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*HE EVERGREENS CEMETERY is situated in the Counties of Kings and Queens, and contains

300 acres. Its main entrance is on Bushwick Avenue and Conway Street, Brooklyn, at the focus of all the principal lines of travel, and conveniently accessible from the most widely remote parts of Brooklyn and New York. Notwithstanding these unequaled

facilities of access, the location is appropriately secluded from the noise and bustle of the great world of life, whose surges break into silence at its borders. Its grounds are absolutely unequaled in their fitness for a necropolis. Nature has endowed the spot with varied and picturesque sylvan beauties and a charming diversity of landscape. Magnificent woodland vistas and reaches of mossy emerald sward loom up in panoramic surprises as the visitor rambles over the knolls and slopes, across the dells and plains, and by the margin of the lakelets that here abound. From the terraces of the cemetery and from the summits of its higher hills the prospect embraces the great cities with their manifold engineering and architectural wonders, and in sedate or poetic contrast hamlets nestling amid their rural charms, visions of bays dotted with slumbering islands, and, southward yet, the majestic main, bearing the nation's commerce on its breast. To these admirable natural advantages are to be added the elaborate adornments of art which un. stinted outlay on the part of the Trustees has supplied and is continually supplying, and which arise in costly cenotaphs, shrines, and monuments, erected by wealthy patrons as tributes to the memory of their dead.

Purchasers of lots desiring time for payment will be accommodated.
The EVERGREEN 3 became a chartered institution October 6th, 1849.


Telephone, 18 East New York

CHARLES PFEIFFER, Superintendent

There's one


I like about
my car-signs
on the

said a prominent advertiser to a man who was discussing
the subject of car advertising with him. “I get a display
there that simply can't be beat. It's 16 inches high and
4 feet long.

“Four feet long ?” replied the man he was arguing with;
I never heard of a car-sign four feet long;" and he looked
as though he didn't quite believe it.

“Yes, four feet long; you see it's a double space; single spaces are 16 x 24. I believe in double spaces; you get a fine size and a big display, chance to tell something and show your goods. That size space makes a corking good sign."

“I should think it would,” said the other man;“what's the regular size of a car-card ?"

“IIX 21 inches; a double would be II X 42; so you see the BROOKLYN 'L' beats them all in liberality to advertisers."

"Pretty good representation of advertisers, too, isn't there ?")

“Best in the country; and the designs for the cards are up to date, and past it, I think.”

Does the advertising pay you ?" asked his friend.

“Pay me? Well! I guess yes; what do you suppose I continue in it year after year for if it doesn't pay? I'm not paying Kissam for fun. You bet it pays."

If you want to learn more about Brooklyn “L”advertising,

write to




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in New York Life Insurance annnnCompany




12 Points 12

JOHN A. McCALL, President
346 and 348 BROADWAY


POINTS 000000000 No Restriction upon occupation, when issued upon men who are not engaged in hazardous occupations, and who have no intention of changing their occupation to one more hazardous.

2. No Restrictions upon residence and travel, when issued upon men residing in healthy localities, and who have no intention of visiting unhealthy localities.

3. No Restrictions as to manner of death.

4. No Restrictions as to military or naval service, when issued in time of peace to men engaged in peaceful occupations, and who have no intention of entering the military or naval service.

5. It should allow a reasonable grace in the payment of premiums.

6. It should provide for re-instatement upon reasonable conditions, in case of lapse.

7. It should provide for cash loans after the insured has acquired an equity in the policy.

8. It should be automatically non-forfeitable after a certain time. 9. It should allow a choice between extended, or paid-up insurance.

It should be incontestible after a reasonable time.

II. It should provide for prompt payment at maturity.

THE BEST 12. It should provide for a choice between cash value and continued insurance,

OF after being in force during a stipulated period.


IN COMPANY'S Accumulation Policy combines these twelve points of advantage; no other policy has them all. The NEW YORK LIFE furnishes "The Best of Everything in Life Insurance."





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