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AND PORTO RICO. (For the following tables the EAGLE ALMANAC is To obtain the approximate time and height of high indebted to the Superintendent of the United States water at the following stations, add or subtract from Coast and Geodetic Survey.)

the time and neight at NEW LONDON, CT., as follows: To obtain the approximate time and height of high water at the following stations, add or subtract from the time and height at SANDY HOOK (the Horseshoe),


Time. Height. as follows:

h. m.


Time. Height.
Black Rock Harbor, Conn..

+1 47 +4.7 Bridgeport, Conn...

+1 48

+4.8 New Haven, Conn

+1 46

+ 3.6 h. Falkner Island Light, Conn.

Saybrook Breakwater, Conn. +1 04 +1.2 +3 19

Stonington, Conn

-O 17
Canarsie, L. I...

+0.3 +1 04 -0.4 Amagansett L. S. Station, L. I.. -1 16 Coney Island, L. I.

-0.4 +0 05

Cedar Island Light, L. I..

+0 42 +0.6 East Rockaway Inlet, L. I..

-0.5 Fort Pond Bay, L, I..

- 46

-0.2 Rockaway Inlet, Jamaica Bay.. +0 12 -0.6 Gardiner Island (North Point).. +0 15 Holland Landing. Jamaica Bay.

-02 +0 47 -0.5 New Inlet, Hempstead Bay.

Horton Point Light, L. I... +1 20 +1.4 -0 02 -0.8 Herod Point, L I..

+1 32 Princess Bay Light, S. I...

+2.6 + 0 10 +0.7

Little Gull Island Light. Tottenville, S. I.

-0 05

+0.1 +0 26 +1.0 Moriches L. S. Station, L. I.

1 47

+0.5 Patchogue, L. I..

+1 16 -1.4 To obtain the approximate time and height of high Port Jefferson, Enirance, L. I.. +1 57 + 3.8 water at the following stations, add or subtract from

Southold Landing, L. I.


+0.1 the time and height at New YORK (Governor's Island), Jamesport, L. I..

+2 47

-0.0 as follows:

Montauk Point Light, L. I. -1 07 -0.5

Orient Point (Plum Gut), L. I. -0 14 +0.1

Sag Harbor. L. I....

+ 1 13 + 0.1
Babylon, L. I.

+2 17 -3.4 Fire Island Inlet, L. I.

- 14 -2.8 h. m. Ft. Havana, Cuba..

-1 09 -0.1 Newport, R.I. -027 -0.9 Matanzas, Cuba.

-1 43 - 0.4 Brooklyn Bridge.

+0 20
Cardenas, Cuba

-1 13 -0.3 Brooklyn Navy Yard +0 40 0.0 Port Nuevitas, Cuba..

-2 13 Bellevue Hospital...

-0.5 +1 23 +0.3 Jibara, Cuba...

-2 53 -0.2 Kingsbridge, Harlem River. +0 56 -0.1 Guantanamo, Cuba..

-1 24 --0.4 Spuyten Duyvil, Hudson River. +0 41 -0.4 Santia o de Cuba, Cuba.

-053 --0.7 The Narrows..


Manzanillo, Cuba.

+1 17 West 6th st., Hudson River..

+0.7 +0 26

Cienfuegos, Cuba

-0.8 Port Richinond, S.I.

+0 08 +0.4 San Juan, Porto Rico. Hell Gate (Astoria Ferry).

-1.4 + 1 56 +0.7 Port of Ponce, Porto Rico

3 45 -0.9 City Island, N. Y. +3 02 +3.0 Mayaguez, Porto Rico

-3 15 Larchmont Harbor, N. Y.

+0.1 +305 +3.1 New Rochelle, N. Y.

+3 08 + 3.2

Application of the time differences will give mean Greenwich, Conn..

+3 00 +3.0

local time for the ports in Cuba and Porto Rico. Stamford, ('onn.

+2 59 +2.7 Glen Cove, L. I.

+8 01 + 2.8 Huntington Harbor, L. I.

+ 2 59

Since the Declaration of Independence +3.2


United States has had six wars, not counting the Northport Harbor, L. I.

+3 00 +2.9

little differences with the Indians. These Oyster Bay, L.I. +3 01

were + 2.9

the war of the revolution, the war of 1812, the war Willet's Point, L. I...

+3 02 +2.9

with the Barbary states, the Mexican war and the Bath, Gravesend Bay, L. I. -0 36 +0.5 civil war. The war with Spain makes the sixth.



The Paris International Exposition. ceeds of the emission of 3,250,000 bonds of 20

The beginning of the twentieth century will francs each. The bonds bear no interest, but each be fittingly celebrated by the Great International is redeemable in tickets of admission to Exposition to be held in Paris, France, from the Exposition Grounds and the holdApril 15 to November 5, inclusive. The site will i er 20 tickets. In lieu of interest the comprise the public grounds on both sides of the holder participates in 29 drawings, comprising Seine from the Place de la Concorde, the great 4,313 prizes, aggregating 6,000,000 francs.

Six monumental square in the very center

of the drawings occurred in 1896, six in 1897. There elty, to a point beyond the Pont d'Iena, embrac

will be six in 1898, 1899 and six monthly drawing the Champ de Mars, the Trocadero Palace ings during the exposition. and Park (site of the exposition of 1889), the

To the contemporary exposition will be joined Esplanade des Invalides, the Quai d'Orsay, the a retrospective centennial exposition reviewing Qual de la Conference, the Cours la Reine, and the progress accomplished since 1800 in various a large section of the Champs Elysees, includ- branches of production. ing the site of the Palais de l'Industrie, the great

A series of Internationa: Congresses will also building erected for the Exposition of 1855.

take place in Paris during the Exposition, where The palace of the Trocadero erected for the all prominent men in letters, sciences and arts of exposition of 1878 and used a second time in 1889 world renown will be invited to meet. will be utilized with modifications in 1900. The

Ferdinand W. Peck of Chicago, Ill., is the Eiffel Tower with new features will be preser

United States representative at the Paris Expoed. The Fine Arts and the Liberal Arts Halls will sition with title of "Commissioner General." He be permanent structures,

was appointed by Pres. McKinley, July 22, 1898. The first international exposition in Paris was neld in 1855, second in 1867, third in 1878 and fourth in 1889. In July, 1892, the official initia

New York City's First Graveyard. tive was taken toward the establishment of the

The first graveyard in New York was situated on 196exposition in a formal communication fram Morris st., near Broadway. It was removed and M. Roche, minister of commerce and industry the ground sold at auction in 1676, when a plot was to President Carnot. Over 100,000,000 francs ($20,- acquired opposite Wall st., describel in the first 900.000) was provided as guaranty fund, of charter of the city, on April 22, 1686, as "the new Whleh 20,000,000 francs was appropriated by the burial ground without the gate." It was used as Kovernment, and 20,000,000 francs by the city of such in conjunction with Trinity Church, until Paris, while 60,000,000 francs represent the net pro-1 city interment was prohibited.


The letters following names indicate position of the thoroughfare on the Almanac map.

Note that in case of long thoroughfares, important cross streets with corner numbers are given. For railroad connections, etc., consult the map.

A * placed in the right or left column denotes that the thoroughfare does not extend to that side. Aberdeen (H 5), from 1865 Broad- | Av C (D 8),

from West av. opp. Bav av. (E 10), from Locust av. to way, N. E. to Evergreen Ceme 15th av., to Remsen av.

Kings Highway rd. tery.

Av D (D 8), from West av., n. 15th Bay Ridge av. (A 8), from N. Y. bay Adams (D 4), from E. River, bet. av., to Powell.

to 22d av. Washington and Pearl, S. to Av. E (D 8), from West av., n. 17th Bay Ridge Parkway (A 9) (75th), Fulton. av., to Fresh Creek.

from N. Y. bay to Gravesend av. Adams av. (J 6), is now Mc Ay (D 9), from West av., opp. Bay 1st and Bay 22 (B 10), from Kinley av.

17th av., to Fresh Creek. Adams pl. (D 7), is now Reeve Av G (E 9), from Coney Island av., Bay 7th and Bay 8th (810), from

opp. Foster av., to Fresh Creek. Benson av. to Gravesend bay, pl.

Av. H (D 9), from West av., n. 19th Bay 10th to Bay 41st (C 10), inAdelphi (D 4), from 108 Flushing

av., to Bedford Creek, av., s. to Atlantic av.

clusive, 86th to Gravesend bay, Av. I (D 9), from West av., n. 20th Bay 430 to Bay 50th (D11), incluAgate (F 3) is now Florence. av., to Bedford Creek.

sive, from Stillwell av. to GraveAgate et. (F 6), from Atlantic av., Av. J (D 9), from West av., opp. send buy. bet. Kingston av. and Albany av. 520, to Fresh Creek.

Bayard (F 3), from 818 Union av., -one block.

Av. K (E9), from Ocean Parkway, E. to Numboldt.
Ainslie (E 3), from 17 Marcy av., S. bet. Avs. J and L to Fresh Creek Beach la. (D 11), from Van Siclen

E. and E. to Bushwick av. Av. L (D 10), from West av., opp. av. to Gravesend bay.
Aitken pl. (F 6), from Malbone to 22d av., to Fresh Creek.

Beach pl. (C 5), from 22 Degraw, Lefferts.

Av. M (D 10), from West av., opp. S. W. to Sackett--one block. Alabama av. (H 6), from Jamaica 23d av., to Fresh Creek.

Beadel (F 3), from 124 Kingsland av. junc. Fulton, S. to Ja- Av. N (D 10), from West av., opp. av., E. to Newtown creek. maica bay. 61st, to Fresh Creek.

Beard (B 6), from 102 Otsego, N. Albany av. (F5), from 1558 Fulton, Av. 0 (D 10), from 2d av., at 71st, W. to Ferris, S, to Av, K.

to Flatlands av.

Beaver (F 4), from 816 Flushing Alice ct. (F 5), from Atlantic av., Av. P (D 10), from Stillwell av.,opp. av., S, E. to Bushwick av. bet. Kingst nav. and Albany av. 76th, to Flatbush av.

Bedford (D 4), from 53 Raymond, -one block.

Av. Q (D 10),

from Stillwell av., at S. E. to Leo pl-one block. Alton (F 9), from Flatbush av, to 23d av., to Flatbush av.

Bedford av. (F 2), from :07 ManE. 40th.

Av. R(D 11), from 86th, at 2d av., hattan av., S, and S. E, to FlatAmber (J 6), from Dumont av., at to Bedford Creek.

bush av. City line, S. to City line.

Av. S(D11), from Stillwell av., opp. 275 290 Grand. Amboy (46) from East New York 83d, to Bedford Creek.

389 402 Broadway. av , opp Butler, S. to E. 98th. Av. T (D 11), from Stillwell av., 857 884 Myrtle av. Ames (& 6), from East New York cp). 85th, to Bergen Beach. 1245 1264 Fulton. av., bet. Douglass and Amboy, AYU (D11), from Stillwell av., n. | Bedford pl. (E 5), from Brevoort S. to E. 98th. 26th av., to Bergen Beach,

pl., n. Franklin av., 8. to AtlanAmity (C5), from East River, bet. Av. V (D11), from Stillwell av., tic av.-one block.

Pacific and Congress, E. to opp. 27th av., to Bergen Beach. Bell (E 1), from Commercial, opp. Court.

Av. W (D 11), from Stillwell av., n. Clay, N. to Newtown CreekAmos (F 3), from 92 Kingsland av., 28th av., to Bergen Beach.

one block. E. to Newtown Creek.

Av. X (D 12),

from Stillwell av., n. Belmont av. (G 6), from Rocka. Anthony (F2), from 544 Morgan 28th av., to Bergen Beach.

way av., bet. Eastern Parkway av., E. to Newtown Creek.

Av. Y (D 12), from Stillwell av., n. and Sutter av., E. to City line. Apollo (F 2), from 235 Meeker av., Bay 50th, to Bergen Beach. Belvidere (F 4), from 885 Brodway, N. to Newtown Creek.

Av. Ž (D 12), from Stillwell av, to N. E. to Beaver-one block. Arlington av. (1 5), from Jamaica Gravesend Creek.

Bennett (F 3), from 76 Kingsland av. junc. Wyona, E. to Hale. Bainbridge (F 5), from 491 Sumner av., E. to Newtown Creek, Arlington pl. (F 5). from 56 Halsey av., E. to Broadway.

Bennett la. (C10), from Kings S. to Fulton-one block.

altic (C5), from East River, bet. Highway rd., at 84th, to Graves Ash (E 1), from 630 Manhattan av., Warren and Harrison, E. to

end bay, E. to Oakland-one block.

Fifth av.

Benson av. (A 9), from 3d av. to Ashford (1 5), from Jamaica av., Bancroft pl. (6 6), from 1008 Herki Stillwell av.

bet. Warwick and Cleveland, S. mer, S. W. to Atlantic av.-one Benton (F 3), from 40 Kingsland to Jamica Bay. block.

av., E. to Newtown Creek, Ashland pl. (D ), from 104 DeKalb Banker (E 3), from Driggs av, at N. Bergen (C5) from 185 Court, E. to av., s. to Flatbush av. Thirteenth, N. to Franklin.

East New York av Atkins av. (1 6,) from Atlantic av,

Banzett (F_), from 125 Maspeth 469 486 Flatbush av. bet. Berriman and Montauk av., av., N. to Beadel.

1377 1878 Albany av. S. to Jamaica Bay.

Barbarine ct. (D 4), from Hennes. Bergen pl. (B8), from 65th to Atlantie av. (C6), from East River

sy pl, W.-half block.

67th. bet. State and Pacific, E. to City Barbey (I 5), from Highland Boul. Berkeley pl. (D 6), from 185 Fifth line.

evard, bet. Warwick and Hen av., E. to Plaza. 581 594 Flatbush av.

drix, S. to Jamaica bay.

Berriman (1 5), from Atlantic av. 1167 1222 Bedford av.

Barrett (G6), from East New bet. Shepherd av. and Atkins av. 1517 1588 Albany av.

York av., opp. Degraw, S. to S. to Jamaica Bay. 2465 2466 Vesta av.


Berry (E2), from 72 N. 14th, S. E. 27/91 2792 Van Siclen av.

Bartlett (F 4), from 643 Flushing to Division av. Atlantic Dock (C 5), bounded by

av., N. E. to B'way.

Betts pl. (J 6), from Jamaica av., Conover (Com. wf.) Clinton wf. Batchelder (F 11). from Gerritson

bet. 'Weldon pl. and Bookman Buttermilk Channel and India wf. Auburn pl. (D 4), from 97 Canton,

av. to Sheepshead bay.

pl., N. to City line.

Blake av. (6 6), from E. 98th, at S E. to N. Portland av. Bath av (B 10), from 7th av., n.

Ralph av., to Conduit av. at City AT A (D 8), from West av., opp: Gubner, te Stillwell av,

line. Tehama, to Flatbush av., and Battery av. (B 10), from 86th to Bleecker (G 4), from 943 Bushwick froin Ralph av, to E. 98th. the Narrows.

av., N. E. to City line. Av B (D 8), from West av.opp 14th Bay (B 6), from 59 Otsego, S. E. to Blue (E2), from Commercial bet. av., to Flatbush av., and from E. Gowanus bay.

Dupont and Franklin, N. W. to 46th to E. 98th.

Bay (E. D., E 2), is now West. Newtown Creek-one block.

BOROUGH OF BROOKLYN STREET AND AVENUE DIRECTORY-Continued. Boerom (F 4), from 525 B'way, E. Butler, 29th Ward (E 8), from Clark (C4), from 137 Columbia to Bogart.

Flatbush av. to Nosirand av. Heights, E. to Fulton. Boerum pl. (05) from 116 Living- Cactus pl. (15), from 2025 Broad Clarkson av. (E 7), from Flatbush ston, S. to Bergen,

way, N. E. to Bushwick av.-one av. to E. 98th. Bogart (F 1), from 995 Flushing block.

Classon av. (E 4), from 702 Kent av., N. to Meadow. Calhoun (F 3), from 328 Morgan

av., S. and S. W. to Washington Bolivar (D 4), from 5 Fleet, E. to av., E. to Stewart av.

av. at President. St. Edwards.

203 190 Myrtle av. Bond (D 5), from 496 Fulton, S. to Calyer (E2), from East River, bet.

555 588 Fulton, Oak and Quay, E. to Sutton. Gowanus Canal. 183 172 Manhattan av.

Clay (E2), from 38 Commercial, 90 Atlantic av.

Cambridge pl. (E_5), from 200 E to Paidge av. 345 354 Carroll.

Clermont av.
Greene av., s. to Fulton.


D1), from 128 Bookman pl. (J 5), from Jamaica

Flushing av., S. to Atlantic av. av., opp. Railroad av., N. to City Canal av, (C 12), from W. 45th to Cleveland (1 3), from Highland line. Sheepshead Bay.

Boulevard n. Warwick, S to JaBowne (C5), from 334 Columbia, Canarsie la. (E 8), from Flatbush maica Bay, N. W. to Conover. av. to Flutlands line.

Cleveland pl. (D 5), from Baltic, Box (E 1), froni 76 Commercial, E. Cauton (D) ), is now St. Edwards. bet Third av. and Nevins, S. to to Oakland.

Carlton av. (B 4), from 86 Flushing Butler one brock. Bradford (1 5), from Jamaica av., av., s. to Flatbush av.

Clifford pl. (E9), from Meserole 421 408 Fulton. bet. Wyona and Miller av., S. to

av., opp. Dobbin, N. to CalyerJamaica Bay.

Carroll (C6), from 59 Hamilton av. one block.
S. E. to East N. Y. av.

Clifton pl. (E 5), from St. James' Bragg (F 11), from Gerritson av. 235 232 Court.

pl., bet. Greene av. avd Lafayette to Sheepshead Bay. 615 628 Fiftlı av.

av., E. to Marcy av. Brant (F 2), from 89 Paidge av., 875 900 Washington av.

Clinton (C4), front 262 Fulton, S. N. E. to Newtown Creek -one 1297 1322 Brooklyn av

W. to Bryant. block.

Carroll Park (C5). bounded by 185 201 Atlantic av. Bremen (F 4), from 621 Bushwick Court, President, Smith and Car 445 458 First pl. av., N. to Flushing av. roll.

577 582 Hamilton av. Brevoort pl.(E 5), from 545 Frank- Catharine (F 3), from 9:27 Grand, Clinton av. (E 4), from 166 Flushlin av., E. to Bedford av.-one N. to Metropolitan av.

ing av., S. to Atlantic av. block.

Catin av. (E 5), from Flatbush

av. 161 164 Myrtle av. Bridge (D 4), from East River bet. to Gravesend av.

495 490 Fulton. Gold and Jay, S. to Fulton, Calon pl. (D 7), from Coney Island Clinton pl. (J 5), from Crescent, 141 140 Sands. av, to Ocean Parkway.

bet, Jamaica av. and Etna, W. 419 416 Fulton.

Cedar (G_4), from 751 Bushwick -halt block. Bridge rd. (D 4), from 226 Sands, av., N. E. to Central av.

Clinton wharf, (B. 5), Atlantic S. Ë. 'o Navy-one block.

Cedar (E 10), from E. 16th, n. Av. dock, from Commercial wbf. to Bridgowater(é),from 329 Meeker M., to Ocean av.

S. pier. av., N. W, to Front, E. D. Cedar pl. (E 6), from Montgomery Clove rd. (F 6), from Nostrand av. Brigham (F 11), from Gerritson to Sullivan.

and old City line to Clarkson av. Sheepshead Bay,

Central av. (F 4), from 944 Flush- | Clymer (E 4), from Wallabout Bristol (1 6), from East New York ing av., S. E. to Evergreen Cem. canal, bet. Taylor and Cross, N av. bet. Hopkinson av, and Ches 191210 Myrtle av.

E, to Lee av. ter, S. to E. 98th. 415 470 Putnam av.

Coffey (B5), from 60 Otsego, N. W. Broadway (E 3), from East River Central pl. (8 5), from 1086 Greene to New York Bay, bet. S. &th and S. Oth, S. E. to av., S. E. to Grove-one block. Coleman (" 10), from Av. P to Mill Fulton.

Centre (C6), from 479 Columbia, Creek. 403 398 Division av.

S. E. to Gowanus Canal.

Colis (05), from 359 Columbia, S. 755 752 Flushing av.

Centre pl. (D 11), from 26th av. to E. to Henry. 919 948 Myrtle av. Bay 44th.

College pl. (C +), from Love la., 1117 1118 DeKalb ay.

Chapel (D 4), from 28 Jay, E. to bet, Hicks and Henry, N. E. 1587 1576 Halsey. Bridge-one block.

half block 1967 1963 Conway.

Charles (D *), from 186 York, S. to Columbia (Co), from 18 Atlantic Brooklyn av. (F5), from 1420 Ful Sands.

av., S. to Gowanus Bay. ton, $. to Flatbush av.

Charles pl. (G 4), from 1215 Myrtle 115 120 Harrison. 55 58 Atlantic av. av., N. half block.

323 314 Hamilton av. 289 286 Parkway,

Charlick (F2), from 54 Front, E. D., 499 476 Bush. Broome (F 2), from 558 Graham N. E. to Newtown Creek-one blk Columbia Heights (C 4), from 20

av., Humboldt-one block. Chauncey (F 5), from 1629 Fulton, Fulton, S. to Pierrepont. Brown (f 10), from Gerritson av.

E. to City line.

Columbia pl. (06), from 36 Jorale. to Sheepshead Bay.

Cheever pl. (C6), from 132 Harri mon, S. to Atlantic av. Bryant (06), from 757 Clinton, S. son, S. W. to Degraw-one block. Columbia wharf (B6), foot of E. to Gowanus Bay.

Cherry (F 2), from 510 Vander Columbia. Buffalo av. (G 5), from 1872 Ful. voort av., E. to Newtown Creek. Columbus pl. G 6), from 926 Her. ton, S. to East N Y. av.

Chester (H 6), from East N. Y. av.. kimer. S. W. to Atlantic av. 297 204 Parkway.

bet. Bristol and Rockaway av., S one block Bullion (F3), from 20 Kingsland chostnut (i 5), from Jamaica av.:


Commerce (C ), from 380 Columav., E. to Newtown Creek.

bia N. W. to Copover. Barnett (F 10), from Fillmore av.

bet, Richmond and Euclid av., Commercial (E 2), from 13 I)upont, to Av. X.

S. to Atlantic ay, and from Lib N. E. to Manhattan av. Burr pl. (F 4), from 18 Noll, S. erty av., S, to Sutter av.

Commercial wf|C5), Atlantic d'k, one-half block - is closed.

Chestnut av. (E. 10), from Coney from India wf., S. to William, Bush (C6), from 105 Dwight, S. E.

Island av. to E. 181h.

Concord (C4), from 215 Fulton, E. to Smith. Christopher av. (H 6), from East

to Nary. Bushwick av. (F3), from 1 Metro New York av, between Stone av. Concord pl. (1) 4), from Concord, politan av., S. and S. E. to Ja and Sackman, S. to Av. D. bet. Prince and Iludson av.-one

Church av. (E 8), from Coney block. 25 264 Johnson av. Island av, to E, 98th.

Condit (J 5), from Railroad av., 677 662 Myrtle av.

Church la. (1) 8), from Coney bet, Jamaica av. and Woud pl., 1019 1050 Gates av. Island av. to Martense la.

E, to Nichols av.--one block. City Park (D 1),bounded by Flush- Conduit av. (J5), from Atlantic Bushwiek pl. (F3),from 239 Mese ing av., Navy, Park av., and St. av, bet. Fountain av, and Euclid role to Boerum. Edwards.

av., S. E. to City line. Butler (C 3), from 201 Court, S.E. Clara, 29th Ward (D 8), from West Coney Island av. (1 3), from con and E. to 5th av. av, to 36th.

tinuation of 15th to Sea Bretoze av.

maica av.

1629 1628 Conway.

BOROUGH OF BROOKLYN STREET AND AVENUE DIRECTORY-Continued. Congress (C6), from E. R., bet. DeKalb av.(D ), from 547 Fulton, Duffield (D 4), from Nassau, bet Amity and Warren, E. to Court. E to City line,

Bridge and Gold, S. to Fulton. Conover (C5), from Hamilton av., 167 168 Cumberland.

Daffield ter. (D4), east side of opp: President, S. W. to New 533 536 Bedford av.

Duffield, bet. Johnson and Tillary York bay, 1125 1116 B'way.

runs half a block. Conselyea (F 3), from 218 Union Delaplaine (B 10), from 86th to 7th Dumont (G7), from E 98th, n. av., E. to Humboldt. av.

Tapscott, E. to City line. Conway (H 6), from 1967 B'way, N. Delavan (C6), from 384 Columbia, Dunham pl. (), from 29 B'way, E. to Evergreen cemetery. N. W. to Van Brunt.

N. E. to s. 6th-one block. Cook (F 4), froin 671 B'way, E. to Velmonico pl. (F_4), from 052 Dupont (E2), from East river, at Bogart.

Flushing av., S. E. to Park av. West, E. to Paidge av. Cooper (H 5), from 1718 B'way, N. Dennet pl. (C6), from Luquer, Dwight (Có), from 382 Columbia, E. to City line.

bet. Court and Smith, S. to Nel S. W. to Elizabeth. Cooper pl. (G 6), from 1060 Herki

son-one block.

Eagle (E2), from East river, bet. mer, S. W. to Atlantic av.-one Deuton av. (H 9), Canarsie.

Dupont and Freeman, E. to block. Denton pl. (D 6), from 528 Car

Paidge av. Cornelia (G 5), from 1485 B'way,

roll, S. W. to First-one block.

East av. (E 4), from Flushing av., N. E. to City line.

N. to Market-two blocks. Coruell's al. (D 4), from 137 Gold, Denyse (B 9), is now 101st.

E. I st (D 11), from Stryker to E. to Green la.-one block. Derussey (B 10), from 86th to 7th Ocean Parkway. Court (C 4), from 340 Fulton, S. to av.

E. 2d (D 7), from Vanderbilt to Gowanus bay.

De Sales pl. (8 5), late Hull (E. D.), Coney Island creek. 187 128 Atlantic av.

from 1893 B'way, N. E. to Ever E. 3d to F. 5th (1) 7), inclusive, 303 304 Degraw. green cemetery.

from Terrace pl. to Ocean Park553 582 Hamilton av.

Devoe (F 3), from 184 Union av., way. Court sq. (D 5), from 342 Fulton, E. to Morgan av.

E. 6th (E 11), from Ocean Park S. to Livingston-one block. Diamond (F 2), from 174 Driggs way to Sea Breeze av. Covert G 6), from 1645 B'way, N. av., N. to Greenpoint av.

E. 7th (D 7), from Fort Hamilton E. to City line.

Diamond av. (

G7), from Remsen av. to Sea Breeze av. Covert av. (G 3), is now Leopold pl. av. to E. 98th.

E. Stl (D 7), from Fort Hamilton Coyle (F 11), from Gerritson av, to Dick (E1), from 81 Commercial, av. to Coney Island av. Sheepshead bay.

N. W. to Newtown creek--one E. 9th (E 8), from Av. B to Av. V. Cozine av. (17), from Louisiana block.

E. 10tb (E9),from Av. G to Av. Q. av., bet. Wortman av. and Fair- Dickinson (F 3), from 308 Morgan E. 111h (E8), from Caton as, to field av., E. to City line. av , E. to Newtown creek.

Coney Island av. and from Av. W Cranberry (C4), froin 79 Columbia Dikeman (B 5), from 38 Otsego, N. to Sea Breeze av. hgts., E. to Fulton.

W. to New York bay.

E. 12th to E, 19th (E 7), inclusive, Creamer (C 6), from 39 Otsego, S. Dinsmore pl. (15), from Norwood from Caton av. to Sea Breeze av. E. to Gowanus canal.

av., bet Atlantic av, and Fulton, E. 21st (E 7), from Flatbush av, to Crescent (J5), from Jamaica av., E. to Logan--one block.

Sea Breeze av. bet. Market and Hemlock, S. to Ditmars (F 4), from 995 B'way, N. E. 22d (E8), from Vernon av. to Jamaica bay.

E. to Myrtle av.-one block. Sheepshead bay. Crooke av. (E 7), from Ocean av. Dit mas av. (G8), from E. 84th to E. 23d (E8), from Vernon av. to to Parade pl. E. 98th,

Sheepshead bay. Cropsey av. (B10), from 7th av. to Division (D 4), is now Leo pl. E. 24th (E8), from Flatbush Stillwell av. Division av.(E 4), from East river,

Sheepshead bay. Cross (E 4), from 556 Kent av., W.

S. of S. Eleventh, E. to B'way.

E. 25th (E8), from Vernon av. to to Wallabout channel-one block. 103 88 Bedford av.

Sheepshead bay. Crown (K 6), from 903 Washington

335 296 B'way.

E. 26th (E 8), from Vernon av, to av., S. E. and E. to East V. Y. av.

Sheepshead bay. Crystal (J 6), from Magenta, bet. Division pl. (F3), from 103 Kings- E. 27th (E8), from Flatbush av. Fountain av, and Conduit av., S. land av., E. to Newtown creek

to Sheepshead bay. to Sutter av.

Dixon pl. (D 4), from 246 York, S. E. 28th and E. 29th (F 8), from Cumberland (D 4), from 66 Flush to Sands--two blocks.

Butler (29th Ward) to Sheepsing av., S. to Atlantic av,

Dobbin (E2), from 111 N. Fifteenth, head bay. Curran sq. (Do), junction of Flat N. to Meserole av.

E. 31st and E. 320 (F 7), from bush av., Ashland pl. and Han- Dock (C4), from East river bet. Church av, to Gerritsen's creek. son pl.

Fulton and Main, S. to Front. E. 33d (F S), from Av. E to GerCypress av. (G 3), from Flushing Dodworth (G 4), from 1095 B'way, ritsen's creek. av., n. Scott av., S. E. to City N. E. to Bushwick av.-one block. E. 31th (F 7), from Winthrop to line.

Dooley (F 12), from Emmons av. Mill creek. Dahlgreen pl. (B 10), from 86th to to Voorhees av.

E. 35th (F 7), from Clarkson to 1041h.

Doscher (J 6), from_Liberty av., Mill creek. Dahlia pl. (1 5), from 2055 B'way, bet. Chestnut and Euclid av., to E. 36th (F9), from Av. N, at FlatN. E. to Bushwick av.-one block. Belmont av.

lands av., to Mill creek. Danforth (J 6),from Crescent, bet. Doughty (C 4), from 15 Furman, E. E. 37th (F 7), from Winthrop to Ridgewood av, and Etna, E. to to Hicks.

Mill creek. Railroad av.-two blocks.

Douglas (c' 5), from 283 Court, S. E. 38th (F 7), from Clarkson to Dean (C6), from 167 Court, E. to E. to E. 98th.

Mill creek. East N. Y. av. 283 278 Third av.

E. 39th (F 7), from Winthrop to 453 456 Flatbush av. 617 610 Washington av.

Av. K. 1345 1346 Brooklyn av. 1429 1448 Utica av.

E. 40th (F 7), from Clarkson to 2:229 2230 Hopkinson av.

Downing (E6), from 2 Quincy, S. Flatlands av. Debe voise (F 4), from 709 B'way, to Fulton.

E. 41st (F9), from Av. K to FlatE, to Bushwick av.

Dresden (1 5), from Jamaica av, at lands av. Debevoise pl. (D 5), from 23 Fleet, Force Tube av., S. to Atlantic E. 42d and E. 430 (F 7), from S. to Dekalb av. av.

Clarkson av. to Av. K. De Bruyns la. (C 11), from 86th to Drew av. (J5), from City line, B. E. 15th and E. 46th (F 7), from Gravesend bay. Liberty av, S. to City line.

Lincoln rd. to Flatbush av, Decatur (F 5), from 495 Tompkins Drigusav. (F2), from Meeker av. E. 481h and E. 49th (6 7), from av., E. to City line.

at Morgan av., S. E. to Division Lincoln rd. to Flatbush av. Degraw (C7), from East river, bet. av.

E. 51st (67), from Remsen av, to Sedgwick and Sackett, s. E. to 163 164 Humboldt.

Flatbush av. East N. Y. av.

309 310 Manhattan av.

E. 52d 10 E. 59th (G 7), inclusive, 283 804 Court. 695 696 Grand.

from Remsen av. to Mill creek. 685 654 Fourth av,

Duck (F2), from 109 Paidge av., N. E. 60th to E. 681h (6 10), inclu1365 1372 Brooklyu av.

E, to Newtown creek-one block. sive, from Ralph av. to Millcreek.

BOROUGH OF BROOKLYN STREET AND AVENUE DIRECTORY-Continued. L 69th to E. 76th (G 9), inclu- | Fair (D 4), from 145 Prince, E. to Pranklin av. (29th Ward, E9), sive. from Ralph av. to and in Fleet pl.-one block.

from Coney Island av. to West cluding Bergen Beach. Fairfax is now Chauncey.

av. E. 77th to E. soth (GS), inclu. Fairfield av. (17), from Louisiana Franklin pl. is now Talman. sive, from Ralph av. to Jamaica av , E. to City line.

Freeman (E2), from East river, bay.

Fanchon pl. (H 6), from Jamaica bet. Eagle and Greene. E. to E. 9ist to E. 96th (G 6), inclu av., opp. Georgia av., N. to Sun Paidge av. sive, from East New York av, to nyside av.-two blocks.

Front (C 4), from 27 Fulton, E. to Jamaica bay.

Fayette (F 4), from 797 B'way, N. Hudson av. E. 981h (G 6), from East New York E. to Beaver-one block.

Front (E. D., F 2), from Norman av, to Jamaica bay.

Fellows pl. (6 6), from 838 Her av, at Bridgewater, N. W. to SutE. 99th to E. 107th (H 7), inclu kimer, S. W. to Atlantic av.--one

ton. sive, from Av. D to Jamaica bay. block.

Frost (F 3), from 284 Union av., E. E. 108th (H 7), from Ay. E, opp. Fennimore (E7), from Ocean av. to Kingsland av. Vesta av., S. to Jamaica bay. to Troy av.

Fulton (C4), from East_river at E. 109th (117), from Av. E, opp. Ferris (B 5), from 201 William, s. Fulton Ferry, S. E. and E. to City Snediker av., s. to Fairfield av. W. to Elizabeth.

East New York av. (G 6), from Ferry pl. (( 5), from 1 Hamilton 185 152 Sands.
Howard av. at Eastern Parkway, av., N. E. to Sackett--one block. 351 340 Myrtle av.
N. E. to Fulton.

Fillmore av. († 10), from Gerrit 619 546 Flatbush av.
273 274 Rockaway av.
son av. to Av. T.

725 644 Lafayette av. 485 492 Atlantic av.

Fillmore pl. (E3), from 196 Driggs 957 908 Washington av. Eastern Parkway (G 6), from E. N.

S. E. to Roebling-one block. 1149 1132 Frank in av Howard City line Fiske pl. (D 6), from 804 Carroll, S. 1293 1278 Nostrand av. Eckford (+ 3), from 101 Newton, W. to Garfield pl.-one block. 1569 1558 Albany av. N. to Greenpoint av.

Flatbush av. (D 6), from 546 Ful- 2057 2152 Rockaway av. Eldert (G ), from 1619 B'way, N. ton, S. to Mill creek.

2641 2642 Pennsylvania av. E. to City line. 151 180 Atlantic av.

2789 2790 Van Siclen av. Eldert's lane (J 6), from Jamaica 345 302 Carlton av.

Fulton pl. (D 5), from 482 Fulton, av., bet. Grant av. and City line, Flatlands av. (F 10). from Av. P, S. W. to Livingston-one block. 8. to Jamaica bay.

n. E. 24th, to Fresh creek, Furman (C 4), from 8 Fulton, S. W. Elizabrth pl.(C4), from 28 Fulton, Fleet (D 5), from 374 Hudson av., to Atlantic av. 8. W. to Doughty-one blo k. S. W. to DeKalb av.

Furman av. (H 5), from 1841 B'way, Ellery (E4), from 55 Nostrand av., Pleet's al. (D 4), from 49 York, N.- N. E. to Evergreen cem. E. to Beaver. halt block.

Furnell (

G7), from Schenectady Elliott pl. (See S. Elliott pl., also Fleet pl. (D 4), from 208 Tillary, S. av, to Utica av. N. Elliott pl.) to Fleet.

Gallatin pl. (D 6), from 406 Fulton, Elm is now Hart.

Flint (D 4), from Water, bet. Main S. to Livingston--one block. Elm av. (E 10), from Coney Island and Washington, S. to Prospect. Garden (F4), from 849 Flushing av. to E. 18th.

Flood's al. (D 4), from 24 Johnson, av., S. E. to Bushwick av.-one Elm pl. (D 5), from 472 Fulton, S.

S. to Myrtle av.--one block, block. W. to Livingston-one block. Florence (F 3), from 846 Grand, S. Garden pl. (C 4), from 92 JoraleElton (1 5), from Jamaica av., bet. to Manjer.

mon, S. W. to State-one block. Cleveland and Linwood, s. to Floyd (E 4), from 97 Nostrand av., Gariner av. (G 3), from Flushing Jamaica bay. E to B'way.

av.,, opp. Wyckoff av., N. to Emerald (J 6), from Dumont av., Flushing av. (D 4), Navy, at term Meeker av.

at City line, S. to City line. ination of Nassau, E. to City line. Garfield pl. (D 6), from 261 4th av., Emerson pl. (E 4), late Schenck, 146 Vanderbilt av.

S. E. to Prospect Park West. from 308 Flusbing av., S. to La 337 328 Classon av.

Garnet (C6), *from 311 Hamilton fayette av. 767 766 B'way.

av., E. to Smith. Emery (F2), from 253 Paidge av., Folsom pl. (1°6), from Linwood, Garrison (C 4), from 44 Front, s. to Newtown creek-one block. bet. Atlantic av. and Fulton, E. to York. Emmett (C5), from 48 Atlantic av., to Essex-one block.

Gates av. (E 5), from 875 Fulton, 8. to Amity.

Forbellav. (J ), from Glen at City E. to City line. Emmons av. (E. 12), from E. 15th line, S. to City line.

107 96 St. James pl. to Knapp.

Force's pl. (D Å), from Snell's al., 321 310 Bedford av. Engert av. (formerly Van Pelt av., bes. Nassau and High, W. to 1073 1072 Broadway. (F 3), from Driggs av., bet. N. Mumby's al.--one block. Gatling pl. (B 10), from 86th to

14th and N. 15th, E. to Meeker av. Force Tube av. (1 5), from junc. 92d. Erasmus (E 7), from Flatbush av. Richmond, bet. Fulton and At Gelston (B 10), from 86th to 94th. to Nostrand av.

lantic av., N. W. to Highland Gem (E9), from 37 N. Fifteenth, N. Erie Basin (E 6), foot of Otsego, Boulevard.

to Meserole av.-one block. Dwight, Richards and Van Brunt. Ford (31st Ward, F 11), from Ger- George (G 4),from 87 Evergreen av., Essex (1 5), from Jamaica av.,

bet. ritsoa av. to Sheepshead bay. N. E. to Flushing av. Linwood and Shepherd av., S. to Ford (29th Ward, G 6), from Car- Georgia av. (H 6), from Jamaica Jamaica bay. roll to East New York av.

av., bet. Alabama av. and ShefEtna (1 5), from Dresden, bet. Forrest (F *), from 501 Bushwick field av., S. to Jamaica bay. Ridgewood av. and Jamaica av., av., E. and N. E to Flushing av. 261 262 Belmont av. E. Lo City line.

Fort Greene pl. (D 5), from 125 Gerritson av. (F 10), from NosEnelid av. (J 5), late Market, from De Kalb av., s. to Atlantic av. trand av., at Av. Q, to City line. Jamaica av., bet. Chestnut and Fort Hamilton av., from Flatbush Gerry (F 4), from 459 Marcy av., Crescent, S. to Jamaica bay. av., opp. Robinson, to Narrows. N. E. to Broadway. Erans (D 4), from 59 Hudson av., Foster av. (A9),

from Coney Island Gillen pl. (H 6), from Jamaica av., E. to the Navy Yard. av, to Gravesend av.

bet. Broadway and Fanchon pl., Eve (E 1), from 101 Commercial, Fountain av (I 6), from Atlantic N. to Bushwick av.--one block. N. W. to Newtown creek.

av., bet. Logan and Conduit av. Glen (J 6), from Atlantic av., juncEvergreen av. (F4), from 216 Cook, S. to Jamaica bay.

tion Conduit av., E. to City S. E. to Evergreen cemetery. Franklin (E 2), from Bushwick line. 183 222 Myrtle av,

creek, near Meserole av., N. to Glenada pl. (F 5), from 122 De423 478 Gates av. Commercial.

catur, s. to Fulton. 805 660 Halsey st. 111 142 Greenpoint av.

Glenmore av. (H 6), from Rock789 814 Evergreep Cemetery. 225 256 Eagle.

away av., bet. East New York Evergreen pl. 15), from New Jer: Franklin av. (E 4), from 106 Walla av, and Eastern Parkway, E. to sey av. bet. Jamaica av, and bout, S. and S. W. to Malbone. City line. Sunnyside av., W.-half block. 147 146 Myrtle av.

121 122 Christopher av. Ewen (F 4), is now Manhattan 511 512 Fulton.

817 818 Alabama av. BV. 711 712 Park pl.

583 534 Van Siclen av.

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