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the lawis now applicable thereto be executed 8. Believing that the elective franchise and and administered according to their interest an untrammeled ba’lot are essential to govand spirit.

ernment of, for and by the people, the peo4. The telegraph, like the post office sys- ple's party condemn the wholesale system of tem, being a necessity for the transmission disfranchisement adopted in some of the of news, should be owned and operated by states as un-Republican and un-Democratic, the government in the interest of the people, and we declare it to be the duty of the sevOwnership of Lands.

eral state legislatures to take such action as

will secure a full, free and fair ballot and 1. True policy demands that the national an honest count. and state legislation shall be such as will 9. While the foregoing propositions constiultimately enable every prudent and indus- tute the platform upon

which our party 'trious citizens to secure a home, and there- stands, and for the vindication of which its fore the land should not be monopolized for organization will be maintained, we recognize speculative purposes. All lands now held that the great and pressing issue of the by railroads and other corporations in excess pending campaign upon which the present of their actual needs shourd by lawful means election will turn is the financial question, be reclaimed by the government and held and upon this great and specific issue befor actual settlers only and private land tween the parties we cordially invite the aid monoply, as well as alien ownership, should and co-operation of all organizations and be prohibited.

citizens agreeing with upon

this vital 2. We condemn the land grant frauds by question. which the Pacific railroad companies have, through the connivance of the interior de

Sketch of Watson's Career. partment, robbed multitudes of actual bona

Thomas Edward Watson, Populistic nomifide settlers of their homes and miners of nee for vice president, is a lawyer and contheir cailms, and we demand legislation by gressman and was born in Columbia, now Mccongress which will enforce the exception Duffie, county, Ga., September 5, 1856.

He of mineral. land from such grants after as had a common school education and entered well as before the patent.

Mercer university, Macon, Ga., in 1872, as 3. We demand that bona fide settlers on all freshman, but for want of means left college public lands be granted free homes, as pro- at the end of the sophomore year and taught vided in the national homestead law, and that school and studied law until admitted to the no exception be made in the case of Indian bar in 1875. He began practice in Thomson, reservations when opened for settlement, and Ga., November, 1876. He has practiced law that all lands not now patented come under successfully since and also bought land and this demand.

farmed on a large scale. He was a delegate Miscellaneous Planks.

to the Democratic state convention in 1880,

state representative in 1882, Cleveland We favor a system of direct legislation elector at large in 1888, and elected in 1890 through the initiative and referendum, under as national representative to the Fifty-second proper constitutional safeguards.

congress. Thcugh only 40 years of age Mr. 1. We demand the election of President, Watson has become one of the notable men of vice president and United States senators by the state. He has forged to the front both a direct vote of the people.

as a lawyer and a public man. In his law 2. We tender to the patriotic people cif practice he has made a state reputation, and Cuba our deepest sympathy in their heroic been engaged in celebrated cases as leading struggle for political 'freedo and independ-counsel. He has won state fame as an orator, ence, and we believe the time has come when and in the court room, legislative and conthe United States, the great republic of the vention halls and on the hustings is one of world, should recognize that Cuba is and the most eloquent and effective speakers in of right ought to be a free and independent the South. He is a powerful advocate before state.

juries, full of impassioned fervor and with a 3. We favor home rule in the territories | diction sinewy and poetic. To his unusual and the District of Columbia and the early graces of oratory he adds marked boldness of admission of the territories as states.

conviction and attractions of manner: In the 4. All public salaries should be made to state convention of 1880, an unknown young correspond to the price cf labor and its man of 24, he attracted public attention by products.

cne of the most fiery speeches of that body. 5. 'In times of great industrial depression His election to congress was a dashing display idle labor shoud be employed on public of ability, eloquence and popular power. works as far as pract able.

Championing the farmers' principles and poli6. The arbitrary course of the courts in as- cies with remarkable force and fervor, he has suming to imprison citizens for indirect con- beccme one of the leaders of this movement. tempt and ruling them by injunction should A slender, youthful looking person, his aspect be prevented by proper legislation.

does not indicate the brain and ambition in 7. We favor just pensions 'for our disabled him. He married, in 1878, Georgia Durham, Union soldiers.

and has two children,

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THOMAS E. WATSON OF GEORGIA, Nominated by the People's Party for Vice President of the United States.


Addresses by Senator David B. Hill, of New York, and

the Late ex-Governor Russell, of Massachusetts.

After giving in complete and concise forın the result. Those whom I represent and for the proceedings of the Republican, Demo-whom I speak—the sixteen minority members cratic and Populist conventions, it is deemed

of the committee-insist that we should not advisable to add something more as to the attempt the experiment of the free and un

limited coinage of silver without the COstand taken by the sound money men at the operation of other great nations. It is not a Chicago convention. As the financial question question of patriotism. It is not a question is to be the ruling one in the campaign the

of courage. It is not a question of loyalty

as the majority platform speaks of it. addresses of Senator Hill and the late ex

"The minority has thought it was simply a Governor Russell of Massachusetts, are, there question as to whether we were able to enter fore, given, outlining, as they do, the stand on this experiment. It is a question of busitaken by the sound money men of the Demo

ness; it is a question of finance; it is a quescratic party in the national convention.

tion of economics. It is not a question which

men, ever so brave, can solve. I think, Mr. It was on July 9 that the fight over the President, that the safest and best course for financial question in the Chicago conven- this convention to pursue is to take the first tion was at its height and it was during the step forward in the great cause of monetary debate on the platform that. Senator Hill

reform by declaring in favor of international

bimetallism. made his plea for the cause of sound money on the floor of the convention hall. When single man who differs with me.

I am not here to assail the sincerity of a

There are the tumult of applause which greeted his ap- those around me who know that in every conpearance had subsided, the senior senator ference on this subject I have treated the from New York made this address in reply- silver at the ratio of 16 to 1 with respect. I

friends of the free and unlimited coinage of ing to Senator Tillman of South Carolina:

am not here to pursue that course to-day. I "I do not propose to pursue the course of do not think that we can safely ignore the the senator from South Carolina. I will say monetary system of other great nations. It is at the outset 'I am a Democrat,' but I am not a question about which honest men may differ. a revolutionist. It is a waste of time on the I believe that we cannot ignore the attitude part of the senator from South Carolina to of other nations on this subject any more assume that the convention is ignorant of than we can ignore their attitude on other the fact that the state attempted to break questions of the day. I know

that it up the Democratic party in 1860. But the is said by enthusiastic friends that America party lives to-day and I hope it will live can mark out a course for herself. I know forever.

that that idea appeals to the pride of the “My mission here to-day is to unite, not to average American, but'I beg to remind you divide; to build up, not to destroy; to plan for that if that suggestion be carried out to its victory, not to plot for defeat. I know that legitimate conclusion, you might as well do I speak to a convention which, as now con

away with our international treaties and with stituted, does not agree with the views of the

our treaties of commerce. You might as state which I specially represent this well do away with all the provisions in your occasion. But I know, too, that you will hear

tariff law that have relation to the laws of me for my cause.

other countries. “New York makes no apology to South “What does this majority platform proCarolina for her attitude. We take our

vide? The convention could have contented Democracy from our fathers. We do not need itself with the single statement that it was to learn it from the state which my friend in favor of the remonetization of silver and represents. Need I remind this Democratic placing it on an equality with gold. But innational convention that the great city of stead of that, your committee has recomNew York never gave a Republican majority. mended in addition a platform which makes When other cities have failed to respond adhesion to a single ratio-16 to 1-the test of New York was the Gibraltar of Democracy. Democratic loyalty. I doubt the propriety of

“The question which this convention is to stating that a ratio of 1542 to 1 or 17 to 1 decide is—What is the best position to take is a heresy, and that a ratio of 16 to 1 is the at this time on the financial question? In a only true Democratic doctrine. I see before word, the question presented is between in- me distinguished senators, friends of free ternational bimetallism and local bimetal- silver, who have introduced in the senate of lism. If there are any different points in it the United States bills for the free and unthey are not represented either in the ma- limited coinage of silver at the ratio of 20 jority or in the minority report.

to 1. I beg to remind this convention that “I, therefore, start out with this proposition some of the candidates who are proposed for —that the Democratic party stands to-day in nomination--men whom I respect and whose favor of gold and silver as the money of the honesty I admit-have voted time and time country; that it stands in favor neither of a again in congress for other ratios than 16 to silver standard nor of a gold standard, but 1. And yet you are here to nominate your that we differ as to the means to bring about candidate on a platform which limits and re




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stricts the position of the Democracy to one, the necessity of putting in an implied pledge single ratio. With all due respect, I think it that the government shall issue a greenback an unwise step. I think it an unnecessary currency and make it a legal tender? The step. I think it will return to plague us in Democratic party is opposed to paper money. the future. I think we have too many rela- | The Democratic party, since its earliest histions with other great nations of the world tory, has been in favor of hard money. The for us to ignore their attitude.

Democratic party thinks that the best thing Your proposed platform says the policy for us to do is to eliminate United States and of gold monometallism is a British policy. treasury notes from the currency. I would Its authors forget to tell the people of the like tô have somebody who follows me tell country that it is French policy. They for- what this platform means on the subject of get to tell the people of the country that it the issue of paper money hereafter. This is is a German policy. They fail to remind you an attempt, at this late day, to commit the that it is a Spanish policy, also. They fail to Democratic party to the settled policy of the tell you that it is the policy of the whole issue of paper money by the government. You number of governments represented in what say you want a clear and distinct platform. is called the Latin union. Therefore, I think You have not got it upon that question. It it looks a little, just a trifle, like demagog- cannot be defended successfully. ism to say that that is the policy of a single “Another suggestion, permit me to make. nation alone.

What was the necessity for putting into his “Mr. President, I regret also to say that your platform other questions which have never platform contains not one single word in favor before been made the test of Democratic loyof international bimetallism. It would not alty? Why revive the disputed question or have been necessarily inconsistent with the the policy and constitutionality of an income platform, but there is no declaration what-tax? ever that it is the policy of the government "Has it come to this that the followers of to attempt to bring it about. The minori. Samuel J. Tilden, who, during all his life, ty platform declares expressly that it is the was the opponent of that iniquitous scheme, policy of the government to make efforts to and which was used in his old age to anbring bimetallism about; that it would be noy, harass and humiliate him, have forsafer to do it; that it would be wiser to do saken that great leader? Has it been left to it. We would run no risk on the great ques

this convention to make as a test of party tion of the finances of this republic.

faith the propriety and constitutionality of “You think that times and conditions have an income law? Was it wise to assail the changed. We think that you cannot ignore supreme court of your country? Will the fact of the great production of silver in one tell ine what that clause means in this this country, and that the cost of its produc- platform? If you meant what you said, and tion has fallen greatly. That is a very preg- said

what you


let nant fact-which confronts all the world-plain that provision. That provision, if it that the cost of silver production has been means anything, means that it is the duty reduced nearly one-half. If the American of corigress to reconstruct the supreme court people were brave, were courageous, if they of the country. It means the adding of adhad the spirit of '76, as this platform says, ditional members to the court, or putting would they, simply and alone, make copper some out of office, or reconstructing the the equal of gold, or make lead the equal of whole court. I will not follow any such gold ? If bravery, if courage, can produce these revolutionary step as that. Whenever beresults then it can make any metal a money fore in the history of this country has devometal. But I tell you it is a question of tion to an income tax been made the test of economics, it is a question of financial ideas, Democratic loyalty? Never! Have you not it is a question of resources, and on that it undertaken enough, my good friends, withis the judgment of the minority of the com-out seeking to put into this platform this mittee that the safest course is to take the unnecessary, foolish and ridiculous thing? first great step in favor of international bi- “What further have you done? In this metallism, and to stop there.

platform you have declared for the first “I know it has been said that in some par- time in the history of this country that you ticulars this plank in the minority platform are opposed to any life tenure whatever in agrees with that of cur Republican friends. office. Our Democratic fathers, whom That may be. It will be neither any better revere, in the establishment of this governnor any worse for that. I call attention to ment gave our great judges a life tenure the fact that the planks in the majority plat- of office. What necessity is there for form on the Monroe doctrine, on Cuba, on viving this question ? How foolish, how unthe territories, on Alaska and on civil sery- necessary! Are Democrats whose whole lives ice are exactly like the Republican planks. have been devoted to the service of the party, Therefore, I do not think that that criticism whose thoughts, whose hopes, ambitions and will detract from the value of that sugges- aspirations all lie within party lines to be tion.

driven out of the party now upon this new "I said, a few minutes ago, that thought question of life tenure for the great judges the safest course for this convention to have of our federal courts? No, no. This is a pursued was simply to have said that the revolutionary step. It is an unwise step. It government was resolved to enact a statute is an unprecedented step in our party hisin favor of placing gold and silver alike as tory. the currency of the country, and stop there. “No, no, my friends, this platform has not I do not think it wise to hazard everything been wisely considered. In your zeal for on a single number. I object to various pro- monetary reform you have gone out of the visions in this platform, and I think that if true path; you have turned from the true the wise, level, clear headed men of the course. In your anxiety to build up this silconvention, like the distinguished Senator ver currency you have unnecessarily put in frɔm Arkansas, Mr. Jones, had had their this platform provisions which cannot stand way, that platform would have been different. fair discussion. Let me tell you--although What was the necessity of bringing up the getting into a discussion of the bond quesquestion of greenback circulation ? What was tion probably is somewhat foreign to this

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subject-let me tell you what would be the "My friends, I speak more in sorrow than condition of this country to-day if the Pres- in anger. You know what this platform ident of the United States in the discharge of means to the East. But, bad as it may be his public duty had not seen fit to issue bonds to us, it wil be more calamitous to you, if, to protect the credit of the nation. The Dem- after taking all these risks you do not win ocratic party passed a tariff bill which un- the fight. My friends, we want the Demofortunately has not produced sufficient rev-cratic party to live. We want to build it up, enue as yet to meet the necessities of the

not to tear it down. We want the principles government. There has been deficit of of Jefferson and Jackson to win. We want about $65,000,000 a year. It is hoped that in no green jack currency on our pledges. We the near future this tariff law will produce want no paper currency issued by the govample revenue for the support of the govern

ernment. We want to stand by the princiment, but in the meantime your greenback pies to which we have clung during the hiscurrency, your treasury notes, must be re

tory of the country. If we keep in the good deemed when presented if you would pre

old paths of the party we shall win, but if serve the honor and credit of the nation.

we depart from them we shall be lost. Where would the money have come from if your President and your Southern secretary

Russell's Frotest. of the treasury had not discharged their duty by the issue of bonds to save the credit

The late ex-Governor Russell declared that of the country?

the majority had not been open to argument “Mr. President, there is time enough yet or to reason, but that they had overridden to retrace this false step. The burden you precedents and had despoiled the sovereignhave imposed upon us in support of silver inity of states. this platform is all that can reasonably be “We made our appeals to deaf ears,” conborne, but in addition to that you have put tinued Mr. Russell," "and there is only one upon us the question of the preservation of thing left for us to do, and that is to prothe public credit and have brought into it

test. If this convention will not listen to the question of the issuing of bonds, the

our protest, this country will." question of the reconstruction of the SU

Mr. Russell then went on to tell of the preme court of the United States, the ques- Democratic victories in Massachusetts which tion of the issuing of paper money and the load been accomplished by Democrats who great question of life tenure for office. It is

nad advocated the same principles as the full of incongruous and absurd provisions, Democrats of South Carolina and Illinois, which are proposed to be made the of

and he added that in those victories no questrue Democracy.

tion of sectionalism had been raised, but “I dislike the Repu'blican party. I dislike that all had been actuated by the great prinall their tenets. I have no sympathy with ciples of the party. their general, but I do think that Mr. Russell then declared that the grand we are there to-day making a mistake in the old principles of the Democratic party for venture which we are about to make. Be which he and his friends had labored and not deceived. Do not attempt to drive, those suffered were now to be given up, and in Democrats out of the party who have grown their places radical and unprecedented measgray in its service in order to make room for ures were to be adopted. In conclusion he a lot of Republl'icans and Populists who will said: not vote your ticket at all. Do not attempt “In these debates I have heard one false to trade off the vote of little New Jersey, note from the commonwealth of Massachuthat has never failed to give us its electoral setts. I answer him not in anger, but in vote, and take the experiment of some state sorrow, and I appeal to you,

my fellow out West that has always given its vote to delegates, and ask, do I not speak the sentithe Republican ticket. I tell you that ments of my state? (Loud cries of Yes!' ) matter who your candidate can be in this Do I speak the sentiments of my state when convention (with possibly one exception) your I say they and we utter our earnest and unPopulistic friends, upon whom you are rely- flinching protest against this Democratic ing for support, will nominate their own platform. (Cheers.) Let us, following the ticket and your silver forces will be divided. example of the senator from South Carolina, Mark the prediction which I make. (A voice, utter a word of prophecy. When the storm 'No!') Some friend says no; but who are has subsided and the dark clouds of passion authorized to speak for the Populists here and prejudice have worn away, and there in the Democratic convention? I saw them comes a sober second thought of the people, upon this platform the other day, many of then the protest the minority here make will them giving assurances of support to this or be held as the ark of the covenant of the that man, who never voted a Democratic faith, (cheers) where all Democrats will be ticket during their lives and never expect to. reunited and go forth to fight for the old They are the

men who have proscribed principles and carry them to triumphant vicDemocrats all over the Union.




STATE VOTES IN THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE. Following is the vote that each state will cast in the electoral college for the next President and vice president: Alabama 11 Kansas 10 Nevada

3 Tennessee

12 Arkansas 8 Kentucky 13 New Hampshire 4 Texas

15 California 9 | Louisiana 8 New Jersey 10 Utah

3 Colorado 4 | Maine 6 New York

36 Vermont Connecticut 6 Maryland 8 North Carolina 11 Virginia

12 Delaware 3 Massachusetts 15 North Dakota 3 Washington

4 Florida 4 Michigan 14 Ohio 23 West Virginia

6 Georgia 13 Minnesota 9 Oregon 4 Wisconsin

12 Idaho 3 | Mississippi 9 Pennsylvania 32 Wyoming

3 Illinois 24 Missouri 17 Rhode Island

4 Indiana 15 Montana 3 South Carolina

9 Iowa 13 | Nebraska

8 South Dakota

wo coco

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