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(Wash.) 307



O'Brien v. Albrecht (Albert
A.) Co.

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Peeler, Metropolitan L. Ins. Co. ...

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Railroad Co., Midland Contin

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Co. v.

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United States Fidelity & G. Co.

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Valentine v. Independent School
Dist. ...

(Iowa) 1525 Veazey, Ray Consol. Copper Co.

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.... (La.) 1601 Western U. Teleg. Co., Des Arc Oil Mill v. .......

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(Kan.) 859 Wingert, Funk v.

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Waggoner Bank & T. Co. v.
Gamer Co.

(Tex.) 613 Walcher v. First Presbyterian Church

. (Okla.) 1593 Walsh, Re ...

(Mass.) 567 Walton, Riffe v.

.. (Kan.) 549 Wardell, Auburn Draying Co.

.. (N. Y.) 901 Washingtonian Home, Chicago

(Ill.) 1584 Wegefarth v. Wiessner. (Md.) 396

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Zajkowski v. American Steel &

Wire Co. ...(C. C. A.) Zarbaugh v. Ellinger. (Ohio)

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VOL. 6


New Jersey Court of Errors and Appeals November 18, 1918.

(89 N. J. Eq. 563, 105 Atl. 205.) Husband and wife - nonsupport excuse.

The husband offered no defense to the charge of abandonment and nonsupport of his wife, but pleaded that having given her, when he left her, two out of four bank books, representing substantially the savings of the wife and gifts to her from her mother, he had fulfilled his marital duty of support. Held, that if the moneys represented by the books were his, he had made a gift of it to his wife. Held also, that his duty to support his wife was not, after the expiration of two years of continuous neglect upon his part, fulfilled by such gift.

[See note on this question beginning on page 6.] Headnote by MINTURN, J.

APPEAL by defendant from a decree of the Court of Chancery in favor of complainant in a suit for alimony. Affirmed.

The facts are stated in the opinion of the court.

Mr. Charles E. S. Simpson for ap- L.R.A.(N.S.) 712, 80 Atl. 550; Bacon pellant.

v. Devinney, 55 N. J. Eq. 449, 37 Atl. Messrs. Albert Leuly and William 144; 21 Cyc. 1296; Westerfield v. WesC. Asper, for appellee:

terfield, 36 N. J. Eq. 195. Defendant abandoned and separated Minturn, J., delivered the opinion himself from his wife without justifia

of the court: ble cause. Bradbury v. Bradbury, - N. J. Eq.

There was no defense interposed -,74 Atl. 150.

by the husband to this suit for aliDefendant refused and neglected to mony by the wife, and the legal cor: maintain and provide for his wife.

rectness of the vice chancellor's deBeck v. Beck, 78 N. J. Eq. 544, 35 cree depends upon the answer to the

6 A.L.R.-1.

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