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There are 48 cemeteries in New York City and Holy Cross-29th Ward.

60 acres; established its close vicinity, where rest the remains of thous- ) 1849. There have been 230,000 interments, of which ands, not only of the city but of points far distant. over 8,000 were made during 1898. Reached by There have been over 4,000,000 interments in these Vostrand av. cars, by transfers from all Brooklyn burial p.aces, and their combined area is about Heights R. R. lines. Office, St. James' Cathedral, 3,600 acres.

Jay st., cor. Chapel. John T. Hamilton, Supt., 33 Acacia Cemetery, Queens_11 acres. Thomas Madison st. Wanek, Supt. Reached by Kings Co. Elevated,

Kensico-Westchester Co., 400 acres. Office, 36

E. Nassau, and Broadway Elevated.

12 st., Manhattan; reached via Harlem RallAhawath Chesed-Metropolitan av. 13 acres.

road. Year ending Oct. 1st, 1898, 1,012 burials; Reached by same route as Lutheran. Office,

total, 2.722. Reese Carpenter, Comptroller, Temple Ahawath Chesed, 55th st. and Lexing

Kings Co. Farm-Clarkson st., 29th Ward. 14 ton av., Manhattan. Marcus Kohner, Pres.; Lazar acres. Here are buried unknown dead and those Lorebi, Sec., 313 E. 55th st., N. Y. 39 burials in of the poor. Reached by Flatbush, Nostrand and 1898. Total, 679.

Marcy av. cars. From Jan. 1, 1869, to Oct. 1. Bay Side-Woodhaven. 20 acres. Thomas Wanek, 1898, 20,783 burials; in 1898, 1.069 burials. Daniel Supt. Reached by same route as Acacia,

J. Madden, Supt., Kings Co. Almshouse. Calvary--Ofhoe, 266 Mulberry st., Manhattan;

Linden Hill-Newtown. 30 acres. Reached by about 300 acres, in Laurel Hill, Newtown. Est. in Long Island R. R. from Long Island City, N. 1848; owned by the trustees of St. Patrick's Ca 2d st. trolley from Grand, Houston and Roosevelt the lral, Manhattan. The total number of in-ferries; by the Flushing av, extension, Graham, terments from Aug. 1848, to Oct., 1898, was about Myrtle and Gates av, cars from Fulton Ferry and 615,738, ani during :898 there were 18,000. Reachei bridge. S. Wiffenbach, Pres. ; H. Brunes, Sec.; by surface cars from all Eastern District ferries, John M. Meyer, Supt., Metropolitan, Queens Co., Long Island City and Greenpoint. John Hogan, L, I. Average number of burials, 100 per month. Supt.

Lutheran- Middle Village, Newtown. 250 res. Cedar GroveCedar Grove av., Flushing; 514 270.000 interments to Oct. 1. 1898, of

which miles from Broadway ferries. 300


Man-7,300 were made in 1898. Jacob A. Geissenhainer, hattan office. 123 E. 230 st.; Brooklyn office, RS7 Pres.; FW. Geissenhainer, Sec.; David Avenlus, Manhattan av. Officers: J. Parker Sloane, Pres. ; Supt., Middle Village, L. '1. Office, Middle Vila

Tage, and at 75 Nassau St., Manhattan. L. Chas. L. Sicardi, Comp.; J. E. MacAlpine, Supt.

I. Reached by L. 1. Railroad or Steinway Électric Railroad trains and N. 2d st. surface cars from road at Long Island City, terminus of 34th st.,

Eastern District ferries and Ridgewood and SteinManhattan, ferry direct to Corona; or by Brooklyn way trolley cars from 34th St. Ferry. Oity Railroad direct from bridge. In 1897 about Macpelah-Cypress Hills, Newtown. 40 acres. 23,000 budies removed from Union Cemetery were Reachei by same routes as Cypress Hills. interred in Celar Grove. Tota'l interments to Oct. Maimondes-- Entrance Jamaica

opposite 1, 1898, 33,662.

Railroad av., Brooklyn, 71-3 acres. Number of Chevra B'nai Sholau (Mount Zion)-Maspeth, interments, 1398. Reached by Union, Kings Co. L. I. Est. 1892. Reached from Long Island elevated and electric roads from Bridge and fer (ity by Steinway trolley and from Grand st. ries. Office, 203 E. 109th st., Manhattan. A. FredFerry, E. D., by trol.ey.

ericks, Sec., 62 E. 109th st. City Cemetery (Potters Field), Hart's Island. Maple Grove On Hoffman Boulevard 1162 Office on island; 20 acres. Reached by ferry from hiles west of Jamaica. 100 acres. Office, 1286 foot of E. 26th st. on Tuesdays and Fridays. To Broadway, Manhattan. Officers: William S. Cogstal burials, 106,308, of which 4,564 were made in well, Pres.; Chas. S. Goodwin, Treas. and Comp1698. John M. Fox, Warden, Blackwell's Island, troller; F. T. Adams, Sec.; P. O., Richmond Hill, Supt.

Borough of Queens, New York City. Reached by Cypress Hills-400 acres; located north of the Long Island R. R. to Maple Grove station and Brooklyn and Jamaica turnpike; reached by Brook

from Brooklyn by electric railways on Jamaica

plank road and Myrtle av. to Richmond HU Inlyn Elevated Railroari, by Jamaica and Brooklyn electric line from all ferries and bridge. The New terments to Oot, 1, 1898, 6,174; number burials year York effice of the cemetery is Metropolitan Life ending Oct. 1. 1898, 311. Insurance

Building. Madison av.,
23d st.

Village. 1.28 years ol. In

cludes the site of the second Methodist church in James Rodwell is Pres.; A. M Fraser, Sec.; R. Butt,

Number of interments,


America Area, 2 acres. 1,

Reached by N, 2d st. 1597. Do Oct. 1, 1898, 1,811. Total number to Oct. | trolley. Nelson Morris, Pres. ; Oscar B. Way

Sec., Middle Village, L. I.; John M. Meyer, Treas.; 1, 1898, 143,994.

3 burials in 1898; total, 228. Evergreens-Reached by Brookiyn elevated and

Mount surface cars from bridge and ferries, and by the


opposite Nichols

Area, 12 acres. Interments, 1,237, L. I. Railroad. It comprises 375 acres. The princi- st., Brooklyn.

Reached by Union elevated railroad and electric pal entrance is at Bushwick av. and Conway st. (harles G. Bennett, Pres. ; Charles Pfeiffer, Supt.;

roads from bridge or ferries. H. S. Hacker, Pres.; office on grounds. Interments in *898, 3,913.' TotalM. Cahn, Sec. Office, 123 East 109th st., Manhat

tan. Charles J. Benisch, Jamaica and Crescent 158,778.

ave., Brooklyn, Supt. Fresh

From Oct. 1, 1897, to Oct.

Crematory, Mount
Fresh Pond, Newtown-The United States Crema- |1, 1898, 119 burials; total, 1,700.

Mount Hope-Mount Hope, Westchester
Houston st.,
tion ('o., Lt'i., 62 E.


N. Y.; reached by N. Y. and Putnam R. R. from Org. 1884. Up to Oct. 11, 1898, 2,651 incinerations 155th et. Office, 380 6th av., Manhattan. Wm. J. have taken place, of which nearly 400 were made

Wiley, Comptroller. From Oct. 1 1897, to Oct. 1, in year ending Oct. 11. A handsome mnarble columbarium containing hundreds of niches and 1898, 120 buriais; 'total, 954. cinerary urns was erected in 1892. Reached by L.

Mount Neboh-Evergreen, Queens, Fresh Pond I. Raiiroad an X. 20 st. surface line. Officers,

road, adjoining rear of Cypress Hills Cemetery. Louis Lange, Pres. ; D. W. Craig, Treas., and s: Reached by surface and elevated cars to Ridge

wood, thence via trolley and by train from Long Berendsohn, Sec.

Island City. Area,

acres. Manhattan orFriends-Entrance, 15th st. and oth av. Under fice, No. 22 Bible House. Myer Stern, Pres.; Her. management of the Society of Friends. Area, 14

man Grauerholz, Supt. Number of burials for acres. James C Stringham, Supt., 531 E. 31st st.,

year ending Oct. 1, 1898, 217. Total burials to Oct. Vanderveer Park; 17 interments in 1898.

1, 1898. 800. Green-Wood-One of the most beautiful ceme Mount Olivet-Maspeth, Newtown. Office terits in the world, lies in the western part of the cemetery. 65 acres. A. V. Ellis, Treas,: Brooklyn, and comprises 474 acres. The main en (Charles M. Chamberlain, Supt., Maspeth, L. I. trance, at 5th av. and 25th st., is reached by the Total interments to Nov. 1, 1998, 14,359. Number Brooklyn Flevated Railroal, 5th av. division, and interments, Nov. 1, 1897, to Nov. 1, 1898. 1149. the 5th, 31 and Hamilton av surface lines. The Reached by Grand st. and Newtown cars from officers of the Cemetery Corporation are: Frederic foot of Broadway and electric cars from Long Isl

Ward, Pres. ; Charles M. Perry, Sec. and and City. (omp.: office, 237 Broadway, Manhattan. Inter Mount Zion-Maspeth, Queens, N. Y. City. Office ments to Oct. 1, 1898, 299,628. Interments for year 147 Nassau st., Manhattan, 75 acres. Reached by ending Oct. 1, 1898, 4,381.

surface care from 34th st. Ferry, Flushing av. line




CEMETERIES-Continued. from Bridge, Grand st. care from Grand and Hous. Reached by P. P. and C. I. R. R. to Washton 6t feries. Opened May 5, 1893. Year ending ington Station, from 9th av. and 20th 6t. StaOct. 1, 1898, 865 burials. Total, 2,726. Morris Ja tion, or from 36th st. and 5th av.; also Ocean coby, Sec.

Parkway Boulevard to entrance. Number of interMost Holy Trinity-Central av. and Pilling st. ments in 1898, 2,634. Total, about 28,000. Office, Central av. and Chauncey St. 20 acres. Woodlawn--24th Ward, Manhattan. Office at Reached by elevated railroads and all surface cemetery gate and 20 E. 230 st., Manhattan, Jamee lines; 1,600 burials in 1898. Total buriale, 70,900. D. Smith, Pres. ; Caleb B. Kuerak, Sec.; Chas. S. Philip Haslach, Supt.

Smith, Treas. Reached


Harlem R. R., 10 New Union Field-Area, 20 acres. Congrega- Woodlawn Station. Year ending Oct. 1, 1898, 1,894 tion of Temple Beth El. Edward Beck, Supt. burials. Total burials to Oct. 1, 1898, 53,962. Henry Evergreen, L. I. 172 interments in 1898.

J. Diering, Supt. New York City Marble Cemetery-2d et., between

Richmond. 1st and 2d avs. Ofice, 63 2d st., Manhattan. Alex Fair View-Richmond turnpike, near Castleander Maitland Pres.; Albert Bullus, Sec., 51 ton Corners, 312 miles from St. George ferry by Wall st.; Frederick Bommer, Supt. 14 burials in Midland Electric Ry, 775 intermente. Lawrence 1898.

Steens, Supt, West New Brighton, Richmond. Potters Field-Flatbush. (See Kings Co. Farm.) Fountain-- Richmond turnpike, near Van, West

Quaker-Middle Village, Newtown. Area, 1 New Brighton. acre. Reached by same route as Lutheran.

Hebrew-Richmond turnpike, near Clove road, St. John's-Middle Village, Newtown, Queens. of. Tompkinsville. Office, 11 Elizabeth st., Port Rich. fice, 250) Jay st., Brooklyn. 170 acres John Mc- mond. B. Friedman, Pres.; B. Kramer, Sec.; A. (luekey. Supt. Reached by N. 2d et cars and 34th R. Gold, Supt., Tompkinsville. Year ending Oet. Bt. Ferry, via Steinway trolley cars. Total inter-1, 1898, 800 burials. Total in cemetery, 5,000. ments to Oct. 1, 1898, 5,632.

Moravian-Richmond road, New Dorp, Richmond. St. Michael's--Astoria, Newtown.

acres. 80 acres. Ferry from Whitehallet., from St. Reached by rafiroads conneoted with Long Is-George, via trolley, steam road or cariage, five and City and 92d st, ferries. Intermento in 1898, miles distant. Number of burials year ending Oct. 1,500. Total number to November 1, 1898, 42,000. 1, 1898, 157; total, over 12,000. N. J. Ostrander, Salem Fields--Jamaica av., орр. .

Market st., Supt., New Dorp. Brooklyn, Area, 64 acres. Reached by same route Silver Mount-Richmond turnpike, near Clove as Cypress Hills. P. O. address, Station E, Brook- road, Tompkingville. Route, from St. George lyn, James Selligman, Pres.: P. J. Hiltman, ferry, South st., to Central av., to Richmond turnSupt., Market et. and Jamaica av. 341 burials pike; 2 milee. 4,800 intermente; 140 during 1898. during 1898.

Staten Island-Richmond Terrace, near Water Shearith Israel (Portuguese Cemetery)-Cypress st., West New Brighton; 219 miles from St. Hills, Newtown. 6 acred. Reached by same route George ferry. 3 acres. James B. Horner, Pres.; as Cypress Hills,

Joseph H. Barker, Sec., 20 E. 129th st., Manhattan; Trinity Church-W. 1534 st. and

Amsterdam Abram C. Gibeon, Roe st., Weet New Brighton, av. Office at cemetery. Reached via 6th av ele-Supt. 16 burials for year ending June 1, 1898. varted road.

St. Mary's-Parkinson av., near Old Town road, Union-Cemetery sold in 1897 and about 25,000 Grasmere. bodies removed to ('edar Grove ('emetery.

St. Peter's-Junction of Broadway and Clove Union Field-Newtown, opposite Brooklyn Reser-roid, West New Brighton; under control of St. voir. 4412 acres. Reached by same route as ("y- Peter's R. C. Church. press Hills.

Benj. Blumenthal, Pres., 53 East 83 Woodland-Richmond turnpike, near Clove road, st., Manhattan; I, H. Goldemith, Sec., 791 Lexing- Richmond—2 miles from St. George ferry, via ton av., Manhattan; M. C. Radler, keeper, 450 Central av. and Richmond turnpike. Electric cars burials in 1898. Total number, 12,850.

from ferry pass cemetery. Michael Koffer, Supt., Washington-Ocean Parkway. Office, 141 Broad- Office, 157 Broad st., Stapleton. Number of interway. Manhattan. Isaac Marks, Pres.: Samuel B. ments for year ending Oct. 1, 1898, about 197. Hamburger. Sec. : Simon Binswanger, Supt. | Total interments Oct. 1, 1898, 6,400.



Feb. i.-A phenomenal run was made by a one

The Empire State Express is one of cial, consisting of an engine and two mail cars,

the fastest regular trains in


world, on the Union Pacific Railroad. The train left and runs from New York to Buffalo, 440 Cheyenne, Wyo., at 7:45 A, M., and reached miles, in 8 hours, 24 minutes, an actual speed, Omaha, Neb., at 3:45 P. M., 517 miles in 8 hours, deducting stops, of 52 1-3 miles per hour. At times an hourly speed of 64.62 miles, the fastest long it has made special spurts at 102 miles per hour distanoe run recorded. The run from North Platte and on one occasion 11244 miles, the highest known to Omaha, 2904 miles, was made in 246 minutes. or recorded speed on any railroad.

Feb. 6. -A special newspaper train made the run, On Sept. 11, 1895, a special train on the N. Y. via Erie Railroad, from Jersey City to Buffalo, N. C. and H. R. R. R. made the distance from the Y., 425 miles, in 492 minutes.

Grand Central Station, New York, to East BufFeb. 11-Santa Fe train consisting of an engine, falo, 43642 miles, in 411 2-3 minutes, including composite car. dining

car and three Pull | stops, an average speed of 63.36 miles per hour. mans, running from La Junta, Col., to Dodge City. Excluding stops, the time was 407 minutes, 41 Kan., 204.4 miles. in 224 minutes. Deducting ten seconds, or 64.26 miles per hour. minutes for stops, the actual speed was 56.7 miles The time breaks the best English long distance Der hour.

record made August 23, 1895, when a train on March 6.-Aspecial newspaper train ran from the London and North Western Railway ran from Jersey City to Washington, 228 miles, in 25342 min London to Aberdeen, 540 miles, in 50714 minutes, utes, actual running time.

an average of 63.84 miles per hour. Oct. 8.- A special on the Lehigh Valley Railroad On Sept. 26. 1895, a newspaper train on the N. ran from Buffalo to Ithaca, 148 miles, in 166 min Y. Central Road ran from Albany to Syracuse, 148 utes, including two stops.

miles, in 130 minutes, or nearly 68.3 miles per hour. Oct. 12.-A special on the N. Y. Central Railroad Oct. 24, 1895, a snecial train on the Lake Shore made the run from Chicago to the Grand Central Road ran from Chicago to Buffalo, 510 miles, in depot, New York, in nineteen hours.

481 minutes and 7 seoonds, including stops, an Feb. 15, 1897- special on the Chicago, Burling- average speed of 63.60 miles an hour. Excluding ton and Quincy R. R. made the distance from Chi stops, the time was 471 minutes, 42 seconds, or cago, Ill., to Denver, Col., 1026 miles, in 1132 min 64.95 miles per hour. The passengers taking Empire utes, or 8 minutes less than 19 hours, an hourly State Express at Buffalo, thus made the through speed of nearly 5442 miles.

trip from Chicago to New York in 17% hours. June 16, 1897-A remarkable run was made on the The Jarrett & Palmer special theatrical train Lehigh Valley Road from Falling Spring to still holds the long distance record made in June, Manchester, 172.42 miles, in 176 minutes, includ 1877, of 3 days, 7 hours, 39 minutes, 16 seconds, ing 3 stops, the actual running time being 163 from Jersey City to San Francisco. minutes, an average speed of 1.05 per minute.

The fastest regular long distance train is the July 16, 1897–The Empire State Express ran from Union Paoific daily overland limited from Chicago Syracuse to Buffalo, 149 miles, in 143 minutes, to San Francisco, 2,355 miles in 76 hours, 45 minbreaking all records on this road.




242 Ocean,


Parks, Brooklyn.

1861, James S. T. Strana han had associated with

him Thomas H. Rodman, Edward W. Fiske, Brooklyn Heights parks are located at the foot

Richard H. Thompson, Thomas G. Talmage, of the streets leading to Furman street. and are under the control of a private commission.

Stephen Haynes and Cornelius J. Sprague. In Other facilities for the enjoyment of the public

1862 Thomas McElrath, Conklin Brush and Joseph

A. Perry were substituted for Messrs. Rodman, are provided in the form of open thoroughfares

Thompson and Talmage. In 1865 A. A. Low, Seyespecially for the benefit of horse and carriage riders and bicyclists.

mour L.

These consist of the high- Prentice, Walter s. Griffiths and William Mar-

Tunis G. Bergen, John H. ways controlled and cared for by the park depart

shall were added to the board. Isaac Van Anden ment as follows:

was appointed in 1869; Darwin R. James and Isaac Names. Acres. Names.

Acres S. Catlin in 1879, and A. S. Barnes, S. V. White Brooklyn forest ...525 Trying square


and General C. T. Christensen in 1880. In 1882 the Prospect .516 1-6 Linton Park


old commission was a bolished and a new one apDyker Beach ...1141 Red Hook


pointed by the mayor. There were eight memConey Island con



bers and William B. Kendall succeeded Mr. Strancourse 70 Brooklyn Heights.. 5

ahan as president. John Gibb succeeded Mr. KenInstitute Gardens. 50 Gravel


dall. James T. Easton succeeded Mr. Gibb. Parade Ground.... 40 park way


General John B. Woodward succeeded Mr. Easton. Canarsie Beach.. 40 Bedford


George V. Brower came rext. He was succeded Fort Greene 30 Oarroll


by Frank Squier. Timothy L. Wco Truff became Highland 26 Gra vel pit, Wind

the next commissioner. He resigntd after having Bensonhurst Beach 24 sor Terrace


been elected Lieutenant-Governor and was su Sunset



ceeded by J. G. Dettmer. Geo. V. Brower, the Lincoln terrace.... 12 City Hall

present Park Commissioner, was appointed by Cooper 10 Cooper gore

12 Tompkins

Mayor Van Wyck in 1898 to succeed Mr. Detimer. 734 Eighteenth Ward... 12

He has change no: only of the Brooklyn Park City Park

712 Wood Point Gore Saratoga square.

system, but of Queens also. 7

7 Underhill

New Lots play-

Brooklyn Forest is natural woodland park. ground

6 Cuyler Total area of Brooklyn Parks...


extending from the boundary of Highland Park

far 98 Richmond HII. in the Borough of PARKWAYS.

Queens. It cost a little more than $1,150,000, which Names.


is one-fourth of the cost of Prospect Park at the

time of its purchase. It is filled with magnificent Ocean parkway


forest trees and shrubbery. From its high points Eastern parkway


are obtained magnificent views of the Atlantic Eastern parkway extension

Jamaica Bay and Long Island Sound. Fort Hamilton avenue, about

Roads have been made through and t'he main Bay parkway (Twenty-second avenue), about 3

road is macadamized. The park drive leads into Seventy-fifth street, about


fine macadam roads and connecting with Astoria, Bay Ridge shore drive, about..


Flushing, the military reservation at Creedmoor,

Whitestone, Queens and many other of the attracTotal

tive towns on the north side of Long Island. The mileage of driveways thus indicated is ex

Bedford Park ost $150,170; Red Hook, $130,250; tensively enhanced by the provisions of chapter 640 Ridgewood, $184,165; Sunset, $164,463 ; Bushwick, of the laws of 1895, which put under the oare of $105,308; Winthrop, $134, 145. the department about ten miles additional road Brooklyn Institute Gardens (East Side lands) way as follows:

containing about 60 acres. A design of the proEastern parkway, east of Howard avenue and posed gardens has been prepared by the Landsouth of East New York avenue, to Stone avenue;

scape Architec: and some work has been done Stone avenue, from Dean street to Riverdale ave on the grounds. The gardens are to be an annex nue; Riverdale avenue to New Lots road; New to the Brook:yn Iretitute of Arts and Sciences. Lots road to Dumont avenue; Dumont a venue to Improvements are now under way in Sunset Park, Fountain avenue; Bushwick avenue, from Gillen

Red Hook Park and the Plaza of Fort Greene, place to Jamaica avenue, and Pennsylvania ave. where the asphalt is being removed, to make room nue throughout its entire length to Jamaica bay: for lawns, trees and shrubbery. Rockaway avenue to the road to Flatlands, and Dyker Beach Park is the largest of the seaside the parkway, from its intersection with Buffalo parks. It contains 144 acres and cost $229,942. It avenue to Flatlands to Jamaica bay.

adjoins the government property at Fort HamilFor the exclusive


of bicycle riders two ton. paths, each 542 miles, are maintained along the Cana rsie Beach Park, containing 40

acres, is Ocean parkway, one on each side.

looated a: Canarsie, upon the shores of Jamaica The work on the extension of the Eastern park- Bay. Its cost was about $100,000. way to Ridgewood (Highland) Park was begun

Bensonhurst Beach, located opposite Norton's in the fall of 1896 and completed in October, 1897. Point, is a local park for Gravesend and New This road connects Prospect Park and Highland Utrecht. It contains 8 acres. It possesses a fine Park. In 1897 the main road in Forest Park wag beach and cost $88.000. connected with Jamaica avenue in this way con New Lots playground is located in the part of Hitecting Shaw avenue with Forest Park. Fort the Twenty-sixth Ward known as Brownsville. Hamilton avenue is macadamized to Seventh ave It cost $16,000. nue, thus providing a finished drive to Dyker Linton Park, also in the Twenty-sixth Ward, Beach Park, Bensonhurst Park and back to the contains about 6 acres and cost $35,000.

is Ocean Parkway by way of Twenty-second avenue. bounded by Blake, Bradford, Dumont and Mil

The West Drive of the Ocean parkway is mac ler avenues. a damized to Coney Island. Coney Island concourse Cooper Park is located in the Eighteenth Ward. resurfaced with asphalt.

It covers two blocks and cost $55,000. By a legislative act passed in 1897, Fourth ave Irving Square is situated in the Twenty-eighth nue, as far as the shore drive at Sixty-sixth Ward and cost $70,000. street and Union Street, between Fourth avenue Saratoga Square is located on Halsey street, in and the park entrance, were made parkways, and the Twenty-fifth Ward, and cost $121,975. placed in charge of the Park Department, adding Lincoln Terrace, located on the Eastern Parkabout four miles of roadway to the boulevard way, is at the junction of several existing and system.

proposed boulevards and preserves a magnificent

sea and landscape view. It cost $125,000. PROSPECT PARK. Prospect Park, the main pleasure pround of

DRIVEWAYS, BROOKLYN. Brooklyn, is unsurpassed by any public ground in The drive along Fort Hamilton avenue is from the country. The history of the Park department the rear entrance of Prospect Park, It is about is identified with the names of prominent citizens three miles long and connects with the shore according to the following order: When the drive along the edge of the lower bay as far as Prospect Park commission was

constituted in Fort Hamilton. Those who traverse it usually go


PARKS, DRIVES AND STATUES- BROOKLYN --Continued. through Prospect Park to Fort Hamilton av., The Grant statue on Betford avenue, near Dea? thence along Fort Hamilton av. to Ovington av.; street, in front of the Union League Club, was thence to the right to Bay Ridge av., the direction unveiled April 25, 1896, and was the gift of the being to the shore of the upper bay. This shore Union League Club to the City of Brooklyn. It they follow to the south, enjoying the lovely views is a bronze equestrian statue representing General of Staten Island, the Jersey hills, the Narrows, Ulysses S. Grant on a battlefield. forts and Liberty statue. From Fort Hamilton the Lack of funds prevented the carrying on of road continues along shore, across to Bath Beach the larger improvements contemplated in the and Bensonhurst, until it ends at the creek that park system. Beyond numerous repairs and the Separates (oney Island from the main land.

maintenance of the parks and driveways no new Bay Ridge Parkway (Shore Drive) now macad- work has been undertaken during 1898. imizer) from 1st av. and 66th st. to Fort Hamilton.

Another pleasant drive is Twenty-second avenue Parks, Manhattan and Bronx. (Bay Parkway), which branches from the Ocean


Acres Parkway, passing through Bensonhurst and ending at Bath Beach. At Bath Beach one may turn

Central. .


840 Crotona to the east and ride along the oldest road in the Riverside

178 Pelham Bay.

.1.756 county, if not in the state, for the King's High Bronx ...

662 | Van Cortlandt....... 1,132 way was established two centuries ago, under grant from the Georges of England, and was a

SMALL PARKS SOUTH OF HARLEM RIVER. post roul before the Revolution. It runs through Abingdon. ...0.202 Mount Morris ..20.200 à picturesque country, lined by houses almost as Battery..

.21.200 Mulberry Bend. .2.750 old as itself, for three miles, and into the village Beach Street.. .0.038 Paradise (Five of Flatlands, where it terminates in Flatbush av.. Boulevard, W.630 St.0.340 Points).

...0.114 by which road, running now to the west, the Boulevard. W.66th St.0.070 Park Avenue, 34th to driver may reach thọ city again. Flatbush av. Is Bowling Green.. .0.517 40th streets. .1.170 a pleasant drive, going through the original county Bryant..

.4.800 Park Avenue, 56th to towns of Kings County. sheltered by huge and Canal St.



96th streets.. ancient elms. Another drive much used is

Christopher.. .0.130 Parks foot E. 76th st.3.000 continuation of the Eastern parkway into Fulton

City Hall

8.200 Park at 42d st.& ad av.0.180 st., out through the Twenty-eighth Ward

on to Jamaica, and so along the south side of Long



..0.230 Poe.... Island as far as may be desired.

Corlears Hook. ..8.300 Rutgers ......0.450 A drive through Prospect Park, down Ocean Duane Street. .0.108 Seventh Av., 117th St.0.074 av. to Sheepshead Bay, will bring one to the rear

East River.. 12.500 Seventh Avenue and of Manhastan Beach. Another drive is through Ft. Washington Pt.40.800 Macomb's Dam the park to Franklin av. on the east side, and then Grand & Division Sts.0.630 Bridge..

.1.970 down Clarkson st., in Flatbush, pasi the county Hester, Suffolk, Di. Sherman..

...0.095 buildings, to Flat'lands Neck, and Canarsie, on Ja. vision, Canal and Sixth Av., 32d St..! maica Bay.

East Broadway .2.180 Sixth Av., 35th St.

*0.186 MONUMENTS AND STATES. High Bridge. .22.400 St. John's.

1.700 The statuary in the Park includes the bronze High Bridge Park Ex St. Nicholas Av., 123d figure of J. S, T. Stranahan and the bronze

tension, 155th to

.0.700 busts of John Howard Payne, Thomas Moore,

170th streets...... 16.400 St. Nicholas Av.,137th Washington Irving, Beethoven, and Mozart. In

High Bridge, North to


.0.038 August, 1895, a beautiful shaft was erected on the slope of Lookout Him, to the memory of the brave

Washington B'ge. 19.900 St. Nicholas Av..150th

St. four hundred Maryland soldiers who died defend Houston, Stanton, ing the rear of the American Army upon the occa

Pitt and Sheriff sts.3.660 Stuyvesant

..4.200 sion of its retreat after the Battle of Long Island. Jackson

.0.230 Twenty-seventh St. The monument was erected by the Baltimore So: Jeanette.

and Ninth Av..... 3.000 ciety of the Sons of the American Revolution, in Madison Square.. .6.800 Tompkins Square... 10.500 conjunction with the Department of Parks. Manhattan av., 114th Union Square... .3.500 The bronze statue of Major-General-Gouverneur Street..

.0.020 Washington Square.8.100 Kemble Warren, near the Memorial Arch in the Manhattan Square..19.100 Washington Bridge park plaza, was unveiled on July 4, 1896. It is of Morningside... heroic size and was designed by the sculptor

to Dyckman st....22.800 Henry Baerer. The bronze statue of Abraham

NORTH OF HARLEM RIVER. Lincoln was removed in 1895 from its original site Boston Road, 164th Crotona Parkway..17.500 on the Park Plaza and placed in the front part of the Flower Garden, overlooking the Prospect Park Boston Road, 169th


.0.060 Cromwell's Creek..27.000

Fulton Av., 167th St.0.200 lake. This statue was dedicated October 1869, the Rev. Dr. Storrs delivering the dedicat ry


.0.160 Fulton Av., 170th St.0.950

Broux and Pe ham speech. It was paid for by popular subscription.

Mosholu Parkway..83.100 A bust of Mozart W place in the Flower



108.900 St. Mary's. garden of the park and unveiled Oct. 23, 1897. It


...17,500 Spuyten Duyvil Park. is the gift of the "t'nited Singers of Brooklyn" Claremont... .....38.000


...27.000 to the city and was won by them as a prize in

CENTRAL PARK. a Saengerfest, held in Philadelphia.

Park circle at 9th av and 15th st now being This is one if the finest parks in the world. It improved.

cost over $15,000,000. It extends from 59th st. to Immediately fronting the Park is the Plaza, a 110th st., 24 miles, and from 5th av. to 8th av., circular space. It is surrounded by mounds cov over half a mile, covering an area of 840 acres. ered with pines and attractive shrubbery. In the The landscape architects were Frederick Law center is an immense electric fountain, built Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. Following are some in 1897. South of the fountain and facing the of the principal features: At 59th St, and 5th main entrance to Prospect Park, is the Soldiers av. is the Scholars' Gate, adorned by a bust of and Sailors' Memorial Arch, erected to the mem Von Humboldt, unveiled in 1874. In the southory of the soldiers and sailors who lost their lives west part of the park is the playground for boys, in the war of the Union, The bas reliefs were and the carrousel for children, and beyond is the prepared by Maurice J. Power, and Lincoln and common lawn of 16 acres. The Menagerie is in Grant on horseback, reviewing the army after the southeast part, clustered around the old Arthe fall of Richmond. The arch in 1898 was further senal building. The Mall is a broad promenade, adorned by a beautiful bronze group designed by a quarter of a mile long and 208 feet wide, borFrederick MacMonnies, to commemorate the work dered by double rows of elm trees and famous for of the soldiers achieved in the war of the rebel- the collection of statues, prominent among which lion. The same artist is also preparing another are: Shakespeare, by J. Q. A. Ward, erected on accompanying group to be placed on top of the the 300th anniversary of the poet's birth; Burns arch to oommemorate the victories of the Ameri- and Scott, both in sitting posture; the "Indian can seamen. This work includes a quadriga for Hunter," by Ward; Fitz Greene Halleck, and a the top of the Arch and two massive groups for colossal Beethoven bust. Near by is the Music the sides. Mr. MacMonnies is also preparing four Pavilion. The Terrace, a sumptuous pile of richly bronze eagles, which will adorn the magnificent carved masonry, and the Lake come next in view, new entrance to the Park. Cost of Prospect Park, and the famous Bethesda fountain, designed by $4,000,000

Emma Stebbins and made in Munich. Beyond the




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PARKS, DRIVES AND STATUES-MANHATTAN AND BRONX-Continued. lake is the Ramble, 36 acres, a place of many Parkway, connecting Van Cortlandt Park with footpaths through thickets and by the side of Bronx Park, through Bronx Park to Bronx and rocks and streams, passing a bust of Schiller, Pelham Parkway, to Pelham Bay Park; through rustic cabins, gorges and waterfalls. Farther on is Pelham Bay Park to Long Island Sound. The enthe Belvedere, a tower of stone, from the top of tire area of parks and parkwaye in the Bronx is which a fine view of the Park can be had; and 4,05742 acres, the largest of any city in the world. next are the great reservoirs, containing 1,200,000 gallons of (roton water, On the left is the

STATUES AND MONUMENTS IN MANHAMTAN American Museum of Natural History. Opposite Beethoven-Bronze bust on the Mall, Central the Obelisk and near 5th av, and 838 st. is the Park; unveiled 1884. Metropolitan Museum of Art, containing the finest Bolivar-Equestrian statue of Simon Bolivar, collection of pictures in America. Admittance the liberator of Colombia, W. Sist st. entrance to free except on Mondays and Fridays (twenty-five Central Park. cents); Monday and Friday evenings, 8 to

10 Burns-Bronze statue of the poet, on the Mall, o'clock.

Central Park; unveiled 1880.

Cervantes-Bust of the author of "Don Quixote," Pelham Bay Park-Containing 1,756 acres,

in Central Park. situated in the extreme northeast section or the

Columbus---Marble statue of colossal size pre. borough. It has seven miles of water frontage sented by Marshall 0. Roberts in 1869; at the Ar. upon Long Island Sound and Pelham Bay. But senal; Central Park. little work of development has been accomplished

Columbus-Monument made in Italy to commemon account of its inaccessibility from the lower

orate the 400th anniversary of discovery of Amer. sections of the city. Two trolley lines are now

ica; Central Park, 8th av. and 59th st. entrance; in process of construction.

unveiled October 12, 1892. Van Cortlandt Park--Containing 1.1824 acres.

Columbus-A bronze replica of Sunol's statue of is in the northwestern section of the city, its Columbus at Madrid, Spain; on the Mall, Central northern boundary dividing the City of New Park; unveiled May 12, 1894. York and the City of Yonkers. It is accessible

Commerce-Bronze figure in Central Park, near by the New York and Northern Railroad, the 8th av. and 59th st. entrance; unveiled 1865. several trolley bines running through Jerome ave

Conkling-Bronze statue of Roscoe Conkling in nue and the Kingsbridge trolley road. Its objects Madison Square Park, corner Madison av. and 231 of interest are the Colonial Mansion and Mu- st.; unveiled in 1893. seum, under the charge of the Society of Colonial Cox-Bronze statue of S. S. Cox, erected by the Dames; the lake, covering eleven acres; the pa

letter carriers of the U. S., in Astor pl.; unveiled rade ground, the largest in the state, and the in 1891. deer range.

De Peyster-Bronze statue of Abraham De Pey. Bronx Park-Containing 661 6-10 acres, is in the ster, Bowling Green Park; erecten in 1895. northern central section of the borough. It is Dodge-Bronze statue of William Dodge, easily reached by numerous trolley lines. The erected by the merchants of New York; Broadnorthwestern section of 250 acres has been as way, 6th av. and 30th st.; unveiled in 1885. signed to the Botanical Society. The beautiful Bo Eagles and Goat-Bronze casting, east of the tanical Museum Building, the finest in the world, Mall, Central Park. and costing the city $400,000, will be finished and Ericsson-Life size bronze statue in Battery opened to the public during 1899. Ranges of mag- Park; unveiled 1893. nificent greenhouses will also be completed. The Falconer-Abronze group at 724 st. and West president of the society is Cornelius Vanderbilt; Drive; unveiled 1872. treasurer, J. Pierpont Morgan. The southeastern Farragut-Bronze statue of the Admiral, Madisection of the park, comprising 261 aores, is in son Square Park, near 5th av. and 26th st. charge of the Zoological Society. The grounds and Franklin-Bronze statue of the famous Amer. buildings will be in readiness by May 1, 1899. The ican, in Printing House sq.; unveiled 1872. Man comprises 55 different series of buildings, Garibaldi-Bronze statue presented to New York cages and ranges, by far the largest and most com- by Italian residents, Washington sq.; unveiled plete collection in the world. The president of the 1888. society is Levi P. Morton; director, William P. Grant's Tomb Riverside Drive and 124th st.; Hornaday.

dedicated April 27, 1897. ('rotona Park, 164 3-5 acres, is situated at 3d av., Greeley--Colossal bronze statue of the founder 177th st., Fulton and Arthur avs. It contains the of the New York Tribune; at entrance to Tribune new municipal building for all public offices in office, Nassau and Spruce sts.; unveiled 1890. the borough (excepting the Park Department). Old Greeley-Bronze statue in Greeley sq., BroadIndian Pond used for skating. This park is very way and 33d si.; unveiled 1894. largely frequented by visitors from the lower eart Hale-Bronze statue of the martyr spy, erected side section of the city, the terminus of the ele- by the Sons of the Revolution in City Hall Park; vated railroad being at 177th st. and 3d av., di- unveiled 1893. rectly in front of the Municipal building.

Halleck-Bronze statue of the poet,

on the Claremont Park, 38 acres, bounded by Teller av., Mall, Central Park; unveiled 1877. Belmont st., Clay av. and 170th st., contains the Hamilton-Granite statue of Alexander Hamil. old Zbrowski Mansion, now used as the offices of ton, Central Park, on the East Drive, near the the Park Department of the borough.

Art Museum. St. Mary's Park, 28 7-10 acres, is situated at St. Hancock-Bronze statue of General Winfield S. Anns av. and 14th to 149th et. This park is in a Hancock, presented to New York by the Grand thickly populated section and often has an attend Army of the Republic and unveiled in Hancock ance of 8,000 at the Sunday Concerto in the sum sq., St. Nicholas av. and 124th st., in 1893. mer season.

Holley-Bronze bust of Alexander Holley, WashCedar Park, 1714 acres, at Mott av., 158th ot, and ington sq., unveiled 1890. Walton av. Overlooke the Harlem River.

Humboldt-Bronze bust presented to New York The smaller parks are Cromwell's Creek Park, by German residents; Central Park, 59th st. en27 acres, at McComb's Dam Bridge; St. James trance; unveiled 1869. Park, 12 acres, Jerome av, and 191st st. Zoe Park, Indian Hunter-Life size bronze figure, Central 213 acres, 1920 st. and Kingsbridge rad, Washing- Park, near lower entrance to the Mall. ton Bridge Park, 81, acres, at the easterly terminal Irving-Bronze bust of Washington Irving, Bryof Washington Bridge, and a number of small ant Park, W. 40th st.; unveiled 1866. parks formed by the angles of intersecting streets Lafayette-Bronze statue in Union sq., erected and avenues.

by French residents and unveiled in 1876. PARKWAYS.

Liberty Enlightening the World-A copper A series of parkways, running across the entire statue, 151 feet high, on a granite pedestal 155 northern section of the city, are now in process of feet high; total height above low water mark is construction. When completed they will furnish | 305 feet 11 inches. The statue cost over one million a continuous drive of twenty-two milee. They francs and was paid for by popular subscription average in wildth from 200 to 600 feet. When com in France. Erected on Bedioe's Island, New York pleted, upon the boulevard plan, they will contain upper bay, and unveiled in 1886. driveways, cycle parthe, foot paths, from two to Lincoln-Bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln, six rows of trees, flower bedes, fountains, etc. erected in Union sq. by popular subscription and

They consist of the Spuyten Duyvil Parkway, unveiled in 1868. from the North River to Van Cortlandt Park, Martyrs' Monument-Erected in Trinity Church thence through Van Cortlandt Park. Mosholu l yard to the memory of American patriots who died

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