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SOCIETIES AND ASSOCIATIONS-VETERAN FIREMEN-Continued. Newtown Volunteer Firemen's Association-Org. Pratt Institute Neighborship Association Org. 1897. 400 members. Alex. S. Burns, Pres.; John S. 1895. Miss Lila H. Warren, Pres. ; Miss Josephine Power, Sec.. Woodside; Samuel Twaddel, Treas. A. Rathbone, Sec., Pratt Institute Library.

Veteran Firemen's Association-Centennial Hall, Queen's Daughters--St. Mary's Maternity. 163 Jamaica. Incorp. 1897. 80 members.

Dean st. Org. 1896. 50 members. Mrs. Margaret Everett, Pres.; James J. Pyne, Sec.

Galway, Pres.: Mrs. Thos. J. Boland, Sec., 6:2 Veteran Fireman's Association-169 Fulton av., Macon st. L. I. City. Org. 1890. 100 members. Peter Lan

Rainy Day Club-Mrs. 'Emma Beckwith, Pres.; gan, Pres.; John W. Reil, Treas.; Charles Schwind,

Mrs. Bertha Welby, Sec., address Hotel Andrews. Sec., 34 Carver st.

Section on Philately, Brooklyn Insiitute of Arts Volunteer Firemen's Association--497 Jackson av., and Sciences-174 Montague st. Org. 1898. Charles L. I. City. 40 members. Robert H. Nevins, Pres.; R. Braine, Jr., Pres. ; Peter E. Nostrand, Sec., 250 James J. Payntor, Treas.; Samuel Grennon, Sec. Palmetto st.

Volunteer Firemen's Benevolent and Protective Theosophical SocietiesAesociation-Rockaway Beach. Org. 1897. 127 mem Brooklyn-464 Classon av. Mrs. J. W. Tantur, bers. Thomas A. Wellwood, Pres.; Theodore Ben Sec. nett, Sec., Rockaway Beach.

Upasika-225 Lincoln pl. Miss L. T. Hooper,

Sec., 494 3d st.

Woman's Auxiliary Brooklyn Hospital-Mrs.

Thos. R. French, Pres.; Mrs. Truman J. Backus, Boys' Health Club--Org. 1898. 50 members. Miler

Sec., 57 Livingston st.; Mrs. J. M. Van Cott, Jr., Hagerman, Jr., Pres.; Howani Hutchinson, Sec., Treas. 549 Nostrand av.

Woman's Single Tax Club-1188 Bedford av. Miss Brooklyn Anti-Compulsory Vaccination League-- Jennie A. Rogers. Pres.; Miss Eva J. Turner, 152 members. Meets 2d Thursday of March, June, Cor. Sec., 566 Carlton av. Object: Study of poliSeptember, December, at various places. Mon

tical economy. tague R. Leverson, Pres. ; B. Le Baylies, Treas.;

Women's Progressive Union-Mrs. E. F. Kurth, Louis F. Wey'precht, Sec., 189 7th st., Manhattan. Pres. ; Mrs. W. T. Smith, Gen. Sec., 1043 Bedford Brooklyn (E. D.) Turner Zoelings Verein-61

av.; Mr M. A. Rockwood, Treas. Meets Thurs. 65 Meserole st. Paul Schrell, Pres.: Oscar Hin

and Sun. evenings at 327 Franklin av. richs, Sec.; Emil Vogt, Treas. Brooklyn Ethical Association--Pouch Gallery,

MANHATTAN AND BRONX. 345 Clinton av. 2.5 members. Henry H. Moore,

Association of Working Girls' Societies-11 E. Pres., 93 Hicks st.; Chas. H. Shepard, Vice-Pres.;

47th st. Org. 1885. Miss Virginia Potter, Pres.: G. Ganeton Smith, Sec., 55 St. Mark's pl.; Herman

Miss Grace Dodge, Sec., 262 Madison av. H. Rothschild, Treas.

Audubon Society of the State of N. Y.-Museum Brooklyn Guild for Dear Mutes-Org. 1892. Hen

of Natural History. Org 1897. 238 members. Morry L. Juhring, Pres.; W. G, Gilbert, Sec., 643

ris K. Jesup, Pres.; Miss E. H. Lockwood, Sec., Douglas st.

243 W. 75th st. Brooklyn Human Nature Club-Albert Bausch,

Catholic T. A. B. Union of America-Org. 1871. Pres.; Mrs. A. Bausch, Sec. and Treas., 363 Bed- 77, 252 members.

Rt. Rev. M. Tierney, Pres.; Rev. ford av. Objeci, study of phrenology.

A. C. Doyle, Sec., 415 W. 59th st. Brooklyn Philosophical Association L. I. Busi

Central Turn Verein-213-215 E. 82d st. Org. 1886 ness Cowege, S. 8th st. Org. 1878. Object, attain

510 members. Art. Haubold, Pres.; W. Hennemant and diffusion of knowledge on scientif

berg. Sec. ic, social, ethical and religious subjects. Meets

Collectors' Club-351 4th av. 125 members. Wm. Sunday, 3 P. M. R. E. Lowe, Pres.; Edward

Herrick, Pres.; John W. Scott, Treas.; J. M. Dobson, Sec., 421 Rodney st.

Andreini, Sec., 29 W, 75th st. Brook yn Women's Dumb Animal Aid Associa

College Settlement-95 Rivington st. Org. 1889. tion-Mrs. John A. Schmidt, Pres.; Miss Isabel

Mrs. C. B. Spaler, Pres.; Miss Grace Underwood, M. Borland, Sec., 77 Herkimer st.

Sec., 145 W. 58th st. Daniel Bahr Relief . Circle-Louis Orgelfinger,

Consumers' League United Charities Building. Pres.; Henry Bachman, Sec., 88 Jefferson st.

Object, to improve condition of women and chilEastern District Early Closing Association-Masonic Temple, Grand and Havemeyer ste. Org.

dren employed in New York. Mrs. Frederick Na

than, Pres., 151 W. 85th st. 1898. 230 members. Abraham W. Besthoff, Pres.;

Cosmos Club-Org. 1885. 197 members, Henry Henry Dick, Fin. Sec.; John Kimbal, Treas. East End Christmas Tree

Harney, Pres.; Howard Bartlett, Sec., 88 Wall st. Association-Mrs.

Ethical Society of St. Francis Xavier's ColWalter J. Barrow, Pres.; Mrs. Frederick W. Wur

lege-30 W. 16th st. Org. 1893. 75 members. Franster, Sec., 170 Rodney st. Elsworth Relief Circle-147 Manhattan av. Org.

cis P. Reilly, Pres.; Rev. P. A. Halpin, S. J..

Moder. 1861. 73 members. Joseph Follmer, Pres.; Henry

General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen Bauer, Cor. Sec., 46 Bartlett st.

18 E. 16th st. 14 members.

Org. 1785.

A social, Mrs. Emergency Fund-Org. 1897.

500 members.

literary and beneficent organization. Robert F. S. Mines, Pres.; Mrs. W. N. d'Espard, Sec.,

Christie, Pres.; Stephen M. Wright, Sec. 1319 Dean st.

Fresh Air Club-Summers foot Bay 32d st, Ben German Housewives' Society--121 E. 59th st. 500 sonhurst. Org. 1878. Incorp. Feb. 5, 1890. 73 mem members. Object, mutual assistance in securing bers. Henry Buermeyer, Pres.; Mortimer competent servants and rewarding them. Mrs. L. Bishop, Sec., 88 Nassau St., Manhattan.

Rosenberg, Pres.; Sam T. Sanders, Sec. and Health Culture Club-E (hristine Lumsdon, Treas., 204 E 61st st. Pres., 64 Montague st.; Mrs. E, Dodge, V.-Pres.;

Girls' Club and Industrial Home-208 E 14th Mrs. A. W. Brown, Sec. and Treas.

st. A. W. Dennett, Pres.; S. E. Furey, Sec. Hilton Brevort Association--570 Pacific st. Org.

Irish Emigrant Society-51 Chambers st., and 29 1892. 23 members. Cecil J. Harbordt, Pres.; John

Readest. Org. 1844. Employment Bureau, 45 A. Kellett, Sec., 476 Hudson av.

Pearl st. James Rorke, Pres.: H. I. Jackson, Sec. Manhattan Relief Circle-237 Johnson av. Org.

L'Avenir-440 6th av. Org. 1882. 145 members. 1879. 63 members. Fred Hoertz, Pres.; John Am- Mutual benefit. F. Chauvelot, Pres.: Alphonse man, Sec., 135 Moore st.

Berard, Sec., 322 W. 34th st. National Guard Assoc'n of N. Y.-H. Chauncey, Manhattan Cremation and Provident SocietyPres; J. H. Manning. Sec.. Albany, N. Y.

Org. 1892. 250 members. To advocate and promote Neighborship Settlement--The Astral. 184 Frank cremation of the dead. Louis Lange, Pres.; D. lin st.,

Greenpoint. Supported by Pratt In-W. Craig, Sec., 62 E, Houston st. stitute Neighborship Association. There is

Manhattan Philatelic Society-351 4th av. Org. kindergarten, 20 classes, 10 clubs, 40 teachers and 1895. 68 members. Study of philately; sale and directors, and about 300 regular attendants. Mary exchange of postage stamps. J. W. George, Pres.; White Ovington, Head Worker.

C. Orlo Allen, Sec., 311 8th av. New Fast River Bridge Property Owners' As Manhattan Working, Girls' Society -440 E. 57th sociation--74 Broadway. Org. 1896. 80 members.


Abbott E. Kittredge, Pres.; Jos. Franklin, John A. Rogers, Sec. and Counsel. 74 Broadway. Sec.. Grand Central Depot.

Old First Class Wilson St. School-W. J. MY Marine Society-Room 94, 19 Whitehall st. Org. ers, Pres.; G. W. Churchwell. Sec., 194 Rodney st 1769. 180 members. Austin Jayne, Pres.; I. M.

Pleasure Drivers Association-Gilman's Hotel, Nichols, Sec.; James H. Chamberlain, Treas. 1,255 Bedford av. Wm. M. Cark, Pres.: W. A. Metropolitan Stenographers' Association–333 W. Carter, Sec., Gravesend av. and Avenue N.

23d st.

James Feely, Pres.; J. R. Stricker, Sec.


SOCIETIES AND ASSOCIATIONS-MISCELLANEOUS–Continued. Naval Reserve Association of the State of N. Y. son av., Manhattan, E. August Neresheimer, --Incorp. 1891. 275 members. Object, the promo Pres. tion of the State Naval Militia and National Naval Universal Brotherhood League-144 Madison Reserve Organizations. Ist Naval Battaliun, Man av., Manhattan. Founded 1887. Katharine hattan, N. Y. City; 2d Separate Naval Division, Tingley, Pres.; H. J. Patterson, Gen. Supt. Rochester: 2d Naval Battalion, Brooklyn. Her Isis League of Music and Drama-144 Madison bert L. Satterlee, Pres., 120 Broadway; Daniel av. Under the Art Department of the Universal Bacon, Sec., Produce Exchange, Manhattan, N. Y. Brotherhood. Founded 1898. Elizabeth C. Meyer, City.

Pres. Neighborhood Guild-26 Delancy st. Org. 1887. University Settlement Society-26 Delancey st. 3,000 members. Object, same as University Set- Org. 1892. 700 members. Object, to


men tlement Society. Henry J. Rode, Sec,

and women of education into close relations with New York Botanical Society---Bronx Park. Cor- the laboring classes for their mutual benefit. nelius Vanderbilt, Pres.; J. Pierpont Morgan, Seth Low, Pres.; Seymour L. Cromwell, Sec. Sec.

University Settlement Woman's Auxiliary-19 W. New York Electrical Society-Meets Columbia 34th st. Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer, Pres. ; College. Org. 1881. 401 members. J. W. Leb, Miss Florence B. Dike, Sec. Pres., George H. Guy, Sec., 120 Liberty st.

Women's National Relief Association-N. Y. New York Florists-19 W. 27th st. Chas. H. Allen, Branch, Blue Anchor Society, 105 E. 220 st. Org. Pres.; John Young. Sec,

1880. 50 members. Object: Relief of shipwrecked New York Genealogical and Biographical Society persons. Mrs. H. J. Newton, Pres.; Miss Alice -926 W. 58th st. Org. 1869. 391 members. James Sandford, Sec., Pelham, N. Y.; Mrs. Charles A. Grant Wilson, Pres.; Wm. E. Verplank, Sec., 19

Morford. Treas., 39 W. 17th st., Manhattan, Liberty st., Sec.; H. Calkins, Jr., Librarian.

Workingmen's Cremation Society-Org. 1898. New York Household Economic Association-2,000 members. George Brandt, Sec.- Treas., 117 43d st. and Lexington av. Org. 1897. 170 mem

Avenue B bers. Mrs. Wm. G. Shailer, Pres.; Mrs. Charles

QUEENS. Fayes, Sec., 66 W. 46th st.

Allgemeine Arbeiter Kranken und Sterbe-Kasse, New York Microscopical Society-64 Madison av.

Astoria-L. I. City. 290 members. 4th Sun. Fritz Org. 1877. 115 members. Dr. Frank P. Skeel, Marz, Pres.; Joseph Mayer. Fin. Sec., 217 Stein. Pres.; Geo. E. Ashby, Sec., 80 Pine st.

way av. New York Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Flushing Association-Flushing. G Webster (hildren--297 4:h av. Org. 1875. 3,780 members. El-Peck, Sec., 110 S. Pareons av. bridge T. Gerry, Pres.; E. Fellows Jenkins, Sec. Flushing Good Citizens' League-Flushing Instiand Supt.

tute. Org. 1891, 150 members. Mrs. E. A. GoodNew York State Federation of Women's Clubs- ridge, Pres. ; Mrs. Grace Montgomery, Sec. Mrs. J. C. Croly, Honorary Pres. for life; Mrs. Flushing High School Alumni Association--SanWm. Tod Helmuth, Pres.. Manhattan; Mrs. Cor

ford and Union ste. Org. 1892. 60 members. James nelia Zabriskie. 1st Vice-Pres., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Dixon, Pres.; Miss Hildegarde Swenson, Sec., 27 Mrs. Harry Hastings, 2d Vice-Pres.; Mrs. J. S. Jagger av. Tuckman, Rec. Sec., Jamestown; Miss Annie

Grace Choral Society-Jamaloa. Charles H. VosRhodes, Cor. Sec., Richmond; Mrs. Milton North-burg, Pres.; Franklin N. Wood, Sec.; Ernest G. rup, Treas., Syracuse; Miss Marion Carpenter, Winchester, Dir. Ilion; Mrs. M. E. Trautman, Manhattan; Mrs. W. Jamaica Atheneum Association-Org. 1896. 65 C. Gouinlock, Warsaw, N. Y.; Mrs. Mary T. Leav- members. Miss Elizabeth Brenton, Pres.; Mre. enworth, Syracuse, N. Y.; Mrs. Henry Altman,

Geo. K. Meynen, Trtas.; Mrs. Helen F. Auger, Buffalo; Mrs. Wm. Eastwood, Rochester; Mrs.

Sec.; Mrs. Wm. E. Everitt, Chairman Executive Caroline E. Dennis, Auburn; Rev. Phoebe A. Committee. Hannaford. Manhattan, Ex-Board.

Lenox Social-365 Woolsey av., L. I. City. 43 New York Zoological Society--69 Wall st. Levi members. James Fowler, Pres.: Alex Symington, P. Morton, Pres.; Madison Grant, Sec., 11 Wall Treas.; Peter Stoffel, Sec., 722 8th av. street.

Montefiore Benevolent Society-Long Island City. Pedic Society, State of N. Y.-158 E. 27th st. Org. 1897. 82 members. Nathan Marks, Pres.; Incorp. 1895. Org. 1895. 209 members. Elliott W. Morris Gordon, Sec., 9 Flushing av. Johnson, Pres. ; Louise Hartogensis, Sec., 314 W, Queens County Teachers' Association-Flushing, 534 st.

Org. 1898. 350 members. James D. Dillingham, Philatelic Society--351 4th av. Incorp. 1892. 75 Pres.; Matthew D. Q'rinn, Sec., Long Islani City. members. Charles Gregory, Pres.; F. A. Nast,

South Side Law Enforcement Society-CedarSec., Box 959, P. O.

hurst. Org. 1898. 50 members. C. G. Collins, Prison Association of N. Y.-135 E. 15th st. Pres.; Geo. D. Horton, Sec., Hewletts. Incorp. 1846. Charlton T. Lewis, Pres. ; Cornelius

RICHMOND. B. Gold, Treas.; Wm. M. F. Round, Sec.

Anti-Saloon League of Richmond Borough--Org. Regular Army and Navy Union-134 E, 7th st.

1898. 47 members. Wm. E. Johnson, Pres. ; Wm. Org. 1888. 32 members. Adolph Hartman, Com.;

B. Merritt, 48 lgt av., New Brighton, Randolph Weidner, Adj., 122 2d av.

Natural Science Association--New Brighton. Org. Schleswig Holsteinischer Verein-12 St. Marks

*881. 95 members. Walter C. Kerr, Pres. ; Arthur pl. Org 1869. 300 members. A sick benefit society.

Howick, Sec. Adolph Wiltz, Pres.; J. H. Nagel, Sec.

Philatelic Society-Stapleton. Org. 1884. 87 memSociety for Ethical Culture-669 Madison av. Org.

bers. August Dejonge, Pres.; Robert S. Lehman, 1876. 850 members. J. D. Lange, Pres., 477 Broome

Sec., 210 E. 33th st., Manhattan. st.; Robert D. Kohn, 108 W. 64th st.

Philena-Tottenville, Org. 1897. 25 members, Society for the Prevention of Crime-105 E. 220

Mrs. James Little, Pres.; Miss Warfield, Sec. Chas. H. Parkhurst, Pres.; Thaddeus D.

Philo-Tottenville. Org. 1896. 16 members. BenKenneson, Sec.

jamin F. Johne, Pres.; Chas. A. Marshall, Sec. Universal Brotherhood-Central Office, 144 Madi. Principals Council-Stapleton. Org. 1898. E. T. 60n av., Manhattan, N. Y. City. Founded by

Putnam, Pres.; N. J. Lowe, Vice-Pres.; C. F. Katharine C, Tingley, Jan. 13, 1898, in New York Simons, Sec. City. This organization claims to be the out Richmond Borough Pharmaceutical Association growth and expansion of the The06ophical Society

West New Brighton. Org. 1898. Phillip Blasser, founded by H. P. Blavatsky, W. Q. Judge and

Pres. ; Ernest L. Atsellin, Sec. others at New York in 1875, and reorganized in

*Teachers' Association-Stapleton. 225 members. Boston, Mass. in 1895. The constitution of the Sheldon Pardee, Pres.; D. J. Keator, Sec., MarinUniversal Brotherhood was adopted by the Theo- ers Harbor. sophical Society. at its convention in Chicago,

Young Men's Catholic Lyceum-New Brighton, February 18, 1898. by which act the Theosophical Org. 1892. 35 members. Wm. Fetherstone, Pres.; Society in America became the literary, depart- Geo. F. Coyle, Sec. ment of the Universal Brotherhood. Its subsidiary object is to study ancient and modern re. ligion, science, philosophy and art and to inves The total value of merchandise exported to Brazil tigate the laws of nature and the Divine powers from New York in the year 1897 was $3,490, 289, in in man Katharine A. Tirgley, Leader and Off United States currency, and of that imported, cial Head; Frank M. Pierce, Sec. Gen.; August $16,736, 736. These figures, compared with those for Veresheimer, Treas.

the year 1896, show an increase in exportations of The Theosophical Society In America--144 Madi. ' $344,325, and a decrease in importations of $659,741.


for trained work. Supported by Women's Home Ariston League---304 Lewis av. Org. 1897. 175

Missionary Society. John F. Romig, Pres.; Mrs. members. Alex. C. Brinckerhoff, Pres.; E. D.

S. D. Compton, Sec., 3712 Downing st.; Rev. W.

Warren Clark, Supt.
Cahoon, Cor. Sec., 124 Halsey st.
Brooklyn Association in Aid of the Grand

Brooklyn Presbytery-Comprising all the Presby

terian Churches of Kings and Richmond Counties Ligne Mission-Org. 1818. 200 members. Mrs. C. H.

and the First Church, East Williamsburgh, Cutting, 1st Directress; Mns. T. L. Leeming. Sec.,

Queens. 69 ministers. Molerator, Rev. Wm. H. 216 Park pl. The Woman's Auxiliary of Brooklyn City Vis- Hudnut; N. Woolsey Wells, Stated Clerk, 219 S.

9th St.
sion Society. Org. 1881. Cor. Jay and Willoughby
110 members.

Mrs. W. P. Eddy, Pres.; Mrs.

Sunday School sts.

Union--Composed of

members from following denominations: PresbyD. G. Wil, 91 St. James pi., Treas. Brooklyn Baptist Church Extension Society

terian, Congregational, Baptist, Meth. Episcopal,

Reformed Prot. Episcopal, African Meth. EpiscoOrg. 1886. W. CP. Rhoades, Pres.; Henry E. Drake, Sec., 290) Carroll st.

pal, Lutheran, Moravian and Friends. Admits to Brooklyn Baptist Social Union Jchn W. Wilson, membership schools of Evangelical churches only. Pres.; Wm. R. Dorman, Sec., 111 Park pl.

Board of Managers meets 4th Monday of each Brooklyn Christian Endeavor Union-Org. 1890. month at Association Hall. Exposition of InterIts object is to assist individual societies and to national Sunday School lessons at Y. M. C. A. help spread the movement. Meetings are held Saturday Silas M. Giddings, Pres.; Russell V. on

the 30 Saturday of each monih and a con McKee, Vice-Pres.; H. E. Drake, Cor. Sec.; Jno. vention in May of each year. Rev. Archibald B. R. Morris, Rec. Sec., 154 Dean st.: H. G. Fay, MacLaurin, Pres.; Vim. L. Fish, Sec., 139 Nassau Treas.; Geo. C. Brainert, Counsel. st., Manhattan: W. W. Patrick, Treas. National Brooklyn Women's Indian Association-Y. M. C. Headquarters, 616 Washington st., Boston, Mass. A, Parlors. Org. 1882. 55 members. Mrs. Virginia Org. 1881. 3,000,000 members. National officers: C. Titcomb, Pres.; Mrs. Wm. La Burke, Sec., 61 Rev. Francis E. Clark, Pres.; John Willis Baer, Prospect pl. Sec.; Wm. Shaw. Treas. There are 103 societies Bay Ridge Branch-Org. 1890. 49 members. in the Union, divided as follows: Cong., 24; Mrs. Otto Heinigke, Pres.; Mrs. R. H. Sherwood, Pres., 23; Ref., 18; Bapt., 14;


1; Sec., 2130 Cropsey av., Bensonhurst. Chris. Dia, 4; Meth, Prot., 1; Meth. Epis., 3; Brotherhood of Christian Unity--T. F. Seward, Ref. Pres.,' 1; Free Bapt., 1; Zion A. M. E., 2; Pres., East Orange, N. J. Luth., 1; Prim. Meth., 2; Friends, 1; Ref. Epis.,

Brooklyn Branch-B. A. Brooks, Pres. 2; United Pres., 2; P. E., 1; Crsectarian, 4. To

Catholic tal, 103. Approximate membership. 10,600. A Junior | place. Org. 1894. 375 members. Educational,

Women's Association-10 Prospect League for boys and girls was organized in Book | cial, religious. E. W. MoCarty, Pres.; Miss Anlyn in 1892 and numb r- 80 soci ti s with 3,500 mem

nle E. Hull, Sec., 562 E. 3d st.; Mrs. Edward bers. Rev. D. B. Pratt, Pres.; Miss Luella Bald

Burns, Treas. Has an educational department for win, Sec., 361 Madison st.; Mrs. E. D. Hursen,

free instruction in English, Denmanship. literaTreas.; Mrs. C. C. Luckey, Supt. of Junior Work,

ture, arithmetic and plalin sewing. There are a The seventeenth internu tinal convention was

so classes in praot cal cooking, millinery, dressheld in Nashville, Tenn., July, 1698. The next will

making, Stenography and typewriting, French, be held in Detroit, Mich., July, 1849. The thirteenth

German and vocal music, for which a small tuiannual state convention was held in Utica, Oct..

tion fee is charged. There is a library of 2,500 1898; the next will be held in Watertown, Oct., 1899.

volumes-standard work and a reading room. A Brooklyn Church Society of the Methodist Epis

medical staff is attached to the institution, and copal Church-Membership, pastor and two repre

also an employment bureau, sentatives from each church, and forty others

Church Caub of the Diocese of Long Island-2-4 elected by a board of managers. John E. Searles,

Clinton st. Org. 1894. Composed of daymen of Pres. ; Rev. A. W. Byrt, Supt., 307 Warren pl.

P. E. Church. 300 members, A. A. Low, Pres.: Brooklyn Catholic Historical Society--Meets 101

Wm. B. Dail, Sec. 22 S. Fillott pl. Greene av. Org. 1891. Object, collection and pre

Congregational Church Extension servation of all data of the introduction and R. Meredith, Pres.

Society-R spread of Catholicity on Long Island. Right Rev.

Congregational Club-Org. 1888. 160 members (has. E. McDonn *11, Hon. Pres : Mark F. Val ette,

Benj. F. Bair, Pres.; Byron Horton, Sec., 781 Pres.; John H. Haaren, Cor. Sec., 610 St. Marks

Greene av. av.; Wim. B. Farrell, Treas. ; John Kehoe, Libra

Diocesan Union of Catholic Young Men's Socierian.

ties-John J. Fitzgerald, Pres.; J. J. McManus, Brook yn City Bible Society-Cor. Jay and

Sec. Willoughby sts. Auxiliary to Am. Bible Society.

Emmanuel House-131 Steuben St. Maintained Vacant, Pres.; Newell Woolsey Wells, Sec., 219

by the Young Men's League of Emmanuel BapS, 9th st. Brooklyn City Mission and Tract Society-Mis- tist Church; has reading rooms, game rooms,

gymnasium, bowling alleys and instructor in sion Building, Jay and Willoughby sis. Org. 1629. A. H. Porter, Pres.; G. Le Lacheur, Sec., 2 Sidney charge; also free sewing school kindergarten, Bi

ble training classes for boys, men and Women, pl. (See Charities Chapter.)

and a gymnasium class for girls. Brooklyn Clerical Club (Episcopal)--Org. 1882.22

Epworth League--Org. at Cleveland, O., May members. Rev. Andrew F Underhill, Pres.; Rev.

15, 1889. Has 17,947 Chapters; 1,250,000 members; Horatio 0. Ladd, Sec., 62 (linton av., Jamaica.

Brooklyn (E. D.) Sabbath School’ Association- 5,806 Junior League (he pters, with 350.000 menn: Admits to membership Sunday Schools of all Pro- bers. Central office, 57 Washington st., Chicago,

IH. President, Bishop IVm. X. Ninde, L.L. D., testant denominations in the Eastern District. GPO. R. Valentine, Pres.; M. V. R. Weyant, Sec.; Detroit, Mich.; First Vice Pres., Rev. 'w. I. Ha

ven, Brookline, Mass.; 2d Vice Pres. E. M. Mills, 303 Bedford av.

D. D., Elmira, N. Y.; 3d Vice Pres. Robert R. Brooklyn Forward Movement-Wyckoff M. E.

Doherty, Ph.D., 150 5th an., Manhattan; 4th Vice Church, Wyckoff st, near Smith. Org. 1896. 128

Pres. John A. Patten, Chattanooga, Tenn.: Gen. members. F. Bruce Russell, Pres.; Chas. H. Al

Sec. Edwin A. Scherl, T), D., 57 Washington st., exander, Sec., 399 5th av.

(Whicago, Ill.; Gen. Treas., Charles E. Piper, 1238 Brooklyn Guild of Deaf Mutes. Org. 1892. To Stock Exchange Building, Chicago, 111.; German assist ite destitute, holding debates, lectures. Assist Sec., F. L. Nagler, D. D., Cincinnati, 0.; Meet on the 1st Thursday each month in parish Assist. Sec., for Colored Conference, Rev. Irbuildings of St. Mark's Church, Adelphi st., near vine G. Penn, South Atlanta, Ga. 5,000 members in DeKalb av. A service is also conducted in St. Kings County. Long Island is divided into two Mark's Church, Sundays at 3 P. M. Henry L. districts, North and South. South Long Island Juhring, Pres.; Wm, G. Gilbert, Sec., 643 Doug District, J. J. Carman, Pres., Bay Shore, L. I.; las St.

Henry King, Sec., 871 Atlantic av. North Long Brooklyn and Long Island Preachers' Meetings Iwan District, Harry Simpson, Pres.; Jeese of the M. E. Church-Y. M. C. 4. Building. 100 Abrams, Sec., There are six departments for members, Rev. Allan MacRossie, Pres.; Rev. F. the mental and spiritual improvement of members, B. Stockdale, Sec., 13 Fleet st.

viz: 1. Christian work; 2, mercy and held; 3. Brooklyn Deaconess' Home of the M. E, Church literary work, 4; social life, 5; correspondence, 5; 238 President st. 10 inmates. Object, all kinds finance. Org. 1889. There are 50 chapters in the of Christian labor and to instruct suitable persons North Long Island and 62 in the South Long Isl



RELIGIOUS SOCIETIES-BROOKLYNContinued. and district, having a total membership of about P. M. M. Fraternity--"Dutch Arms," 760 Car10,000. There are 50 junior societies with about roll st. Org. 1892. 190 members. Jesse C. Wood2,500 members.

hull, Pres.; W. G. Edinburg, 524 9th st. Foreign Sunday School Association-67 Schermer Progressive Spiritual Association-Meets every horn st. Incorp. 1878. 37 members. H. C. Wood Sunday. 217 S. 4th st. Mrs. M. Evans, Pres., ruft, Pres.; Miss Alice Dinsmore, Sec., 525 Clin 217 S. 4th st.; Mrs. Jennie Molesworth, sec. ton av.

Ramabai Circle of Brooklyn-Org. 1887. 120 Girls' Friendly Society-L. I. Diocesan organiza members. Mrs. Geo. White, Pres., 19 W. 31st st., tion. Org. 1887. 312 members. Mrs. A. H. Ford, Mrs. Benjamin Fint, Sec., 1 Montague terrace. Pres.: Miss Jane A. S. Schapps, Sec., 148 Clif-Object, elevation of women in India, ton pl.

Reformed Church, North Classis of L. 1.–North Girls' Junior League-Simpson M. E. Church. Classis, Rev. C. D. Steinfuhrer, 520 2d av., As76 members. H. C. Hutchinson, Pres., 238 Carlton toria, L. ... Pres.; Rev. Wm. H, Ten Eyck, av.; Lilian C. MaaDougal, Sec., 84 Clinton av.; Started Clerk, 159 W. 921 st., Manhattan. Regular Annie L. Shafler, 83 Waverly av.

meetings, 3d Tues, of April and October. South Greenpoint Sunday School Association-E. E. Olassis, Rev. C. L. Weils, 900 Flatbush av., Pres.; Robertson, Pres.; J. W. Cummings, Pres., 643 J. S. Gardner, 44 Kowenhoven pl., Cerk. ReguLorimer st.; W. W. Dillon, Sec., 29 Newell'st. lar meetings, 3d Tues. of April and October.

Kings Co. S. S. Convention--154 Dean st. Org. St. Aloysius Young Men's Society-Attached to 1877. Geo. W. Logan, Pres.; John R. Morris, Church of St. John the Evangelist. J. J. Howard, Soc., 154 Dean st.; Geo. R. Valentine, 242 Keap st. Pres.; W. A. Rowan, Cor. Sec., 5€6 7th av.

Ladies' Temple Association of Temple Beth Elo St. James' Y. M. Catholic Association--246 Jay him-Keap st., nr Division ay. 1886. 65 members. st. Org. 1870. 119 members. James F.

Dubig. Mrs. I. L. Bamberger, Pres.; Rev. Leopold Wint- Pres.; James P. Scanlon, Sec., 23 St. Edwards et ner, Sec., 210 Ross st.

St. John the Baptist t'shers' Society-Edmund Long Island Baptist Association-Incorp. 1875. J. St. George, Pres.; Martin J. Brennan, Sec., 116 Composed of delegates from 64 churches. John Stanhope st. ; Thomas A. Murtha, Treas. Humpstone, Icderator, 291 Ryerson st., Brook

St. John's Prie

elief Society-Office, 138 lyn; Alfred Tilly, Clerk, 31 Kingston av.

Montrose av. P. Dauffenbach, Pres.; Geo. D. Luther League of America-National officers:

Sauder, Sec., 199 Jefferson st. E. F. Ellert, Pres., N. Y. City; M. C. Olsen, Gen.

St. Stephen's Catholic Club-553 Henry st. Org. Sec., Chicago, Ill. State Officers-Jno. F. Dinkey, 1895. 130 members, Pres., Rochester, N. Y.; Chas. H. Bogel, Sec., 726

St. Thomas' Guild-Bushwick av. and Cooper Macon st., Brooklyn. Brooklyn District-Geo. P.

Org. 1887. 28 members. J. C. Jones, Pres.; Moller, Pres; A. Ludwig, Sec., 355 Manhattan av. Miss M. A. Hodgson, Sec., 231 Penn St. An organization of young people of the Lutheran Society of the Holy Name (The)-From the CounChurch, for the purpose of stimulating activity cils of Lyons, hela in 1274. Among the decrees

church work and fostering loyalty to the then framed one declares that the fathers assemchurch and creating a bond of friendship among bled, appalled by the prevalence and rapid growth members. The movement began in New York in

of the habit of blasphemy, cursing and taking 1888 and spread to Brooklyn in 1889, and now con wickelt oaths, thereby bringing down the judgsists of a national organization, effected in 1895, ment of God on both nation and society, ordained by a convention at Pittsburg, composed of dele

that by way of reparation a special devotion gates frorn state and district leagues. The con should be instituted to the Holy name of Jesus. vention of 1898 was held at New York and a mem- The Society was first institutet in the diocese bership of 60,000 was represented. 1,900 members of Long Island at St. Paul's Church, Court st., in in Brooklyn.

1872. Since that date it has been established in Manhattan-Brooklyn Conference of Congrega. about 35 Brooklyn churches. The membership in tional Churches-Includes the Congregational Brooklyn is about 9,500. The Diocesan Union of churches of New York City and immediate vi

Holy Name Societies of Brooklyn was formed in cinity, 46 in all. Rev. Horace Porter, 14 Mid-1878. At present 42 societies are represented. Meetdagh st., Brooklyn, See,

ings are held quarterly at St. Joseph's Hall, Dean Manhattan Congregational Association (Minis st., near Vanderbilt av., on the 3d Sundays of terial)-77 members. W. A. Kirkwood, Sec. and March, June, Sept. and Dec. Officers: Very Rev. Treas., 234 Greene av.

Mgr. P. J. McNamara, V. G., Spiritual Director; Men's Sodality of the Passion Church of St. Cornelius V. McGarrety, 979 Hancock st., Pres.; John the Baptist-Cor. Willoughby and Lewis avs. John Graham, 112 N. 8th st., Vice-Pres. ; Philip Org. 1890. 150 members. Edmund B. St. George, Bllatener, 1557 Bergen st., Rec. Sec.; John P. Pres. ; Jeremiah A. Stacey, Sec., 869 Park av. Dunne, Fin. Sec., 223 Atlantio av.; James E.

Methodist Social Union to Promote Fellowship Flynn, Treas., 73 Dresden st. Among Methodists-Org. 1894. 184 members. Five Unitarian Societies-meetings a year, in alternate months, during Unitarian Club Membership limited to 200. winter and spring. J. M. Bulwinkle, Pres.; W. Meets bi-monthly, except during summer. Wm. B. Waldron, Sec., 549 A Halsey st.

H. Kenyon, Pres. ; Percy D. Adams, Sec., 68 National Alliance of Unitarian Women-Head Liberty st., Manhattan. quarters, 25 Beacon st., Boston, Mass. Org. 1890. Lend a Hand Club No. 1-Willow Place Chapel, 9,500 members. Mrs. B. Ward Dix, Pres., Brook Willow pl. Fred Butz, Pres.; Bernard Benson, lyn; Mirg. Emily A. Fifield, Sec., 4 Ashland st., Sec., 48 Wall st., Manhattan. Dorchester, Mass.

Wadsworth Club-Willow pi. Coapel. Org. 1896. Needlework Guild of America-Gen. office, 1227 12 members. Louis J. Somerville, Pres.; Thos. Arch wt., Philadelphia, Pa. Annual meeting in Gilbert, Sec., 272 Atlantic av. November. Each member furnishes two strong West Indian Benevolent and Social Leaguenew garments for distribution among the poor. 104-106 Boerum pi Org. 1893. 75 members. Miss 5.968 garments were colleated in 1897. Mrs. L. P.

Helen Thompson, Pres.; Eugene E. Godwin, Sec., Morton, New York, Hon. Pres.; Mrs.

J. W. 578 Baltic st. Stewart, Glen Ridge, N. J., Pres.: Miss Helen Woman's Home Missionary Union of the State Willard, 1227 Arch st., Philadelphia, Pa., Sec.; of New York-Mrs. Wm. Kincaid. es., 483 Greene Miss S. B. Hodge, 1227 Arch st., Philadelphia, av., Brooklyn. Mrs. Ethan Curtis, Vice-Pree., 111 Pa., Treas. Brooklyn Branch: Mrs. T. J. Backus, Waverly pl., Syracuse: Mrs. Wm. Spalding. Sec., Hon. Pres.; Mrs. Eliot Langstof, Pres.; Mrs. Rob 513 Orange st.. Syracuse; Mrs. Geo. R. Haines. ert H. Dodd, Sec., Upper Montclair, N. J.

Sec. of Young People's Societies, 978 Delaware av., New York East Conference of Methodist Church Buffalo; Mrs J. J. Pearsall, Treas., 153 Decatur -Chas. S. Wing, 47 Brevoort pl., Presiding Elder st., Brooklyn. of Brooklyn South District. Rev. Geo. Van Al Woman's League of All Souls' Universalist styne, 135 Lefferts pl., Presiding Elder Brooklyn Church-Mrs. Sarah E. MacVey, Pres.; Mrs. Geo. North District.

H, Austin, Sec.; Mrs. R. E. Welch, Treas. Pentecostal Rescue League--31 Atlantic av. Org Women's Baptist Foreign Missionary Society 1895. Rev. F. P. Stoddard, Pres.; J. W. Braith-of Long Island-Mrs. Geo. B. Germond, Pres.; waste. Sec.: W. G. Da merel, Treas., 405 Pacific st. Mrs. Geo. A. Vaughn, Sec., 441 Washington av.

Philafrican Liberators League-105 E. 220 Women's Home Missionary Society of M. E. Org. 1896. Rev. L. I. Chamberlain, Pres.; Rev. Church-Org. 1884. 600 members. Mrs. John A. John H. Edwards, Sec.; Horace E. Grath, Treas. Secor, Pres.: Mrs. C. H. Carhart, Sec., 1235 Plymouth League-Plymouth Church.

Pacific st. Raymond, Pres.; Frederick W. Starr, Treas.

Working Girls' Clubs of Brooklyn-Are organ




RELIGIOUS SOCIETIES - BROOKLYN-Continued. izations to secure by co-operation means of self, ters, Boston, Mass. N. Y. Office, 105 E. 220 st. improvement, opportunities for social intercourse Chas. M. Lamson, Pres.; C. C. Cregan, Sec. and the development of higher aims among the

American Institute of Christian Philosophymembers. Mrs. C. H. Torrey, 540 Washington University Heights, Manhattan. Org. 1882. Henry av., Sec. They are located as follows:

A. MacCracken, Pres. Acorn Club-Concord st.

American Missionary Associat.on-105 E. 220 st. Acorn Intermediate Club-Concord st

Org. 1846. M. E. Gates, Pres. ; A. F. Beard, Sec., Acorn Junior Ciub-Concord 6t.

Charities Building.
Central Club-77 Nassau St.
Earnest Club-55 Orange st.

American Purity Alliance-Canlon Press Offices, Earnest Junior Club-55 Orange st.

20 Vesey st. Org. 1876. Aaron M. Powell, Pres.; Girls' Improvement Club-872 Bedford av.

Mrs. N. L. Davis, Sec. Good Will Club-241 Union st.

American Sabbath Union-203 Broadway. Incorp. Good Will Junior Club-241 Union st.

1888. 1,400 members. Geo. S. Mott, Pres.: Israel Kindly Club-Corner Park and Marcy avs. W. Hathaway, Gen. Sec. Kindly Junior Club-Cor, Park and Marcy a vs.

American Sunday School Union--Home Office, Lend a Hand Club-18 First pl.

Philadelphia. 111 5th av.

Org. 1824. Unsectarian. Willow Club-59 Joralemon st.

Morris K. Jesup, Pres.; Edw'd P. Bancroft, Dist. Council of the Brooklyn Associated Working Sec., 105 Fort Greene pl., Brooklyn. Girls' Societies-Mrs. C. H, Terry, 540 Washing

American Swedenborg Printing and Publishing ton av., Pres.; Miss Annie L. Hannah, 217 Car

Society-Incorp. 1850. Francis J. Wrenton, Pres.; roll st., Sec.

G. W. Colton, Sec., 3 W. 29th st. Young Friends' Association of the Society of

American Tract Society-10 E. 23d st. Org. 1823. Friends)-Schermerhorn st., between Smith st. 30.000 members. Gen. 0. 0. Howard, Pres.; W. and Boerum pl. Dorothy E. Dresler, Sec., 226 E. W. Rand, G. L. Shearer, Secs. 16th st., Manhattan.

Amity Bible Workers' Schooi-312 W, 54th st. Young Men's Christian Association, Brooklyn-Org. 1871. 42 students. Free tuition in the Bible, General Offices, 502 Fulton st Association founded Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings. Leiga1853. Central building erected in 1885 at a cost of ton Williams, Pres.; Chas. F. Weindell, Sec., 912 $300,000. 4,000 members, and a daily average at

E, 175th st. tendance of 2,000. It has a circulating library of

Atlantic Tract Society--39 Bond st. Org. 1889. 16,300 volumes, beside reference libraries in

2,360 members. A. E. Place, Pres. ; T. A. Kilgore, six branches; 6 reading rooms with 475 magazines | Sec. and Treas. and newspapers on file; four gymnasiums, equip. Baptist Societiesped with running tracks, bowling alleys, swim American Baptist Education Society-Pres., J. ming tanks, and three athletic grounds. The ed B. Gamibrell, D.D., Texas; Vice-Prests., Nathanucational department is conducted in five branches, iel Butler, LL.D., Maine; T. G. Brownson, D. D., in 20 studies, with an enrollment of 1,000 men; four California; Rec. Sec., Rev. E. M. Poteat, Conliterary societies; chess and checker clubs, and necticut; Cor. Sec., H. L. Morehouse, D. D., 111 camera clubs. Members' course of entertainments

5th av., Manhattan, N. Y.; Treas. E. V. Cary. in six branches; regular weekly religious meetings Montclair, Y. J.; Auditor, Wim. M. Isaacs, Janin six branches; lunch room in one branch. Ed hattan, N. Y. ward P. Lyon, Pres.; Samuel Rowland, Treas.; Boys' Brigade-164 2d av. Org. 1892. 18,000 Edwin F. See, Gen, Sec.

members. R. S. MacArthur, Pres.; A. C. Ken. Young People's Baptist Union of Brooklyn

yon, Sec. Org. 1877. 217 members, representing 37 churches,

E bucation Society-1.11 5th av. Org. 1888. J. B. Orrin R. Judd, Pres.; Geo. A, Kinney, 113 Kenil

Gambrell, Pres. ; H. L. Morehouse, Sec. worth pi., Sec.

Education Society of the State of N. Y.-Hamil. Central Branch-502 Fulton st. Thornton B.

ton, N. Y. New York Oity Office, 57 John St. Penfield, Sec.

Org. 1817. Mr. Kingsland, Oswego, N. Y., Pres; Eastern District Branch-131-133 S. 8th

Hinton S. Loyd, Sec.

st. Henry C. Rehm, Acting Sec.

Home Mission Society-111 5th av. Org. 1882 Bedford Branch-420 Gates av. Harry E. Can

Stephen Greene, Pres.; T. J. Morgan, Sec.

Education Society-111 5th av. Org. 1888. J. B. tel, Sec. Prospect Park Branch-359 9th st. Secretary

Gam'brell, Pres.; H. L. Morehouse, Sec.

Ministers' Conference-182 5th av. 150 members. ship vacant. Twenty-sixth Ward Branch-Pennsylvania and

E. K. Cressey, Pres.; G. M. Shott, 255 W. 12th Liberty a vs.

st., Sec. Fred. D. Fagg, Sec. Long Island R. R. Branch-Long Island City.

Missionary Convention of the State of N. Y.Neason Jones, Sec.

Headquarters, 182 5th av, Org. 1807. John B Long Island College League--Cor. Pacific and

Calvert, Pres.; Rev. H. W. Barnes, Sec., Port

Dickinson, N. Y. Henry sts.

Missionary Union-182 5th av. Org. 1814. Robert Greenpoint Association-224-226 Manhattan av.

0. Fuller, Pres.; H. S. Burrage, Portland, Me., C. Lantz, Sec.

Sec. Central Office, Boston, Mass. Young Women's Ohristian Association of Brook

New York City Mission Society--164 2d av. Org. lyn-Schermerhorn st. and Flatbush av. Incorp. 1833. Hugh Porter, Pres.; Rev. J. J. Bronner, 1888. Building opened Nov. 1, 1892. 18


Sec., 164 2d av. rooms for educational work, A library of over Publication Society-Home Office, 1420 Chestnut 7,000 volumes; a hall seating 600; assembly room seating 300; a medical department, and a gym

st., Philadelphia; Samuel A. Orozier, Pres.; A.

I. Rowland, Sec., 1420 Chestnut st., Philadelphia. nasium with running track, tub and needle baths, Social Union-Org. 1869. 150 members; classes in stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping, D. Murphy, Pres.; Jared G. Baldwin, Sec., 33 dewing, dreesmaking, millinery, cooking, laundry, Wall st. embroidery. German, Frenoh, nurses, gymnastics, United Society of Free Baptist Young PeopleEnglish, arithmetic, grammar, penmanship, draw.

Headquarters, Hillsdale, Mich. E. P. Metcall, ing and singing. A junior dept. for girls between Pres., Providence, R. I.; Miss Mary Ward, Vloe8 and 15 yeare with classes as above. 328 mem Pres., Hillsdale, Mich.; Harry S. Myers, Gen. bers. Mre. C, N. Judeon, Pres.; Mrs. D. C. Mc Sec., Hillsdale, Mich.; Rev. Arthur Given, Gen. Ewen, Treas.: Lillian L. Otis, Gen. Sec. "The Va

Treas., Auburn, R. I. Eleventh annual comencation Home, "Wildwood Farm," is at Brentwood, tion to be held at Hillsdale, Mich., Sept. 6-10, L, I. This farm consists of 1,100 acres. Girls re

1899. ceived for two weeks at $3 per week. During the summer of 1898, 163 girls were accommodated.

Brotherhood of Andrew and Philip, Local Union The

No. 1-25 E. 220 st., New York. Org. 1888. It has expenses are met in part by the board received, the balance being borne by the Association.

400 chapters in 18 denominations in 32 States and

10,000 members. Rufus W. Miller, Pres., Reading. MANHATTAN.

Pa.; C. E. Wyckoff, Sec.- Treas., Irvington, N, J.; American and Foreign Christian Union-Org.

W. F. Stonebridge, Local Secretary, 104 Perry st. 1849. Josiah Strong, Pres.; L. T. Chamberlain,

Brotherhood of St. Andrew-Church Missions Sec., 222 W, 230 st.

House, 281 4th av. Org. 1883 12.000 members. American Bible Society--6 Bible House, 4th av.

James L. Houghteling. Pres.; John Wilson Wood, and 8th st. Org. 1816. Enoch L. Fancher, Pres.;

Sec. E. W. Gilman, Sec., Bible House, 4th av.

Brotherhood of the Kingdom-312 W. 54th st. American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Org. 1892. 100 members. Murray Williams, Ch'n; Missions Incorp. 1810. 350 members. Headquar- I Leighton Williams, Sec., 312 W. 54th st.


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