove him back, and he never came again, and God who helped me then would help me again. Lo Benyula never gives me. a sleepless night. But to fight against drink is to fight against demons, and not against men. I dread the white man's drink more than all the assegais of the Matabele, which kill men's bodies, and is quickly over, but drink puts devils into men, and destroys both their souls and their bodies for ever. Its wounds never heal. I pray your Honour never to ask me to open even a little door to the drink.-Letter from Khama to Sir Sydney Sheppard, March 7th, 1888.

HAMA, 'chief of the Bamangwato, who has this canon of the Hebrew Scriptures, which is responsible for 1 autumn visited England on a mission to the the regeneration of Khama. In his own picturesque

Colonial Office, would make a delightful figure in phrase, he is one of the people of the Word of God." the romantic story of the Mediæval Church. He is too He is a trophy of the Holy Book, a sample to be seen near to us'to-day for us to

and known of all men of the see the full significance of

power of the Bible. And his character. For Khama

inasmuch as it has achieved is a portent in his way.

this miracle in his case, we Clovis, King of the Franks,

may be encouraged to hope whose conversion is cele

and believe that it may be brated in that petrified poem,

not less efficacious in the the Cathedral, at Rheims, in

case of other savages, not his day, and to his Franks,

only of the royal variety, somewhat' resembled the

with which this world chief of the Bamangwato,

abounds. Here is indeed a although the latter is no

triumph of grace over nature. doubt a much more exem

Here is an African illustraplary personage. The spec

tion that while heredity is tacle of the first ruler of a

strong, it is not invincible. fighting race who accepts

Khama is the son of a chiefChristianity is always full

tain in whose veins ran the of interest. These conver

blood of unbroken.series of sions mark the watershed of

generation of savages. His historical epochs. Usually

father was a heathen of the the new convert is a convert

old school, who held the in little but in name; the

doctrine of heredity in all grace of Christian baptism

its integrity.";!! ! veneers but slightly the

"It is all very good for hereditary paganism, and it

you white men to follow the is difficult to say whether

Word of God,” he once told the royal convert is a greater

Mr. Mackenzie. “God made scandal or a greater sup

you with straight hearts; port to the true faith. In

but it is a very different the case of Khama it is

thing with us black people. not so. The son of an

God made us with a crooked African chief, who was

heart. '; No, do not oppose frankly heathen, with no

'me; I know I am right. working faith save a hideous

Your heart is white from your devotion to a murderous (From a photograph by Pickering, the Garden Studio, Leicester.)

birth; the hearts of all black species of witchcraft, he is

people are black and bad.” as exemplary a Christian as if he had been the son “Nay, Sekhome," said the good missionary," those who of an English bishop, or a deacon at Mr. Spurgeon's turn to God get a new heart and better thoughts." Tabernacle. It is strange, indeed, to find this fair : “Not black people," he interrupted. “And yet," he flower of a saintly life suddenly blossoming out of the added, after a pause," and yet after all Khạma's heart is very thorny stem of a barbarous heathendom. But perhaps white. Yes, Khama's heart is white." the fact is undisputed and indisputable. Khama's life “Sekhome,” said the missionary, “why should not you for thirty years at least has been lived in the full blaze of enter the Word of God, as Khama has done?”. that fierce light which beats upon the throne; even the And this is what Sekhome replied. « Monare, you throne of an African chief. And there is only one don't know what you say. The Word of God is far from verdict. Trader and soldier, traveller and missionary, me. When I think of entering the Word of God, I can hunter and scientist, alike concur in one verdict-Khama, compare it to nothing except going out to the plain and .chief of the Bamangwato, is a gentleman and a Christian. meeting single-handed all the forces of the Matabele. Such a man coming amongst us at such a time will That is what it would be for me now to enter the Word well repay our study.

of God.” The Book of Job, as Carlyle was fond of reminding us, A bold and vigorous metaphor. Sekhome died as he helped to build St. Paul's Cathedral. It was the same had lived, a heathen outside the Word. But even he old Book, and the other sacred writings bound up in the admitted that Khama's heart was white-a quality which

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