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GENERAL CHRONOLOGY, 1898-Continued. 17. President Dwight resigns the Presidency of , in the Bay of Biscay: 37 people drowned.-Governor Yale University.

Tanner of Illinois indicted for malfeasance 23. Baldwin Hotel, San Francisco, burns; four office. lives lost and $1,500,000 worth of property destroyed. 2. The Consolidated Tinplate Company organ.

24. A riot between white and colored soldiers at ized. Anniston, Aia., results in two deaths.

3. The Thingvalla line sold to the United States 26. The battleship Wisconsin launched.-The Mad Steamship Company. Mullah Orosses the Swat River and resumes the

6. The United States mission to Mexico raised war against the British. 27. A great storm on the New England coast

to an embassy.-Hawaiian Commissioners report. wrecks many Vessels, including the steamer Port 7. The House passes the anti-scalping bill. The land: over 200 lives lost.-Dr. Lyman Abbott re United Statets survey steamer Pathfinder launched. signs the pastorate of P.ymouth Church, Brooklyn. 12. Cashier Steele, of the Keystone National

29. General Regalado usurps the Presidency of Bank, Philadelphia, convicted of misapplication Salvador.

of funds 30. The U. S. of Central America dissolved. 13. Harcourt resigns the leadership of the British December.

Liberal party in the House of Commons and is 1. The British steamer Clan Drummond wrecked succeeded by Morley.


23. Privy Councillor Schwabach, German states

man and financier. 2. Judge Edmund H. Bennett, Dean of the Bos

26. Dr. John P. Maynard, discoverer of colloton University Law School.-Count Telsener, Ita:

dion as used in dentistry, Dedham, Mass. ian engineer. 4. William Carson, wealthy lumberman,

27. William M. Singerly, financier and proprieEau

tor of the "Philadelphia Record."'--Frederick TenClaire, Wis.-Chartes H. Byrne, basebail mag

nyson, poet and brothci of late Lord Tennyson nate, New York. 5. Dr. Zacharin, physician to the Russian Czar.

March, 7. Baron von Schoenfeld, Inspector-General of

1. Dr. W. A. Rogers, physicist, Colby University, the Austrian Army. 8. Major Moses P. Handy, journalist and spec

Me.--Hermann Liebes, German fur rader.

3. The Duches3 de Dondeauville, Paris. ial commissioner to the Paris Exposition. 10. Count Delianeff, Russian Minister of Pub

5. Edmund Tattersall, English horseman. lic Instruction.

C. James H. Carpenter, projectile inventor, 14. Rev. C. L. Dodgson, English writer

for Reading, Pa.--Hugh J. Jewett, railroad financier, children.-Senator Tabbarini, President of the

Augusta, Ga. I'ta ian Council of State.

9. The Earl of Bradford, England. 15. Adam Earle, ex-President of the Lake Erie George Lawson, English Under Secretary of State

10. George Miller, English philanthropist.-Sir and Western and Big Four railroads, Lafayette, Ind.

for War.

11. General William S. Rosecrans, Los Angeles, 16. Benjamin F. Butterworth, Commissioner of

Cal.-P. H. Bell, ex-Governor of Texas, Littleton, Patents, Thomasville, Ga.---Logan Carlisle, son of

N. C. ex-Secretary Carlisle, New York. 17. James E. Berry, the “millionaire tramp,'

12. Mrs. Mary Westerfield, “mother of Western Paducah, Ky.

Spiritualism," Anderson, Ind. 20. Professor Taschenberg, German entomolo

13. Sir Richard Quain, English physician. gist.

15. Sir Henry Bessemer, English inventor of the

Bessemer steel process. 21. Ernest Bazin, inventor of the roller steamer, Paris.

16. Aubrey Beardsley, English draughtsman.25. Rev. Tbishal Schofield, abolitionist, Spencer- Thomas McKane, multi-millionaire, Philadelphia.

17. Blanche K. Bruce, port, N. Y. -John Laird, Eng ish ship-builder.

colored politician and Lieutenant-General Frederick E. Midd eton, who Registrar of the Treasury, Washington. commanded the British forces during the Riel

18. Matilda J. Gage, woman suffragist, Washrebellion, London.

Ington. 26. Rev. Leroy Church, founder of the "Chi

19. W. M. Taggart, editor of “Taggart's Times," cago Standard."-Paul F Taillaide, French actor.

Philadelphia.-Admiral Popoff, Russia. 29. Dr. Theophilus Parvin, medical author, Phi

21. Granville W. Smith, founder of the order of adelphia.-Lord Sackville Arthur Cecil, English

Catholic Knights and Ladies of America, Louisrailroad official, and half brother of the Marquis ville.-Karl Tavastierna, Swedish poet. of Salisbury.

23. Hans Wachenhusen, German novelist.

24. Wheelock 30. Rear Admiral Daniel Braine, U. S. N., New

G. Veazy, ex-Interstate Com York. --General Sir Daniel Lyson, Constable de merce Commissioner, Vermont.-Chas. B. Wrigh, the Tower of London.

ex-President of the Northern Pacific Railroad, 31. Morris M. Plaisted, ex-Governor, Bangor,

Philadelphia. Me.--Baron Carlingford, ex-President of the Brit

25. James Payn, English novelist and journalist. Ish Board of Trade.

27. Mrs. Delia Tudor Parnell, mother of the late

Irish parliamentary leader, Ireland.-Abner C. February

Toodeli, builder of the first perfecting printing 1. Rev. Joseph Corsen, educator,


University Press, Salem, of Dublin.

28. Anton Seidl, musical conductor, New York. 2. Gus J. Heege ("Yon Yonsen"), Cleveland.

-The Earl of Strafford. England. 4. Thomas A. Osborne, ex-Governor of Kansas,

29. James Goggin, United States Judge, Chiat Meadville, Pa.-D. W. Bushyhead, Cherokee cago.-William H. Edmonds, editor of the southchief

ern States Magazine,” Baltimore. 5. Joseph P. Smith, Director of the Bureau of

April. American Republics, at Miami, Fla. 7. Dr. Lusio Puilide, Venezuela diplomat.

1. Arthur Orton, Tichborne claimant, London.10. Baron Hardon-Hickey, self-styled "King

Robert Reitzel, Anarchist German editor, Detroit. James I. of Trindad," at El Paso, Tex.

7. Margaret Mather, actress, Charleston, W. Va, 11. Osman Pasha, uncle of the

Khedive of 8. Privy Councillor Bansch, German canal en. Egypt.--Ferdinand e, French novelist.

gineer. 13. Count Gustave s. Kalnoky, Austro-Hunga 11. Rev. Frederick W. Conrad, editor of Luthrian ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs.

eran Observer, Philadelphia. 14. Conrad Behrens, opera singer, New York.- 12. Cardinal Taschereau, Quebec. William H. Stickr.ey, editor, Chicago.

14. Prof. Bernard C. Courlander, violinist and 15. Bishop Quintard, Episcopal, Nashville.-composer, Baltimore. Baron Ludwig von Erlenger, German banker. 15. William J. Barry, comedian, New York.

18. William J. Scanlan, comedian, New York.- 16. Robert M. McLane, ex-United States MinFrances E. Willard, President of the Woman'sister to France, Paris, Christian Temperance Union, New York.

19. Hector D. Lane, President of the American 19. Prof. von Liesemayer, German painter.

Cotton Growers' Association, Athens, Ale. 20. L. O. Vincent, composer of cantatas and 21. Edward C. Walthall, United States Senator, amateur opera, Ohicago.


GENERAL NECROLOGY OF 1898-Continued. 22. Charlotte Thompson, actress, Alabama.

September. 25. William Sexton, billiardist, New York.

2. Wilford Woodruff, president of the Mormon May.

Church, Salt Lake.

7. Professor Dietrich, chief constructor of the 4. William H. Trescott, diplomat, Pendleton. German Navy.

10. Aaron H. Cragin, ex-United States Senator 10. Marchesa di Alligri (Blanche Roosevelt), from New Hampshire.

singer and poet, London.-Stephaine Mallarme, 13. Bishop William S. Perry, Episcopal, Du- French poet and essayist. buque, Ia.-James W. Collier, actor-manager, New 11. Rev. Albert S. Hunt, Secretary of the AmerYork.

ican Bible Society, New York. 15. Edouard Remenyi, violinist, San Francisco. 15. Dr. Samuel Eliot, historian, Beverly, Mass.

19. William Ewart Gladstone, English states 16. George W. Lindhelm, surgeon of the Red man.-Maria Louisa Pool, novelist.

Cross, New York. 20. B. J. Frank in, ex-Governor, Phoenix, Ariz. 17. Rev. John Hall, Presbyterian, New York.

22. Edward Bellamy, author of "Looking Back 18. Miss Winnie Davis, "Daughter of the Conward," Springfield, Mass.

federacy.' at Narragansett Pier, R. I.-Captain 23. General Henry R. Jackson, ex-Minister to Allyn Capron, U. S. A., of battery fame, New Austria, Savannah.- Sir John T. Gilbert, British York. Historian of Ireland.

21. Villiam Eaton, ex-United States Senator, 24. Benedetto Brien, Italian Minister of Marine. Hartford, Conn.-Theodore Fontaino, German 27. Prof. John Keynton, author and composer, poet. Arlington, N. J.

22. Major I. P. Girardey, fuse inventor, Padu29. Baron Lyon Playfair, English chemist and cah, Ky. political economist.

23. Richard Malcolm Johnson, novelist and lecJune.

turer, Baltimore.-Robert Roberts, English relig

ious writer. 1. Thomas W. Keene, tragedian, New York. 2. Samuel Plimsoll, "sailors' friend," London.-port), tragedienne. Duxbury, Mass.

26. Mrs. Melbourne McDowell (Fanny DavenEric Mackay, English author.

28. Thomas F. Bayard, ex-Senator from Dela4. Captain Charles V. Gridley of the U. S. S.

ware and ex-Secretary of State, Dedham, Mass. Olympia 8. Benjamin T. Henry,

29. Queen Louise of Denmark. inventor of the Winchester rifle, New Haven.-Judge Julius F. Grin.

October. nell, Chicago.

2. Mrs. Caroline Miskel Hoyt, actress, New York. 14. De Witt C. Senter, ex-Governor, Morris 3. James L. High, legal author, Chicago. town, Tenn.

7. A. Oakey Hall, ex-Mayor, New York. --Sher17. Sir Edward C. Burne-Jones, English painter.

man Hoar, ex-Congressman, Concord, Mass. 18. Dr. A. Everett, "father of street railways,"

Bianche Willis Howard, American novelist, at Cleveland

Munich.-W. H. Oline, Chief Engineer, U. S. N., 19. William A, Coombs, President of the National retired, New York.--Charles M. Du Puy, PresiMillers' Association, Coldwater, Mich.

dent Huguenot Society, New York. 21. Luther Benson, temperance lecturer, Rush

10. Rear Admiral John C. Febiger, U. S. N.. revine, Ind.

tired, Londonderry, Ma-Mrs. Rachel McAuley, July.

actress, New York. 5. D. M. Richardson, editor of the "Democrat,"

19. Haro i Frederic, novelist, London.

24. Lieutenant General Sir William H. GoodDavenport, Ia. 6. Cornelius Hertz, of Panama canal notoriety,

enough, South Africa. London.

25. Pierre Puvius de Chavannes, French paint7. John J. Burke, comedian, New York.-Parker

er.-James W. Osgood, publisher, New York. Pillsbury, abolitioniet, Concord, N. H.

27. Silas Packard, business educator, New York. 11. Rear Admiral David Ammen, designer of

29. David Harpster, wool king,'' Harpster, 0.naval ram, Washington.-Omar D. Conger, ex

Colonel George E. Waring, Vew York, Special United States Senator, Michigan.

Commissioner to Cuba, of yerlo'w fever. 14. Bishop Louis Francois la Fleche, Three

November, Rivers, Que.

1. Rev. David W. Collins, editor of the Chris15. Elizabeth Lynn Linton, English novelist. tian Institute, Philadelphia,

17. George A. Pilisbury, banker and flour mill 2. J. S. Goldschmidt, U. S. Consul at Berlin. owner, Minneapolis. - General John S. Williame, 3. Rev. T. D. Witherspoon, President of Louisex-United States Senator, Mt. Sterling, Ky.

ville Theological Seminary. 20. Admiral Thomas Leeke Massey, "father of 5. David A. Wells, economist, Norwich, Conn. the British navy."

6. David Kohnweiler, inventor of the cork jacket 35. Prof. George E. Seymore, American author of life-preserver, Bavaria.- Dr. von Budhart, ex-Minmathematical text books.-Bishop Thomas McGov. ister of Bavaria to Berlin. ern, Catholic, Harrisburg, Pa.--Evan McCall, 7. T. B. Poster, founder of the Cobden Club, Scottish-Canadian Doet.

London. 30. Prince Otto von Bismarck, ex-Chancellor of 8. Max Alvary, German opera tenor. the German Empire,

9. De Witt C. Creiger, ex-Mayor of Chicago. August.

11. Andreas Pettersson, Scandinavian violinist. 1. Ephraim W. Sells, circus prop., Columbus,

14. Arohlbishop Wiliam H. Gross of Oregon.7. Colonel James O. Broadhead, ex-Minister to

Senator Albert Dauphin, French ex-Minister

Finance. Switzerland, St. Louis.-Professor Park Morrili, chief of the forecast division of the United

16. Edith Marlowe, actress, New York. States Weather Bureau, Washington.

17. Dr. Siephen H. Tyng, President of the Amer8. George F. Ebers, German novelist

ican Chamber of Commerce, Paris.

and Egyptologist.-Adolph H. J. Sutro, ex-Mayor of

18. John E. W. Keely, inventor of alleged mo

tor. San Francisco.-Brigadier-General John S. Poland,

Philadelphia. of volunteers, Asheville, N. C.

19. General Carlos Buell, Rockport, Ky. 10. Frank A. Briggs, Governor of North Dakota,

20. Sir George S. B. Poweli, English economist. Bismarck.

21. Sir John Fowler, English engineer. 12. Rear Admiral William K. Kirkland, San

24. Theodore S. Fay, American diplomat and auFrancisco.-Mulai Abd-el-Aziz, Sultan of Morocco.

thor, in Berlin. 17. General Tchernaieff, Russian conqueror of

27. Charles W. Couldock, actor, New York. Tashkend.

28. Mre. William Hawele, English philanthro18. Sir William A. Fraser, Scottish author.- pist and artist. Dr. Seller, German musical composer.

December. 21. Charles E. Pratt, founder of the League of 5. Ex-Senator Gueges M. H. Fournier, French American Wheelmen, New York.-Don Frederio diplomat. Madrazo, Spanish painter.

6. Princess Frederick of Wurtemburg. 22. Malietoa Lacu peppa, King of Samoa.

8. Heromard Hoyte (McDonald), actor, San Fran23. Prince Paul Esterhazy, Hungarian sports-cisco.-Sarah Stoke Thorne, actress, San Francisco, man.-Moody Currier, ex-Governor, Manchester 20. William Black, English novelist. N. H.

11. Captain Samuel MoKee, ex-Congressman, 26. Professor A. J. Marks, lecturer, Chicago. Louisville.

28. Claude Matthews, ex-Governor, Wingate, 12. General Calixto Garcia, of Cuba, in Washing. Ind.

ton.-Sir William Jennor, English physician.


Dennis .....



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Bornscheuer, L. H .. 579 PLIES-Con. Kissam, Geo. & Co.. 598 St. Catharine's Hall. 579 Braunworth, Munn Wesel, F., Mfg Co... 571 AGATE WARETeachers' (Union

& Barber....... 571 PUBLICATIONSLalance & Grosjean. 558 Agency)

4 Brooklyn Eagle, Eagle Libraries.
Velasco School of


Brooklyn Art Asso'n. 555
Brooklyn Institute of ELOCUTIONIST -

Brower, Geo. V..... 579) Crauncey, D. & M.,

Inside Cover Arts and Sciences. 554 Stickney, J. Wallace 576 Dailey, Bell & Crane. 579

Hallheimer, M. 579


Judge & Durack 579 Meyer & Co ) ..... 16 Johnston, J. D...... 578 Birkett & Co........ 548

Stewart, Robert..... 579 Ferry, Daniel & Son. 579 AWNINGS, TENTS AND ENGROSSING


Ames & Rollinson 578

Real Estate Title

Hoffmann, E. A.. 552 Thorp (S. S.) & Co... 573


Guarantee Co..... 587 Chas. A. Scbieren &



Real Estate Co.... 556 Bedford 584 Tingue, House & Co. 574 LIBRARIES

Realty Trust Co..... 587 Eighth Ward.



547 Ridden & Thomas .. 579 Irwin & Co..

Brooklyn Fire Brick Eagle....

537 Haven & Stout


Kings County. 584


Brooklyn Rapid Manufacʻrs' National 582 FLORISTS

Brooklyn City B'ld'g Transit.........351, 355 Mechanics' 581 Condon, J. ..560, 561 & Loan Ass'n ..... 2 Brooklyn

Elevated National City 583 Jahos


R. R.....

360 Nassau National .... 583 Laird, Geo. I

Dr. May

593 Long Island R. R.... 8 Wallabout 583 Miller, A. L..

Dr. Slocum.

593) Manhattan Elevated Weir's Sons, James. 565 BILLIARD TABLES

Winslow's Syrup.... 584 Railway Co.. 366,367, Wollmers, A

566 Brunswick -Balke


368, 359, 370 Collender Co...... 550 FRATERNAL SOCIETY


New York and Iron Hall, Order of.. 578 BIRDS

Green's(John J.)Son 558

Queens Co. R’y Co. 358 Payne's....... 578 FURS

Stevens, Wm

546 SCHOOLSBREWER— Cassidy, J...........

515 4 Tandy, C. W

Heffley School, The.. 570 Ulmer, William...... 575 GAS AND ELECTRIC FIX-MASONIC Goods

Merington, Misses... 579 TURES BUILDERS


Redding & Co....... Maltby, Miss K. L. 579 Defilippi, D......... 578 Vosburgh Mfg. Co.. 10 Music DEALER

Mitch -1, Mrs. Marie. 579

Velasco School of Freeman, John J.... 578 HALL

Chandler, F. H...... 543

590 Hart, Jacob.... 551

Brooklyn Music Hall 558 OPTICIANS-
Korber, A.


Gregg, William T... 550 STABLES-
Nelson, John F...... 553

Burnett, S.O..... Hoecker, J. B........ 544 Washburn, T.J..... 565 Rutan, Thos. B... 578 HORSESHOER

Moses, J. & W

Mowbray, Boarding BUILDING MATERIALS McGrath, Peter ..... 578


Nichthauser, Sig.... 579 aud sales.
Candee & Krekeler.. 596



Aldridge, Fred.... 559

Birkett & Co.

518 Montauk Multi-phase

579 Minden's..


Dubey, E. A.... Cable vo..........

Montauk Adv. Signs



575 Worthiugton, H, R., 592 CARPET CLEANING

Miller & Son, B. C... 576 Eagle Warehouse 572-589

Pierrepont Art STEAMSHIPS ILLUMINATING COMPANY Rooms (Mills & Northern Steamship CARRIAGES AND WAGONSFings County Elec. Platt)

574 Co.. Peter Barrett Mfg.Co 558 tric Light a ad





Power Co......... 588 PAWNBROKERSJones, Rober

Eagle Warehouse & INFORMATION

Freel, P..

551 Storage Co....572, 589 CATERER

Army and Navy(Butts Heaney, Arthur J .. 552 STONE YARDS-
Maresi, P.

& Phillips).. 578

McAleenan, Henry.. 549 Baird, A. D... 571
Eagle Bureau....550, 554 Pianos-

Baird, A. R Evergreens... 597

Chandler, F. H...... 543


Walters, R. M

Eagle Information CIGARSDowney, Fronk(Voice PLUMBERS

Bureau ........550, 564 Buxbaum Bros .....

Cranford Bros. 579

516, 596 Civil Service

4 Foley, P. & J CLAYS AND MINERALS De Stefani (Conser.

PRINTERS' SUPPLIESHammill & Gillespie. 578

Pehrson, Frank 0... 570 vatory of Music).. 540

American Type
Rivers, C. H. (Danc-


Founders Co....... 594

Postal Telegraph Co. 547 Moquin -Offerman

Ault & Wiborg...... 569
Richardson - Kuster,
Heissenbuttel Coal

Bahrenburg & Co ... 577

Mrs. E. (Piano).... 579

Marshall Truss Co... 12 561

Bresnan(P. H.)Type

Founding Co..... 574

Schooter, J.C.. 563 CONTRACTORS

German-Amer. Real Bulkley, Dunton&Co TRUST COMPANIESBırkett & Co........ 519 Estate Title Guar

Inside Cover Brooklyn..

585 antee Co....


Felt, Joseph P. & DENTISTS


10 Metropolitan Plate Co., electrotypers. 570 Hamilton..

6 Armstrong, Dr. R. H. 578!

572 Hills, Geo. F

502 Long Island Loan... 585 Boston Dental Assin. 533 New York Life... 599

Hindle, Walter E., Manufacturers DETECTIVE AGENCY




585 Mahoney....


tual Life........ 573 Hoe (R.) & Co..... 594 UNDERTAKERS-
Phenix ..
559 Hubbs Chas. F. & Co 571

Glinnen's Sons... 596
EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS Williamsburgh City Lindenmeyr, Henry
Brooklyn Library... 547 Fire Insurance Co.

Henderson, Frank S. 579 6 & Sous...

573 Packer Institute... 591 IRON

Molleson Bros. Co... 567 WAREHOUSES Heffiey School, The. 570

Fischer, Henry C.... 575 Morrill, Geo. H & Co 566 Eagle Warehouse & St Agnes' Serninary, 579

Perkins, Goodwin & Sterage Co.....572, 589 St. Thomas Aquinas' JEWELER


595 WINES Academy

579) Nichthauser, Sig.... 579! Shea, Dennis......... 563 Sunith A., & Co.... 579


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