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all of the necessaries of life. Other nations con- | to the people the name of a man for the presisume our product. In the race for existence it is Idency of the United States whose life in public and a constant struggle between producer and con- in private represents those distinguished virtues sumer. Our present system of money deliberately which adorned the day and the deeds of the submits to the desire and the profit of creditor earlier times of this republic; a return to which nations, leaving us in the mass, and as individuals

virtues is requisite for the prosperity and contenta prey to the money gathering and the deadly

ment of the people and the perpetuity and comPheapening of the old world. As the debt to cred

manding example of free institutions. That name itors abroad increases on the mass of the na- lis Henry M. Teller-a man of the people and for tion the price of human production on the farm

the people. He is of no section. His experience and and in the workshop is decreased with appalling

service, his devotion to the common justice and rapidity exacting more and more toil from our

the common cause of his fellow citizens has been citizens to meet the given demand and holding

as wide as the country. We believe that the people over their heads a threat of the day when con

of the United States have in their hearts, as he fiscation to meet their obligations will leave

has had, their interests in his purpose through all them bare and defenseless. The only remedy is

the work of an exalted life. to stop falling prices-the deadliest curse

It is not merely as the exponent of monetary reof national life. Prices never will cease falling

form that we present this man to the people. It under the single gold standard. The restoration

is true that he has waged a mighty war for the of bimetallism by this country will double the

restoration of the money of the constitution, and basis of our money system. In time it will double

his name has been identified as that of no other the stock of primary money of the world-will

living man with this great cause. But had his stop falling prices and steadily elevate them until

services been less demanded and less noticed in they will regain their normal relation to the vol

this direction, the people would still have recogume of debts and credits in tne world. Bimetal

nized in him for other labors a statesman of the lism will help to bring about the great hope of

purest type. H13 only poverty has been that of every social reformer, every believer in the ad-l:

purse; in all things else in the generosities of vancement of the race who realizes that the in

man to man, in kindliness of deeds for his felstability of prices has been the deadly foe of our

lows and in the study and the doing of a mighty toilers and the servant of the foreign interest

career, he has been one of the most opulent gatherer. Bimetallism will help to bring the time

American citizens of any age. In submitting this. when a certain expenditure of human toil will

name to the people we remind them that just a produce a certain financial result. Who among

generation ago, from the heart of the boundless the great masses of our people in the United States

West and touched by the finger of God, there but feels that his lot would be made better, his

arose an emancipator who was powerful in the aspiration take new wings if he could know in

work of human deliverance. By his wisdom and the performance of his labor what would be the

courage, providentially directed, millions were set price of his product? Is not this purpose worth the

free and the nation kept in its holy Union. If attention of the people as individuals and worth the

others shall see this opportunity as we see it, it attention of political conventions yet to be held in

our fellow citizens shall see this duty as we see this year 1896? Is not this so great an end that

it, that sublime history may be repeated and anall who believe in the possibility of attaining it

other man, clothed in the majesty of devotion to by the means proposed can yield something of

the race, will be lifted to power, where, by his their partisanship both in conventions and at the

wisdom and courage, providentially directed, more polls? It is in the hope that the masses and

millions may be made free of chains as galling as the remaining convention will have the courage

those of actual slavery, and the nation may be and the generosity to unite for this purpose that

preserved in the unity of its mission to the world. we have dared to offer our views to the people of the United States, and because in the past The address was signed by Fred T. Dubois, there has lacked a rallying point for he masses s. F. Pettigrew. Frank J. Cannon, Charles who hold as we do to this belief, we venture an

an H. Hartman, Benjamin E. Rich, Clarence E. act trusting it will be received in the same spirit of conciliation, concession and hope with which Allen, A. S. Robertson, A. C. Cleveland, we put it forth.

| Willis Sweet, Amasa B. Campbell, Archie M. We have endeavored in a plain way to set the Stevenson, Enoch Strether, James M. Downmatter before the eyes of our iellow citizens. Weirg, Charles H. Brickenstein, Thomas Kerne, invoke the union of all man and all parties who C. J. Hart. Littlejohn Price. Jacob J. Elliott. believe that the time has come for the triumph of justice. It is an hour when the people may speak

0. J. Salisbury, J. B. Overton, Frank C. for themselves as individuals and through con-| Goudy, John F. Vivian, J. W. Rockfeller, ventions yet to be held. It is the right of every | Robert W. Boyne, John F. Williams, L. M. citizen to indicate his preference. With this in Earl. view we offer to the forthcoming conventions and I


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It had become evident long before the

Vote on Platform.

Ayes. Noes. holding of the Democratic convention at

Alabama Chicago that the silver forces had waxed Arkansas

California strong and controlling. The exact strength

Colorado of the divided forces on the financial issue Connecticut became known when the vote was taken on


Florida Senator Hill's motion to substitute the res Georgia .... olution of the minority for that of the ma


Illinois jority on the money plank. The yea vote


Iowa ....... was for the gold, or in favor of the minority

Kansas ..... substitute resolution, and the nay vote was

Kentucky ..., for silver:

Louisiana ....

Maine State.

Nay. Y Maryland .....


Michigan Arkansas ...................

Minnesota ... California ...

Mississippi Colorado


Montana ... Connecticut ..............

Nebraska ... Delaware

Nevada ......... Florida

New Hampshire Georgia

New Jersey

New York ....... Idaho ....

North Carolina Illinois ...

North Dakota Indiana ....

Ohio .............. Iowa

Oregon ......... .........

Pennsylvania Kansas .............

Rhode Island Kentucky

South Carolina .... Louisiana

South Dakota Maine ........

Tennessee .........

Texas ........ Maryland ......

Utah ..... Massachusetts

Vermont .... Michigan ..........

Virginia ..........

11 Washington ... Minnesota (one not voting) .......

West Virginia ..... Mississippi .......

Wisconsin .... Missouri ........

Wyoming .... Montana ....

Alaska .....

Arizona .................. Nebraska .....

District of Columbia Nevada

Oklahoma New Hampshire ....

Indian Territory ......... New Jersey .......

New Mexico ........ New York

Total ......

...............628 North Carolina ..

Not voting, 1...
North Dakota ....

The Platform.
Ohio ...............
Oregon ..........

.. The platform adopted by the vote so taken Pennsylvania ..

64 was as follows: Rhode Island .....

We, the Democrats of the United States, in South Carolina ..

.: national convention assembled, do reaffirm South Dakota ...

our allegiance to those great essential princiTennessee

ples of justice and liberty upon which our inTexas .......

| stitutions are founded, and which the DemoUtah ......

cratic party has advocated from Jefferson's Vermont ..................

time to our own-freedom of speech, freedom Virginia .........

of the press, freedom of conscience, the preWashington

servation of personal rights, the equality of West Virginia

all citizens before the law and the faithful ob· Wisconsin

24 servance of constitutional limitations. Wyoming ...

... During all these years the Democratic partv Alaska ....

6 has resisted the tendency of selfish interests Arizona ....

to the centralization of governmental power, District of Columbia.....

and steadfastly maintained the integrity of Oklahoma ....................

.. the dual scheme of government established by Indian Territory ......

.. the founders of this republic of republics. New Mexico ...

..Under its guidance and teachings the great

principle of local self government has found Total ...........

its best expression in the maintenance of the Not voting-1.

rights of the states and in its assertion of the

necessity of confining the general government The vote on the silver platform resulted as to the exercise of powers granted by the confollows:

stitution of the United States.

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Democratic Nominee for President of the United States.


| prived the producers of the great American Recognizing that the money question is staples of access to their natural markets. paramount to all others at this time, we in- Until the money question is settled we are vite attention to the fact that the constitution opposed to any agitation for further changes names silver and gold together as the money in our tariff laws, except such as are necessary metals of the United States, and that the to meet the deficit in revenue caused by the first coinage law passed by congress under the adverse decision of the supreme court on the constitution made the silver dollar the money

income tax. But for this decision by the suunit and admitted gold to free coinage at a

preme court there would be no deficit in the ratio based upon the silver dollar unit.

revenue under the law passed by a Democratic We declare that the act of 1873, demone

congress in strict pursuance of the uniform tizing silver without the knowledge or ap

decisions of that court for nearly one hundred proval of the American people, bas resulted

à years, that court having in that decision susin the appreciation of gold and a correspond

tained constitutional objections to its enacting fall in the prices of commodities produced

ment which had previously been overruled by the people; a heavy increase in the burden

by the ablest judges who have ever sat on of taxation and of all debts, public and pri

that bench. We declare that it is the duty of

congress to use all the constitutional power vate; the enrichment of the money lending class at home and abroad; the prostration of

which remains after that decision, or which industry and impoverishment of the people.

may come from its reversal by the court as it We are unalterably opposed to monometa

may hereafter be constituted, so that the burlism, which has locked fast the prosperity of

| dens of taxation may be equally and imparan industrial people in the paralysis of hard

atially laid to the end that wealth may bear its times. Gold monometallism is a

British due proportion of the expenses of the govern

British policy and its adoption has brought other na

ment. tions into financial servitude to London. It is

PAUPER LABOR IMPORTATION, not only un-American, but anti-American, We hold that the most efficient way of proand it can be fastened on the United States tecting American labor is to prevent the imonly by the stifling of that indomitable spirit portation of foreign pauper labor to compete and love of liberty which proclaimed our polit- with it in the home market and that the value ical independence in 1776 and won it in the of the home market to our American farmers war of the revolution.

and artisans is greatly reduced by a vicious We demand the free and unlimited coinage monetary system which depresses the prices of both gold and silver at the present legal

of their products below the cost of producratio of 16 to 1, without waiting for the aid ortion and thus deprives them of the means consent of any other nation. We demand

of purchasing the products from our home that the standard silver dollar shall be a full

manufacturers. legal tender, equally with gold for all debts, public and private, and we favor such legis

TRUSTS AND POOLS. lation as will prevent for the future the de- : The absorption of wealth by the few, the monetization of any kind of legal tender consolidation of our leading railroad systems money by private contract.

and the formation of trusts and pools require We are opposed to the policy and practice a stricter control by the federal government of surrendering to the holders of the obliga-l of those arteries of commerce. We demand tions of the United States the option reserved the enlargement of the powers of the interby law to the government of redeeming such state commerce commission and such reobligations in either silver coin or gold coin. strictions and guarantees in the control of

We are opposed to the issuing of interest railroads as will protect the people from robbearing bonds of the United States in time

United States in time I bery and Oppression. of peace and condemn the trafficking with

WASTE OF PUBLIC MONEY DEPLORED. banking syndicates which, in exchange for bands and at an enormous profit to them. We denounce the profligate waste of the selves, supply the federal treasury with gold money wrung from the people by oppressive to maintain the policy of gold monometallism. taxation and the lavish appropriations of re

Congress alone has the power to coin and cent Republican congresses which have kept issue money and President Jackson declared taxes high while the labor that pays them is that this power could not be delegated to unemployed and the products of the people's corporations or individuals. We, therefore, toil are depressed in price till they no longer demand that the power to issue notes to cir- repay the cost of production. We demand culate as money be taken from the national a return to that simplicity and economy banks and that all paper money shall be is, which befits a Democratic government and a sued directly by the treasury department, be reduction in the number of useless offices the redeemable in coin and receivable for all salaries of which drain the substance of the debts public and private.


ALTGELD'S ANTI-CLEVELAND PLANK. We hold that tariff duties should be levied We denounce arbitrary interference by fedfor purposes of revenue, such duties to be so eral authorities in local affairs as a violation adjusted as to operate equally throughout of the constitution of the United States and a the country and not discriminate between crime against free institutions and we especlass or section; and that taxation should be cially object to government by injunction as limited by the needs of the government, hon- a new and highly dangerous form of oppresestly and economically administered. We de- sion by which federal judges in contempt of nounce as disturbing to business the Repub- the laws of the states and rights of citizens, lican threat to restore the McKinley law, become at once legislators, judges and execuwhich has twice been condemned by the peo- tioners, and we approve the bill passed at the ple in national elections, and which, enacted last session of the United States senate and under the false plea of protection to home in- now pending in the house of representatives dustries, proved a prolific breeder of trusts relative to contempts in federal courts and and monopolies, enriched the few at the ex- providing for trials by jury in certain cases of pense of the many, restricted trade and de-'contempt.

No discrimination should be indulged by speech to which he owed his subsequent the government of the United States in favor nomination for President of the United of any of its debtors. We approve of the refusal of the Fifty-third congress to pass the

States. Pacific railroad funding bill and denounce the

"Mr. Chairman and gentlemen of the conefforts of the present Republican congress to vention-I would be presumptious, indeed, to enact a similar measure.

present myself against the distinguished genRecognizing the just claims of deserving Union soldiers, we heartily indorse the rule

tleman to whom you have listened, if this were of the present commissioner of pensions that

but a measuring of ability, but this is not a no names shall be arbitrarily dropped from contest among persons. The humblest citizen the pension roll and the fact of enlistment in all the land, when clad in the armor of a and service should be deemed conclusive

righteous cause, is stronger than all the whole evidence against disease or disability before enlistment.

hosts of error that they can bring. I come to ADMISSION OF TERRITORIES.

speak to you in defense of a cause as holy as We favor the admission of the territories

the cause of liberty, the cause of humanity.

(Loud applause.) When this debate is conof New Mexico and Arizona into the Union as

cluded a motion will be made to lay upon the states, and we favor the early admission of all

table the resolution offered in commendation the territories having the necessary popula

of the administration, and also the resolution tion and resource to entitle them to statehood and while they remain territories we hold that

in condemnation of the administration. I

shall object to bringing this question down to the officials appointed to administer the gov

a level of persons. The individual is an atom; ernment of any territory, together with the District of Columbia and Alaska, should be

| he is born, he acts, he dies, but principles are

eternal and this has been a contest of prinbona fide residents of the territory or district in which the duties are to be performed. The

ciple. Never before in the history of this Democratic party believes in home rule and

country has there been witnessed such a cuna

I test as that through which we have passed. that all public lands of the United Stateste should be appropriated to the establishment

ant | Never before in the history of American pol, of free homes for American citizens. We re

itics has a great issue been fought out as this commend that the territory of Alaska be

issue has been by the voters themselves. On granted a delegate in congress and that the

the 4th of March, 1895, a few Democrats, most general land and timber laws of the United

of them members of congress, issued an adStates be extended to said territory.

dress to the Democrats of the nation asserting We extend our sympathy to the people of | that tbe money question was the paramount Cuba in their heroic struggle for liberty and issue of the hour, asserting also the right of a independence.

majority of the Democratic party to control We are opposed to life tenure in the public the position of the party on this paramount service. We favor appointments based upon issue, concluding with the request that all bemerit, fixed terms of office, and such an ad- lievers in free coinage of silver in the Demministration of the civil service laws as will ocratic party should organize and take charge afford equal opportunities to all citizens of of and control the policy of the Democratic ascertained fitness.

party. Three months later, at Memphis, an AGAINST A THIRD TERM.

organization was perfected and the silver Dem

ocrats went forth openly and boldly and courWe declare it to be the unwritten law of ageously proclaiming their belief, and declarthis republic, established by custom and usage ing that if successful they would crystallize in of one hundred years and sanctioned by the a platform the declaration which they had examples of the greatest and wisest of those made; and then began the conflict with a zeal who founded and have maintained our gov

approaching the zeal which inspired the Cruernment, that no man should be eligible for

saders who followed Peter the Hermit. Our a third term of the presidential office.

silver Democrats went forth from victory unto IMPROVEMENT OF WATERWAYS. victory until they are assembled now, not to The federal government should care for and discuss, not to debate, but to enter the judgimprove the Mississippi river and other great ment rendered by the plain people of this waterways of the republic, so as to secure for country. (Applause.) the interior states easy and cheap transporta- “In this contest brother ha's been arrayed tion to tidewater. When any waterway of against brother and father against father. the republic is of sufficient importance to de- The warmest ties of love and acquaintance mand aid of the government, such aid should and association have been disregarded. Old be extended upon a definite plan of continu- | leaders have been cast aside when they reous work until permanent improvement is fused to give expression to the sentiments of secured.

those whom they would lead, and new leaders THE APPEAL.

have sprung up to give direction to this cause Confiding in the justice of our cause and

of truth. (Cheers.) the necessity of its success at the polls, we

"Thus has the contest been waged, and we submit the foregoing declaration of principles

have assembled here under a's binding and and purposes to the considerate judgment of

solemn instructions as were ever fastened

upon the representatives of a people. We do the American people. We invite the support of all citizens who approve them and who

not come as individuals. Why, as individuals desire to have them made effective through

we might have been glad to compliment tbe legislation for the relief of the people and the

gentleman from New York (Senator Hill). But restoration of the country's prosperity.

we knew that the people for whom we speak

would never be willing to put him in a posiWilliam J. Bryan's Speech. tion where he could thwart the will of the It was in the course of the debate which be

Democratic party. (Cheers.) I say it was not

a question of persons; it was a question of eceded the adoption of the platform that principle, and it is not with gladness, my William J. Bryan of Nebraska made the friends, that we find ourselves brought into

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