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See also chapter on Public Schools.

technology is 'behind this structure. North Academy of

a Visitation--209 Clinton av.

For of the science and technology building

large gymnasium and south of it is situated the young ladies.

new trade school. Adelphi College and Academy-Lafayette

Directly south of the main av. Chas. cor. St. James pl.

H. Levermore, Pres.

building is that of the high school, 50 by Soft., 70 instructors. 1,062 students.

Board of Trustees,

and three stories high. A new library building Timothy L. Woodruff, Pres.; Willard S. Tuttle, Sec.

on the west side of Ryerson st. was opened on May

26, 1896.

7 American School of Elucution-103 Greene av.

It contains a 'ibrary of 67,216 volumes,

whioh is free to all residents of Brooklyn. The Instructors. 100 pupils. W. V. Holt, Prin. Bedford Academy-57-67 New York av. 65 pupils. reference room and the class rooms for the library

building also contains an exhibition hall, an art Geo. Rodeman, Prin.

school. The high school is the academic deBedford Institute-221 McDonough st. School for

Its course of study girls and for boys under 12 years of age. 90 pupils. partment of the Institute.

covers four years and embraces manual training Miss M. T. Purdy, Prin.

for both boys and girls. Pupils who have been Berkeley Institute--183-185 Lincoln pl. David A.

graduated successfully from a public grammar Boody, Pres.; Algernon S. Higgins, Sec.; Julian school are prepared to enter the high school, which W. Albernethy, Prin. 275 girls. 20 instructors.

fits its graduates for the highest scientific schools Berkeley School-102 Berkeley place. Kinder- and colleges. The Institute is under the control garten for boys and girls. Wm. A. Stamm, Prin. of a board of trustees, with Mr. F. B. Pratt, Sec.,

Berlitz School of Languages-73 Court St. A. as executive officer. The other trustees are Mr. Thiallier, Prin. 200 students. 6 instruotors.

C. M. Pratt, Pres.; Mr. George D. Prati, Mr. Brooklyn College of Pharmacy-329 Franklin av. Herbert Pratt. The average number of students Org. by King's County Pharmaceutical Society. is 3,000, instructors, 134. The members

the Adrian Paradis, Pres. ; Flavel N. Bliss, Sec.; Peter faculty are F. B. Pratt, chairman; C. Hanford W. Ray, M. D., Treas.; Elias H. Bartley, M. D., Henderson, director of high school: W. S. Perry, Dean. Opened Oct. 5, 1891. 109 students. 11 in director of fine arts; Harriet S. Sackett, distructors.

rector of domestic art: Edith Greer, director of Brooklyn Heights Seminary--138-140 Montague st. domestic science; A. S. Wiston, director of Boarding and day school for girls. 19 teachers. science and technology; Mary W. Plummer, di125 pupils. Clara R. Cotton, Katharine S. Wood rector of libraries; Alice E. Fitis, director ward, Cornelia H. Fulton, Prin.

kindergartens. Brooklyn Hill Institute--429 Classon av. Home

S. Ambrose Academy-756 DeKalb av. S sters of and day school for girls. B. B. Holms, Prin.

St. Joseph; for young ladies and children. 60 pupils. Browne's Business College, and School of Short

St. Agnes' Seminary-283-287 Union st. Conducthand and Typewriting-246-252 Fulton st. 12 in

ed by the Sisters of St. Joseph. structors. Edmond C. Browne, Sec.

St. Catharine's Hall for Girls--286 Washington

av. 30 pupils, 15 instructors. Miss Emma Caghorn's "Bryant & Stratton" Business Col

A. lege-Bedford av. and Fulton st. C. Obaghorn,

Conrow, Pres. Prin.

St. Francis' College-Baltic st., near Court. OfChristiansen Institute--119 Sixth av. 50 pupils. fice, 41 Butler st. Boarding and Day School. 270 7 instructors. Miss Louise Denton, Prin.

students. Faraday Institute of Education and Philan

St. John's College Willoughby av., cor. Lewis. thropy-1,009 Hancock st. Educational and chari

James J. Sullivan, Pres. Average number of table. Mrs. M. B. Faraday, Pres., 1,321 Bush

students about 18C. wick av.; Mrs. Chas. E. Curtis, Sec., 831 Madi

The Latin School-40-42 Monroe pl. Caskie Harrison st.

son, Headmaster. 8 teachers. 100 students. Froebe: Academy-687 Lafayette av., consisting The Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and Polyof Kindergarten, Primary and Academic Depari

technic Academy-Livingston st., near Court. D.

H. Cochran, Pres. 50 instructors. ments, and to have kindergarten principles ap

700 students. plied through all grades. 150 students. 11 in

The Academy is a preparatory school for the Instructors. Harriet E. Moore, Prin.; Charles N.

stitute and other colleges. Chadwick, Pres. Board of Trustees.

Velasco School of Languages and Bureau of

Translations-283 Schermerhorn st. Prof. Heffley School of Commerce--229 Ryerson st.

Fabian de Velasco, Prin. 17 instructors. 100 715 students. 21 instructors. N. P. Heffley, Direc

students. tor. N. Y. Branch, 27 E. 44th St.

Willing Workers' Institute. See Faraday Institute. Hoag and LaboratoryCorner Henry and Pa.

Y. M. C. A. Evening School for Young Men-502 cific sts. C. N. Hoagland, Pres.; J. H. Raymond,

Fulton st. 20 instruotors. 600 students. See, and Treas.

Aiso at Bedfort Branch-420 Gates av. E. D. Kissick's Business College-45-50 Ashand p..

Branch, 131 S. Sth st., and Prospect Park Branch, Engiish, Cassical and Mathemat oan Institute and

359 9th st. Number of students in all Branches, School of Stenography, Typewriting and for Civil

1,000. Service examinations. 437 students. W. A. Kis

Young's School of Stenography and Typewriting sick, Prin.

-148 Montague st. C. F. Young, Prin. Lockwood Academy--138-140 South Oxford st. Kindergarten, Primary, Academic and Corvegiate grades. 78 pupils. John Lockwood, Prin.

THE BROOKLYN INSTITUTE OF ARTS AND Long Island Business College-143-149 S. 8th st.

SCIENCES. Business, Stenographio and Academic Courses. 700

Office at 502 Fulton s. and 174 Montague st. students, 15 instructors. Henry C. Wright, Prin. Museum Building, Eastern Parkway and WashLong Is and College Hospital-Medical College,

ington av. An Academy of Arts and SciHenry st., cor. Pacific. Prof. Alexander J. C.

ences, having the following departmente Skene, M. D., Pres.; Prof. J. S. Wight, M. D., Associate Memberg: Anthropology, ArchaeDean; Prof. J. H. Raymond, Sec. 278 students; 72 ology, Architecture, Astronomy, Botany, Chemgraduates.


Domestic Science, Electricity, EnginNational Industrial Union--101 Lafayette av. eering Entomology, Fine Arte, Geography, Est. 1894. Object to train gir's for domestic serv-Geology, Law, Mathematics, Microscopy, Mineralice and home usefulness. Mrs. C. Titcomb, Pres.

ogy, Music, Painting, Pedagogy, Philately, PhilNativity Institute for Young Ladies and Poys ology, Philosophy, Photography, Physics, Poiltunder 12-Gates and Franklin avs. Conducted by ical Science, Psychosogy, Sculpture, Zoology. Sisters of St. Joseph. 100 pupils.

Board of Trustees: A. Augustus Healy, Pres.; Packer Collegiate InstituteJoralemon st., near Rev. Richard S. Storrs, Chas. A. Schieren and Cinton. Truman J. Backus, Pres. Average num Carll H. De Silver, Vice-Prests; George C. Brackber of students, 700; instructors, 55. Board of

ett, Sec.; Wm. B. Davenport, Treas; Aseoclate Trustees: Bryan H. Smith. Pres.; Frederick P. Members: Rev. Lyman Abbott, LL.D., Pres. ; Bellamy, Sec.

James Cruikshank, Sec.; James Hamblet, Treas: Prast Institute-Ryerson st., between W111 Prof. Franklin W. Hooper. General Director of oughby and DeKalb avs., extending back from the Institute. Membership, 5,832. Hallet. to Girand av. The main structure le Courses of lectures on the arts and sciences. 100 feet wide_by 86 feet in depth and six stories | Monthly meetings of each of the departments, in height. The building devoted to science and

Concerts and dramatic readings. Collections in

Sec. life:


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EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS-BROOKLYN- Continued. anthropology, archaeology, architecture, chemis-, E. Wyckoff, First Vice-Pres.; Frederick W. Ostry, botany, entomulgy, ethnology, geography, born, Second Vice-Pres.; Wm. W. Laing. Sec. geology, microscopy, mineralogy, photography and Membership. 289. zoology. Apparatus in physics, chemistry, elec Zoology-Oliver D. Clark, Pres.; Henry C. Bur. :ricity and engineering. Collections of pain: - ton, Vice-Pres,; Miss Alice A. Douglas, Sec.; ings, sculpture and casts of antique statuary. Oharles A. Dla yton, Treas. ; Frank H. Ames, CurDEPARTMENTS.

acor. Membership, 136.

Section on Philately--Chas. R. Braine, Jr., Archaeology-William H. Goodyear, Pres.; Prof. Pres.; C. E. Nostrand, Sec. Membership, 116. Thomas Flint, Vice-Pres.; Stansbury Hagar,



Fine Arts-Instruction in drawing Sec. Membership, 148. Architecture-Barre Ferre, Pres.; Henry M.

from the antique, drawing and painting from Cong don, Vice-Pres.;

life, modeling and sculpture painting from still Thomas Leeming,

Joseph H. Boston and Miss S. G. ('oster, Membership, 268. Courses of instruction for Instructors. Prof. William H. Goodyear, Prof. A. D. draugh temen in free hand drawing, drawing from

F. Hamlin, W. M. R. French, Miss Louise Bothcast and the antique, shading, perspective, shad-Hendriksen, Lecturers; William H. Snyder, CuOws, coloring and the elements of architecture.

rator. Annual architectural exhibition.

Day and evening classes. Students, 183.

The Westhampton Summer School of ArtAstronomy-Garrett P. Serviss, Pres.; Arthur C. Perry, Vice-Pres.; Wm. F. Sebert, Sec.; B. G.

Located at Westhampton, L. 1.: Joseph H. Bos

ton, Director. Students, 32. Way, Librarian. Membership, 262.

Laboratory of Biological Research, at Cold Botany--Rev. George D. Hulst, Pres.; Joseph H.

Board of Managers-Eu-
Raymond. M. D.,

Spring Harbor, L. I.
Miss Lucilla E.

gene G. Blackford, Pres. ; Franklin W. Hooper, Smith, Sec.; Joseph H. Hunt, M. D., Curator.

Sec. Chas.

B. Davenport, Director; DunMembership, 331.

S. Johnson, W. H. C. Pynchon, Chemistry-Wm. M. Hutchinson, Pres.; Prot.

Chas. P. Sigerfoos, Nelson F. Davis, Henry Henry W. Schimpf, Vice-Pres. ; James H. Park,

S. Pratt, Mrs. Gertrude C. Davenport, Henry R Sec. Membership, 199.

Linville, Frederick O. Grover, Instructors. Open Department of Domestic Selenoe-Mrs. John Kendall Dunn, Pres.; Mre. Andrew Jacobs, Mrs.

from July 1 to September 1. Courses of instrucJohn Muir, Vice-Preste.; Mre. F. W. Hooper, Sec.

tion in Entomology, General Biology, Cryptogamic Membership, 149.

Botany, General Botany, and Bacteriology. Special

facilities for investigation. Excursions for collectElectricity-James Hamblet, Pres.; William J. Barstow, First Vice-Pres.; J. P. Wintringham,

ing specimens. Students, 60. Attendance, 92.

The Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences ! Second Vice-Pres.; Henry T. Weed, Sec. Membership. 282

authorized by Act of Legislature to establish Engineering--Samuel McElroy, C. E., Vice-Pres. ;

Museumg of Art and Science. Louis Duvinage, C. E., Sec. Membership. 161.

The City of Brooklyn was authorized to erect Entomology-Lyman A. Best, Pres.; Rev. J. L.

a section of the Museum building at a cost not to Zabriskie, Vice-Pres.; Archibald C. Weeks, Sec.;

exceed $300,000. A traot of land facing the Eastern Edward L. Graef, Curator; Rev. George D. Hulst,

Parkway on the north, Washington avenue on the Librarian. Membership, 55.

east, a line 200 feet south on the southern boundFine Arts--Membership. 803. be organized ary of old President street on the south, and land the coming year.

reserved for the Prospect Hill Reservoir on the Geography-James S. Kemp, Pres.; Judge

west, containing eleven and nine-tenths acres and Charles P. Daly, First Vice-Pres.; Cyrus C.

valued at $900,000 was leased by the former City of Adams, Second Vice-Pres.; James Cruikshank,

Brooklyn to the

Institute for a, term of one Sec. Membership, 244.

hundred years. Geology-John Mickleborough, Pres.; Rossiter

On this site has been erected the first section of W. Raymond, Vice-Pres.; Wallace G. Levison,

a Museum building, in classic style, and the entire Sec.; Daniel S. Martin, Curator. Membership, 162

structure, when completed, will cover an area of Law-Flamen B, Candler, Pres.; Isaac F. 'Rus- 560 feet square, with four interior courts, to pro. sell and Frederic W. Hinrichs, Vice-Prests.; El

vide light for the central portions of the building, mer G, Sammis, Sec. Membership, 237.

The plan provides for collections, illustrating the Mathematics-Prof. Rufus Sheldon, Pres.: James general history of Art and Architecture on the Cruikshank, First Vice-Pres.; Chas. W. Lyon, Jr.,

first floor, rooms for the illustration of the pracSecond Vice-Pres.; J. B. Wintringham, Sec. Mem

tical Arts and Sciences on the second floor and bership, 93.

galleries for the illustration of the history of Microscopy-Wm. W. Laing, Pres. ; Artis H. Painting, Engraving, Etching and Decorative Art Ehrman, Vice-Pres.; William G. Bowdoin, Sec.;

the third floor. The central portion of the James Walker, Curator. Membership, 141.

building is varried one story higher than the rest, Mineralogy- Wallace Good Levison, Pres.; Ar

and in this the Schools of Fine Arts and of tis H. Ehrman, Vice-Pres.; Charles L. Hatch.

Arohitecture will be located. Sec.; James Walker, Curator; William Urban, Jr., The First Section of the building was CO)Treas. Membership. 133.

pleted in January, 1897, and was furnished and Music-Walter S. Carter, Pres.: Charles H. ready for Occupancy as a Museum in May. It Morse, First Vice-Pres.; R. Huntington Wood was opened to the public for the first time on man, Second Vice-Pres.; John Hyatt Brewer,

June 2, 1897, and has remained open daily since. Sec.; Parlee V. Jervis, Librarian. Membership, During the first year ending June 1, 1898, the at1,754.

tendance was 126,046. A second building in BedPainting-Frank Squier, Pres.; Frederick J. Bos- ford Park on Brooklyn av. is used as an auxiliary ton, First Vice-Pres.; S. F. Kneeland, Second to the main Museum. Vice-Pres.; Robt. J. Pattisson, Third Vice-Pres.; The Museum is open every week day from 9A Miss s. M. Barstow, Cor. Sec.; William H. Sny-M. to 6 P. M.; Thursday and Friday evenings der, Rec. Sec. Membership, 183.

from 7:30 to 9:45; and on Sundays from 2 to 6 P, Pedagogy-William L. Felter, Ph. D., Pres.; M. On Mondays and Tuesdays a fee of 25c. for Miss Sarah E. Scott, Prin. William A. McAn- adults and 10 cents for children is chargel. All drew, Vice-Prests.; L. H. White, Sec. Member- other days admission is free. ship, 572. Philology-Brainerd Kellogg, Pres.; Wm. Cran

MANHATTAN AND BRONX. ston Lawton, First Vice-Pres.: R. J. H. Gottheil, Academy of the Sacred Heart-49 W. 17th st. 100 Second Vice-Pres.; Miss Emily G. Bridgham, Sec.; pupils. Francis Elder, Supt. J. W. Abernethy, Cor. Sec. Membership. 1,210. American Academy of Dramatic Arts and

Photography-Charles H. Morse, Pres.; Wm. J. Dramatic School (Empire Theater)-57th st. and Bryant, Mrs. C. H. Burdett, Vice Prests.; A. C. 7th av. Est. 1884. 100 students. 24 instructors. Ruprecht, Rec. Sec.; William Maddren, Cor. American Institute of Civics-203 Broadway. InSec.; James W. Kent, Curator; John H, Norris, corp. 1885. Chief Justice Melville W. Fuller, Treas. Membership. 429.

Ch'n; Joseph R. Hawley, Vice-Ch'n, Board of Physics-John C. McKay, Pres.; Wallace Goold Trustees. Levison, Vice-Pres.; Rudolph Seldner, Sec. Mem American Museum of Natural History--Central bership. 167.

Park West, cor. 77th st. Morris K. Jesup, Pres.; Political and Economic Science-John A. Tay- John H. Winser, Sec.; Chas. Lanier, Treas. lor,

Pres. ; Charles H. Levermore, First Vice- Open free to the public on Wed., Thurs., Frl. Pres.; Conrad V. Dykman, Second Vice-Pres.; and Sat. and all holidays until sunset. Tues. Prof. C. H. J. Douglas, Sec. Membership, 862. and Sat., 7 to 10 P. M. Sunday, from 1 to 4:30

Psychology-Almond G. Verwin, Pres.: Miss A.' P. M. Mondays and Tuesdays admission by ticket


EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS-MANHATTAN AND BRONX-Continued. or charge of 25 cents. Free lectures Tuesday and gan, voice, harmony and composition. Ernest Saturday evenings from Nov. to March.

Eberhard, Pres. ; James F. Milliken, Sec. American Veterinary College--141 W. 54th st. Gunton Institute 41 Union sq. Eet. 1891. So47 students, 20 instructors. A. L. Liantard, Pres.; gial economics and political science. Geo. GunW. J. Coates, Sec.

ton, Pres. Barnard College-Boulevard and 119th st. Est. Harvard School-568 5th av. 60 students. 8 in2889. Academically part of Columbia University. structors. W. Freeland, Pres.; E. J. Hooker, Registers women for Columbia degrees of A. M., Sec. A B., and Ph.D. 223 students, 35 instructors. Miss Hebrew Technical Institute-36 Stuyvesant st. Emily J. Smith, Dean; Mrs. N. W. Liggett, Est. 1883. English, drawing. eleotricity and meBursar; Miss Elizabeth Metcalf, Sec.

chanical courses. 230 students, 12 instructors. Ex!Barnard School for Boys-117-9 W. 125th st.

150 gar S. Barney, Prin. students. 17 instructors. Wm. L. Hazen, Head Jewish Theological Seminary-736 Lexington av. Master.

28 students, 5 instructors Joseph Blumenthal, Bellevue Hospital Medical College-Consolidated Pres.; P. S. Menken, Sec. with N. Y. University.

La Salle Academy-44-50 20 st. 207 students, 10 Berkeley School-18-24 W. 44th st. Classical and instructors. Brother Joseph, Director. scientific courses. 250 studenis, 25 insiructors.

Lenox Institute-334 Lenox av. Est. 1888. 100 John S. White, Head Master; J. Clark Read, students, 10 instructors. Andrew Zerbau, Prin. Registrar.

Manhattan College-131st st. and Grand BouleBryant School for Stammerers-9 W, 14th st. vard. Commercial, classical and scientific courses. Est. 1879. Educational training of organs of 671 students, 28 instructors. Brother Justin, Pres.; speech, 83 pupils. F. A. Bryant, Prin.

Bro. John Chrysostom, Sec. College of City of New York-17 Lexington Metropolitan Christian Science Institute-35 Mt. av. Est. 1848. 1,510 students, 60 instructors. Alex Morris Park, W. Mrs. Caroline H. Snider, Prin.: ander S. Webb, Pres.; Adolph Werner, Sec. to Miss F. H. Foote, Sec. Faculty; Henry Mayell, Reg.

Metropolitan College of Music--19-21 E. 14th College of Pharmacy-115-119 W. 68th st. Est. st. Est, 1886. 400 students annually, 48 instruct1829. 387 students, 15 instructors. Edward Kemp, ors. Dudley Buck, Pres.; John C. Griggs, Sec. Pres., Thomas F. Main, Sec

Missionary Training Institute-690 8th av. Est. College of Physicians and Surgeons-437 W. 59th 1880. Rev. A. B. Simpson, Pres.; Mrs. E. J. Me

Est. 1807. 750 students, 80 instructors. Seth Donald, Sec. and Supt. Low, Pres.; J. W. McLane, Dean, E. B. Cragin, New York Association of Sewing Schools-Org.

1893. Non-sectarian. Aims to act as a center of Columbia Grammar School-34 and 36 E. 51st st. information for sewing schools, and to bring toEst. 1764. University preparatory courses. 150 stu: gether the various organizations. Mrs. Richard dents, 20 instructors. B. H. Campbell, Head Irvin, Pres.; Miss J. Patterson, Sec., 20 5th av. Master.

New York Academy of Sciences--Meets monthly Columbia School of Midwifery--242 W. 33d st. at 12 W. 31st st. Org. 1817. 322 members. AstronEst. 1883. 106 students, 4 instructors. Charles P. omy and physics section meets 1st Mon.; biology Kreizer, Director.

section, 2d Mon.; geology and mineralogy section, Columbia University-116th st., Morningside 3d Mon.; subsection of anthropology and psycholHeights. Est. 1754. 2. 157 students, 304 instructors. ogy and subseotion of philology, 4th Mon. Henry Seth Low, Pres.; Wm. H. H. Beebe, Sec. De F. Osborn, Pres. ; Rich'd E Dodge, Sec., Teachpartments: Columbia College, J. Howard Van ers' College, W. 120th st. Amringe, Dean; Law, Wm. A. Keener, Dean; Col New York College of Dentistry--205-207 E. 230 lege of Physicians and Surgeons, James W. Me st. Incorp. 1865. 240 students, 40 instructors. Rev. Lane, Dean; Applied Science, Henry S. Mundoe, Geo. Alexander, Pres.; Faneuil D. Weisse, Dean. Dean; Political Science, John W. Burgess, Dean: New York College of Music-128-130 E. 58th st. Philosophy, Nicholas Murray Butler, Dean; Pure Est. 1878. 653 students, 31 instructors. Alexander Science, R. S. Woodward, Dean; Geo. Hall Baker, Lambert, Director. Librarian.

New York Colege of Veterinary Surgeons--154 Comstock School-32 W. 40th st. Est. 1862. 70 E. 57th st. Est. 1857. 50 students, 20 instructors. students, 15 instructors. Miss L. Day, Prin.

Herman M, Biggs, Pres.; Harry D. Giil. Sec. Cooper Union-4th av. and Astor pl., and New York Conservatory of Music-112 E. 18th

av. and 7th st. For the Advancement st. Est. 1863. Teaches music, elocution and lanof Science and Art. Charter

passed by guages. 500 students, 27 instructors. S. N. GrisLegislature Feb. 17, 1857, and made possible by wold, Pres.; E. H. Hull, Sec. the munificence of Peter Cooper. Art is taught New York Cooking School-105 E. 22d st.

Org. in all its branches, stenography, typewriting and 1876. Mrs. T. B. Bronson, Pres.; Mrs. J. E. Antelegraphy. The institution offers its facilities drews, Sec.; Miss Emily Huntington, Supt. free; has a well equipped museum for the study of New York German Conservatory of Music-37-39 the art of decoration, library and reading room W. 420 st. Est. 1880. 400 students, 32 instructors. and has day and evening classes, 40 instructors. C. H. Mead, Sec. and Treas. Edward Cooper, Pres.; Abram S. Hewitt, Sec. ; L. New York Institution for the Blind-34th C. L. Jordan, Asst. Sec. The institution has a and 9th av. Est. 1831. Kindergarten, literature, permanent endowment fund of $1,515,508.

music and manual training courses. 24 instrucCutler School-20 E. 50th st. Est. 1876. Prepares tors. Wm. B. Wait, Supt. for college. 200 students, 24 instructors. A. II. New York Law School-35 Nassau st. Evening Cutler, Prin.; R. J. Magee, Sec.

Dept., 9W, 18th st. Est. 1891. 759 students, 18 De La Salle Institute-106-108 Central Park instructors. John ‘Bigelow, Pres. of Trustees; South. Est. 1856. Scientific, classical, commercial Geo. Chase, Dean; Geo. C. Smith, Sec. and preparatory courses, 25. students, 25 instruc New York Medical College and Hospital for tors. Brother Charles, Pres.; Brother Paul, Sec. Women-213 W. 54th st. Est. 1861. 50 students,

Dowd's (Mrs. Cornelia) School-9 E. 14th st. Est. 21 professors. J. de la M. Lozier, Dean; M. Belle 1878. 1 instructor. Physical and vocal instruction. Brown, Sec.

Plectic Medical College--230 E 14th st. Incorp. New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hos. 1863. 30 professors, W. R. Spooner, Pres.; Fred- pital--214-218 E. 34th st. Est. 1882. erick R. Lee, Sec.; A. Wi W. Miller, Treas. ; Geo. New York Post Graduate Medical School and W. Borkowitz, Dean.

Hospital-Est. 1882. 301 E. 20th st. 523 students, Friends Seminary-226 E. 16th st. Est. 1860. 106 professors, 17 adjunct professors. D. B. St. Kindergarten, primary and college preparatory John Roosa, Pres.; James L. Skelin, Sec., Board Courses. 161 students, 13 instructors. Edward B. of Directors. Rawson, Prin.

New York School of Applied Design for Women Gardner's (Rev. C. H.) School for Young Ladies -Incorp. 200 W. 23d st. Thoinas B. Clarke, Pres. ; --607 5th av. Est. 1858. Courses in mathematics, Miss Ellen J. Pond, Supt. science, literature, languages. 85 students, 15 in New York School of Industrial Art and Techstructors.

nical Design-159 W. 230 st. 467 students. Mrs. General Theological Seminary of Prot. Ep. Florence D. Cory, Pres. Church--Chelsea square. Est. 1817. 150 students, New York Trade School--1st av., 67th and 68th 15 instructors, Rev. Eugene A. Hoffman, Dean; sts, Est. 1881. Teaches blacksmithing, bricklayRev. T. Stafford Drowne, Sec.

ing, carpentry, electrical engineering, sheet metal, Grand Conservatory of Music of the Univer cornice work, fresco, house and sign painting, sity of the State of New York-250 W, 230 st. 525 plastering, plumbing, printing, steam fitting and students, 45 instructors. Training on piano, or drawing Day and evening classes. 575 students,



EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS–MANHATTAN AND BRONX-Continued. 25 instructors. R. Fulton Cutting, Pres.; J. P. partment and kindergarten training class. Felix Morgan, Jr., Sec.; H. V. Brill, Gen. Mgr.

Adler, Ch'n.; John F. Relgart, Supt.; Percival New York University-Schools. (1) Arts and Chubb, Prin. science. (2) Engineering and chemistry. (3) Grad The following schools are free to those unable wate schools at University Heights. (4) Law. (5) to go to the public schools and are supported by Pedagogy, at Washington sq. (6) Medicine, 410 the Children's Aid Society: Avenue B, 533 E. 6th E. 26th st. 1,609 students, 167 instructors. Henry st.; Beach St., 36 Beach st.: Duane St., 9 Duane M. MacCracken, Chancellor; Israel C. Pierson, st.; East River, 247 E. 44th st.; East Side, 287 Sec.

East Broadway; Fifty-third St., 552 W. 530 st.; Nornyal College Park av. and 68th st. 2,500 stu German, 272 2d st.; Henrietta, 215 E 21st st.; dents, 51 instructors. Thomas Hunter, Pres. ; Italian, 156 Leonard st.; Jones Memorial, 407 E. Sarah E. H. Hall, Sec.

73d st.; Lord Memorial, 173 Rivington st.; Mott Training School-28 instructors, 1,270 students. St., 256 Mott st.; Phelps, 311 E. 35th st.; Piksi, Isabella Parsons, Supt.

28 Pike st.; Rhinelander, 330 E. 88th st.; Sixth St., Packard's Business College-101-5 E. 23d st. 630 6th st.; Sixty-third St., 224 W. 638 st.; Sullivan Eet. 1858. 350 students, 16 instructors. 3.

S. St., 219 Sullivan st.; Tompkins Sq., 295 8th st.; Packard, Pres.; A. C. Lobeck, Sec.

West Side, 201 W 320 st.; West Side Italian, 24 Sacred Heart Academy-Clason Point. Under Sullivan st. Night Schools-East Side, 287 East charge of Christian Bros.

Broadway; Tompkins Sq., 295 E. 8th st.; Brearley School Ship St. Mary's-(See N. Public League, 552 W. 53d st.; Forty-fourth St., 247 E. Schools).

44th st.; German, 272 2d st.; West Side, 201 W. 320 St. Francis Xavier College-59 W. 15th st. st.; Henrietta, 215 E. 21st st.; Italian, 156 Leonard Grammar, academic, collegiate and graduate st.; Jones Memorial, 407 E. 73d st.; West Sixtycourses. 700 students, 35 instructors. Rev. Thomas third St., 224 W. 63d st.; Newsboys', 9 Duane st. ; Murphy, Pres.; Rev. David W. Hearn, Vice

Sullivan St., 219 Sullivan st.; Elizabeth Home for Pres.; John J. Lunny, Sec.

Girls, 307 E. 12th st.
Joseph's Institute for Improved Instruction

of Deaf Mutes Boys' dept., Westchester; Girls',
772 E. 188th st. Branch of Girs Dept., 113. Bul: American

school for boys. 45 pupils, 7 instructors.

Kyle Military Institute Fushing. Germanfalo av., Brooklyn. Miss Ella G. Clark, Pres.; Miss E. A. Coughlin, Supt. Boys' Dept.: Miss

P. Kyle, Prin.
N. F. 0('onnor,

Poppenhusen Institute-College
Supt. Girls' Dep't.; Mary B.

Point, L. 1. Morgan, Sup't. Brooklyn Branch.

Free kindergarten, evening classes and reading room.

F. Martens, Sec. 188 pupis. St. John's College-Fordham. Est. 1841. Classical

Sacred Heart Seminary-Biyside. For boys frim and university courses. 247 students, 20 instruct

6 to 13. 50 pupi.s. Controlled by the Sisters of St. ors. Conducted by the Jesuit Fathers. Rev. Thos. Joseph. Sister M. Perpetua, Prin., P. O. WhiteJ. Campbell, Pres.; Rev. H. T. Casten, Sec.

stone. Teachers' College-Columbia University, 120th st. and Morningside heights. Est. 1889. Professional

RICHMOND. training for teachers. 417 students, 60 instructors,

Westerleigh Collegiate Institute-West New Spencer Trask, Ch'n. Board of Trustees; James E.

Brighton. Est. 1895. 12 teachers. 190 students. Russell, Dean.

Wilber Strong, Prin. Union Theological Seminary-700 Park av. Est.

LONG ISLAND. 1836. 127 students. 12 instructors. Chas, Cuthbert Cathedral School of St. Mary-For girls, GarHall, Pres.; Chas. R. Gillette, Sec.

den City. 45 pupils. Elizabeth L. Kowes, Prin. University Law School-Washington

sq. Est.

Long Island Chautauqua--Point o' Woods, oppo1891. 610 students. Clarence D. Ashley, Dean. site Babylon. A summer school. N. W. Foster,

University and Bellevue Hospital Medical Col- Riverhead, Pres.; W. W. Hu se, Bay Shore, Vicelege 26th st. and ist av.

Pres.; Howard s. Conklin, Patchogue, Rec. Sec.;
University of the State of New York-Board of Geo. D. Gerard, Treas., Patchogue.
Regents. (See New York State Government.) Hempstead Institute--Hempstead. 40 students.

Van Norman Institute-280 W. 71st st. Est. 1857. E. Hinds, Vice-Principal; L. S. Hinds, Sec.
For young ladies. 75 students, 16 instructors. Pri St. Joseph's Academy--Brentwood. (Young la-
mary, intermediate, collegiate and special courses. dies.)
Mme. Van Norman, Prin.

St. Francis' Coilege Centreport. Brother Jerome,
Women's Medical College of the New York In- Superior: Brother Camilus, Pres.
firmary for Women and Children--321 E. 15th st. St. Paul's School for Boys-Garden City, 146
Est. 1865. 100 students, 38 instructors. Robert pupils. Frederick L. Gamage, Head Mster.
Olyphant, Pres.; Fred'k P. Moore, Sec.

State Normal School, Jamaica-Richard C. McWorkingman's School-109 W. 54th st. Branch, Cormick, Pres.; John H. Brinkerhoff, Se:. ; Archi669 Madison av. Est. 1878. Kindergarten, primary bald C. McLachlan, Prin. 12 teachers, 250 stuand intermediate grades, college preparatory de- l dents.


Associate Alumnae, Adelphi Academy-Org. 1894.
Adelphi Academy Alumni Association~Joel S. 161 members. Miss Mabel L. Hastings, Pres.;
Dhe Selding, Pres. ; Charles P. Hutchins, Treas.; Amy C. Romer, Sec., 579 Greene av.
Miss M. L. Hastings, Sec., 276 Ryerson st.

Assgciate Alumrae of Brooklyn Training School Alter Ego-Object, to assist persons to continue for Nurses--110 St. Felix st. Org. 1895. 150 memtheir studies and aid them to self support. B. W. bers. Isabel Merritt, Pres. ; Ida M. Batcher, Sec., Bieubauer, 85 Pierrepont st., Pres.; Marie P. Plan- 280 St. James pl. ten, Sec., 38 8th av.; Wm. Newton, Treas.

Associate Alumnae, Packer Collegiate InstituteAlumni Association, Brooklyn College of Phar

Mrs. Cornelius Zabriskie, Pres. ; Mrs. Chas. N. macy-329 Franklin av. E. Clayton Woodcock,

Judson, Vice-Pres., 29 Garden pl.; Mrs. Chas. R. Pres.; John A. Schellings, Sec., 447 Court st.; Wm. Smith, Sec.; Mrs. W. H. Goater, Treas. C. Anderson, Treas. Alumnae Association, Brooklyn Training School

Brooklyn Alumni Association of Bellevue Hosfor Teachers-Drg. 1893. 275 members, Lillie H.

pital Medical College. Org. 1894. 150 members. Story, Pres. ; Mary Hope, Sec., 189 Waverly av.

Geo. McNaughton, Pres.; Lewis W. Pearson, Sec., Alumnae Association of Girls'


401 Union st. Mary Lowe, Pres.; Margaretta P. De Witt, Vice Brooklyn Barnard Club-See Social Clubs. Pres.; Maria Gaus, Sec., 497 Halsey st. This as

Brooklyn Heights Seminary Club-Mrs, James A. sociation has the following clubs: Current Liter Radcliffe, Pres.; Miss Mary F. Kelsey, Treas.; ature, Glee, Instrumental, Bicycle, and Outing. Miss Elizabeth F. Muson, Sec., 47 Remsen st. Alumnae Society of the Academy of Mt. St.

Brooklyn Latin School Alumni Association-40 Vincent-Mrs. Chas. F. Nagle, Pres., Brooklyn;

Monroe pl. 120 members. Arthur Lee, Pres.; H. Mary A. Hughes, Sec.

Irwin, Jr., Treas.; W. II. Fry, Sec. 319 9th st. Alumni Association, Boys' High School--Org. 1896. 180 members. Theodore Victor, Pres.; Ed Brooklyn Principals' Association--65 members. ward H. Wilson, Sec., 21 Van Buren st.

Calvin Patterson, Pres., Girls' High School; E. Alumni Association, Philomathean Society--35 B. Sharlord, Sec., P. S. No. 19. Monthly meetings members. Geo. H. Bruce, Pres.: F. W. Barnaby,

at rooms of School Board. Sec., Produce Exchange Building, Manhattan. Brooklyn Teachers' Aid Association--Org. 1887.


EDUCATIONAL SOCIETIES-BROOKLYN-Continued. 750 members. W. M, Jelliffe, Pres., 1966th av.; CHAUTAUQUA. SCIENTIFIC AND LITERARY Jas. Cruikshank, Treas.; Grace C. Wilson, Sec.,

P. S. No. 18.
Brooklyn Teachers' Association-Org: 1874. 2,890 st., Jamaica, Queens.

Miss Cornelia Adell Teall, Dis. Sec., 36 Puntine members. John H. Haaren, Pres. ; Lillian J. Pow

Long Island Society of Hall in the Grove-Rev. ers, Sec., P. S. No. 5, Duffield and Johnson sts.

R. S. Pardington, 191 S._2 st., Pres.; Mrs. FlorBrooklyn Teachers' Life Assurance Association-ence M. Harris, Vice-Pres., Jamaica, Queens; Meets at Training School. 1,620 members. Charles Miss C. A. Teall, Cor. Sec., Jamaica, Queene; HarE. Tuthill, Pres.; Leonard B. Dunkly, Treas.; vey J. Warner, Treas., 473 McDonough st., BrookMary B. Hart, Sec., 395 Cumberland st.

lyn. Civitas Club of Brooklyn-Org. 1893. 200 mem BROOKLYN CHAUTAUQUA UNION. bers (limited). An organization of young women

John A. Straley, Pres., 282 Halsey st.; Jeremiah interested in the study of political economy and

H. Lant, Rec. Sec., 301 Throop av.; Miss Laura its application to local government. Miss Alice A. Shotwell, Cor. Sec.; 706 President st. Campbell, Pres.; Miss Lucy Jenkins, Cor. Sec. Meets fortnightly at 160 Joralemon st.

LOCAL: CIRCLES. Colgate University, New York Alumni Associa

Ad Astra-Miss E. M. Muller. 98 3d pl. tion-Rev. J. C. Allen, Pres.; Edward M. Grout,

Carson-Miss Elizabeth Ropes, 302 Quincy st. Sec., 189 Montague st.

DeKalb Miss Mabel Wilmoth, Sec.
Froebel Society-115 members. Mrs. Rachel W.
Underhill, Pres.,

Epiphany-Miss J. D. Veitch, Sec., 129 Jeffereon 510 Willoughby av.; Mrs.

av. Carrie C. Glover, Sec., 74 Van Buren st.;


Epworth-Mrs. Walter B. Brown, Sec., H. Estelle Hartich, Treas. Object, the advance-Quincy 6t. ment of educational interests and the promotion of Holmes-Miss M. J. Squier, Sec., 162 Covert st. self culture and mutual helpfulness among its Janes-Miss C. Lawrence, Sec., 1151 Pacific st. inem bers. Meets 1st Mon., Oct. to June, at Froe Laurel--Mies I. J. E. Morlet, Sec., 160 Grand av. bel Academy, 687 Lafayette av.

Meredith-Miss Grace Cooper, Sec., 152 McHeads of Departments Association-Miss Tem- Donough st. perance Gray, Pres.; Annis R. Wells, Rec. Sec.; Pathfinder–Jeremiah H. Laut, Sec., 301 Thrvop Miss C. E. Boldnan, Cor. Sec., 226 Glenmore av.; av, Miss Adelaide A. Phillips, Treas.

POST-GRADUATE CIRCLES. Kings Co. Hospital Alumni Association-Kings

Brooklyn Chautauqua Alumni-Mrs. Olive A. Co. Hospital. Org. 1893. 150 members. Jesse T. Utter, Sec., 792 Hancock st. Duryea, Pres.; John R. Stivers, Sec., 143 Lefferts

Guild of Seven Seals of Brooklyn and New York

-Frederick Bruckbauer, Séc., 911 8th av., BrookLa Salle Association-Meets at St. James' School, lyn. Jay st. H. A. Bulin, Pres.; Thos. F. Cunning

INDEPENDENT CIRCLES. ham, Sec., 275 Bridge st.; Joseph J. Clancy, Treas. League of the Red, White and Blue, Washing- Penn st.

Kate T. Kimball-Miss Josephine L. Curtis, 208 ton Chapter-P. S. No. 75. Org. 1896. 245 members.

No Name-Miss Amy B. Colgate, 660 Greene av. Objeot, the promotion of patriotism through the study of its literature. Wm. S. Mills, Pres., 352 D. Phelps, Sec., Jamaica, Queens.

Jamaica-Mrs. C. H. Harris, Pres.; Mrs. Julia Clifton pl. Leo Lyceum-37 Clermont av.; John T. Keenan,

MANHATTAN. Pres.; James J. MoCormack, Sec. Philo-Celtic Society-137 Court st. Org. 1874. 263 New York-141 E. 40th st. Object, study of natural

Agassiz Association, Manhattan Chapter No. 87, members. M. J. Logan, Pres.; Patrick McGow-sciences. Org. 1881. 30 members. Christian an, Sec., 398 Dean st.

Groth, Pres.; Edward B. Miller, Sec. Students' Polyteohnic Alumni Association-Frank H. Par- Chapter 9492, 49 W. 20th st. Org. 1886. 40 mernbers. sons, Pres.; John L. Bres, Sec., 404 Jefferson av. Chas. Of, M. E., Pres.; Theodore G. White, M. A.,

Polytechnic Reunion--Org. 1887. 473 members. Sec., 39 W. 26th st. Calvin M. Barber, Pres.; Clinton L. Rossiter, Vice Alumni Association of the College of PharmacyPres.; Thos. H. Troy, Sec. and Treas., 16 Court st. 115-119 W. 68th st. Org. 1875. 650 members.

Progressive Educational Club-283 Garfield pl. thur C. Searles, Pres.; Wm. A. Hoburg, Jr., Sec.
Org. 1895. 65 members. Mrs. F. W. Dauchy, Alumni Association of College of Physicians and
Pres.; Mrs. Edwin H. Sayre, Sec., 868 Carroll st. Surgeons-437 W. 59th st. J. G. Curtis, Pres.; Geo.

St. John's Alumni Association-200 members. C. Freeborn, Sec.
James J. Kerwin, Pres.; Joseph J. Keany, Treas.; Alumni Association of the Eclectic Medical Col-
Rev. M. J. Loftus, Sec., cor. 74th st. and 4th av. lege-239 E. 14th st. Org. 1870. 784 members. Forenci

Lawrence University Club-75 members. E. 'Hill, Pres.; Harriet C. Hinds, Sec., East OrCharles H. Russell, Pres.: J. V. Witherbee, Treas.;

ange, N. J. Richard Ellsworth, Sec., Eagle Building.

Alumni Association of Grammar School No. 74Student Guild of the Associate Alumnae of 723 Lexington av. Org. 1896. 75 members. EdPacker Institute-Packer Institute. Org. 1884. 125 ward Hyams, Pres.; A. Libmann, Sec., 180 E. 641h members. Mrs. C. Zabriskie, Pres.; Mrs. H. D. st. Love, Sec., 308 Urrion st.

Alumni Association of New York College of DenThe Brooklyn Guild Association-Incorp. 1890.

tistry-Hotel Majestic. Org. 1880. 150 members. The work conducted at the Maxwell House, 245 Wilber M. Dailey, Pres.; F. T. Hanneman, Sec., Concord st. A kindergarten of 40 children meets 840 Lexington av, Brooklyn. mornings. There are 5 children's clubs (3 for boys

Alumni Association of N. Y. Medical College and and 2 for girls) and a sewing school with an at- Hospital for Women-213 W. 54th st. Org. 1875. 280 tendance of 125. The work of the clubs includes members, Helene S. Lassen, Pres.; 'Anna kitchen garden work, gymnastics, sewing, draw- Donohue, Sec., 213 W. 54th st. ing and military tactics.

Alumni Association of St. Francis Xavier's The adult organization includes women mem- College-Org. 1879. 500 members. Chtas. G. Herberbers over the age of 16 and men over the age of 18, man, Pres.; Joseph H. Farg'is, Sec., 56 Pine et. and numbers 175. There is a men's club, a mother's American Asiatic and Sanscrit Revival Societyclub, a club for young women and one for young 144 Madison av. Elliott B. Page, Sec. men, and there are classes in literature, cooking, American Aisociation of Allied Arts-Berkeley dancing and gymnastics. Edwin M. Wheeler, Lyoeum. Org. 1897. 50 members. Mrs. E. LaunitzPres., 179 Congress st., Josiah T. Tubby, Treas.; Raymond, Pres.; Mrs. N. di R. Monachesi, Sec., Fred C. Hicks, Sec.

125 W. 98th st. Urban-Miss Annie Burt Phelps, 117 1st pl., 'Associate Alumnae of the Normal Colege of the Pres.; Miss H. C. Alexander, Rec. Sec.; Mrs. R. City of N. Y.-Park av. and 68th st. Org. 1871. 1,400 H. Laimbeer, Jr., Cor. Sec. Meets 2, 4 Tues. at members. Mrs. Kaeson C. Gibson, Pres. ; Blanch members' houses.

H. Arnold, Sec., 447 West End av. Vassar Students' Aid Society-Org. 1890. 108 Associated Alumnae and Students of Woman's members. Meets quarterly. Mrs. Geo, H. Pren Art School-Cooper Union. Jeannett N. Seaton, tiss, Pres.; Miss 0. I. Minasian, Sec., 80 President Fort Wadsworth, s. I., Pres.; Elizabeth Bonta, st.

Sec. Yale Alumni Association of Long Island-250 Association of Female Assistants in Grammar members. Wm. B. Davenport, '67, Pres.; Jos. A. Departments-City College. Last Monday. Allda Burr, '71, Vice-Pres.; Harold Vernon, '83, Treas, ; S. Williams, Pres.; Miss Mary W. Hatch, Sec. Edward N. Lomis, Sec., 323 Greene av.

Association Graduates of State Normal




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