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construction as to make its language unsat- | producers. Our creditors are nations of conisfactory during the intervening time and sumers. Any system of international or nadangerous, if continued in the future, but of tional finance which elevates the price of the intent contained within that language human product makes our burden lighter and there has never been a doubt. It is the right- gives promise of that day when it shall be ful province of this convention to revise the entirely lifted and our country freed finanparty tenets and to announce anew the party cially, as it is politically, from the dominapurpose. The majority of this convention tion of monarchy and foreign autocracy. Any in the exercise of such authority has this system of finance which tends to depreciate day made official enunciation of Republican the price of human productions, which we law and gospel. With much of the platform must sell abroad, but it so far adds to the we agree, believing that in many essential burden of our debt, and conveys a threat of particulars it compasses the needs of hu- the perpetual servitude of the producers of manity, affirms the maintenance of right and our debtor nation to the consumers of credproposes the just remedy for wrong. But it itor nations. To use it is a folly without a declares one elemental principal, not only in parallel that this country or any political direct contravention of the expression of party therein should deliberately accept a party faith in 1892, but in radical opposition money system which enriches others at our to our solemn conviction. We recognize that cost. History, philosophy, morals, all join in all matters of mere methods but just and with the commonest instinct of self-preservahelpful that the minority shall yield to the tion in demanding that the United States will of the majority, lest we have chaos in shall have a just and substantially unvarying parties and in government. But as no pro- standard, composed of all available gold and nouncement by majorities can change oppos- silver, and with it our country will progress ing knowledge or belief sincerely entertained, to financial enfranchisement. But with a so it cannot oblige minorities to abandon or single gold standard the country will go on disavow their principles. Assuredly as it is to worse destruction; to continued falling requisite for peace and progress that minori- prices; until our people would become the ties shall yield to majorities in matters of hewers of wood and the drawers of water for mere methods, just so surely is it necessary the consumers in creditor nations of the for the same peace and porgress that minori- earth. To such an unholy end we will not lend ties shall not yield in matters of fundamental ourselves. Dear as has been the Republican truth.

name to us adherents, that name is not so dear The Republican platform of 1892 affirmed as the faith itself. And we do not sacrifice that the American people from tradition and one jot or title of the mighty principles by interest favored bimetallism and demanded which Republicanism has uplifted the world the use of both gold and silver as standard when we say that at the parting of the ways money. This was accepted as a declara

we cling to the faith, let the name go where tion in behalf of the principle upon which it will. We hold that this convention has serests the interests of every citizen and the ceded from the truth; that the triumph of safety of the United States. In such terms such secession would be the eventful destructhe platform was then satisfactory to the tion of our freedom and our civilization. To believers in bimetallism within our party; that end the people will not knowingly folonly because of equivocal construction and low any political party and we choose to take evasion has it since been demonstrated to our place in the ranks of the great mass of be insufficient. The platform this day adopted citizens who realize that the hour has come in the national Republican party convention at for justice. Did we deem this issue less imSt. Louis says: "As the declaration of 1892 portant to humanity we would yield, since has been by a majority of the party con- the associations of all our political lives strued to justify a single gold standard for have been intertwined with the men and the our monetary basis, and as the recent trend measures of this party of past mighiy achieveof the official power of the party has been ments. But the people cry aloud for relief; in that direction, we can but assume that they are bending beneath a burden growing the money plank of the new platform, being heavier with the passing hours; endeavor no much more favorable to perpetuate, gold longer brings its just reward; fearfulness monometallism will be determinedly used in takes the place of courage and despair usurps behalf of that idea. The Republican party the throne of hope and unless the laws of the has won its power and renown by pursuing country and the policies of political parties its purposes courageously and relentlessly. shall be converted into mediums of redress, It is, therefore, only in accordance with the the effect of human desperation may some party's history to assume that if it shall time be witnessed here as in other lands and come to present authority in the United in other ages. States it will crystalize into the law and

Accepting the fiat of thi convention as the administration under this tempting platform present purpose of the party we 'withdraw the perpetual single gold standard in our from this convention to return our constitufinances. This, if long continued, will mean ents the authority with which they invested the absolute ruin of the producers of the us, believing that we have better discharged country, and finally of the nation itself. The their trusts by this action which restores to American people not only favor bimetallism them authority unsullied than by giving cowfrom tradition and interest, but from that wise ardly and insincere indorsement to the greatinstinct which has always been manifest in est wrong ever willfully attempted within the the affairs of a people destined for the world's Republican party-once redeemer of the peoleadership. Under the operation of our great ple, but now about to become their oppressor, demand for advancement we have become to unless providentially restrained by the votes other nations the greatest debtor nation of of free men. the world. We pay vast charges, which every year accumulate against us in the clear- Silverite's Address to the People of the ing house of the world with the

United States. money

of the world procured by the disposal of

commodities in


On June 19, after many of the state delemarkets of the world. We are a nation of gations had left St. Louis, the work of the


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convention having been completed, the silver have been developments and achievements or bolters who had remained, met in secret ses

ease and comfort to the favored of mankind; in

the still greater and more important domain of sosion and after some discussion adopted and

cial reform we have stood still or retrogressed. issued the following address:

It is not that the people have not felt the stir. To the People of the United States:

rings of determination that this inaction has en. Obeying the call of duty and justified by the dured, but because of the rule of party which has common citizenship of this republic we address largely controlled men in and out of office. It has this communication to the people and the forth- | become a source of reproach to any man that he coming convention of the United States. In doing should dare to renounce allegiance to organization. 80 we claim no authority or right other than Men have been expected to submit their views to which belongs to every man to express personal the dictation of conventions, although it is comoon viction, but we respectfully solicit the

mon knowledge that conventions have been swayed operation of als who believe that the time has to views and declarations not the most approved come for a return to the simpler and

more by the mass of the people nor progressive for their direct method of naming men for national service welfare. than has obtained in recent years.

We do not arrogate to ourselves one iota more Political party organization is necessary be

of intelligence, patriotism or courage than is poscause without it the individual voter 1. dumb, sessed by any of our fellow citizens. But we feel but the party is only the means, not the end; that the time has come for the performance of a It is the voice and not the sense. As the world duty to this country, and, for our part, though advances in this wonderful epoch of intellectual we shall stand alone, we will make an endeavor development and physical Improvement there is in the direction of that duty. Parties may outlive 1 constant requirement for better things. The their usefulness; the truth never becomes obsoindividual feels that requirement and needs it, lete. Every generation of free men has the right or he fails in life's endeavor. Parties must also to affirm the truths of past knowledge and present obey the same law. It follows, therefore, that the acquirements, and if the enforcement of these moment a party shall choose to stand still or truths shall make necessary a departure from retrogress it is no longer efficient to achieve

party organization, the people have this right and the end to which the people are necessarily will exercise it until old parties shall return to destined. There is no sanctity in mere party the truth or new parties shall be created to effect games and the mark of decay is set on individ- it into law. ual strength in nation when the absolute If the voices which have Sounded to us from rule of politica. organization coerces from the every state in this Union are an indication of the truth for the sake of expediency and establishes real feeling this year is the appointed time for Insincere submission to partisan rule for the sake the people to assert themselves through such of power.

mediums may give best promise of the Recognizing the value of the splendid achieve achievement of justice. But whether we are misments of the political parties in this country, as taken or not concerning the general sentiment in elsewhere, we are yet constrained to believe that the United States, we have not mistaken our for more than twenty years no one of them has

own duty in withdrawing from the Republican been entirely sufficient for the needs of the people. convention, feeling it is better to be right and The great trend to better things, resting in

with the minority in apparent defeat than to be heart and purpose of all men, has been stayed

wrong with the majority in apparent triumph. during the latter part of this generation by the

We hold that in the great work of social evolufailure of the parties to express in their achieve

tion in this country monetary reform stands as ments the highest hope and aspiration of the mass

the first requisite. No policy, however promising of the people who constitute the parties. And there

of good results, can take its place. Continuation has been growing in this country-swelling with

during the next four years upon the present each recurrence of national election-a great mass

financial system will bring down upon the of independent thinkers and voters, which falling American people that cloud of impending evil, to within itself to control, has gravitated between the

avert which should be the first thought of statestwo great parties. Since 1872 (excepting, possibly men and the first prayer of patriots. Our very the election of 1876) the pendulum has swung from institutions are at stake. To-day, with the rapside to side with each four years. In 1872 the Re- idly increasing population, with widely swelling publican party elected the President; in 1876 the

demands, the basis of our money is relatively Democracy claimed the election; in 1880 the Re

contracting, and the people are passing into a publican party elected; in 1884 the Democrats elect

servitude all the more dangerous because it is ed; in 1888 the Republicans elected; in 1892 the

not physically apparent. The nation itself, as to Democrats elected; in 1896 (until within a few

other nations, is losing the steady courage which weeks) it has been conceded that the Republicans could make it deflant in the face of injustice and would elect. What has been the cause of this

internal wrong. From the farmer and the tradesmighty oscillation of a mass which this year has


to the government there is apparent the probably obtained controlling proportions? Every shrinking from giving offense, lest the vengeance man can answer to himself. If he has been an ob

of some offended financial power should descend. server, if he has had interests that were affected,

The business man submits some portion of his if he has felt a hope to see greater justice done judgment and his will, and the nation submits and has seen that hope blasted, if he knows that

some portion of its international right lest some the general disaffection has arisen from the fact mighty foreign creditor shall make destructive that the party promises made were broken to the demands. Where win all this end if the people people by party performance, he knows that so

s'hall decline to assert themselves. Where will it soon as the election was over and successful candi.

end if the older parties in the determination to dates installed, they became the servitors of the maintain themselves in power for power's sake party and the advocates of a narrow and non- alone shall refuse to recognize the right and the progreosive policy;within which alono these seemed hope of humanity? The country cannot much to be an assurance of selfish safety and partisan longer exist free and independent against all approval. During all this period we have lacked a the rest of the world, nor can its people much great constructive administration. No new social longer be free in the noblest sense of the term truth has been put forward in an effective way. if the United States, a debtor nation, shall follow While in all the departments of physical life there ' a policy dictated by creditor nations. We produce


all of the necessaries of life. Other nations con- to the people the name of a man for the presi. sume our product. In the race for existence it is dency of the United States whose Mfe in public and a constant struggle between producer and con- in private represents those distinguished virtues sumer. Our present system of money deliberately which adorned the day and the deeds of the submits to the desire and the profit of creditor earlier times of this republic; a return to which nations, leaving us in the mass, and as individuals virtues is requisite for the prosperity and contentA prey to the money gathering and the deadly

ment of the people and the perpetuity and comcheapening of the old world. As the debt to cred- manding example of free institutions. That name itors abroad increases on the mass of the na

is Henry M. Teller-a man of the people and for tion the price of human production on the farm

the people. He is of no section. His experience and and in the workshop is decreased with appaliing service, his devotion to the common justice and rapidity exacting more and more toil from our

the common cause of his fellow citizens has been citizens to meet the given demand and holding

as wide as the country. We believe that the people over their heads a threat of the day when con

of the United States have in their hearts, as he fiscation to meet their obligations will leave

has had, their interests in his purpose through all them bare and defenseless. The only remedy is

the work of an exalted life. to stop falling prices-the deadliest curse

It is not merely as the exponent of monetary reof national life. Prices never will cease falling

form that we present this man to the people. It under the single gold standard. The restoration

is true that he has waged a mighty war for the of bimetallism by this country will double che

restoration of the money of the constitution, and basis of our money system. In time it will double

his name has been identified as that of no other the stock of primary money of the world-will

living man with this great cause. But had his stop falling prices and steadily elevate them until

services been less demanded and less noticed in they will regain their normal relation to the vol

this direction, the people would still have recogume of debts and credits in tne world. Bimetal

nized in him for other labors a statesman of the lism will help to bring about the great hope of

purest type. H13 only poverty has been that of every social reformer, every believer in the ad

purse; in all things else in the generosities of vancement of the race who realizes that the in

man to man, in kindliness of deeds for his felstability of prices has been the deadly foe of our

lows and in the study and the doing of a mighty toilers and the servant of the foreign interest

most opulent gatherer. Bimetallism will help to bring the time career, he has been one of the

American citizens of any age. In submitting this when a certain expenditure of human toil will

name to the people we remind them that just a produce a certain financial result. Who among

generation ago, from the heart of the boundless the great masses of our people in the United States

West and touched by the finger of God, there but feels that his lot would be made better, his

arose an emancipator who was powerful in the aspiration take new wings if he could know in

work of human deliverance. By his wisdom and the performance of his labor what would be the price of his product? Is not this purpose worth the

courage, providentially directed, millions were set

free and the nation kept in its holy Union. IT attention of the people as individuals and worth the

others shall see this opportunity as we see it, if attention of political conventions yet to be held in

our fellow citizens shall see this duty as we see this year 1896? Is not this so great an end that

it, that sublime history may be repeated and anall who believe in the possibility of attaining it

other man, olothed in the majesty of devotion to by the means proposed can yield something of

the race, will be lifted to power, where, by his their partisanship both in conventions and at the

wisdom and courage, providentially directed, more polls? It is in the hope that the masses and

millions may be made free of chains as galling as the remaining convention will have the courage

those of actual slavery, and the nation may be and the generosity to unite for this purpose that we have dared to offer our views to the people preserved in the unity of its mission to the world. of the United States, and because in the past The address was signed by Fred T. Dubois, there has lacked a rallying point for he masses S. F. Pettigrew, Frank J. Cannon, Charles who hold as we do to this belief, we venture an

H. Hartman, Benjamin E. Rich, Clarence E. act trusting it will be received in the same spirit of conciliation, concession and hope with which Allen, A. S. Robertson, A. C. Cleveland, we put it forth.

Willis Sweet, Amasa B. Campbell, Archie M. We have endeavored in a plain way to set the Stevenson, Enoch Strether, James M. Downmatter before the eyes of our cellow citizens. Weirg, Charles H. Brickenstein, Thomas Kerne, invoke the union of all man and all parties who

C. J. Hart, Littlejohn Price, Jacob J. Elliott, believe that the time has come for the triumph of justice. It is an hour when the people may speak 0. J. Salisbury, J. B. Overton, Frank C. for themselves as individuals and through con

Goudy, John F. Vivian, J. W. Rockfeller, ventions yet to be held. It is the right of every Robert W. Boyne, John F. Williams, L. M. citizen to indicate his preference. With this in Earl. view we offer to the forthcoming conventions and



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It had become evident long before the

Vote on Platform.

State. holding of the Democratic convention at

Ayes. Noes. Alabama

22 Chicago that the silver forces had waxed Arkansas

16 California

18 strong and controlling. The exact strength


8 of the divided forces on the financial issue Connecticut became known when the vote was taken on


1 Florida

5 Senator Hill's motion to substitute the res- Georgia

26 olution of the minority for that of the ma


jority on the money plank. The yea vote Indiana
was for the gold, or in favor of the minority Iowa

26 Kansas

20 substitute resolution, and the nay vote was Kentucky

26 for silver:


16 Maine

2 State. Nay. Yea. Maryland

4 Alabama


27 Michigan

28 Arkansas


ii California


18 Colorado


34 Connecticut

12 Montana

6 Nebraska

16 Delaware



6 Florida

5 3 New Hampshire Georgia


New Jersey Idaho


New York

North Carolina Illinois


North Dakota


46 Iowa


8 Kansas



Rhode Island

South Carolina

18 Louisiana


South Dakota

10 Tennessee


30 Maryland


6 Massachusetts

3 Michigan


Minnesota (one not voting)
6 11 Washington

5 West Virginia

12 Mississippi




6 Montana


Alaska Nebraska



District of Columbia Nevada


Oklahoma New Hampshire

8 Indian Territory New Jersey

20 New Mexico New York



301 North Carolina


Not voting, 1. North Dakota

The Platform. Ohio

46 Oregon


The platform adopted by the vote so taken Pennsylvania


was as follows: Rhode Island


We, the Democrats of the United States, in South Carolina


national convention assembled, do reaffirm South Dakota


our allegiance to those great essential princiTennessee


ples of justice and liberty upon which our inTexas


stitutions are founded, and which the DemoUtah


cratic party has advocated from Jefferson's Vermont


time to our own-freedom of speech, freedom Virginia


of the press, freedom of conscience, the preWashington


3 servation of personal rights, the equality of West Virginia


all citizens before the law and the faithful ob. Wisconsin

24 servance of constitutional limitations. Wyoming


During all these years the Democratic party Alaska

6 has resisted the tendency of selfish interests Arizona

to the centralization of governmental power, District of Columbia..

4 2 and steadfastly maintained the integrity of Oklahoma


the dual scheme of government established by Indian Territory


the founders of this republic of republics. New Mexico


Under its guidance and teachings the great

principle of local self government has found Total

626 303 its best expression in the maintenance of the Not voting-1.

rights of the states and in its assertion of the

necessity of confining the general government The vote on the silver platform resulted as

to the exercise of powers granted by the confollows:

stitution of the United States.


27 Vermont

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