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LIBRARIES AND READING ROOMS - MANHATTAN-Continued. De Witt Memorial--286 Rivington st. Est. 1882. daily 10 A. M. to 5 P. M. and Monday evenings. Open 3 to 8 P. M. 2,300 vols. 5,000 members. Mal H. Calkins, Jr., Librarian. colm R. Birnie, Librarian. Free circulating.

New York Historical Society-170 20 av. Est. Directory Library--21 University pl. Contains 1804. Open 9 A. M. to 6 P. M., except hoidays. all State, city and local d'ireotories of the United 100,000 vols. American history. For reference; to States. References free. Open 8 A. M. to 4:30 members and by cards of introduction. Rober: P. M.

H. Kelby, Librarian. Foreign Missions (Free)-Room 815, 156 bth

New York Law Institute-Rooms 116-122, P. O. av. Est. 1840. 7,500 vols. Open daily from 9A,

Building Est. 1828. 49,156 vols. 650 members. M. to 5 P. M. W. Henry Giant, Librarian.

Elward Patterson, Pres.; Wm. H. Winters, LibraFree Library of the General Society of Mechan- rian. ics and Tradesmen of City of New York-18 East Sixteenth st. Est, 1820. Open 8 A. M. to 8 P. V

New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Til

den Foundations-Founded vols. 115,000 12,500

by consolidation in readers

Jacob annually.

May, 1895. The conditions being the new corporSchwartz, Librarian. Friends Library Association--26 E 16. st. Est.

ation was to establish and maintain a free public 1880.

library and reading room in City of New York, 1,280 Vols. Open every day and evening.

with such branches as advisable, and to promote Free to Friends of New York. Edward B. Raw

osher objects set forth in respective acts of the son, Librarian.

trustees of the Astor and Lenox Library and the Hahnemannian Library of the N. Y Medical

Tiden Trust. The Astor Library was founded in College-64th st. and Av. A. Est. 1886. Open 10

1849, by John Jacob Astor. The Lenox Library is A. M. to 5 P. M. 8,500 vols. H. Rogers, Chon.; W. H. Dieffenbach, Treas.; George Jansen, Li

the outgrowth of the liberality of James Lenox. brarian. Free to faculty and students.

Samuel J. Tilden. at his death, left $4,000,000 to

found a library. His heirs broke the will, but Harlem-32 W. 123d st. Est. 1823. Open 9 A. M.

through compromise with Mrs. Hazard, one of his to 9 P. M. 25,000 vols. 3,300 m miters. Chas. B.

heirs, $2,000 000 was pledged for library purposes. Tooker, Pres.; Bessie S. Smith, Lib. Free.

There are 21 trustees of

the new corporaHuntington Free Library-Westchester av.,

tion. John Bigelow, Pres.; George L. Rives, Westchester. Est. 1891. Open daily from 9 A. M.

Nassau st., Sec.; Edward King. 80 Broadway, to 10 P. M. Sunday. 2 to 9 P. M. 5,000 vols. Collis

Treas.; John S. Billings, Director, Astor BuildP. Huntington, Pres.; Miss E. F. Ni::bct, Librarian.

ing. The libraries are located in

Astor Italian Free Retailng Room and Library-119

Building, 40 Lafayette pl. and Lenox BuildMulberry st. Est. July, 1891. Open 10 A. M. toing, zovh' st. and 5th av. Open 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. 10 P. M. 3,230 vols. Attendance, 1'97, 93,6.1. Rev.

425,000 vols. and 102,000 pamphlets. The total enA. Arrighi, Pres.; Garry Arrighi, Sec. and Li

dowments, exclusive of buildings and sites, brarian.

$941,266.99. Open on holidays. Kingsbridge Library Association (Free)-Kings

The Legislature in 1897 authorized the selection bridge. Est. 1894. 1,160 vols. Open daily 3 to 6

of Bryant Park on 5th and 6th avs., between 16th and 7 to 10 P. M. Mirjorie H. Winn, Librarian.

and 420 sts., as a site for the new public library. Law Department Libiary-Staats 2 itung Building. Exclusively for use of Corporation Counsel

The approved plans by Architects Carrere and

Hastings provide for a building not to exceed and his assistants. 6,000 volumes. James M. Valles, Librarian.

$2,500,000. The style of architecture will be Re

naissance and will be built in either white marLaw Library of the Equitable Life Assurance So.

ble or Indiana limestone. The building will front ciety-120 Broadway. Est. 1876. Open 9 A. M. to

on 5th avenue, looking east. The greatest projec7 P. M. 15,972 vols. Thomas A. Campb-11, Libra

tion of the main facade of the building is 75 feet rian. Free to tenants of buildings and Lawyers'

back of the 5th av. building line. It is intended Ciub.

to make a terrace out of this 75 feet of foreLenox---See New York Public Library. Maimondes (free).-723 Lexington av. Est. 1858.

ground, serving as a grand approach to the main entrance. The terrace will be 455


long. Open 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. 51,345 vols. l'sed by 3.751

There will be a hallway in the center of the persons, Miss S. X, Schottenfels, Librarian. Masonic-6th av. and 230 st. Est. 1868. Open

building 80 feet long and 40 feet wide. The stair

cases which lead to the second and third floors 7 to 10:30 P. M. 1000 vols. 93,000 members.

will be of stone, 12 feet wide. The arches formFrederick T. Slack, Librarian. Mechanical Engineers' Ass'n-12 W. 31st st. Est.

ing the vestibule will be 35 feet high and 15 feet

wide. The entrance to the stairs and the elevators 1890. Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. 6.100 vels. 1,799

will be found on the 40th st. side. On the first members. Isabel Thornton, Librarian.

floor will be the main exhibition room. On the Mercantile Library Association of New York- second floor will be the rooms of the director Astor pl.; branches at 120 Broadway and 426 5th and trustees, lecture room and reading room. The av. Est. 1820. Open 8:30 A. M to 6:30 P. M. 263,00) top floor will contain the Stewart collection. There vols. 5,100 members. Thos. J. Gaines, Pres.; A. will be about 140 feet of ground between the west Wetmore, Sec, ; W. T. Peoples, Librarian.

elevation of the building and the present park. Methodist-150 5th av. Open 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. The design of the building will be monumental in 11,000 vols. Juseph C. Thomas, Librarian. Free character, with classical proportions. for reference.

The trustees of the new library building are: Metropolitan Museum of Art-('entral Park, 820 John L. Cadwalader, Samuel P. Avery, John Bigest. and 5th av. Open 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. 6,000 low, Willam Allen Butler, Andrew H. Green, Danvols. William L. Andrews, Hon. Librarian.

ie Huntington, H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy, John Mott Memorial-Incorp. 1837. 64 Madison av.

S. Kennely, Edward King, Lewis Cass Ledyand, Open 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. A consulting medical Alexander Maitland, Thomas M. Markoe, Stephen and surgical Library, A. Dunn, Librarian.

H. Olin, Alexander E. Orr, Henry C. Potter, New York Academy of Medicine--17-21 W. 438 st. George L. Rives, Philip Schuyler, George W. Fst. Jan. 6, 1847. Open 10 A. M. to 6 P. M. Smith, Frederick Scurges. 80,000 vols. 800 members. Dr. Edw. D. Janeway,

New York Produce Exchange-Broadway and Pres.; Dr. L. F. Bishop, Sec.; John S. Brownne,

Beaver st. Est. 1862. Open 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. Librarian,

3,800 vols. 3,000 membens. James H. Patrick, New York Free Circulating--226 W. 424 st. Ten Librarian. Free to members of the Exchange, libraries, as follows: 49 Bond st. (George Bruce New York State Medical Association--64 Madison Memorial), 135 2d av. (Otendurfer). 18 E. 125th av. (consulting). Miss Aline Dunn, Clerk. st. (Harlem), 49 W. 20th st. (Muhlenberg), 251 W. Olivet Memorial-59-63 2d st. Open 2 to 5:30 and 13th st. (Jackson Square), 816 Amsterdam av. 7 to 8 P. M. 2,800 vols. Free. Lizzie F. Baker, (Bloomingdale), 2:1 W. 69th st. (Riverside), 1,523 | Librarian. 2d av. (Yorkville), 215 W. 34th st.; Traveling LI Pedagogy-University Building, Washington brary Department, 135 2d av. 10,000 vols. J.

square. Open 10 to 12 A. M., 1 to 6 P. M. 3,600 Frederic Kernochan, Pies.; Francis C. Hunting vols. L. J. Tompkins, Librarian. Not free. ton, Sec. ; Arthur E. Botwick, Librarian,

Protestant Episcopal Seamen--21 Coenties slip. New York Free Circulating for th Blind-121 W'. 73,000 readers. 1897-98. Est. 1874. Open 8:30 1. 91st st. Est. 1895. 1.30) volumes. Op n Mon., M. to P. M. 1,200 Vols. Isaac Maguire, LiThurs., Sat., from 1 to 4 P. M. Richard R. Ferry, brarian. Pres.; Helen M. Ferry, Librarian,

Riverdale-Riverdale. Open Mondays, WednesNew York Genealogical and Bi graphical Society days, Fridays and Saturdays, 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. --226 W, 58th St Est. 1869. 3.600 vols, Free to Mrs. J. D. Wood, Pres. ; Francis H. Thom, Limembers and those introdued by memb rs. Open brarian.

LIBRARIES AND READING ROOMS-MANHATTAN-Continued. St. Agnes' (Free)--520 Amsterdam av. Est. 1894. st. Also in all branches of the Association. See Hours, 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. 5,200 vols. 12,973 read Young Men's Christian Associacion. Est. 1832. ere. Robt. Appleton, Pres.; A. L. Gibson, Li 49,000 vols. Silas H. Berry, Librarian Branches, brarian.

230 st. and 4th av., Harlem, 5 W. 125th st.; East St. Aloysius-208-210 E 4th st. Est. 1852. 7,000 side, 168 5. 87th st., Young Men's Institute, 222 vols. Open Tues, and Thurs, evenings. Theo. Bowery; Washington Heights, 531 W. 155th st.; Eck, Librarian.

Students, 129 Lexington av.; German, 140 2d av.; St. Barnabas Free Reading Room-38 Bleecker French, 112 W. 21st Et.; Bowery, 153 Bowery; for st. Est. 1867. Open 7 to 10 P. M. 1,200 vols. Her R. R. Men, 361 Madison av.; Round House, 720 man Meyers, Librarian.

st. and 11th av. St. Mark's Memorial-288 E. 10th st. Esi. 1883. Young Women's Christian Association E. 15th Open 7 to 9 P. M. 1,100 vois. Rev. Walter E. st. Open 9 A. M. to 9:15 P. M.. except Sundays. Bently, Pres.; Joseph S. Ruepp, Librarian. Free. 26,000 vors. Reading and reference rooms. Free

Seaman's Free Reading Room-34 Pike st. Est. io se:t supporting women. Harriet F. Husted, Lib. 1844. Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. 500 vols. Rev. A. R. Mansfield.

QUEENS. Society-109 University pl. Est. 1764. Open 9 A. Flushing Library-Jamaica and Jagger avs. M. to 6 P. M. 100.000 vols. Col. J. L. de Peyster, Wm. Elliman, Pres. ; Walter L. Bogart,

Sec. Pres.; F. B. Bigelow, Librarian. Free for refer and Treae.; Miss Eleanor Vanderhoef, Lib. 6,920 ence.

volumes. Typothetae of the City of New York-Rooins Free Circulating-24 and 26 Jackson av., L. I. 401-404, 106-108 Fulton st. Est. 1883. 2,000 vols. Open City. Est. 1896. Dr. Walter G. Frey. Pres.; Geo E. daily. 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. For use of members; Clay, Treas.: Miss Jessie Hume, Librarian. 8,000 reference room free, Charles H. Cochrane. vols. Free Reading Room opened daily from 9

Washington Heights (Free)-Amsterdam av, and A. M. to 9 P. M. Sunday, 4 to 9 P. M. Holidays, 156th st. Est. 1868. Open 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. 12,900 9 to 11 A. M. Steinway Branch, 3,000 vois. Open vols. Edmund S. Whitman, Pres.; Geo. B. Cur- Mon., Wed., Sat., from 1 to 9 P. M. cis, Sec.; E. P. Gniffin, Librarian.

Jamaica (Free) Jamaica High School.

Est. Webster (Free)-Foot E. 76th st. Est. 1893. 1860. 2,600 vols. Open every day, except Saturday, Open 2:30 to 4, and 7:30 to 10 P. M., on Sunday from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. Carrie E. Hoyt, Lifrom 2:30

to t.

8,000 members. Everett P. brarian. Wheeler, Pres.; Clarence Gordon, Sec.; E. W. Long Island Railroad Branch, Young Men's Gaillard, Librarian.

Christian Association 45 Borden av.


vols. Woman's-19 Clinton place. Open 9 A. M. to Open from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. Neason Jones, Sec. 4 P. M. 1,500 volumes. Auxiliary to Working Maspeth-P. S. 72. Maspeith. Est. 1860. 1,106 Women's Protective Union. M. J. Kemp, Li vois. Free to students. Open during school hours brarian. $1.50 per year.

and from 3 to 5 P. M. on Mondays. Fannie West, Young Men's Christian Association-318 W. 57th | Librarian.

York Ceeds

ON BOARD THE SCHOOL SHIP ST. MARY'S. NEW YORK NAUTICAL SCHOOL (conducted , 20, when the ship leaves the dock and goes into by the Board of Education of the City of New Long Island Sound. About one month is spent York),

there in practical exercises. The ship then proApplication for admission to he


to sea. When making a foreign cruise Xau bical School should be made in writing or in

she usually touches at one or more of the fouperson, to the superintendent on board St. Mary's, owing poris: The Azores Islands, Southampton, at the foot of 28th st., E. R. The following England; Cherbourg, France; Lisbon, Portugal qualifications are necessary for candidates:

Cadiz, Spain; Gibraltar, and the Madeira Islands,

and returns to the United States the last of SepThey must be between the ages of sixteen and

tember. The rest of the season is spent in practwenty years.

tical exercises in the Sound and on our coast, They must be of average size, of sound consti

un:il the middle of October, when the vessel retution and free from such physical defects as

turns to her dock in New York. A vacation is may render them unfit for sea service.

then given until November 1, while the ship is They must, before admission, produce testi- being prepared for the Winter school term, which monials of good character.

begins November 1. They must evince a taste for seafaring life, and During the Summer cruise the entire time is enter the school of their own free will.

devoted to the study and practice of professional They must be able to pass a satisfactory ex

branches of seamanship. While at the dock most amination in speking, reading, writing and arith- of the time is devoted to common school branches. metic to and including percentage.

The Postal Subsidy bill, requiring ail vessels They must have either a parent or a guardian receiving a subsidy to be officered by Americans, residing in the City of New York, to sign the and to carry a cadet for each 1,000 tons' burden, necessary papers.

enab.e pupils of the Nautical School, upon gradThe school is not a reformatory. Only boys who uation, to secure situations. can produce satisfactory testimorials as to moral John G. Agar is chairman of the Executive character will be admitted.

Committee on Nautical School, Board of EducaPupiis admitted to the school are provided for tion and Lieut.-Commander W. H. Reeder, U. S. at the expense of the city, with ihe following N., is acting superintendent. exceptions:

First-They are required to provide the following articles: Two pairs of black leather shoes,

Mexico's Free Zone, one pair of rubber boots, one dark blue monkey

The free zone of Mexico is a strip of territory jacket, one dark blue guernsey, three pairs of

extending along the Northern Border from the Guil heavy drawers, three pairs of heavy undershirts,

of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, and extends about three pairs of heavy socks, three pocke: hand

12 miles into the interior. It was established many kerchifs, one black stik neckerchief, one strong

years ago by the Central Government as a con. jack-knife, three towe's, one scrub brush, one tooth cession to the states bordering on the Rio Grande brush, one clothes brush, one hair brush,

as a protection against smuggling from the comb, one box of blacking, one backing brush,

United States. All merchandise imported into the thread, needles, wax, tape and buttons.

Zone for consumption in it is admitted on a baSecond--The sum of $35 must be paid by each

sis of 10% of the regular tariff; but when shipped pupil on admiesion to defray the expense of uni

into the interior an additional 90% duty is collectform and bedding during the two years' course. ed, which, with the 10% already paid, makes up In order to ob:ain a certificate of graduation,

the regular tariff charges of Mexico. pupils must complete two Summer cruises and pass a satisfactory examination in the studies pursued.

At the beginning of the seventeenth century The Winter school term ends April 1, when a Spain had 120,000 churches. 200,000 priests, 54 ten days' vacation is given. After the vacation bishops, 70,000 monks and 30,000 nuns. The clergy the pupils rig and prepare the ship for the Sum- of Castile alone had an annual income that would mer cruise, which usually begins about April equal $25,000,000 to-day.


Art Clubs.

paying a fee of 25 cents. At all other times ad

mission is free. BROOKLYN.

Municipal Art Society-29 E, 320 st. Samuel P. Art and Library Association of the Oxford Club Avery, Pres. --109 Lafayette av. Org. 1880. 100 members. T. M. Municipal Art Society-Incorp. 1897. 500 memRochester, Pres.; N. T. Thayer, Sec., Oxford Club; bers. Object: To adorn the city with works of ar. W. J. Taylor, Treas.

and generally to encourage art. T. BarArt Guild-246 Fulton st. 54 members. Miss ney, Pres.; Edward Hamilton Bell, Sk., 424 5ih Eleanor Bannister, Pres.; Miss Edith Sawyer, av. Sec.. 46 New York av.

National Academy of Design-23d st. and 4th av. Brooklyn Academy of Photography---177 Mon- Org. 1826. 156 members. Thos. W. Wood, Pres.: tague st. Org. 1888. 60 members. H. B. Fuller- Harry W. Watrous, Sec, ton, Pres.; Wm. Arnold Sec.

National Sculpture Society-215 W. 57th st. In y Brooklyn Art Association-Adjoining Academy of 1896. 275 members. J. Q. A. Ward, Pres, ; Barr Music, Montague st. Carll H. De Silver, Pres., 43 Ferree, Sec., 112 Wall st. Pierrepont st.; E. Le Grand Beers, Seo and New York Etching Club-Henry Farrer, Pres: Treas., 129 Pierrepont st.

Chas. F. W. Mielatz, Sec., 135 E, 15th st. Brooklyn Art Association, 174 Montague st. Pro New York State Art Teachers' Association-Org. fessional artists only. Org. 1878. Carleton Wig- 1891. 200 members. Miss Josephine A. Greene, gins, Pres. ; Wedworth Wadsworth, Sec., Durham, Pres.; Arthur H. Flint, Sec., Polytechnic InstiConn.: F. Squier, Treas.

tute, Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn Art School-246 Fulton st. Conducted New York Water Color-Org. 1890. 90 members. by the Brooklyn Art Association and Department Holds annual Fall exhibition of water colors and of Painting of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and pastels at 215 W. 57th st. Henry B. Snell, Pres.; Sciences. (See chapter on Brooklyn Institute.) W. Merritt Post, Sec., 55 W. 33d st.

Brooklyn Society of Mineral Painters-Org. 1892 Protective Alliance of Scenic Painters of Amer50 members. Miss Ida A. Johnson, Pres.; Mrs. ioa-Room 8. Manhattan Theatre Building. Org. Wm. Main, Sec., 299 Jefferson st.

1895. 61 members. Harley Merry, Pres.; Jesse W. Museum-See chapter on Brooklyn Institute of Williams, Sec. Arts and Sciences.

Salmagundi-14 W. 12th st. Org. 1871. 240 memNew York State Art Teachers' Association-bers. Robert C. Minor, Pres.; J. H. Dodon, Sre. Org. 1892 125 members. Miss Josephine A. Green, School of Applied Design-200 W. 230 st. Org Pres.; Prof. A. H. Flint, Sec., Polytechnic Insti- :892. 548 members. Thomas B. Clark, Pres.; Mix tute.

Harriet Z. Bickford, Sec. Pen and Pencil Club--13 Willoughby st. Org. Sketch Club of New York-19 W 21th st. Org. 1894. 30 members. W. D. Streeter, Pres.; W. C. 1889. 75 members. James Ross, Pres.; W. Ford Cooke, 183 Montague st., Sec.

Howland, Sec., 40 Gramercy Park, Rembrandt-Henry T. Chapman, Jr., Pres.; Society of American Artists--215 W. 57th st. Chas. Ovington, Sec., Hotel St. George. 100 mem John La Farge, Pres.; Geo. R. Barse, Jr., Sec.; bers.

Samuel Isham, Treas. Y. M. C. A. Central Camera Club-502 Fulton Society of American Wood Engravers-19 W. 221 st. 1, 3 Mon. W. H. Lowery, Pres.; Edward L st. Org. 1882. 23 members. John P. Davis, Sec. Damon. Sec.; J. G. McTaggart, Treas.

Society of Beaux Arts, Architects-Org. 1893. Y. M. C. A. Central Sketch Club-502 Fulton members. Walter Cook, Pres.; Edgar A. Josselyn, st. A. F. Roe, Pres.; C. W. Hotchkiss, Sec.; W, Sec., 3 W. 29th st. H. Coughlin, Dir.

Society of Decorative Art-28 E. 21st st. Mre MANHATTAN.

F. P. Kinnicut, Pres.; Herbert L. Griggs, Sec. American Fine Arts Society--215 W. 57th st.

Woodward School of Drawing and Painting-573

5th av. Howard R. Butler, Pres.; Saml. Isham, Sec. 176

Org. 1894.75 members. Dewing Woodmembers.

ward, Pres.; L. L, Johnson, Sec. American Water Color Society-John G. Brown,

Business and Commercial,
Pres.; C. Harry Eaton, Sec., 53 E 230 st.
Architectural League-215 W. 57th st. Org. 1881.

325 members. Bruce Price, Pres.; W. E Stone, Bedford Board of Trade-1256 Bedford av.
Sec., 23 State st.

1897. 50 members. Jas. B. Ross, Pres.; Artists' Aid Society-51 W. 10th st. Org. 1890. Bently, Sec., 1387 Fulton st. 60 members. Thos. W. Wood, Pres.; James C Broadway Merchants' Association-Broadway Nicoll. Sec. Has a free bed in Presbyterian Hos. Bank. Org. 1897. 200 members. Geo. Gomer, pital.

Pres.; A. N. Bernstein, Sec., 758 Flushing av. Art Students' League-215 W. 57th st. Bryson Brooklyn Bar Association-Room 16,

County Burroughs, Pres.; Wm. C. Rice, Jr., Sec.

Court House. H. C. M. Ingraham, Pres.; Henry Artists' Fund Society-Org. 1859. J. G. Brown. S. Rasquin, Cor. Sec.; Stephen c. Betts, Lih Pres.; Geo. H. Yewell, Sec., 51 W. 10th st. 8) and Treas. Annual meeting for election of offmembers.

cers, 1st Friday in Feb. Stated meetings. Art Students' Club-Grace House. 802 Broad- Friday Feb., May, Oct., Dec. way.

Brooklyn Engineers' Club--Org. 1896. 146 memArt Students' League-215 W. 57th st. Org. 1875. bers. Nelson P. Lewis, Pres.; Walter M. Mese411 members. 908 students. Edwin C. Taylor, role, Vice-Pres.; A. J. Provost, Jr., Sec., 191 MonPres.; Alma De Mier, Cor. Sec.

tague st.; W. G. Ford, Treas. Camera-3 W, 29 h st. Org. 1896. 260 members. Brooklyn Newsdealers' Association-Peters' Hall. Wm. D. Murphy, Pres.; H. B. Reid, Sec.

360 Fulton st. 4th Tuesday. 100 members. P. J. Groller (ClubSee Social Clubs.

McGrath, Pres.; S. H. Cowell, Sec. Illustrators-95 5th av. Org. 1896. 300 members. Brooklyn Underwriters' Association-162 MontaFrank C. Drake, Pres.; Walter Gloater, Sec., 95 gue st. Org. 1896. Curtis C. Mayland, Pres.; 5th av.

John S. Oliver, Sec. Kit-Kat-12 E. 15th st. Org. 1880. 50 members. Business Women's Union--80 Willoughby Geo. W. Kittredge, Pres., 3 E. 14th st.; Arthur Org. 1871. Mrs. Anna C. Field, Pres.; Mrs. M. T. C. Blackman, Sec., 60 Washington sq.

Tupper, Cor. Sec. Ladies' Art Association-107 W. 125th st. Org. Butchers' Mutual Protective Association (Retail 1867. 150 members. Miss Caroline L. Orme Ran-1-Butts' Palace Ha:1, 574 Broadway. 125 members. som, Pres.; Miss Alice Donlevy, Sec., 217 W, 125th R. T. Mulleman, Pres., 614 Broadway; Otto Tho.

gaia, Sec., 336 S. 4th st. Membership, 250. Metropolitan Museum of Art--('entral Park, 820 Coal Exchange-363 Fulton st. Thos. J. Pateret. and 5th av. Org. 1870. 3,500 members. Henry son, Pres.: Geo. A. Thompson, Sec. 1st Mon. G. Marquand. Pres.; Louis P. di (esmola, Sec., Contractors' Association-Org. 1888. 117 members. 109 E. 57th st. The museum is open daily from Richard Whalen, Pres.; Thos. Seward, Sec., 8th 10 A. M. till half an hour before sunset, on Sun. av, and 17th st. days after 1 P. M. and on Monday and Fri Cycle Board of Trade of Long Island-G. W. day evenings from 8 to 10 P. M. On Monday and Bennett, Pres.: A. M. Franklin, Sec., 6 d av. Friday, from 10 A. M. till 5 P. M., the museum Deutschen Maschmisten Club-John Krauss, is free only to members, art students and copy Pres.; Hugo Petzold, Sec., 11 Belvidere st. iste; the public is admitted on those days by Fire Insurance Salvage Corps--172 Pacific st.



SOCIETIES AND ASSOCIATIONS-BUSINESS AND COMMERCIAL-Continued. and 33 Stagg st. Org. 1895. 45 members. Geo. M. | 220 E. 37th st. 23 associations. Thomas M. DukeCoit, Pres.; Britton C. Thorn, Sec., 16 Court st. hart, Pres., Bakimore, Md.; Wm. F. Hollwedel,

Grand st. Board of Trade-228 Grand st. Org Sec., 106 Marion st., Brooklyn.
1895. 184 members. Elwin Piper, Pres.; Anson American Newspaper Publishers' Association-
Ferguson, Treas.; Wm. H. Rablen, Jr., Sec., 252 38 Park row. 160_newspapers. Chas. W. Knapp,
Grand st.

Pres.; Wm. C. Bryant, Sec.; Herbert F. GunKings County Undertakers' Association and Ap- nison, Treas. proved Undertakers of Long Island-153 Pierre American Paper and Pulp Association-30 Broad oont st., 1st and 3d Mondays. 160 members. Edwin st. Org. 1878. 248 members. Hugh J. Chisholm, Bayha, 219 Atlantic av., Pres.: John Scrimgeour, Pres.; Chester W. Lyman, Sec. 71 Court st., Sec.; P. J. Phillips, 1007 Lafayette American Piano Manufacturers' Association av., Fin. Sec.

Org. 1890. 30 members, Adolpho H. Fischer, Liquor Dealers' Associations:

Pres.; Robert C. Kammerer, Sec., 11 E. 14th st. Central Protective Association-1st Friday at American Theatrical Exchange--1358 Broadway. 369 Fulton st. A. D. Newman, Pres.; Jas.

Org. 1893. Henry Greenwall, Albert Weiss, Gen. Cooke, Treas.

Mgrs. Eastern District Association-1st Friday at

Association of Average Adjusters of U. S.-4 Arion Hall, Wall st. Julius Gottschalk, Pres.;

Hanover St. Stephen Loines, Ch'n.; Charles C. Albert Fischer, Sec., 1118 Willoughby av.

Tyler, Sec. Mutual Benefit Association-2d and 4th Fri

Association of Master Plumbers-155 E, 58th st. days at Arcanum Hall, 407 Bridge st. Org. 1886.

0.g. 1882. 400 members. S. L. Malcolm, Pres.; 605 members. H. C. Radin, Pres.; James Mc

Andrew H. Brown, Sers, 1777 Broadway. Gowan, Sec., Atlantic av. and Smith st.

Bakers' and Confectioners' Association-169 E. Twenty-sixth Ward Citizens' Protective Asso

Houston st. Org. 1897. 170 members. Ernst Stahl, ciation. 35 members. John G. Torborg, Pres.;

Pres.; John M. Spindler, Sec. Julius C. Steinheusen, Sec., 2576 Fulton st.

Bar Association-42 W. 44th st. Org. 1869. James Western Distriot Association-1st Friday at

C. Carter, Pres.; David B. Ogden, Sec. Arcanum Hall, 407 Bridge st. Chas


Board of Fire Underwriters-32 Nassau st. Org. sloop, Pres.; Conrad Laeger, Vice-Pres.; Frei

1867. 80 members. J. Montgomery Howe, Pres.; erick Weidner, Sec., 105 Meserole st.

Alfred M. Thorburn, Sec., 54 Pine st. Livery Stable Keepers' Association-153 Pierre

Board of Underwriters of New York (Marine)pont st. Org. 1895. 150 members. J. H. Rowland, Jas." A. Whitlock, Sec.; F. A. Parsons, Treas.

37 William St. Org. 1820. A. A. Raven, Pres.; Pres.; H. A. O'Brien, Sec., 17 Red Hook Lane. Long Island Bottlers' Union-Park

Booksellers' and Stationers' Provident Associa

av, and Emerson pl. Org. 1888. 132 members. D. 1.

tion of U, S.-Charles T. Dillingham, Pres.; WilQuick, Pres.; Wm. F. Hollwedel,

bur B. Ketcham, Sec., 7 W. 18th st.

Sec., 106 Marion st.

Bottiers' and Manufacturers Association-218-220 Manufacturers' Association of New York-

E 37th st. Org. 1889. 236 members. E. M. JackHeadquarters, 198 Montague st. Org. 1894. 350 son, Prés.; R, E. Schoder, Sec. members. Ludwig Nissen, Pres.; James

Brewers' Exchange of New York-109 E. 15th st.

T. Hoile, Sec.

Org. 1872. 50 members. Julius Liebman, Pres. ; Master Painters and Decorators' Association

Chas. J. Warner, Sec. Johnston Building. Org. 1865. 45 members. B, T.

Buffalo Club of the City of New York-2424 7th Downing, Pres.; Philip Scherer, Sec., 141 Court st.

av. Org. 1893. 65 members. Geo. W. Bruce, Sec. Master Plumbers' Association-315 Washing on

Builders' League of New York-74 W. 126th et. st., 2d and 4th Thurs. Org. 1881. 450 members.

Incp. 1895. 380 members. John P. Leo, Pres.; Thos. Kelly, Pres.; D. Donegan, Cor. Sec., 58th st.

W. 0. Fredenburg, Sec.

Building Association League-27 E. 125th st. Org. and New Utrecht av.

1892. 70 Building Loan Associations are members. Mechanics' and Traders' Exchange-359 Fulton

Edwin F. Howell, Pres.; Geo. C. Streeter, Sec. st. Incorp. 1872. 200 members. Francis Conklin,

Building Material Exchange--15 Dey and 18 CortPres.; F. J. Kelly, Sec., 138 Dean st. Merchants' Association of Wallabout Market-Miller, Pres. ; Louis H. Peck, Sec., 35 Stone st.

landt st. Org. 1882. 302 members. Clifford L. 10 members. Herman Lins, Jr., Pres. ; A. M.

Building Trades' Club-1123 Broadway. Incorp. Drosle, Sec., Washington av., Wallabout Market.

1892. New York State Bankers' Association-Group No. Wm. K. Fertig, Sec.

300 members. Henry M. Tostevin, Pres.; 7, composed of banks of Long Island. John A.

Chamber of Commerce--34 Nassau st. Org. 1768. Nexsen, Pres.; Frank Jenkins, Sec. Treas., 1st 1.230 members. Alex. E. Orr, Pres.; George WilNat. Bank. New York

son, Sec. Warehousemen's Association-333 Schermerhorn st. J. H. Jones, Pres.; W.

Clothiers' Association of New York-13 Astor pl.


100 members. Reid, Sec.

Marcus M. Marks, Seventeenth Ward Board of Trade-Masonic Tem- Pres. Benj. M. Holizman, Sec., 743 Broadway. ple. Org. 1897. 190 members. Geo. W. Palmer, members. James H. Taylor, Pres.; Louis Seligs

Coffee Exchange--115 Pearl St. Org. 1882. 312 Pres.: Wm. P. Jones, Sec., 741 Manhattan av. South Brooklyn Board of Trade-530 5th av. Org.

berg. Sec., 87 Wall st. 1896. 146 members. Frank A. Selle, Pres.; Fred.

Colored American Press Association–137 W. 25th

st. Bruckbauer, Sec.

Rush F. Simme, Pres.; Christopher Stewart,

Sec. Twenty-sixth Ward Board of Trade-Richard

Commercial Society of New York-2 Stone et. Pickering, Pres., 2702 Atlantic av.; Thos,


Geo. A. Kretz, Pres.; John Codlitz, Sec.; F. W. Barlier, Sec.

Ehlers, Treas. United Retail Grocers of Brooklyn-101 Bridge st. Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange-60 Membership 1,000. William Gray, Pres. Second Broadway. Org. 1876. 1539 members. Charles G. and fourth Tuesdays. E. Hanson, Sec., 393 Lewis Wilson, Pres.; Rudolph Huben, Sec. av.

Cotton Exchange-William cor. Beaver et. Org. 1870.

454 members. Wm. V. King, Pres.; John Wallabout Market Merchants' Association

S. Bullard, Sec., 84 Beaver st. Wallabout Market. Wm. Seaton, Pres.; A. M.

Crockery Board of Trade-149-151 Church et. Droste, Sec., 9 Wallabout Market.

1891. Robert Slimmon, Pres.; L. S. Owen, Sec West End Board of Trade-49th st. and 4th av.

Drug Trade Club--Woodbridge Building, 100 Will. Org. 1897. .75 members. John Beet, Pres.; Paul

jam st. Org. 1894. 270 members. R. P. Rowe, E. Morse, Sec., 49th st. and 4th ay.

Pres.; Harry Hall, Sec. Yacht Masters' ant Yacht Engineers' Associotion-Tebo's Yacht Basin, foot 234 st. Org: 1894. C, H. Hutchins, Pres.; Andrew F. Porter, Sec.

Exporters' Asociation of America-11 Broadway. 135 members. Geo. Cobey, Pres.; Thos. I. Miller,

French Chamber of Commerce-35 S. Wiliam Sec.

st. Henry E, Gourd, Pres.; H. C. de Medenil, MANHATTAN.

Treas. Ale Brewers' Association of N. Y. and N. J.- Fruit Buyers' Union--87 Park pl. Org. 1888. Org. 1830. J. W. Brown, Pres; A, E. J. Tovey, 150 members. Charles Forster, Pres.; Edwin AnSec., 24 Park pl.

drews, Jr., Sec. American Association of Public Accountants-56 Hardware Board of Trade, Limited-4 Warren 58 Pine st. Org. 1887. 84 members, Frank Broak-st. Org. 1877. 300 members. Edward H Cole, er, Pres.; T. Cullen Roberts, Sec.; Leonard Sec.; James H, Goldey, Treas. Conant, Treas.

Harlem Board of Commerce-50 E. 125th et. Wm. American Bottlers' Protective Association-218-' A. Martin. Pres ; Leander H. Crall, Vice-Pres.





6t. Wm. AMeck, New York Mercantile Exchange-6 Harrison st. Pres.; Oscar Kent, Sec.

Org. 1872. 560 men bers. James Rowland, Pres.; Hotel Association-Org. 1878. 100 members. A. F. C. Barge, Sec. L. Ashman, Pres.; Simeon Ford, Sec., Grand New York Metal Exchange--234 Pearl st. Org. Union Hotel

1883. 203 members. Robt. M. Thompson, Pres. ; Institute of Accounts-144 Madison av. Silac S. Carl Mayer, Sec. Packard, Pres.; Charles Roth, Sec. P. O. Box 711, New York Press Association-See Social Clubs. Institute of Marine Underwriters—49 Wall st.

New York Produce Exchange-Produce Ex. Charles Platt, Pres.; L. Adlyn Wight, Sec.

Building. Org. 1861. 3,000 members. Frank Inter-state League of Building and Loan Asso

Brainard, Pres.; Fred H. Andrews, Sec.

New York Railroad Club-12 W. 3 st st. Org. ciations-John Hanson Kennard, Pres.; Bird M. Robinson. Sec., 1125 Broadway.

1877. 825 members. A. E. Mitchell, Pres.; W. W. Italian Chamber of Commerce in New York-24

Wheatly, Sec., 168 Montague st., Brooklyn. State st. 80 membens. C. A. Barratoni, Pres.;

New York State Bankers' Association-Group Carlo Bertolino, Sec.

No. 9. Composed of banks of New York and Jewelers' Board of Trade-54 Maiden lane. Ong. Staten Island. T. B. Schenck, Pres.; J. W. Har1885.

300 members. A. J. G. Hodenpyl, Pres.; riman, Sec. D. L. Safford, Sec.

New York State Bar Association-Simon W. Jewelers' Reliefdesociation--12 Maiden lane. Rosendale, Pres., Albany; L. B Proctor, Sec., Max J. Lissauer, Pres.; A. J. G. Hodenpyl, Treas. Albany; Henry A. Peckham, Treas., Albany.

Jewelers' Safety Fund Society-11 John st. Org. New York State Hotel Association-1335 Broad1884. 355 members. Henry Hayes, Pres.; Ira God

way. Org. 1887. 350 members. E. E. Merrifield, dard. Sec.

Pres.; Simeon Ford, Sec., Grand Union Hotel. Jewelers' Security Alliance-170 Broadway. Org. New York State League of Building Associations 1883. 1.500 members. Joseph B. Bowden, Pres.;

-Org. 1588. Composed of 140 associations. Water James H. Voyes, Sec.

Briggs, Pres., Schenectady, N. Y.; Geo. W. Polk, Joint Traffic Association-143 Liberty 6t.


Sec., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 1896. 32 R. R. Com. Chauncey M. Depew. Chn.;

New York Stock Exchange--13 Wall and 10 Broad F. H. Hoyt, Sec.

sts. Rudolph Keppler, Pres.; Geo. W. Ely, Sec. Lager Beer Brewers' Board of Trade of New

New York Typographical Society--108 Fulton st. York and Vicinity-109 E. 15th st. Wm. K. Clark- / Org. *809.80 members. Ohas. Healey, Pres; John son, Pres.; Chas. J. Warner, Sec.

McKinley, Sec., 678 Marcy av., Brooklyn. Leaf Tobacco Board of Trade--178 Pearl st. 80

North Side Board of Trade-278 Alexander av. members. Amasa H. Scoville, Pres.; Chas. L.

Org. 1894. 200 members. James L. Wells, Pres.; Holt, Sec., 156 Water st.

0. G. Angle, Sec. Leather Belt Manufacturers' Association-Org. Paint, Oil and Varnish Club-247 Broadway. 1876. 48 members. Pliny Jewell, Pres., Hartford, Org. 1887. 60 members. R. Pyatt, Pres.; W. B. Conn.; Edmund T. Alexander, Gen. Sec., Phila- Templeton, Sec. - Treas. delphia, Pa.; Geo. H. Blake. Sec. for N. Y., 26 Philatelic and Curio Publishers' Association Ferry st., Manhattan.

N. A. Section. Org. 1894. Ph. Heinsberger, Pres.;
Life Underwriters' Association-James Tearance, Fred. Phillips, International Sec., 15 1st av.
Pres.; Sheppard Homans, Sec, 120 Broadway. Photographers' Copyright League 119 Nassau st.

Manhattan Cremation and Provident Society-62 Org. 1895. 200 members. Benjamin J. Falk, Pres.:
E. Houston st. Louis Lange, Pres.; Daniel W. Charlas E. Bolles, Sec.
Craig, Sec.

Professional Woman's League-1509 Broadway.

Incorp. 1893. 400 members. Mrs. A. M. Palmer, Manufacturing Furriers' Exchange--93 Mercer st.

Pres.; Miss Alice Brown, Sec. Louis Clark, Jr., Pres.; Chas. A. Herpich, Sec.

Real Estaie Board of Maritime Association of the Port of New York

Brokers-111 Broadway.

Samuel F. Jayne, Pres.: Irving Ruland. Sec. Maritime Exchange, cor. Beaver and New sts. In1,097 members.

Real Estate Exchange-59 Liberty st. corp. 1874. Lester W. Beasley,


V. Harnett, Pres. ; Soromon de Waltearss, Sec. Pres.; Wash, Michaelis, Sec. Mechanics and Traders' Exchange-1123 Broad

Retail Coal Exchange--131-3 E. 58th st. 260 memway. Charles A. Cowen, Pres.; Edmond

berg. Henry Brenrrisch, Pres.; Louis Vuler, Sec., A.

800 9th av. Vaughan, Sec.

Retail Dealers Protective Association-151 Sth Merchants' Association of New York-N. Y. Life Building. 346 Broadway. Org. 1897.

av. 31,400 mem

Jesse Piatt, Pres.; Bayard Whiteborne, Sec.

Retail Grocers' Exchange 138 E. 57th st. Herberg. Wm. F. King, Pres. ; Charles T. Root, Sec.

man Rohrs, Pres.; Henry Schult, Sec., 601 3d av, Merchants' and Manufacturers' Board of Trade

Savings Banks' Association of State of New -241 5th av. Org. 1897. 500 members, C. C.

York-Org. 1893. 104 members. J. Harsen Rhoades, Shayne, Pres.; J. A. Hickman, Sec., 329 5th av.

Pres.; Wm. G. Conklin, Sec., Franklin Savings Metropolitan Stenographers' Association-359 W, Bank, 420 st. and 8th av. 22d st. Org. 1885. 300 members. James Feely, Silk Association of America--445 Broome st. Pres.; Geo. T. Hare, Sec.

Org. 1872. Composed of 154 firms and corporations. Mining Exchange--38 New st. Org. 1896. Benj.

Achert Tilt, Pres.; Franklin Allen, Sec. T. Marten, Pres.; Geo. A, Drake, Treas.; Geo. D.

Society of Naval Architects and Marine EnHeddian, Sec

gineers-12 W. 31st st. Org. 1893. 575 members. National Association of Credit Men--20 Nassau

Clement A. Griscom, Pres.; Francis T. Bowles, st. Org. 1896. 2,390 members. James G. Cannon, Sec. Pres.; F. R. Boocock, Sec.

State Bar Association-Capitol, Albany, N. Y. National Society of Certified Public Accountants Org. 1876.

900 members. Simon W. Rosendale, -32 Liberty st. Org. 1897.

82 members. Arthur

Preg.; F. E. Wadhams, Sec., Albany, N. Y. W. Smith, Pres.; Frederick C. Manvel, Sec.; Leon

Stationers' Brard of Trade.99 Nassau st. Org ard H. Conant, Treas.

1875--Incorp. 1879. 155 members. Henry C. BainNew York Board of Fire Underwriters-32 Vassau bridge, Pres.; Wm. W. Davis, Sec. st. J. Montgomery Hare, Pres.; Alfred M, Thor

Typothetae of City of New York-106-108 Fulton burn, Sec.; Lindley Murray, Jr., Treas.

st. Org. 1883. An association of employing printNew York Board of Trade and Transportation

Ars. Joseph J. Little, Pres.; E. Parke Coby, Sec., 203 Broadway. Org. 1873. 800 firms. Darwin R. 21 Platt st. James, Pres.; Frank S. Gariner, Sec.

Women's Press Club of New York-Carnegie New York Credit Men's Association-320 Broad

Hall. Org. 1889. 164 members. Mrs. J. C. Croly. way. Org. 1896. 424 members. 0. G. Fessenden, Pros.: Miss Isabel Herson. Soc. Pres.; H. J. Sayers, Sec.

W001 Exchange of New York-Tradesmen's NaNew York (ut Flower Exchange-410 E. 34th st. tional Bank Building. Wm. H. Siebrecht, Pres.; John Donaldson, Sec. Working Women's Protective Urion-19 Clinton New York Dry Goods Exchange-45 Lispenard st.

pl. Org. 1863. Wm. H. H. Moore, Pres.; John -James B. Fox, Pres.: Thos. L. Fox, Sec..

H. Parsons, Sec.; M. F. Kemp, Mgr. New York Florists-19 W. 27th st-Samuel Henshaw, Pres.; John Young. Sec.

New York Jewelers' Association-146 Broadway. i Flushing Association--Flushing. 133 members.
Org. 1874. 75 members. Geo. W. Shiebler. Pres.; Foster Crowell, Pres.; Henry A. Bogert, John
P. T. Tunison, Sec., 193 Gates av., Brooklyn. Holly Olark, J. Wardell Wood, Vice-Prests.; Ge.

New York Liability Association--31 Cedar st. H. Sweeney, Sec.
Edmund Dwight, Jr., Pres.; E. W. De Leon, Sec. Flushing Business Men's Ass'n-Org. 1893. 49

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