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A RECORD OF EVENTS, 1899-April-Continued. H. Poni was shot by John Petersen, dies of her,Turk, at the Metropolitan Opera House, breaks wound in the Seney Hospital.-New York Ci:y's up in a disgraceful free fight. debt said Do be $30,000,000 in excess of the limit.- Albert Carrington shot dead in his home on

May. Lawrence street by one of his two boarders, Wm. Burns and Charles Hi, and Mrs. Carrington Camp Biack, Hempstead, who got drunk, robbed

3. Diegraceful conduct of certain militia men at also shot

hen roosts and insulted women. 4. Frederick Mline, ex-inspector of Water Pur

4. Charter day.-Senior Brigadier-General James veyor's Bureau, Brooklyn City Works Departmen:, Invicted on charges of conspiracy, brübery, p.eads in recommending brigadiers for command of New

McLeer ignored by Adjutant-General Tilinghaet guilty of misdemeanor. 5. Edward G. Ward elected Superintendent of

York troops. - Jubilee of Archbishop Corrigan.

5. Wheat at $1.50 in New York.-Lillian Ruese il Public Schools for Brooklyn and Queens.

obtains decree of divorce from her third husband. 6. Frederick Milne, inspector in former Brook

6. Arbor day.--Colonel Wm. L. Watson and the lyn City Works Department, sentenced to six

non volunteering members of the Thirteenth Regi. months' imprisonment and to pay a fine of $500.

ment ordered home from Camp Black.-Wheat 9. Residence of Lawyer Max Klein, 950 St.

reaches $1.75.-Philip Berliner, the wealthy WashMarks av., valued a: $30,000, gutted by fire.

ington avenue dry goods merchant, commits suiFierce early morning fire in a lumber yard at cide.-Commissioners of Accounus report a waste of Mokibbin and Lorimer sts. destroys $10,000 worth $536,566 in reindexing records, etc., in Register's of property.--Mayor Van Wyck stops public works and County Clerk's ofices of Brooklyn. involving bond issues.

7. Burglars visit five houses on Bedford av. early 10. Easter Sunday.

in the morning and rob three of them; Dr. Dari11. Vew York Board of Education grants an

ington's escapes. additional million for Brooklyn schoois; over

8. Rev. Dr. Sylvester Malone celebrates his moth $10,000,000 for the city.

brithday.-Gov. Black promu'gates order disband12. Mrs. Catherine Miller of 376 Tompkins av.,

ing the Thirteenth Regiment, V. G., S. X. Y., and Brookiyn, burned to death by her cloches catch excites much Indignation throughout Brooklyn. ing fire.

9. Whea: sells in New York at $1.90 --News3. Comptroller Coler withholds contracts pending boys boycott the Morning Journa.-Chas H. Haveforthcoming statement of city's indebtedness.

meyer shoats himself. --$200.000 voted toward Jefferson's birthday celebratei by the Bedford

tinuing the work on the new East River Bri ige. Democratic Club.

12. John Smith, prisoner, drowned in attempt 14. Mayor Van Wyck vetoes the Grout bill pro to escape from Rundari's Island. Charles F. Suividing that repaving in Brooklyn, Queens and ton murderously assaulted eariy in the morning Richmond shall be a charge on the city at large. at the door of his shop, 752 Gates av., by two

15. Giovanni Lombardo murdered by Luigi men.-Cash payments on account of city conMutarelli while being shaved by the latter in his tracts resumed. barber shop at 313 Van Brunt st. -Police Capt. 13. Five story bunding in course of construcKitzer resigns.-Frank B. Kellar and James Ford

tion at 20 and 22 East 116:h st., Manhattan, colarrested on charge of stealing $15,000 worth of lapses, killing twenty-three persons -Supreme

Counoil of the Catholic Benevolent Legion in eesworks of art from Goupil & Co.-Rev. Fred K. Bruce Russell, president of Law and Order Society, sion at 44 Court st., Brooklyn, p.edge their loy. arrested in Bangor, Pa., on charge of libel.

alty to the U. S. Government.-Four companies 16. Papers in the action of Baird and others, s. service at Camp Black, Hempstead

of the old Fourteenth Regiment mustered into U. former commissioners of the new East- River

14. The Brookyn Daily Eagle Information Burbridge, to oust their successors, served on all de

eau designated an agency for the sale of the fendants.--Dinner to Richard Croker at the Man

United States Government 3 per cent. bonds.hattan.

Seventy-first Regiment, N. G., S. N. Y., leaves 17. Torpedo boat destroyers Eagle and Hornet oamp for Tampa, Fla. start from Brooklyn Navy Yard for Southern 15. Collapse of the pier at foot of South Third waters.- Reception to John Daly, the Irish political st. caused by the weight of 10,000 bags of sugar; prisoner, by the Clan-na-Gael in the Park Theatre. toss estima:ed at over $10,000.

18 Torpedo boat destroyer Hawk starts from 16. The Thirteenth Regiment mustered out at Brooklyn Navy Yard for the South.

the armory on Sumner av.--Reception Rev. 19. William Hepburn, alias “Colonel Webster,"

Dr. and Mrs Lyman Abbott in Plymouth Church arraigned and he.d on charge of bribing jurors.

lecture room.

17. Representa:Ives of the Women's Clubs of 20. Early morning fire destroys the Ravenswood

Long Island meet at Garden City -Plisbury ani art glass works in Long Island City; loss $10.000.

Showalter sail for Europe
Freik. G. Isles testifies before the grand jury in great International Chess contest

O take part in the

at Vienna.the city works corruption cases.

Josiah J. White, who escaped from Raymond 21. Diward Bender fatally shoots Richard Ben- | S:reet Jail, is rearrested by Sheriff Creamer nett and wounds Policeman Daniel Driscoll and Stamford, Conn., and taken back.-Cataido LaferHenry Dager.

ado shot dead by hie brother-in-law, Angelo La22. Explosion at Bostwick, Harrison & Co.'s ferado, at 389 Bushwick av., Brooklyn. chemical works on Marion st., Brooklyn; two boys 18. Deputy Commissioner Walton, for the city, injured and much property destroyed.

takes possession of the armory on Sumner av., 23. Richard Croker saiis for Europe.-Chauncey vacated by the disbanded Thirteenth Regimen:. M. Depew in his speech a: the Montauk in celebra 19. Ferrjtboat Dakota of Brooklyn and

New tion of his birthday praises the firmness of Cieve- | York Ferry Co. co.ides with a rallroad float in land and McKinley.--Alleged smuggled jewelry the East River; ferryboat damaged about $30,000. seized on board steamer Aquileja from Palermo. 20. Dr. Harlow D. Woodruff of 960 Gates av, ar

24. Alleged Spanish spy arrested at Fort Hamil rested on complain: of his wife, charging him with ton.--A burglar ransacks fifteen offices in the abandonment. Mechanics' Bank building, Brooklyn.

21. Mayor Van Wyck removes Police Commis25. Mr. J. S. T. Stranahan's 90th birthday. sioners Phillips and Hamilton and Chief of Po

27. The long protracted suit of Father Francis lice McCullagh.-Mrs. Mary Frazer, in escaping Dent against Archblehop Corrigan is dismissed by a fire at 116 Duffield st., falls three stories and is Justice Keogh in Supreme Court, with consent of killed. the litants.

23. Semi-centennial of St. Peter's P. E. Church 28. Comptroller Coler transmits to Mayor Van on State st.-Hebrew Congregation Aha with Wyck his long expected report showing that ine Achim, on Johnson av., celebrates its 25th annicity is $50,193,246 in excess of the debt limit.

versary. 29. Seventy-first Regiment, N. G., S. N. Y., the 24. Protestant Episcopal Diocesan convention at first to march to the camp at Hempstead on call Garden City. for troops.-Regular Army commences recruiting. 26. Robert W. Fielding, ex-Deputy City Works --Brookiyn Maennerchor dissolved after an exisi Commissioner, sentenced to two years and six erce of 22 yeare.

months in Sing Sing and to pay a fine of $2,71 for 30. John Y. McKane discharged from Sing Sing fraud and bribery.--Reception to Minister Stewprison, after cerving four years and two mon: hs. art L. Woodford at the Academy of Music. Frederick Dent Grant receives his commision as 27. Lowering skies prevent a general parade of colonel of the Fourteenth Regimer.t.-The wrestling the Brooklyn Sunday schools; exercises in the match between Roeber and Yousoff, the “Terrible schools.


A RECORD OF EVENTS, 1893– Ma.,-Continued. 28. Handicap day at Gravesend race track.-, for their new club house at Ewen and Meserole Religious services refused by Father Donohue over sts.-Fierce tropical simoon sweeps over Manhatthe remains of Peter Llaves of 167 Bridge st., a tan and Lorg leland from the West, tearing up Catholic, because he belonged to the Order of trees and unroofing houses. Odd Fellows.

27. A $10,000 fire breaks out in the dry goods 29. Burning out of the Municipal Electric Light store of Joseph Moore, Third av. and Forty-third Co.'s power house on Ainslie st, early in the st., Brooklyn.-John 0. Petersen, the murderer of evening leaves several Eastern District streets in Laura M. Fauikner, of 303 Schermerhorn t., cendarkness for the night.

tenced by County Judge Hurd to imprisonment for 30. Decoration day; thousands cheer the heroes life. --Brooklyn Presbytery discusses methods of of 1861, etc.

disposing of the Shepard ues:. 31. The speculators in compliance with order of 28. Crescent Athletic Club's annual rowing races Comptroller Coler vacates the Wallabout Market.- at the Narrows.-Canarsie and Be gen Beach Ferry Aldermen disobey the mandate of Supreme Court Co, serves injunction on the Bergen Beach Ferry requiring them to recognize the election of Alder-Co., restraining the latter from landing at the man Howard P. Okie.

new dock.

30. Three million war tax etamps sold in BrookJune.

lyn on thie date.--Three hundred and ten em1. Grand parade of the consolidated police, over ployes of the East River Bridge diecharged. four thousand strong, in Manhattan.

July. 3. Thirty-nine Spaniards, prleoners of war, arrive by the Clyde line steamer Seminole, at Pier 1. Mayor Van Wyck's power of removal terNo. 29, East River, being crew and passengers of minates. the Spanish steamship Rita.

3 Great nine days' feetival of the National 4. Horse Tahama killed


steeplechase at Sharpshooters' Association at Glendale Park comGravesend.-Parade of the Brooklyn Whip Club.- mences. Small boat containing seven is capsized by a 4. Church of St. John the Evangelist at Centre squall on Proepect Park Lake and George Guen- | Moriches dedicated by Bishop McDonneli. ther, a boy, is drowned.

5. Early morning fire at Brady's Hotel, Long 5. Inwood, L. I., People's Church burned down, Island City. suppoeed by an incendiary.

6. Long Island Water Supply Co. moves for an 6. Edward Eastment, ex-cashier of accountants' abandonment of the condemnation proceedings bureau, City Works Department, under fresh in-brought by the City of Brooklyn for acquiring dictmente, is required to furnish additional bond their plani. of $2,500.

7. First New York Regiment starts for Ma7. Rights of trolley companies on the East River nila on the longest journey ever made by troops Bridge under existing contracts contirmed by the under arms. --Corner-stone of synagogue of Congre. Court of Appeals.

gation B'nai Jacob laid. 8. Board of Estimate makes an appropriation of 8. The letter written by Judge Gaynor to Mayor $7,000 for Brooklyn ambulance service.-Adelphi Wurster on June 21, in relation to the failure to College confers its first degrees on six young acquire the Lorg Island Water Supply at the women.

commissioners' appraisal made public for the first 9. Grand parade of the Brooklyn Eaetern Dis- time. -Commissioner Shea reduces his detrict Sunday schools, twenty thousand children in mand of 15 cents per car to 10 cents per car, line.-Mayor Van Wyck makes a cavage and in- bridge toll, for the elevated roads.-Mre. Martha discriminating attack on Brooklyn.-Young Peo- | Place found guilty of murder in the first degree, ple's Union of Brooklyn hold their 21st annual in the killing of her step daughter. Ida Ploce. business and social eession at Greene Av. Baptist 9. Brooklyn Eagle rowing trophy won by the Church.

Ravenswood Boat Club in the 13r. h annual regatta 10. Barney Morris, a Prospect Park laborer, still of the Long Island Association at North Beach. healthy and active, celebrates his 106th birthday. 10. Thanksgiving services in the churches for

11. Children's day.--Elisha West, an aged and victories in our war with Spain. well known Brooklyn, E. D., recident, fatally in

William Hayes of Newark, N. J., crowned jured by being run over on upper Fulton street king of the National Sharpshooters at the ciose by a horse and wagon,

of the 9 da ys' festival at Gendale. 12. Fifteenth annual festival of the Plattdeutsch 12. Order issued from War Department for reVolksfest Vereen at Ridgewood Park.

moval of mines from the harbors of the United 13. Hon. Jacob Worth declares to an Eagle cor States.-Weather Forecaster Dunn superseded by respondent at Saratoga that he is out of politics. Eben H. Emery.

14. Flag day observed in all the schools, etc.- 14. Appellate Division of Supreme Court affirms The last four companies of the Forty-seventh judgment for the plaintiff in the long standing Regiment leave Camp Black for Rhode Island.- suit of Walter R. Smith against the old City of Another workman, Michael McCue, killed at the Brookiyn for diverting water from his pond at new East River ridge b fall of a piece of cast- Freeport. ing from a derrick.

15. Secretary Alger orders torpedoes and mines 1. Large amount of spurious silver dollars, half to be removed from the rivers and harbors. dollars, quarter dollars and dimes received at the 16. Tom Linton wing in bicycie race agains: Treasury Department, Washington, from the Jimmy Michael, the Welsh wheelman. Brooklyn trolley car lines of Brooklyn.-Sallie, the 17. New Rockaway Beach route by Brookiya bear, breaks loose in Prospect Park and leads the Elevated Railroad cpens. policemen a long chase.

19. Preliminary test of the pneumatic mail tubes 17. Antonio Tomberello, Italian, killed by the between Brooklyn and Manhattan.-Aidernen pass caving in of a vault at 21 Spring st., Manhattan. resolution authorizing the $23,000,000 bond issue Huntington, L. I., greets the advent of the trolley by a vote of 47 agains: 9 Brooklyn men. car with a celebration.

20. Early morning fire in the Chelsea Jute Works 18. Police Capt. Dunn issues an order for the on Manhattan av., Greenpoint, destroys $50.000 suppression of games of chance men and fakirs worth of property. ---Only one prisoner untried in generally, on Coney Island.-Tilo wins the Suburb Raymond Street Jall at the chose of the County an Handicap of 1898, at Gravesend.

Cour: ti'li September. 20. The new seaside home for mothers and chil 21 Fire in the Sational Lead Company's Builddren opened at Coney Island.-Rear end collision Ing on John st., Brooklyn, destroys $95.000_worth on the Brooklyn Heights Bergen Beach road at of property: heroic conduct of Fireman Farrell night; five persons hurt.

saves the ves of several of the men. 21. Reception to 0. S. Straus, minister to Con 22. Henry Kine, a Prospect Siope biquor dealer, stantinople, by the National Civic Club.

fined $10 by Magistrate Lemon in the Butler stree: 23. Monument of late Past Grand Regent Justin court for profane swearing under the new law. F. Price of the Roval Arcanum unvailed in Green 23. Italian boy, Michael Decarto, kiile i by trolley wood Cemetery.-Fire at 23 Wallabout market car on Borden st., near East av.-Ex-Fire Marshal causes damage to the extent of $10.000 to property | Brymer on appeal wins his suit for reinebatement. chiefly of Horstman & Bruno.-William Thorn, -John Y. McKane sells the last of his Sheepshead murderer of Guidensuppe, sentenced by court of Bay holdings.--Nine millions of dollars worth of appeals to die in August.

gold carted from clearing house to the sub24. Corner stone laid of the new Caledonian Hall treasury of New York. - Hospitai ship Relief aron Eighth av., near Fifty-fourth st., Manhattan. rives from Siboney with 500 sick and woundei. 25. Ground broken by the Deutsche Liederkranz 21. Cardinal James M. Gibbons 'of Baltimore

A RECORD OF EVENTS, 1899-July-Continued. Md., arrives in Brooklyn on visit to Mgr. James | compelled to get new clothing uniform with that Duffy of St. Agnes Church.-Submarine mines ex worn by Manhattan men. -Comptroller Coler served ploded experimentally in Long Island Sound near with an order to show cause why he should not Willets Point by the Engineer Corps.

award bonds to the Vermilye syndicate.-The 26. Mayor Van Wyck signs the resolution of the transport Grand Duchess arrives at Montauk Municipal Assembly for the issue of bonds to the Point with two cases of yellow fever.-Miss E. amount of $23,000,000 for city improvements.

C. Reynolds mysteriously murdered in the Grand 28. Brookiyn Ferry Company files its certificate Hotel, Thirty-first st., Manhattan, during the of incorporation. Humidity reaches 100.-Eleven night. officers of the National Guard, mostly of Twenty 16. Early morning fire destroys the Wiardi Chemthird Regiment, forces out by wwjutant General ical Works, 259-273 Greene st., Greenpoint.-Acting Tiilinghast.

Mayor Guggenheimer's anti-swearing resolution 29. Funeral at St. Mark's Church, Second av., killed by the Board of Aldermen. Manhattan, of Hamilton Fish, jr., sergeant of 17. Dentist Samuel J. Kennedy arraigned on Rough Riders, who was killed in the battle of charge of murdering Emeline C. Reynolds in the Santiago de Cuba, George F. Allen, an ex-convict, Grand Hotel, Manhattan. repulsed by Mrs, Ida Lunger of 502 Gates av., 18. Order issued for the arrest of ex-Judge will. shoots her dead and then kills himself.-During a iam Fullerton of Newburg, N. J., on behalf of jam of trolley cars on the East River bridge about Mrs. Agatha Allen of Plainfield, N. J., charging 6 P. M. one of the steel stays of the main truss him with retaining money intrusted to him for of the bridge buckled with a loud sound, which investment. produced consternation among the car passengers,

20. The naval parade; grand ovation to the war who believed the structure was about to fali." ships of Sampson and Schley in New York Har

30. John L. Ryder, ex-supervisor of Flatlanıris, bor and up the Hudson. one of Kings County's most exemplary public men, 21. United English Singing Societies hold their dies. He had been continued in his office of super-annual festival at Glendale Schuetzen Park. visor by the votes of all parties for 30 consecutive

23. The Canadian colt Martimas wins the Futuyears.

rity of 1898 on the Sheepshead Bay course.

24. B. H. Howell, winner of the diamond sculls

and amateur championship oarsman of England, August.

arrives on the Teutonic.

25. Yellow fever signals reported from the Yale 1. Hempstead obtains injunction to cut off 50,000,

at Montauk Point. 000 gullons from Brookiyn's water supply in con

26. Comptroller Coler wins again in bond fight.sequence of Mayor Van Wyck's refusal to pay the

Pugilist Alexander Scott dies in the Norwegian town for dreiging out five sources of supply.Martin Thorn, murderer of Wm. Guldensuppe, ex

Hospital as the resul: of his fight in the Green

wood Athletic Club with Thomas Buter. ecuted at Sing Sing.-Formal opening and of

27. ficial test of the pneumatic nail tubes of the New

Rev. Christopher S. Williams of Fenimore York Mail and Newspaper Transportation Com

M. E. Church arrested on charges of threatening pany between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Wm. E. Raynor, a house painter, with a pistol 2. Rockaway Beach's new police station (Seven

28. Corner-sione of the R. C. Church of St. Fran

cis of Asiei, laid at Flatbush.. ty-ninth) opened.-Corner stone of Church of Gooi

29. Seventy-first regiment enthusiastically greetShepherd on MaDonough st. laid. 3. Furty Greek flower merchants have an early

ed by the people on its return from Camp Wikoff morning fight on Broadway, Manhattan.-Illicit

to Manhattan.-Admiral Sampson visits the Brookstill raidai at 229 Wallabout, Brooklyn, in con

lyn Navy Yard. junction with a yeast factory at 318 Henry st.,

30. Mr. J. S. T. Stranahan, aged 90. stricken Manhattan.-Blockade on the East River bridge sick and convallescen: so diers from Montauk Point

with apoplexy at Saratoga and dying. -Over 100 causel by a broken motor.

received alt 4. OW West End R. R. car shops on New Utrechttempt of David Kirkwood to kill Dentist Theo

St. John's Hospitai.- Desperate atay. ani Seventy-nirth st. burned down. --Sharks dore R. Augsburg at Bath Beach. shot off Bergen Berach.-The three daughters or Druggist Otto Frohwein of Manhattan drowned by Military

31. Admiral Sohley and General Gordon of the

Mission stail on upsetting of a boat in Prince's Bay, off Richmond

the Seneca from the Valley, S. I.

Brookyn Navy Yard for Porto Rico. 6. Old Union Fire Company No. 1 of Gravesend sells ail its property.-John Kynaston, third officer

September. of the White Star Line steamer Britannic, held by Justice McCormick of Jersey City on charge of

2. Eagle outing party off for Duluth by special stealing government bonds valued at $21,600.

train from Jersey City.--Several aleged counter8. Controller Coler opens bids for the first bonds Reiters arrested in Manhattan.-Several deaths in to be sold bry the city since consolidation; high

Brooklyn caused by extreme heat of weather. prices offered for the issue of $12,688,992. 36.-Com

Hon. James S. T. Stranahan dies at 12:16 P. M. at misisoner of Charities deals out the city's annual his Saratoga cottage, aged 90 years. -Brooklyn allowance of $50 a piece to the blind, paying them

Eagle Outing party reaches Cleve.and, 0. in gol.

5. Labor Day.--Early morning fire in the Frank9. Knee pants makers to the number of 1,500 golin Trust Company's building, Montague and Cinon strike in Manhattan and Brownsville.-An-ton sts. nual meeting of the New York State Hotel As 6. Eagle Outing party in Duluth.-Porto Rican sociation held

at at Manhattan Beach.-Brooklyn troops arrive New York on the Chester.Base Ball team home from their disastrous West- Justice Pryor decides against Comptroller Coler in ern trip.

the suit of the Westchester Water Co. to recover 11. Troop C and a detachment of Troop B, Rough judgment against the city for $4,000.-Knights of Riders, on their return from Santiago, land with Labor call on Mayor Van Wyck in the interest their horses at Bay Ridge. - Policeman H. 0. Haw- of shorter hours for alleged overworked raiiroad ley of Manhattan shoots his wife and children, employes. killing two of the latter, and then kills himself. 7. Funeral of Hon. James S. T. S:ranahan.

12. Memorial requiem mass celebrated by Father Battleship Oregon safely dry docked in BrookVan Rensselaer in St. Francis Xavier's Church, lyn Navy Yard for repairs. West Sixteenth st., Manhattan, for the repose of 8. Admiral Cervera in New York. the soul of the late Spanish Premier, Antonio 9. Comptroller Coler wins fight over his award of Canovas del Castillo.- Notice of will suits against nearly $13,000,000 of city improvement bonds to the the possessors of the 4. T. Stewart estate filed Produce Exchange Trust Co. Syndicate.-Eagle in the Supreme Court, Brooklyn.

outing party at Duluth. 13. Early morning fire in the "West End" a part 10. Grand welcome and reception of Troop C in ment house, Pineapple and Hicks sts., causes dam- Brooklyn on their return from the war.--Eagle age to extent of $13,000.---Cornerstone of the new tourists home from Duluth.-Hall Caine, the nov. Liederkranz Hall on Ewen st. laid.

elist, arrives. 14. Vinth annual Bavarian Volksfest opens at 12. Smith's box factory in Greenpoint burned Wessel's Ridgewood Park.

down.--Oil tank on premises of Brooklyn Union 15. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, General Wheel. Gas Co. explodes and fires building. er and all the Rough Riders and Third Cavalry 13. New York State Street Railway Association troops land at Montauk Point, from the Miami.- holds its sixteenth annual sersion at Manhattan Brooklyn police undergo inspection, dressed in Beach. their heavy winter clothes, preparatory to being 14. Benj. D. Silliman, the lawyer, celebrates



A RECORD OF EVENTS, 1898 - September-Continued. his 93d birthday at his Islip summer residence. 12. Discovery day dinner of the Knights o The police get their long looked for back pay. Columbus at Hotel St. George.-Amaranth Society

15. Brooklyn Internal Revenue Office robbed of dinner at the Montauk Club. 12,000 war stamps.-Thos. F. Farrell appointed 14. Jury in the case of Martin O'Donnell, Deputy County Treasurer.-Dinner by the Eagle employe, against the American Sugar Refining staff to Anthony Fiala on his return from the Co., in the Kings County Supreme Court, award Porto Rican campaign.

the plaintiff $25,000 damages for loss of his right 16. Fourteenth Regiment back from camp.

arm, due to negligence of company as to maBrooklyn gives an enthusiastic welcome to the chinery. Fourteenth Regiment on its arrival home from

15. Eagle Cup won by the Kings County WheelCamp Anniston.-Atlantic Conference of German

men in the third annual team road race of the Baptist ministers formally organized in First Associated Cycling Clubs of Long Island.

16. Cornerstone of St. Jerome's R. C. Church, German Baptist Church, Wallabout street, Brooklyn.---Total registration of Brooklyn Public Schools, Manhattan, laid by Bishop Farley.-Seventy of 144,000; that is 4,000 more than was estimated.

the Brooklyn cruiser's crew present relic of

Santiago to and are entertained by the Letter *7. The Gran Antilla, Spanish merchant steamer,

Carriers' Association, at Saengerbund Hall. the first since the declaration of war, arrives from Havana.-Antietam celebration by Brooklyn about 900 back from the war, answer roll call at

17. Fourteenth Regiment men, to ine number of War Veterans and Veterans' Sons in Prospect their armory at 'Eighth av. and Fourteenth st., Park. 20. Andrea Cassagne, a city street cleaner, found J. W. Philip by the

Brooklyn.--Enthusiastic reception of Commodore

Brooklyn about 12.10 A. M. in his bed in the tenement, 253 Union in Hanson Pl. M. E. Church.

Sunday School N. 3d st., having been strangled to death and

18. Comptroller Coler certifies Brooklyn Street attempt having been made

strangle his

contracts where they were let under the old adwife also, the murderer leaving


Three incendiary fires discovered at 12.32 A. M. in
the four story brick building, 425 and 427 Gates

19. Celebration in the Brooklyn public schools avenue,

in honor of the memory of General Lafayette. 21. Justice Hirschberg dismisses the demurrer Trade of land containing 100 acres on Coney Isof ex-Commissioner wiilis to his indictment for and avenue sold to a Boston syndicate for $200,000. bribery.

20. The office of bell ringer in the Fire De23. Explosion of grain elevator at Blissville, L partment of Brooklyn abolished by Fire CommisI., kills two men.

sioner Scannell.-David B. Hill in a speech at 26. Receiver appointed for the New England the Brooklyn Academy of Music advisee lawful Loan and Trust Co. at 30 Broad st., Manhattan.

voters to "slap in the head and knock down any 27. Gen. McLeer issues orders for the reception

one who interferes with them." and parade of Brooklyn's representatives in the 22. Terrific explosion in the Poytechnic Instiwar with Spain.

tute chemical lecture room caused by liquified air 28. Kings County Women's Christian Temper. in contact with red phosphorus; Professor Fay ance Union hold their fifteenth annual convention painfully injured.-A six pounder shell which was in lecture room of Baptist Temple, 3d av. and taken from the Santiago bat:ery which fired on Schermerhorn st.

Hobson and the Merrimac presented to the Brook29. Presentation of medals in the Twenty-third lyn Eagle by the sailors of the cruiser Brooklyn. Regiment Armory to the men and of a sword of 23. The new R. C. Church of St. Francis of Ashonor to Capt. Cook of the cruiser “Brooklyn" by sisi, Fatbush, formerly dedicated by Bishop MCGen. Woodford and Dr. St. Clair MoKelway on Donnell behalf of citizens of Brooklyn.

24. German-American stores foot of Coffey street,

Brooklyn, burned down; loss estimated at $500,000 October 25. Edward F. Know ton, a prominent

and 1. Parade of returned Brook yn soldiers; thou

wealthy Brooklyn man, commits suicide at West sands of citizens turn out to welcome them.

Upton, Mase, by shooting, whiie demented.

26. Middle Universalist conference opens in the Major-General Fitzhugh Lee arrives in Vew York from Jacksonville, Fla.-Body of Daniel O. Es

Church of the Divine Paternity. baugh, the missing president of the Vew England

29. Brooklyn Heights Railroad Company inLoan and Trust Co., found in che Vorth River. dicted for alleged viceation of the ten hour labor 2. Immense attendance in Washington Avenue

law.--Ex-Street Cleaning Commissioner Waring, Baptist Church on the occasion of the memorial

returned from Havana, dies of yellow fever at his service of George Ellis, chief yeoman of the

home in Manhattan, and is cremated on Swinburne Island by his

own cruiser Brooklyn, the only American killed in the Heights Railroad system squares itself on score of

request.--Brooklyn naval battle a: Santiago.

tax indebtedness to date. 3. The Forty-seventh Regiment ordered to Porto Rico for garrison duty.--Founder's day at Pratt

30. Throop Av. Presbyterian Church opens a week Institute celebrated,

of celebration, including silver jubilee of pastor, 4. Tradesmen's National Bank, Manhattan, sus

Rev. Dr. Lewis Ray Foote.- New York Av. M. E. pends.

Church opens a week of celebration on the oc. 5. Mayor Van Wyck exhibits a threatening let

casion of its 25th anniversary.-R. C. Church of ter purporting to have been received by him

St. Thomas Aquinas dispenses with pew rents. from ex-Public Works Commissioner Charles H. 31. City budget for 1899 made public, calling for T. Collis, and talks of the "rottenness" of pub- | $93,520,082.03: departmental estimates having been lic works department under Mayor Strong's ad- cut down $19,020,185.02. --The Degraw- Attrill litigan ministration.-Water main extensions authorized tion, involving title to lands at Rockaway valued by the Board of Estimate in fifty Brooklyn streets. at $1,000,000, settled after nearly 90 years' dura6. General Collis pronounces the threatening

tion, in favor of representatives of original claim. letter alleged to have been sent by him to Mayor

ants. Van Wyck a forgery.--Banquet by the Bushwick

November, dub to Lieutenant Henry Claus of Troop C on his return irom the war.

1. Doscher's sugar refinery in Long Island City 7. Deputy Commissioner Walton makes demand starts at its full capacity to turn out 4,000 barrels on the Board of Estimate for an adequate appro- a day.-State Federation of Women's Clubs hold priation for lighting Brooklyn's streets.-Death of convention in Manhattan.-Sudden death of Rev. ex-Mayor A. Oakey Hall.

Bernard McHugh, pastor of St. John the Evan8. Heavy log on the East River, but several ves-gelist's R. C. Church. sells put to sea.

2. Great meeting of Independent Democrats at 9. Fifty-ninth anniversary of the rectorship of Brooklyn Academy of Music; addresses by George Rev. Dr. S. M. Haskins of St. Mark's P. E.

F. Peabody, Edward M. Shepard and others. Church,

3. Frederic A. Ward appointed a judge of Su10. Largest initial enrollment ever known in the preme Court, Apellate Division, for unexpired term evening schools.--Reception to Rev. Dr. S. M. Has- of Augustus Van Wyck, resigned.-Supreme Court, kins on the sixtleth year of his rectorship of St. Appellate Division, sustains Justice Gaynor's Mark's Episcopal Church.

school fund order. 11. Justice Wilmot M. Smith decides that the 6. Large congregation welcomes Rev. St. Clair creation of the County of Nassau was constitu Hester on his assuming charge of the Church of tional.

the Messiah, at Greene and Clermont avs.



A RECORD OF EVENTS, 1898-November-Continued. 8. Election day.--Several houses in Flatbu:h brok-, record and the sale one of the most successful en into and robbed during the nigat.-Dr.


in the city's history.- Arrest of Albert Forester, Clair McKelway delivers an address before the a painter, on charge of theft, revives the Brookinaugural meeting of the Brooklyn Civitas Club | lyn marine barracks scandal. on Journalism and Privacy."-Knights Templar 30. Mayor Van Wyck instructs Bridge Commisparade in Brooklyn, E. D., in honor of the State sioner Shea to formulate plans for a third East Grand Commander.

River bridge, 120 feet wide; route not yet deter9. Brooklyn Elevated Railroad sold to the mined. organization committee at public auction for

December. $3,307,300.

10. Corner-stone laid of the Kings County Medi 1. Members of Troop C, who served in Porto Rico, cal Society's new building.

receive bronze medals.-Dinner to General Shafter 11. Dinner to General Nelson A. Miles, command-by Grant Post, G. A. R. er-in-chief of the Army, at the Waldorf-Astoria, 2. Mysterious explosion on a morning train of Manhattan.

the Brooklyn Elevated Railroad; Miss Mudge H. 13. New Church of the Visitation at Richards Jenkins severely hurt by fragments of glass.-WUI and Verona sts., Brooklyn, dedicated by Bishop of David T. Leahy of Brooklyn probated. by which McDonnell.

the sum of $100,000 is left to Roman Catholic char14. Annual horse show at Madison Sq. Garden. ities. -Formal transfer of the power houses, wires, 3. Shocking death of Miss Sarah Cassin by being etc., of the Edison Illuminating Co. to the Kings crushed under a troiley car in lower Fulton Co.' Electric Light and Power Co.-Twenty-four st.-Rothschild building, 8 stories high, on Fubion Brooklyn Navy Yard mechanics discharged.

st., deoiared in an unsafe condition and the peo15. Mustering out of the Seventy-first Regt., | ple shut off from it, N. G.. N. Y., preceded by the hooting and hiss 4. Corner-stone laid of Christ Evangelical Church ing of an efligy of the chaplain, Rev. Dr. George at Lafayette and Patchen avs.-An eighty mile an R. Vandawar, by the men.-Henry Hamilton, hour gale breaks on the city at night; much damthe widely known stage proprietor, dies at his age on Long Island.-Fire breaks out about 10 P. home near Sheepshead Bay.--Floating oil on the M. in the lower part of Rogers, Peet & Co.'s store, East River, near the Standard Oil Company's 258 and 259 Broadway, Manhattan, and extends to works, catches fire and acres of flame imperil the 15 story building of the Home Life Insurance shipping and docks.

Co., 256 and 257, occupied by about 900 tenants; of 17. Twenty-first annual convention of the Sun- fice of the Rapid Transit Commission wrecked and day schools of Kings County held in Lafeyette papers burned; total loss estimated at $700,000. Presbyterian Church.-Church Charity Founda 5. Miss Beatrice P. King and Mrs. Martha J. tion annual donation party.-Rev. George R. Van- Minshull, teachers, transferred from Brooklyn dewater raigns chapia incy of the Seventy-first Public School No. 44.--Dedicatory services comRegincnt in consequence of the hostility of the menced in Immanuel Congregational Church, Demen toward him.--Championship tournament of catur st., by Rev. A. J. Lyman. the Broohlyn Chess League inaugurated.

6. Yacht Oneida, with ex-President Clevevand on 18. Fierce $125,000 fire at Manhattan avenue and board, is struck by a raft, off the Battery, but Java street early in the morning: the result of nobody is hurt.-Explosion on board U. s.' hos

mysterious explosion; several factories and pital ship Bay State, killing the cook, George dwellings involved.

Twist, and injuring several. 19. Big office building, 72-74 Broadway. Man

7. Three hundred brewers meet in Arion Hall, hattan, burned: loss, $100,000.-Borough President Manhattan, and protest against the further contin' Grout hears protestants against and advocates of,

uance of the war tax.-Halt a block of Broadway, the combination trolley cars. - John H. Starin's near Hopkinson st., Brooklyn, E. D., burned; loss, ship yards at West New Brighton, s. I., burned; | $22,000. loss estimated at $400,000.-Eighty men discharged by new forces. First reception and dinner of the

9. Knickerbocker Steamboat Company controlled from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 20.

Erasmus Hall Principal, Dr. Walter B. Gunnison, Hebrew Infant Asylum erected Eagle

on avenue, Manhattan, at cost of $150.000, dedicated.- and faculty at the Clarendon.

10. Maj. Clinton H. Smith relieved of command Middle Village Methodist Church celebrates its

of the Seventy-first Regiment, N. G., X, Y., and one hundred and thirtieth anniversary. 21.

clerk Edward Eastment, former


to be tried by court-martial. Tenth annual dinner the

of the Masonic Veterans' Association at Aurora Brooklyn City Works Department, pleads guilty to an indictment charging him with grani lar- Grata Cathedral.

11. Ruinous deluge caused by a broken water ceny in the second degree in collecting money on

main in the region around Central av, and Covert false and fraudulent bills for payment of water

st.; Tarrow escapes of residents and numbers of taxes, etc., in villages not subject to them, 22.

houses and much property injured and destroyed. Demurrer, which was sustained by Judge

-Fire at Prospect pl. and Flatbush av., in which Hirschberg. in the case of ex-City Works Com

one of three children of the Buck family is burned missioner Theo. B. Willis and William E. Phillips, rdicted on cnarge of defrauding the city, is over

to death, another fatally, and Joseph Noblit

killed by fall in trying to escape by an upper ruled by the Appellate Division of the Supreme

window. Court, and indiotments stand.-Judgment affirmed

13. Terrible gas tank explosion in the Consoli. on appeal in favor of ex-County Clerk Jacob Worth against the city for $14,500, expenses of dated Company's works. Manhattan; several lives

lost; streets flooded and impassable.-Will of John readjusting the fallen shelves, etc., in the County Clerk's office.-Sharkey declared winner of the George D. Sander, pastor of St. Leonard's Ro

Pfalzer probated, by which $20.600 is left to Rev. fight with Corbett at the Lenox Athletic Club.

man Catholic Church, on Hamburg av., Brooklyn. 23. Twenty-second Regiment of New York mus

14. Coldest 14th of December since 187..-Bertered out at Fort Siocum.

rien's Island sale to John D. Crimmins completed 24. Evacuation Day and Thanksgiving.

by record of deed of sale.-Dinner to Henry E. 23. Troop C paid off and mustered out.

Abell at the Clarendon and address by Lieut. Gov. 27. New chapel of Immanuel Congregational

Woodruff. Church on Decatur street opened with dedication sermon by Rev. Dr. Albert J. Lyman.-Thomas-Catholic Synod, consisting of 290 priests and

15. Lebmann Bros, go into voluntary bankruptcy. N. Rooker memorial window unvailed in Church

Bishop McDonnell, at the Churub of St. John the of the Messiah - Manhattan ankl Brooklyn in the grip of a blizzard; traffic interrupted. --Rev. Dr. Baptist in Willoughby av. Lyman Abbott tenders his resignation as pastor of Piymouth Church.-Janes M. E. Church cele

The Smallest Republic. brates its thirty-ninth anniversary.

Gaust is the smalleet republic in the world. It 28. All local mails delayed; worst storm since

has an area of one mile and a population of 140. blizzard of March 12,. 1888. Edward Eastment,

It has existed since 1648, and is recognized by former Assistant Cashier of the Department of both Spain and France. It is situated on the flat Brooklyn City Works, convicted of presenting faise top of a mountain in the Pyrenees and has a and fraudulent claims against the City of Brook- president who is elected by the counoll of twelve. lyn, is sentenced to one year in the Kings Co. Penitentiary.

29. Bords, 3 per cent., representing $1,725,000, It is claimed that since the beginning of the offered for sale at the Comptrolier's office by the sixteenth century Spain has lost 600 war vessels city resuits in one of the largest biddings on by shipwreck.

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