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RELIGIOUS SOCIETIES-MANHATTAN-Continued. Catholic Club of the City of New York-See So Miss M. T. Cockcroft, Treas.; Miss J. F. Bangs,

Cor. Sec. Catholic Missionary Union-Org. 1896. 5,000 Christian Men's Union--288 Lexington av. Inmembers. Most Rev. M. A. Corrigan, Pres.; Rev. corp. 1893. 137,000 badge wearing members. John 1. P. Doyle, Sec., 120 W. 60th st.

S. Huyler, Pres.; Col. Henry H. Hadley, Director; Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America-Geo. F. Laugenbacher, 820 Broadway, Treas.; A. 1 soc., 77,231 members. James M. Cleary, Pres., E. Yates, Sec., 288 Lexington av. Minneapolis, Minn.; Alex. P. Doyle, Sec., 415 W. Ohristian l'nion for Deaconess' Work-312 W. 9th st.

34th st. Org. 1894. Mrs. W. R. Williams, Pres.; Christian Associations

Mrs. Leighton Williams, Cor. Sec., 312 W. 54th st. Harlem Y. W. C. A.-72-74 W. 124th st. Org.

Congregational Clerical Union-See Social Clubs. 1891. 800 members. Mrs. John J. Burton, Pres.

Congregational Club of New York and Vicinity

Meets at St. Denis Hotel third Value of property $100,000. Miss Mary McElroy,

Monday each

Org Sec.; Miss Sue M. Clu:e, Ass't. Stc., 74 W. 124th

month except June, July, Aug. and Sept.

1879. 200 members John H. Washburn, Pres. ; Young Men's Christian Association Internation. Chas L. Beckwith, Sec., 346 Broadway. al Committee-General office, 3 W. 29th st., Man Home Missionary Society--287 4th av. Org. 1826. hattan. Incorp. 1883. 237,976 members. Lucien 0. 0. Howard, Pres.; Joseph B. Clark, Wash. ( Warner, Chairman; Alfred E. Marling, Vice Choate, Secs., 801 United Charities Building, 4th (hairman; Frederick B. Schenck, Treas.; Rich av. and 220 st. ard C. Morse, Gen. Sec.

Woman's Dept. Home Missionary Society--37 Young Men's Christian Association, Manhattan Bible House. Mrs. H. S. Caswell, Sec., Cong'l -3 W. 29th st. Org. 1852. Has 15 branches and Rooms, 4th av. and 220 st. owns $2,000,000 worth of property. 7,657 mem Congregational Societies-Church Building Sobers. it has libraries with 66,660 volumes, read- ciety, 220 st. and 4th av. Org. 1833. 1,500 meming rooms with 1,518 newspapers and magazines; bers. Lucien C. Warner, Pres.; Levi H. Cobb, & gymnasiums. It provides facilities for outdoor athletics and has at Oak Point, Port Morris, Daily Noon Prayer Meeting-Org. 1857. 113 Fula boat house, with baths, lockers and boats. 4 ton or 58 Ann st. Chas. F. Cutter, Pres. and Sec. idrge halls for lectures and entertainments. Daughters of the King--281 4th av. Org. 1885. The educational department embraces 34 dif 1,600 members. Mrs. E. 4. Bradley, Pres.; Miss ferent branches of study, with 1,744 different Elizabeth L. Ryerson, Sec. men as pupiis; literary societies, lectures, health Epworth League -Org. 1893. 4.000 members. S.

talks and socials. Special work for boys at E. Millington, Pres., 221 W. 128th st.; W. A. Litfive branches. Speciai branches are main- tle, Cor. Sec., 83 W. 134th st.; J. C. Moore, Treas., tained for

Germans, French, students and 127 Duane st.; Albert Swift, Gen. Sec., 222 W. ratiroad men. Cleveland H. Dodge, Preo.;| 129th St, Samuel Sloan, Jr., Treas.; H. M. Orne, Asso Evangelical Alliance for the U. S.-Represents ciate Sec.

unofficially all Evangelical denominations in U. S. Bowery Branch-153 Bowery, W. E. Wilkins, 105 E. 220 st. Org. 1867. Wm. E. Dodge, Pres.; Sec. 11 members. Work carried on here for Henry Barton Chapin, Reo. Sec. destitute men.

Federation of Churches and Christian Workers East Side Branch-158 E. 87th st. Don. 0. in New York City-11 Broadway. Org. 1895. Shelton, Sec. 249 members.

Spencer Trask, Pres.; Walter Laidlaw, Sec. French Branch-112 W. 21st st. Louis Bichsel, First Society of Spiritualists-Carnegie Hall, Sec. 130 members. German Branch-140 28 av. Hugo von Hagen, ! man, Sec.

Mrs. H. J. Newton, Pres.; Mrs. W. L. SageSec. 276 members.

Girls' Friendly Society for Diocese of New Harlem Branch-5 W. 123th st. Frank G. York-Church Mission House, 281 4th av, Org. Banister. Sec. 773 members.

1883. 1,410 members. Miss Elizabeth H. Wisner, Students' Branch-129 Lexington av. Herve W.

Pres.; Miss Agnes D. Abbott, Sec., Westchester, Georgi, Sec. 615 members.

New York City. 231 St. Branch-52 E. 23d st. Henry D. DickS07, Sec. 1,801 membens.

Girls' Friendly Society in America--281 4th av.

Org. 1877, 21,095 members. Mrs. Thomas Roberts, Washington Heights Branch---53 W. 165th e. Harry J. Robinson, Sec. 230 members.

Pres.; Miss Alexander, 659 Lexington st., BaltiWest Side Branch-318 W. 57th st. D. E. Yar

more, Md., Sec. nel, Sec. 1,037 members.

Guardians of the Sisterhood of the Holy Com

munion-47 W. 20th st. Org. 1852. Henry Mottet, Young Men's Institute-222 Bowery. Albert S. HUI, Sec. 540 members.

Pres.; Mrs. H. C. Mortimer, Sec. Headquarters R. R. branches at R. R. Men's

Harlem Association of Sabbath School SuperBldg., 361 Madison av. Cornelius Vanderbit, I intendents-Meets every Tuesday evening at 20 Chn.; Geo. A. Warburton, Sec.; also at

Collegiate Reformed Church, 207 Lenox av. C. F. Round House, 72d si. and 11th av. H. E. Baxton, Pres.; A. G. Leberecht, Sec.; J. CaldRhodes, Sec.

well, Treas. "Car 238," Melrose Junction Yards. G. E. Mc Hebrew Societies Naille. Sec.

Cantors' Assciation of America-Temple Adath Weehawken, N. J., West Shore Station. Rod Israel, 57th st. Incor. 1895. 50 members. Rev. ney T. Howell, Sec.

Herman Goldstein, Pres.; Dr. Herman SilverNew Durham, N. J., R. R. Men's Building. H. mann, 405 E. 57th st., Sec. M. Mattison, Sec. 2,088 members in R. R. Jewish Ministers' Association of America branches.

Gustave Gottheil, Pres.; F. de Sola Mendes, Young Women's Christian Association Inter Sec., 683 West End av. national Board: Mrs. R. A. Dorman, Pres., 31 Jewish Theological Seminary Association--736 W. 523 st., Manhattan, N. Y.; Mrs. John Duncan, Lexington av. Org. 1886. 30 students. Jos, Cor. Sec., 217 W. Ormsby av., Louisville, Ky.; Blumenthal, Pres.; Percival s. Menken, Sec., 87 Mrs. Levi T. Scofield, Treas., 338 Erie st., Cleve Nassau St. land, O.; Mrs. John McDougall, Canadian Repre National Council of Jewish Women-Org. 1893. sentative, 1074 Dorchester st., Montreal.

5,000 members. Sections in 57 cities in 29 states. Young Women's Christian Association of City

Mrs. H. Solomon, Pras., Chicago. Ill.; Miss of New York was incorp. 1873. Its building. No.

Sadie American, Sec., 3130 Vernon av., Chicago. 7 E. 15th st., was opened January 18, 187. It

National Council of Jewish Women (N. Y. Seccontains offices for its employment bureau, nee

tion)-Mrs. Alex. Kohut, Pres., 810 Park av.; diework, salesroom, class department, board di

Miss C. Wise, Sec. recxory, etc. There is also a farge Library of

Passover Relief Association-122 E. 117th st. 25,000 volumes, with reference and reading rooms Michael Silberstein, Pres.; Adolph Schwarzbaum, free and open daily. There is a hall, seating

Sec. 500, for lectures and entertainments. In con New York Board of MinistersOrg. 1880. 19 nection with the association are the Margaret members. Dr. K. Kohler, Pres.; Maurice H. Louisa Home, 14 and 16 E. 16th st., a temporary Harris, Sea. 10 E. 129th st. home for Protestant self supporting women, and Purim Association-Org. 1861. 26 members. M. the West Side settlement, 453 W. 47th st. Dur H. Moses, Pres.; J. Stanley Isaacs, Sec., 111 ing the past year 35,000 women made use of the Broadway various departments. 621 members.--204 active, 163 Young Men's Hebrew Association-861 Lexingassociate, 94 Hife. Mrs. Clarence E. Beebe, Pres.; ton av, Org. 1874. 700 members. Percival S.

RELIGIOUS SOCIETIES-MANHATTAN-Continued. Menken, Pres.; Falk Younker, 861 Lexington | lin E. Smith, Pres.; Henry L. Bland, Sec., De. av., Sec.; William Mitchell, Supt.

troit, Mich. Hospital Book and Newspaper Society-105 E 220 National Christian League for the Promotion of st. Org. 1874. Mrs. Abram S. Hewitt, Pres.; Miss Social Purity-Org. 1889. 350 members. Mrs. ElzGertrude L. Hoyt, Sec.

abeth B. Grannis, Pres.; Isaac N. Miller, Sec., Industrial Christian Alliances-170 Bleecker st. 295 Broadway. Incorp. 1891. James G. Beemer, Pres.; Arthur National Humane Alliance United Charities W. Milbury, Sec.

Building, 105 E. 228 st. H. L. Ensign, Pres.; International Medical Missionary Society-121 E. Edward C. Vicks, Sec. 15th st. Org. 1881. Stephen Smith, Pres.; Geo. D. New Church Board of Publication-3 W. 29: Dowkoutt, Sec., 121 E. 45th st.


Org. 1883. F. A. Dawson, Pres., Boston,
International Missionary Alliance-690 8th av. Mass.; F. J. Worcester, Sec., 309 Broadway.
Org. 1887. A. B. Simpson, Pres.; A. E. Funk, Sec. New York Association of the New Church-3 E.

International Religious Liberty Association--39 29th st. Org. 1865. S. S. Seward, Pres.; Adolph
Bond 9t. Org. 1889. 50,000 members. Allen Moon, Roeder, Sec., Vineland, N. J.
Pres.; D. W. Reavis, Sec., 39 Bond st.

New York Bible Society-66 Bible House. Org.
International Order of King's Daughters and 1823. 50 managers. James Wiggins, Pres.; James
Sons-156 5th av. Org. 1886. 500,000 members. W. Noyes, Sec., 96 Broadway.
There are state secretaries in 25 states. Mrs. Mar X. Y. Christian Endea vor Union-Org. 1890.
garet Bottome, Pres.; Mary Lowe Dickinson, Cor. 10,000 members. W. J. Yates, Pres., 472 W. 34th

st.; Henry Lewis, Sec., 1 W. 29th st.; Alfred A. Kind Word Society-116 E. 47th st. Org. 1893.

L. Bennett, 2219 Southern boulevard, Treas.; Mrs. Mrs. John Sherwood, Pres.; Miss Mary E. Shea, W. K. Waterman, Junior Supt., 155 W. 228 st. Sec., 116 E. 47th st.

New York Churchmen's Association-Org. 1882.

W. M. Geer, Pres.; Ladies' Auxiliary Y. M. C. Union-700 Westches- 100 members.

Robert M. ter av. Org. 1891. 40 members. Mrs. Ira G. Lane, Berkeley, Treas.; E. Atherton Lyon, Sec., YonPres.; Miss Ida Golden, Sec., 837 Teasdale pl., kers, N. Y. Bronx.

New York City Indian Association-Broadway Ladies' Christian Union Org. 1857. Mrs. T. N.

Tabernacle. Org. 1882. 125 members. Mrs. HamHollister, Pres.; Mrs. Henry D. Tiffany, Sec.; ilton S. Gordon, Pres.; Mrs. Horace Green, The Mrs. Wm. A. Cauldwell, Treas. The Union has Gerlach, _Sec., 57 W. 27th st. three homes: Young Women's Home, 49 W. 9th st.;

N. Y. Federation of Zionists-201 Henry st. Org. Branch Home, 308 2d av.; Eva Home, 153 E. 62d st. 1896. 4,000 members. Dr. J. I. Bluestone, Pres.; Lutheran Societies

Wm. Spillberg, Sec., 98 E4th st.
Emigrant House

State st.

New York Magdalen Benevolent Society-Foot

W. 139th st. Charles D. Boschen, Pres.; Wm. Hauff, Sec.

Org. 1833. Mrs. Geo. W. Ely, Pres. ; Emigrant Mission Home of the German Evan

Mrs. F. H. Bosworth, Sec., 41 Park av. gelical Synod of Missouri-8 State st., Manhattan,

New York_Primary S. s. Teachers' AssociationOrg. 1869. 8 members. J. P. Beyer, Pres.; Rev.

Broadway Tabernacle. Org. 1871. 100 members. J. C. Borth, Sec., 160 Jewett av., W. New Brigh- Mrs. S. W: Clark, Pres.; Mrs. H. E. Foster, Sec.,

213 W. 105th st. ton, Richmond.

New York Sabbath Committee-31 Bible House. Methodist Episcopal Societies Board of Education-Org. 1864. 150 5th av. 13 w. Wallace Atterbury and W. S. Hubbel, Sece.

Ong. 1857. 20 members. Wm. W. Hoppin, Pres; members. Edwd. G. Andrews, Pres.; Chas. H.

31 Bible House; Theodore Gilman, 62 Cedar st., Payne, Sec.

Treas. Book Concern-150 5th av. Org. 1789. Homer

New York State Colonization Society-Org. 1854. Eaton and Geo. P. Mains, Publishing Agents.

22 members. John D. Wells, Pres.; Chas. T. Historical Society in the City of New York, Geyer, Sec., 19 William st. 150 5th av. Org. 1892. 110 members. Jas. M.

New York State Sabbath Association 180 South Buckley, Pres.; Townsend Wandell, Sec.,

Org. 1891. 2,000 members. D. J. Burrel, Chambers st.

Pres.; Addis Albro, Sec. Home and Foreign Missionary Society of the New York Sunday School Association-10 E. 234 African Church-61 Bible House. Henry M.

st. Org. 1874. Rev. A. Y. Schauffler, Pres.; A. Turner, Pres. ; H. B. Parkes, Seo.

H. McKinney, Sec., 1972d av. Missionary Society-150 5th av. Org. 1819. Bish. New York Tenement House Chapter of King's S. M. Merrill, Pres.; A. B. Leonard, A. J. Daughters and Sons-48 Henry st. Org. 1890. 100 Palmer, W. T. Smith, Secs.

members. Mrs. Julian Heath, Chairman of DINew York City Church Extension Society-150 rectors; Miss Anne R. Beals, Sec., 48 Henry st. 5th av. Org. 1866. 160 managers. Samuel M. Open and Institutional Church League-150 5th Bowne, Pres.; F. M. North, Sec.

av. Org. 1898. 250 members. To form a fellowNew York Ladies' Home Missionary Society - ship between the church and individual. Chas. L 63 Park st. Org. 1844. Mrs. F. Holsten, 1st Di-Thompson, Pres.; E. B. Sanford, Sec. rectress; Miss S. A. Roche, Sec.

Presbyterian SocietiesNew York Preachers' Meeting of the Methodist

Board of Church Erection Fund of the GenEpiscopal Church--150 5th av. Org. 1817. 500 eral Assembly-156 5th av. Org. 1844. 21 trusmembers. Rev. T. L. Poulson, Pres. ; Rev. Fred tees. David Magie, Pres.; Erskine N. White, Bloom, Sec., 35 (lay st., Newark, N. J.

Sec. Social Union-Org. 1887. Wm. Baldwin, Sec., Board of Foreign Missions-156 5th av. Org 150 5th av.

1837. 21 members. John D. Wells, Pres.: F. F. Sunday School Union-150 5th av. Org. 1840.

Ellinwood, John Gillespie, Robt. F. Speer, A. Thos. Bowman, Pres.; Jesse S. Hurlbut and J. Brown, Secs.; Chas. "W. Hand, Treas. R. R. Doherty, Secs.

Board of Home Missions-156 5th av. Org. Tract Society--150 5th av. Org. 1852. Thos. 1816. 21 members. Chas. L. Thompson, Sec. Bowman, Pres. ; Jesse S. Hurlbut and Jas. M.

Presbytery of New York-Org. 1738. 159 minFreeman, Secs.

isters, 12 licentiates and 54 churches, Geo. W.F. Trustees of the N. Y. Annual Conference-In

Birch, Stated Clerk, 677 E. 136th st. Meeting corp. 1843. A. K. Sanford, 63 Park st., Pres.; F. place, Chapel 1st Church, 5th av, and 11th st. J. Belcher, Sec., 11 Jane st.

Union of New York-Org. 1886. 200 members Woman's Foreign Missionary Society-150 5th James Yereance, Pres.; Henry R. Elliot, Sec., av. Org. 1869. 27,000 members. Mrs. S. L. Bald 111 5th av. win, Pres., 1218 Pacifio st., Brooklyn; Mrs. W. B. Woman's Board of Home Missions-156 5th Skidmore, Sec., 230 W. 59th st.; Mrs. J. H.

av. Org. 1878. 107,000 members in U. S. Mrs. Knowles, Rec. Sec.

Darwin R. James, Pres.: Mrs. John F. Pingry Metropolitan Federation of Epworth Leagues and Mrs. H. K. Jones, Secs. Org. 1895. 40 societies in Meth. Epis. churches. Women's Board of Foreign Missions of the 5,000 members. S. E. Millington, Pres.; Rev. Al Presbyterian Church-Org. 1870. Mrs. Henry bert Swift, 222 W, 128th st., Sec.

N. Beers, Pres.; Miss M. L. Blakeman, Sec., Metropolitan Forward Movement-Metropolitan

156 5th av. Temple, 7th av. and 14th st. Org. 1892. 1.800 mem Protestant Episcopal Societies bers. Ch'n, Wm. Baldwin; J. M. Cornell, Revs. American Church Missionary Society-283 4th F. J. Belcher, S. P. Cadman, S. C. Hearn, F. C.


Incorp. 1860. Wager Swayne, Pres.; Rev. Harding, Committee.

W. Dudley Powers, Sec., 281 4th av. Missionary Society-General Theological Semin

Board of Missions-283 4th av. John WIary, New York, Org. 1880. 152 members. Frank iams, Pres.; Joshua Kimber, Sec.

51 st.

RELIGIOUS SOCIETIES-MANHATTAN-Continued. Church German Society-Trinity Church are 2,687 oficers and 791 corps; total membership, House. Org. 1879. 9 members. Rev. C. C. 20,000. The army in the United States maintains 413 Tiffany, Pres.; Chas P. Bull, Sec., Mutual shelters, 112 institutions, with nightly accommodaLife Building.

tions for 5,500 persons, including 42 shelters for Church Periodical Club-Church Mission men, 2 shelters for women, 12 rescue homes for House, 281 4th av. Org. 1888. Mrs. T. J. Rad- fallen women, 2 houses for waifs, 14 food depots, 8 ford, Pres.; Mrs. J. L. Chapin, Sec., 281 4th av. brigades for employing out-of-work, and 3 farm

Church Society for Promoting Christianity colonies. In New York City short gospel services Among the Jews-281-3 4th av. Incorp. 1879. are held every night on the streets and also in 23 Rev. John Williams, Pres.; W. A. Matson, halls, mostly in or near the tenement district. Sec.

The social work of the army in New York City Church Temperance Society-Org. 1881. 281 embraces: Relief work in the slum districts; shel4th av. Rev. W. C. Doane, Pres.; Robertter for homeless women, 243 Bowery; shelters Graham, Gen. Sec.

for homeless men, Dry Dock Hotel, 118 Avenue D Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society--283 and at 21 and 83 Bowery: a day nursery for chil4th av. Org. 1820. John Williams, Pres.; Rev. dren, 82 Cherry st. and 23 West st.; inquiry departJoshua Kimber, Sec., Church Missions House. ment for missing relatives, etc., with brinches in

Fund for the Reliet of Widows and Orphans every part of the world, 122 W. 14th st.; work in of Deceased Clergy men and of Aged, Infirm the police courts, opened in the fall of 1896. Supand Disabled Ciergymen--Org. 1855. John Will, ported by voluntary contributions. iams, Pres.; Elihu Chauncey, Sec., 22 E 22d Sands Fund of the Protestant Episcopal Church st. New York Bible and Prayer Book Society, Bishop of New York, at his discretion, to relieve

-29 Lafayette pl. The interest is to be used by the 281 4th av. Org. 1817. Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, Pres.;

the suffering and needy. Bishop Potter, Rev. T. R. Gorham, Edwin S.

Sec., 281

Harris, James Pott, J. McLean Nash. Trustees. 4th av.

Sisters of the Stranger-309 W. 57th st. Org. 1867. St. Bartholomew's Men's Club See Social

20 members. Mrs. Dr. C. E. Campbell, Pres.; Mrs, Clubs. Society of the Reformation-Org. 1886. Henry

Sara K. Hunt, Sec. and Treas,

Society for Home Study of Holy Scripture and Dexter, Pres.; Earle H. Smith, Sec., 36 Bible

Church History--1316 N st., Washington, D. C. House. Society for Promo:ing Religion and Learn- Bishop of Washington,

Incorp. 1889. 250 members. Henry Y. Satterlee,

Pres.; Miss Sarah F. ing-Incorp. 1839. Henry C. Potter, Pres. Trinity Church Association-211

Smiley, Direotor.
Fulton st.

Society of FriendsRev. Morgan Dix, Pres.; Wm. Bispham, Sec., Young Friends' Association, 226 E. 16th st., New 66 Broadway.

York. Org. 1894. 140 members. D. Pred Carver, Woman's Auxiliary to Board of


Pres.; Dorothy E. Dresler, Sec., 226 E. 16th st. Church Missions House, 281 4th av. Org. 1871.


Society of the Holy Name--Org. Miss Julia C. Emery, Sec.

13, 244

Very Rev. Mgr. Jos. F. Woman's Auxiiiary to Church Temperance members in 46 parishes. Society-281 4th av. Org. 1893. Mrs. G. S. Mooney, V. G., Spiritual Director; Eugene L. Bowdoin, Pres.; Mrs. H. D. Fellowes, Sec.; Barnard, Pres. of Archdiocesan Union; Jno: R. M. 52 E. 11th st.

Shiel, Sec. Headquarters. Lexington av. and 66th Reformed Episcopal Societies

st. N, Y. and Phila. Synod of the Reformed

Society for Prevention of Crime--105 E, 220 st. Episcopal Church-Org. 1881. 4,451 members. Org. 1878. Chas, H. Parkihurst, Pres.; Henry Burr, Bishop Wm. R. Nicholson, D. D., Pres.; Rev. Supt. Robt. L. Rudolph, M. A., Sec., 428 E. 57th st.

Society for Promoting the Gospel Among SeaReformed Church Societies

men in the Port of New York 46 Catharine st. Board of Direction-25 E. 220 st. Org. 1771. Org. 1918. 30 Directors. W. H. H. Moore, Pres.; T. W. H. Jackson, Pres.; Frank R. Van Nest,

A. Brouwer, Cor. Sec., 113 Fulton st., Manhattan. Sec., 25 E. 220 st.

Brooklyn Branch-31 Atlantie av. Board of Domestic Missions-25 E. 22d st.

Spiritual and Ethical Society-714 Lexington av. Org. 1831. 24 members. Cornelius Brett, Pres.; Org. 1889. 60 members. Belle V. Cushman, Pres. ; Chas. H. Pool, Sec.

Miss Ida Davis, Sec., 744 Lexington av. Board of Education-25 E. 220 st. Org. 1828. Students' Club--129 Lexington av. Org. 1887. 24 members. John Gaston, Pres.; G. H. Man- 600 members. Inter-Collegiate Young Men's Chrisderville, Sec., 25 E 220 st.

tian Association. James Blair Cochran, Prus.; Board of Foreign Missions-25 E. 228 st. Org. Herve W. Georgi, Sec. 1832. M. H. Hutton, Pres.; Henry N. Cobb, Unitarian Societies Sec.

American Association, Boston, Mass-Branch Board of Publication--25 E. 228 st. Org. 1856. Office, 104 E. 20th st., N. Y. Org. 1825. Hon. Chas. I. Shepard, Pres.; Richard Brinkerhoff, Carro1 D. Wright, Pres.; Rev. Samuel A. Eliot, Agt.

Sec., 25 Beacon st.. Boston, Mass.; D. W. MorePastors' Association in N. Y. and Vicinity

house, Supt. for Middle States. 25 E. 22d st. Org. 1877. 130 members. A, E. Conference of Middle States and CanadaMyers, Pres.; Alfred Duncombe, Sec., Man

Headquarters, 104 E. 20th st. Org. 1885. In udes hasset, L. I.

44 churohes. Hon. Dorman B. Eaton, Pres.; Women's Board of Foreign Missions--25 E. Rev. D. W. Morehouse, Sec. 220 st.

Org. 1875. 12,000 members. Mrs. Paul National Conference of Unitarian and other D. Van Cleef, Pres.; Mrs. A. L. Cushing, Sec. Christian Churches-104 E. 20th St. Org. 1865.

Woman's Executive Committee of Domestic 600 churches. Hon. George F. Hoar, Pres., Missions25 E 220 st. Mrs. John S. Bussing, Worcester, Mass.; D, W. Morehouse, Sec., 104 E. Pres.; Mrs. E. B. Horton, Sec.

20th st. St. Bartholomew's Chinese Guild-209 E. 420 st. New York League of Unitarian Women - Mrs. Org. 1889. 300 members. Guy Maine, Supt.

A. Wendell Jackson, 407 St. Nicholas av., Pres.: St. Bartholomew's Clubs-209 E. 420 st. Parish Mrs. C. T. Pierce, Cor. Sec., 9 Livingston St.; House. Has men's, boys and girls' clubs, Read Mrs. H. D. Donnelly, Treas., 252 Jefferson av., ing Rooms, Gymnasium, Industrial Classes.

Brook yn. Salvation Army-International headquarters, 101 Unitarian Society--104 E. 20th St. Mrs. Sidney Queen Victoria st., London, Eng. National head Smith, Pres.; Mrs. W. Worthen, Sec. quarters, 120-124 W. 14th st. Org. at Mile End, Universalist Club-Org. 1885. 60 members. Wm. Eng., July 5, 1865, by Wm. Booth, who is Gen M. Watkins, Pres.; F. H. Post, Sec., 41 Univereral Commander in Chief. Frederick De L and sity pl. Emma Booth Tucker, Commanders; Col. E. J. Universalist Societies-Higgins, Chief Secretary: Lieut. Col. Holz, Social New York Universalst Relief Fund--233 BroadSecretary. Center for directing the spiritual, social, way. Org. 1837. Seven trustees. E. B. Fellows, financial and publishing work of the army in the Pres.; E. H. (be, Sec. and Treas. United States. The army is a religious society, or New York Sunday Schoo: Institute-Pres. of. ganized on a military basis. Object, the evangeli fice, 99 Fulton st. Org. 1884. Louis Ames, Pres.; zation of unchurthed classes. Officers are working Miss M. C. Lippincott, Sec. among 19 heathen races. There are 15,100 officers, U. S. Army Aid Association-89 Nassau st. Org. 6,229 corps, operating in 42 countries, in 28 Jan 1887. 600 members. Wm. A. Thompson, Pres.; Jno. guages, 44 periodicalls are published, with circula- B. Ketcham, Sec., Henry M. Lester, Treas. tion of over 1,000,000. In the United States there Volunteers of America--34 Union sq. Org. by

RELIGIOUS SOCIETIES-MANHATTAN-Continued. Com. and Mrs. Baulington Booth in 1896, to reach, av. Org. 1888. Chas. B. Lawson, Pres.; R. S. the unchurched classes. It is a religious body with Alcoke, Sec., 858 E. 134th st. a military organization. It is American, its gov Young Men's Hebrew Association-111 E. ernment being based upon the Constitution of the st. Percival S. Menken, Pres.; Falk Younker, United States. There is an executive council, Sec. dealing with matters at national headquarters, Young Women's Home Society of the French and a military council, which has to do with the Evangelical Church-341 W, 30th st. Charles H. organization of the field movements. After an Jacot, Pres.; Mrs. J. Eugene Robert, Sec. existence of but 18 months there are 8 regiments,

QUEENS. 1 battalion, 7 detachments, 175 posts, 500 com

Archdeaconry of Queens-Org. 1887. missioned ofcers. The Volunteer Prison League clergy and three laymen from each parish. Arch

All the is established in 8 state prisons. Com. Ballington

deacon Cooper, Pres.; G. Webster Peck,

Sec., Booth, Pres.; J. G. Halimond, Sec.; W. J. Craft, Flushing, L. I. Treas. White Cross Society of U. S.–224 Waverley pl. 1889.100 societies. G. M. Williamson, Pres.; Mrs.

Christian Endeavor Society, Queens Co-Org. Org. 1884. B. F. De Costa, Pres.; W. R. Smith, M. P. Markle, Sec., Dunton, L I. Sec., 224 Waverley pl. Branches all over U. S.

College Point, St. Joseph's Society-Casper Berx, Woman's Executive Committee of Board of Do

Pres.; Frank Drakert, Sec.; Jacob Beresheim, mestic Missions-Reformed Church Building, 25

Treas. E. 22d st. Org. 1882. 11,000 members. Mrs. John

Dutch Church Club, Jamaica-Org. 1897. 60 memS. Bussing. Pree., 26 E. 10th st.; Mrs. Edmund B.

bers. Chas. A. Ryder, Pres.; Chas, Skinner, 686 Horton, Sec., Cranford, Union Co., N. J.

Fulton st., Jamaica. Woman's Home Missionary Society-150 5th av.

Far Rockaway, St. John's Guild-Brock LockOrg. 1882. 1,200 members. Mrs. Mary Fisk Park,

wood, Pres.; G. R. Knooss, Vice-Pres. ; E. WebPres.; Mrs. J. W. Campbell, Sec., 305 W. 18th st.

ster, Sec.; Wm. Pettit, Treas.; Arthur Guy. Woman's National Sabbath Alliance-156 5 h av.

Librarian. Org. 1895. 400 members. Mrs. Darwin R. James,

Flushing and Newtown Christian Endeavor Pres.; Miss Matida Kay, Rec. Sec., 243 W. 99th

Union- Samuel Bryant, Woodside, Pres.; Eugene st.

Price, Elmhurst, Vice-Pres.; Miss May Baker, Woman's Union Missionary Society of America

Winfield, Sec.; Miss Frieda Plitt, College Point, for Hea then. Lanls--67 Bible House. Org. 186:.

Treas. 2,000 members. Mrs. Henry Johnson, Pres.; Miss

Jamaica W. C. T. U.--Org. 1886. 40 members. S. D. Doremus, Sec., 735 Madison av.

Forence H. Harris, Pres.; Miss Mary L McCorWorld's Brotherhood of Christian Unity-Aspiritual fraternity who believe in the Fatherhood of mick, Sec., 88 Herriman av., Jamaica.

Y. M. C. A., 57 Locust st., Fiushing, L. I.-Org. God and the brotherhood of man. Org. 1891. 3,000

1895. 150 members. John W. Crawford, Pres.; members. Theo. F. Seward, Sec., 18 Wall st.,

John G. Thorne, Sec., 57 Locust st.
Manhattan, N. Y. City.
Young Ladies' Christian League-Mrs. C. De P.

Field, Ch'n, 21 E. 26th st.; Miss Helen Husted, Y. M. C. A., Tompkinsville-Org. 1883. 150 mem-

bens. F. C. Townsend, Pres.; C. A. Martin, Sec., Young Men's Christian Union—700 Westchester 'Tompkinsville, Richmond.

Brooklyn-City Missionaries,

City Mission Chapel, Jay and Willoughby sts.

D. J. Meserole. Rev. J. G. Bass... .431 Waverly av,


City Mission Lodging House, 16 Tillary st. Rev. D. Balsamo

...152 24 pi. McLaughlin. Rev. D. M. Heydrick.

...500 Dean St.

City Mission Shelter Chapel, 16 Tiliary st. Rev. Capt. Hiram Meeker..Jamaica av. and Enfield st.

Jas, J. Banbury. Mr. C. K. Kew...

.. 449 Gates av.

East New York Junior Endeavor Society. Mrs. Mrs. Kate Thompson..

.339 Madison st.

Sarah Dale. Mrs. Elizabeth Schneider... ..136 Lewis av.

Floating Bethel, foot of Joralemon st. Mrs. Mary Mintonye. 83 Dupon't st.

Capt. H.

L. Mekeer. Mrs. L. Owen......

270 Classon av.

Fulton Ferry Mission, 89 Fulton st. William Miss S. Dale

368 Crescent st.

Watson. Miss Emilie Meury.

255 Throopav.

Home for Girls, 83 Dupont st. Mrs. Mary MinMies Juliette Barnett.

.114 Jefferson st.

tonye. Miss Anna Rau...

.79 Woodhullet.

Industrial Dept., Willoughby st., cor. Jay. C. Rev. James J, Banbury

295 7th av. H. Martin. Hugo Jones

..62 Greenpoin: av.

Industrial Dept., 62, 64, 66 Greenpoint av. Hugh William Watson...

89 Fulton st. Jones. Mrs. C. M. Selden..

126 Macon st.

Italian No. 1, 79 Woodhull st. Miss Anna Rau. Rev. Geo. Gray, Rev. Charles Cedarholm, Rev.

Italian No. 2, 272 President st. Rev. D. Bal. W. W. Fessenden, Miss M. A. Robinson, Jam's

samo. A. Anderson, Walter J. Jackson, Special Vol

Junior Christian Endeavor work, Miss Juliette unteers.

Barnett. Total number, including secretaries, volunteers

Kings Co. Buildings, Clarkson st., nr. Nostrand and missionaries of affiliated branches, 100.

av. Mrs. Kate Thompson. WORK OF MISSIONARIES IN BROOKLYN. Kings Ço. Penitentiary. J. G, Bass.

Lincoln Industrial School, 1699 Atlantic av. Mrs Religious services in jail and penitentiary, 405;

L. Owen. in county buildings, 175; in industriai department, 373; in lodging house department, 295; at float

Police Court Work. Miss Emilie J. Meury. ing b thel, 148; elsewhere, 1249; open air services,

Raymond St. Jail. J. G. Bass, Chaplain, and

Miss E. J. Meury. 82; visits maile, 12,664; visits received, 8,332; visits

Shining Light, 452 Carroll st. J. J. Anderson. to court, 872; girls placed in charge of mission

Spanish Work, 126 Macon st. Mrs. C. M. Selden. ary, 155; professed conversions, $53; united with

Swedish, 136 Hamilton av. Rev. Charles Cedarchurches, 103; gathered into Sabbath schools, 829;

holm. Bibles and Testaments distributed. 946; tracts

Work Among Policemen. Miss M. A. Robinson, and papers distributed, 99,594; funeral services conducted, 42; visits to public institutions, 1,197; SUPERINTENDENTS OF DEPARTMENTS. mothers' meetings conducted, 189, sewing schools Woman's Auxiliary ........ Mrs. Frederick Terhune or children's meetings conducted, 783; provided industrial

........C. H. Martin with employment, 789; taken to hospitals, 50; Shelter

...................H. McLaughlin place in rescue homes, 105; meals furnished, Eastern District

.....Hugh Jones 91,728: lodgings provided. 10,458; sailors visiting

OTHER BROOKLYN MISSIONS. the floating bethe: 9.996; ships and canal boats

Bethel-1254 Myrtle av. visited, 1,439, Nov. 1, 1897, to Nov. 1, 1898.

Bethesda 392 Grand st. MISSION STATIONS OF MISSION AND TRACT Bethlehem--375 Atlantic av. SOCIETY

Boys' Welcome Hall-185 Chauncey st. Bethlehem, 575 Atlantic av. D. M. Heydrick. Brownsville Mission to the Jews 530 Rockaway Ohinese, 164 Gates av. C. K. Kew,



MISSIONS-BROOKLYN-Continued. Children's Mission-Kent st. Reformed Church,, ---225 E. 11th st. A. P. Stockwell, Supt. 125 Eagle st.

Industrial Christian Alliance-170 Bleecker st, Christian Mission to the Jews-129 Boerum st. Ralph Bryant, Supt. Christian Rescue Temperance-474 10th st.

Italian Mission Baptist Beth Eden, FordhamDeutsche Mission-St. Nicholas av., oppo. Trout 87th st. and Lorillard pl. man st.

Italian Mission M. E.-307 E. 112th st. Eriward Richardson Memorial--100 Clifton pl. Italian Mission M, E. Church-151 Bleecker st. German-824 Flushing av.

Italian Mission of P. E. Church-38 Bleecker st. Germin Emmanuel Reformed-Sutton

Rev. Alberto Pace, Supt. Greenpoint.

Jerry McAuley Cremorne-104 W. 326 st. Mr. Gospel-158 Gwinnett st.

and Mrs. Ohas. E. Ballou, Supts. Italian-29 Front st.

Jewish Mission, Lutheran-70 Pitt st. Italian--136 Hamilton av.

Ladies' Mission of P. E. Church to Public InLebanon--246 Myrtle av,

stitutions of City of New York-R V. D. Parker Life Line-412 Van Brunt st.

Morgan, Pres., 3 E. 45th st. Norwegian Mission--58th st., nr 12th av.

Madison Sq. Church House and Mission-384 People's--246 Myrtle av.

3d av. Pentecostal Mission-31 Atlantic av.

Manhattan East Side 416-422 E. 26th st. Rescue-87 Greenpoint av.

Margaret Strachan Home for Fallen WomenRest Mission--923 Gates av.

103-105 W. 27th st. Mrs. G. B. Satterlee, Sec., 31 Seamen's Mission, M. E.-172 Carroll st.

E. 28th st. Shining Light-452 Carroll st.

McAuley Water St. Mission-316 Water st. S. St. Andrew's P. E.-176 39th st.

H. Hadley, Supt. St. John's-Howard av., opp. Herkimer st.

Mission Lutheran-Av. B and 10th st., UnionSt. Phebe's-125 DeKalb av

port. Star of Hope Rescue-632 Gates av.

Mission Lutheran-1896 Washington av. Rev. Sunday Breakfast Association-W. H. Johnson,

John Heck. Sec., 37 Fort Grepne pl.

Mission of St. Mary the Virgin--33 W. 46th st. Swedish-Summit st. and Hamilton av.

Mission of the Immaculate Virgin-Lafayette Union-list st., near Sib av.

pl. and Great Jones st. Wallabout-Wallabout st., near Marcy av.

Mission of the Living Waters-136 Chrystle st. MANHATTAN.

John Jaeger, Supt. American Seamen's Friend Society-76 Wall st.

Mizpah Chapel-420 W. 57th st. Rev. W. C. Stiti, Sec.

Morning Star--17 Doyers st. Amity Baptist-770 11th av.

New York Christian Home for Intemperate Battery Park Mission-27 State st.

Men-1175 Madison av. Beacon Light Rescue Mission-207 E. 125th st. New York Ohriebian Porice Ass'n-235 W. 30th Bethany-235 E. 109th st. P. Saumerie:te, st., J. L. Spicer, Sec.

New York City Mission and Tract Society-Unitpastor,

Bowery Mission-55 Bowery. J. H. Wyburn, ed Charities Bldg. Supports the following:

Broome St. Tabernacle-395 Broome st.
Calvary-68th st., west of Boulevard. Wm.

DeWitt Memorial Church-280 Rivington st. Dean, Missionary.

German Mission-280 Rivington st.

German Mission-63 2d st.
Catharine--201 South st. and 22 Catharine slip.
Ohapel of the Incarnation Mission-242 E. 31st st.

Italian Church-395 Broome st.
Christ's Miesion--112 W. 21st st.

Jewish Mission---280 Rivington st. Church Mission to Deaf Mutes-114 W. 13th st.

Olivet Memorial Church- 63 2d st. Coenties Slip Station Mission-21 Coenties siip. Woman's Branch of the N. Y. City Mission Coigate Memorial Mission-332 E. 20th st.

and Tract Society maintain the following: ChrisDeng.edein Memoria1429 E. 77th st.

tian Workers' Home, 129 E 10th st; Training East Side Chapel and Bible Women's Assn

Home for Christian Workers, 128 E 10th st; 404 E. 15th st. Miss Kate Bond, Treas., 230 W. Fresh Air Funi, The Baby Fold, 128 E. 10th st.; 39th st.

Virginia Day Nursery, 632 5th st.
East Mission-1st av, and E63d st. New York Colored Mission-135 W. 30th st. S.

Finnish (Lutheran) Seamen's-53 Beaver st. Rev. Marshall Busselle, Sec.
P. Hukkanen, in charge.

New York Female Auxiliary Bible Society--Bible Five Points Mission--3 Park st.

House. Fiorence Crittenton-21-23 Bleecker st., F. B. New York Port Society-46 Catharine slip. Waterman, Treas., 115 Fulton st.

New York Protestant Episcopal City Mission Fordam 'M. E. Mission-Webster av. and Su- Society, 38 Bleecker st. Supports the following: burban st.

St. Barna bas' House. 304-306 Mulberry st. Fralsnings Armeen -158 E. 27th st., and cor.

St. Barnebas' Reading Room and City Mission Pike slip and Water st.

Clergy House. 38 Bleecker st. Fruit and Flower Mission-Universalist Church

St. Ambrose Church. 117 Thompson st. of Divine Paternity, Central Park West and

Chapel of Christ the Consoler. Adj. Bellevue 20th St.

Hospital, Galilee-Of Calvary P. E. Church, 340 E 230 st.

Chapel of the Good Shepherd. Adj. Almshouse, German Evangelical Ref'd.-141 E. Houston st.

Blackwell's Island.
Gospel Mission to the Tombs-Centre and Frank-

Chapel ot the Messiah-206 E 95th st.
Rev. Sidney G. Law, Missionary.

God's Providence Chapel and Mission. 33) Gospel Temperance-146th 6., bet. 3d and WII/19

Broomne st. ave. Grace-410 E. 14th st. G. H. Bottome.

Temporary Chapel of San Salvatore-40 Bleeck

er st. Grace Mission House-540 E. 13th st. Guild of St. Elizabeth-Miss Anne A. Curtis,

New York Rescue Band-105 E 220 st. S. E. Sec., 307 Madison av.

Furry, Supt. Harbor-30 State st. For the benefit of Immi Norwegian Mission-217 E. 119th st. grants. Rev. Paul Sommerlatte, 237 E. 109th st.,

Norwegian Seamen's Mission-94 Market slip. in charge.

Jacob Bo, 111 William st., Brooklyn, in charge, Harlem People's--2308 2d av. J. Bennet, Supt.

Peniel Josephine Mission-39 Canal st. Harlem Union Medical--213 E 120th st. James

Phelps-316 E. 35th st. Rev. Theo. W. Harris, Law, Supt. 19 E, 127th st.

314 E, 35th st. Hebrew Mission, Allen St. Pres.-126 Forsyth st. Phillip's--225-227 E. 80th st. Hebrew Technical School for Girls-267 Henry st. Presbyterian Hebrew-128 Forsyth st. Heil's Armce_512 E 6th st., and 668 Courtlandt Protestant Episcopal Church Missionary Socie

ty for Seamen in City and Port of New York. (German Branch of Salvation Army).

Supports the following: Holy Comforter for Sailors-343 W. Houston st. Toenties Slip Station-Open air mission anil Holy Cross Av. C and E. 34th st.

room, 21 Coenties slip. Hope of Israel Mission to the Jews of M. E. East River Station-Floating Church of Our Church-209 Madison st. and 89 Rivington st. Rev. Saviour, Pike slip and Mission house, 34 Pike A, C. Gaebelein, Supt.

street House of the Lord-190 Bleecker st. Ellis Bal North River Station Church of the Holy Comlou, Supt.

forter and mission house, 341 West st. Howard Mission and Home for Little Wanderers Sailors' Home-52 Market st.

lin sus.

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