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Reichstag electoral clubs, the Socialist Press Committee, the realisation. Writing some years ago on the British
Agitation Committee, the Local Committee of the Party, the
Club of the Party Delegates, and the Central Committee of

aristocracy as forming no small portion of the Wasted the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

Wealth of King Demos, I ventured to look forward The Emperor is believed to be “bent upon using to a day when our peers would take active part in force, regardless of consequences, even if it leads to municipal work, and even dared to suggest that a life-and-death struggle.” If he does, he will find princes of the blood ought to consider the municipal that it will have serious consequences, and the end of service quite as honourable as that of the army or it will be not life, but death. No doubt the Socialist the navy. The latter part of the prediction remains agitation is very annoying. So is a London fog. unfulfilled, but the former part has been realised in And the Kaiser will find his artillery is almost as quite an extraordinary fashion. According to the impotent against one as it would be against the list published of the mayors elected last month, no other.

fewer than eleven peers have been elected as the In Austria, the form taken by social chief magistrates of as many towns. Among them Anti-Semit

ism in discontent is that of a violent agitation are the following:

Austria. against the Jews. Dr. Lueger's re-election APPLEBY-Lord Hothfield. SheffiELD— The Duke of Nor- · as Mayor of Vienna, with the consequent dissolution CARDIFF—Lord Windsor. folk.

Dudley—The Earl of Dudley. WARWICK-The Earl of Warof the City Council, led to a debate in the Reichsrath,

LIVERPOOL—The Earl of Derby. wick. which was interesting as revealing the savagery Longton-The Duke of Suther- WHITEHAVEN—The Earl of

land. with which the Jews are hated in Vienna. One of

. Lonsdale.

RICHMOND-The Earl of Zet- WORCESTER — Lord Beauthe speakers was not ashamed to assert that at land.

champ. Jewish festivals the food is sprinkled with a dark dust RIPON—The Marquis of Ripon. which is made from Christian blood! There is reason. If we add to these the peers serving on the London to believe that if the masses had their way in Central County Council, we have at least a fair beginning Europe, the Jews would lose their eye teeth, if indeed made in the utilisation of our peers by the democracy. they were permitted to escape with their lives. It For, be it remembered, in every one of these cases the really seems as if it will be necessary before long to peer-Mayor is chosen by the men whoin the housereconstitute the Kingdom of Jerusalem, if only to holders, male and female, elect by ballot. This give the Jews a centre from which diplomatic inter- may be deplorable to the austere Republican, but it vention would be possible on behalf of the scattered illustrates very forcibly the absence of that class and peeled remnant of the children of Israel.

hatred which is the poison of social life. com Jabez Balfour has been convicted as a Republics The “Rare

In the great Republic across the sea, Rogue” Jabez swindler, and two sentences of seven Crowned and where there are no hereditary titles. out of sight years' penal servitude, not to run con

Uncrowned. but where every other man, woman and at last.

currently, have been passed upon him, child is president of something or other, if only of a amid the vindictive cheers of a multitude of his committee in the nursery, the marriage of Miss Vanvictims who assembled outside the court. Thus has derbilt and her millions to the Duke of Marlborough come to pass that which I predicted some months has attracted much more attention and newspaper ago when I observed that this rare rogue would soon coinment than would have been excited by any disappear from public gaze, seeing that he had no marriage in this country, save that of the heir to the longer been able to evade the jurisdiction of the throne. The millionaire, however, although worshipped tribunal of his country. That very obvious observa- and feared, is not trusted. The plutocrat in America tion cost me exactly £180. I was fined £100 for could not get himself elected anywhere, whereas contempt of Court, and the rest of the money went in this country the aristocrat beats all comers in costs. Such are the penalties that overtake the whenever he chooses to enter the lists. It is curious prophet even when he prophesies truly, if his how persistent is the superstition that the United prophecies are a little too previous.

States are more democratic than the United KingIf I may be permitted to condole with dom. The Monroe doctrine, for instance, brings out

", myself upon the severity of the penalty of quite unexpectedly the survival of the archaic my Lord."

expressing the universal opinion of Jabez notion that Britain, because monarchical, is a Balfour, I may perhaps be permitted to felicitate less democratic country than the United States. iyself upon the success of another prophecy, the The real fact, of course, is that we both are popuutterance of which possibly helped to bring about its larly governed communities. We live under a

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From Puck.)

living sovereign whom we have reduced to the zuelan frontier dispute is one of these naked lights position of a graceful figurehead, and have a landed which may bring about an explosion, it is sincerely aristocracy which retains its titles and its estates, to be hoped that Lord Salisbury and Mr. Chamberbecause it is, with all its short-comings, liked and lain will see to its prompt settlement without loss of

Other Anglo-

Outside Venezuela there is not much
American likelihood of any serious disagreement

Questions. with the United States. General Miles, the Commander-in-Chief, has been suggesting the repeal of the treaty which forbids either the States or Canada to keep warships on the Great Lakes, but it is not likely his suggestion will be taken seriously. Mayor Pingree, the redoubtable dictator of Detroit, has a more serious grievance. He wants the treaty abrogated in order that the Detroit shipbuilders may get their share of the Government navy contracts. But it ought not to be impossible to meet Mr. Pingree's grievance by allowing the builders on the lake shore

to construct, under bond, such naval vessels as can LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

be delivered through the canals. The one trouble

that haunts some American minds, the possible collitrusted by the democracy. The Americans live undersion with England about the Nicaragua Canal, has the sovereignty of the Dead Hand of a written con- been indefinitely postponed by the Report of the stitution, and their aristocracy of wealth is hated and Canal Commission appointed by President Cleveland distrusted all the more because it has no titles, and last spring. According to this Commission the canal. spends all its energies in building up gigantic for- will cost not less than £26,000,000, twice as much as , tunes. Wealth is hereditary in the States, and that was estimated. They declare that no canal can be fact is likely to have more influence on their history built in the way which the Maritime Company prothan the hereditary titles of our peers will have posed to make it. The Nicaragua Canal, therefore, on ours.

is “up the spout,” like the Panama Canal, and the Meanwhile the superstition that the

anticipated difficulty cannot arise at least befor: .; Venezuelan United States is in a peculiar sense next century. .

Dispute. Republican, whereas we are Monarchical, vem- The November elections went Republican is being utilised for all it is worth in order to ber Elections with a vengeance. Even last year's bolster up the case for intervention in Venezuela.

in the States. Democratic defeat was less decided than If British subjects in Guiana would but repudiate the disaster which everywhere overwhelmed them. their allegiance to the British Empire, and set up Tammany gained a barren victory in New York City in business as a British Republic, no American by aid of the Germans, who resent the enforcing citizen would object to them eating their way into of the law of the State against Sunday sale of drink, the heart of Venezuela. All the difficulty arises but everywhere else the Democrats went down like from the prejudice against the monarchy--a pre- ninepins before the Republican legions. Even judice that is as old as George III., and ought Kentucky, for the first time, went Republican. As it to have been buried with him. At the same time seems to be now quite certain that the Republicans it is well to recognise that our American will elect the next President, the choice of a cousins do imagine that because they have an candidate by the Republican Convention which elective chief of State they are, in a special sense, will assemble early next year will command more more Republican, and therefore more of a self-govern attention than usual. The Democrats are dising democracy than Britain. It is a delusion, no cussing the possibility of noninating Mr. Cleveland doubt ; but popular delusions, like carburetted hydro- for a third term. The dearth of strong, comgen in a coal mine, make naked lights dangerous manding personalities among the Democrats is very which otherwise would be safe. And as this Vene- marked.



The Novem

Sultan showed anxiety to convince the British

Embassy of bis sincerity in his efforts to

restore order at Siras.

The Tzarina gave birth to a daughter. 16. Troops left Liverpool for the Ashanti Ex

Launch of H.M.S. Juno at Barrow.
President Reitz of Orange Free State resigned.
Princess Ferdinand of Bulgaria gave birth to a

Argentine Chamber of Deputies approved a Bill

for the Unification of the Public Debt. 17. Communal Elections in Belgium. 18. Launch of H.M.S. Jupiter at Glasgow.

French Chamber approved a proposal in favour

of Progressive Succession Duties.
Anti-Turkish outbreak in the Province of El

Yemen, Arabia, resulting in the defeat of the

23. Bechuana Chiefs left Southampton for South

Sir Philip Currie arrived in Constantinople.
Severe Gale on the British coasts; many
• disasters at sea.
British Guiana Legislature voted the Supplies

for the Expenses of the Colonial Forces.
Shakir Pasba, the Ottoman Minister at Athens,

was recalled. Great Britain's proposal for Arbitration with

reference to the Island of Trinidad presentei

to the Brazilian Government.

Sir F. Scott left Liverpool for Ashanti. 25. Annual Meeting of the London Nonconformist

Conference at Ottawa on the Canadian Copyright

Italian Budget Statement submitted.

Italian-Swiss Treaty signed. 26. Session of the General Medical Council opened.

Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna baptised. 27. Duke of Devonshire appointed Lord Lieutenant

of County Waterford. Austrian Reichsrath decided that Dr. Lueger

should be prosecutei on a charge of defamation.

Church Reform League established. 28. Lord Bute re-elected Lord Rector of St. Andrew's

Deputation to the Duke of Devonshire advocat-

ing a Teaching University for London.
Mr. W. J. Courtbope elected Professor of Poetry

at Oxford University. 29. Jabez Balfou rwas sentenced to fourteen years'

imprisonment. 30. Annual meeting of the Royal Society. German Police Ordinance published dissolving

committees and associations connected with the Social Democratic Party.

BY-ELECTIONS. Unopposed returns :Nov. 28. South Kensington. Lord Warkworth (C). 29. East, Toxteth (Liverpool). Mr. A.F. Warr (C). 30. Harrow. Mr. Ambrose (C).

Nov. 1. Municipal Elections in England and Wales.

New French Cabinet completed.
Eartbquake Shock in Rome.
Anniversary of the Death of Alexander III. of

Russia celebrated. 2. News to hand of the Execution of eight of the

Sultan's Albanian Guards.
South Carolina Constitutional Convention adopted

a Plan for Disfranchising Negroes by im

posing a test of Literacy. 4. Lieut-Col. Mabomed Akram Khan, the British

Agent in Kabul, assassinated by a messenger. New French Ministry announced its Polisy. 5. Engineering and Sbipbnilding Trades on the

Clyde commenced a Strike.
King of Portugal arrived in England.
Lord Cadogan resigned his seat on the L.C.C.
State and Congressional Elections in America,

resulting in a sweeping Republican victory. 6. Vew Turkish Ministry formed with Khalil Rifaat

Pasba as Grand Vizier.
Austrian Emperor declined to sanction the eles-

tion of Dr. Lueger as Burgomaster of Vienna. Settlement arrived at between the Bechuana

Chiefs and the British South African Company. Rotterdam Conrt upheld the claim of the North

German Lloyd Company, and ordere: the owners of the Craithie to pay for the total luss

of the Elbe, with 6 per cent. interest. 7. Lord Londonderry assumed the Chairmanship of

the London School Board.
Conference on Temperance Legislation.
M. Peytral elected Vice-President of French

Mr. T. M. Healy, M.P., was expelled from the

executive of the Irish National League.
Dr. Lütgenau, Socialist member of the German

Reichstag, sent to gaol for Lèse-Majesté. 8. Stormy Debate in the Austrian Reichsrath on

the Lueger Affair. 9. Lord Mayor's Day in London ; the Guildhall

Banquet was attended by Lord Salisbury and

other Ministers. Accident to the Scotch Express at St. Neots;

two killed and five injured. 11. Colliery Explosion at Blackwell, Derbyshire ;

seven killed. Nubar Pasha, Egyptian Premier, resigned, and

was succeeded by Mustapha Febmy l'asha. 12. Deputation to Mr. Chamberlain from the Impe.

rial Federation (Defence) Committee. Rev. W. Lock elected to the Ireland Professor

ship of Exegesis at Oxford.
M. Poincaré elected Vice-President of the French

Demonstration by Greek Students at Athens on

the Eastern Question.
Prince Ferdinand announced his intention of

having Prince Boris rebaptized in the Ortho

dox Faith Conference of the Society of Friends at Man

chester. 13. Negotiations opened among the Powers in

order to agree upon a plan of united action with regard to Turkey. Dr. Lueger was again elected Mayor of Vienna,

and the Town Council was dissolved in

consequence Trade Union Deputation to the Home Secre

tary. Conference of the Midland Union of Women's

Liberal Associations. 14. Herr Liebknecht, German Socialist Leader, sent

to gaol for Lèse-Vajesté. Congo Free State paid over to Great Britain

£6,000 as indemnity for the irregular trial and execution of Mr. Stokes. Prince Christian Victor of Schleswig-Holstein

volunteered for Service with the Ashanti

Expulsion of Mr. Healy and Mr. A. O'Connor

from Membership of the Committee of the

Irish Party.
Trade Union Delegates received at the Ad-

French Chamber rejected a motion in favour of

the alteration of the Anti-Anarchist law. 15. Launch belonging to H.M.S. Edgar founded at

Chemulpho, Korea ; forty-eight lives lost.


LORD LONDONDERRY, Chairman of the London School Board. (From a photograph by Russell and Sons.)

19. Mr. C.M. Chapman (M) defeated Mr. Insull (l)

in the Chelsea County Council Election. Deputation to Mr. Chamberlain concerning the

proposed Transpacific cable. British, French and American 'gunboats ordere 1

to proceed to the Syrian coast.. Conference of the National Union of Conservative

Associations opened in Brighton. 20. The Queen received the Bechuana Chiefs at

Windsor Castle.
Deputation to Mr. Balfour from the Chambers of

Deputation to Lord Salisburyland the Duke of

Devonshire on Voluntary Schools.
Bishop Wilberforce of Newcastle appointed to

the See of Chichester.
Jabez Balfour and others found Guilty on the

first indictment in the Liberator case. 21. Annual Meeting of the London Society for the

Extension of University Teaching,
Slavery Convention, between Egypt and Great

Britain signed. 22. Rev. Canon Jacob nominated Bishop of New.

castle. Mr. John Morley consented to stand for Mon

trose Burghs. British missionary and family murdered in


NOTABLE UTTERANCES. Nov, 1. Mr. Acworth, at the Society of Arts, on

Railway Economics. 4. Lord Lansdowne, at the Imperial Institute, on

Capt. Younghusband, at the Imperial Ipstitute,

on Chitral. Lord Methuen on Army Temperance Work. 5. Capt. Lugard, at Edinburgh, on African

Mr. Long, at Whiteball, on the Licensing

Question. 6. Mr. Chamberlain, at Whitehall, on South Africa.

Lord Wolseley on the Army. 7. Duke of Devonshire, at Cutlers' Hall, on tbe

Work of the Government.
Lord Wolseley, at Nottingham, on the Volunteer

Force. 8. Duke of Devonshire, at Sheffield, on the Council

of National Defence. Sir J. Gorst, at Glasgow, on Social Reform. Mr. G. W. E. Russell, at Manchester, on tbe

Liberal Party. 9. Lord Salisbury, at the Guildhall, on the Eastern

Question: 11. Mr. Chamberlain on the Australian Colonies.

Mr. Hampden Jackson, at the Imperial Institute.

on The Niger River Territories." 12. Sir H. H. Fowler, at Wolverhampton, on Social

Capt. Lugard, at Royal Colonial Institute, on

« The Extension of British Influence and

Trade in Africa." 13. Sir M. H. Beach, at Bristol, on the Government.

Sir J. Gorst, at Queen's Hall, on the Scbool

Mr. Asquith, at the Grand Hotel, on the Liberal

Party. 14. Mr. Balfour, at Glasgow, on the Unionist

Mr. C. T. Ritchie on the Possibility of an Alieus

Bill. 17. Lord Wolseley, at Woolwich, on the New



Society, on “ Gold and Silver and the Money

of the World."
20. Mr. Balfour, at the Holborn Restaurant, on

Party Organisatiou.
21. Mr. Balfour at Manchester.

Sir J. Lubbock, at Mercers' Hall, on University


Mr. Asquith, at Walworth, on Social Problems.
02. Mr. Balfour, at Manchester, on the General

Capt. W. H. James, at United Service Institu-

tion, on “Modern War."
25. Mr. W. B. Harris, at the Imperial Institute, on

“The Persian Kurds."
27. Lord Salisbury on Primary Education.

Mr. Labonchere, at Chelsea, on the General

Lord Halsbury, at the Royal Society of Litera-

ture, on Poetry.
23. Mr. Acworth, at the Society of Arts, on Rail-

way Economics.

Lord Rosebery, at Airdrie, on Liberalism. 29. Lord Ripon, at Leeds, ou Mr. Gladstone.

Sir: F. Lockwood and Mr. Haldane, at Oxford,

on the Liberal Party.
30. Lord Kelvin, at the Royal Society, on Microbes

and Argon.
Lord Crewe, at Oxford, on Home Rule.

[graphic][merged small]


OBITUARY. (From a photograph by Pirou, Paris.) Nov. 7. Lord Bolton, 77.

9. Bishop James Colquhoun Campbell, 82. 19. Lord Salisbury, at Brighton, on the Eastern 13. Mr. Patrick Stirling (engineer, 75,

Question and the Sultan's Message.. - 20. Rustem Pasha, 85.
Mr. Lesley C. Probyn, at the Royal Statistical 21, Sir Henry Ponsonby, 70.

25. M. Barthélemy St. Hilaire, 90..
27. M. Alexandre Dumas, 71,
29. Count Taaffe (late Premier of Austria), 63

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Showing the whole world that he knows his rigbts

“ Establishing formidable and invulnerable and will maintain them at all hazards."

coast defences." From Puck.] :.



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The New Grand Vizier.

Tabsin Bey

The Sheik-ul-Islam 1

(First Secretary of the Sultani, with the Imperial Irade in his hand). KHALIL RIFAAT PASHA, THE NEW GRAND VIZIER, ON HIS WAY TO THE SUBLIME PORTE


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